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6 Young Acts Who Made Forbes’ ‘Hip-Hop Cash Princes’ List But Have Failed to Positively Influence the Black Community

For more than seven years, Forbes has released an annual list of hip-hop’s “Cash Princes” that predicts which young stars have the potential to become true leaders in the rap game. From financial success to widespread fandom, the rappers on Forbes’ “Cash Princes” list have vast amounts of influence across all audiences. Unfortunately, many of the stars on the list use their global platforms to further spread negative stereotypes about the Black community and fail to use their voices to give Black youths the types of messages they so desperately need from pop-culture role models.

young thug

Young Thug

As if his hip-hop moniker wasn’t enough to spread negative stereotypes about the Black community, Young Thug has consistently produced a body of work that is filled with troubling (hard to understand) lyrics. In addition to continuing the usual trend of violent lyrics, Young Thug’s social media presence shows him burning $100 bills to flaunt his wealth and constantly promoting a lifestyle engulfed in illegal substances.

Rae Sremmurd

Rae Sremmurd

This rapping duo from Atlanta has garnered a massive young fan base after putting out hits like “No Flex Zone” and “No Type.” Their music has a narrow focus on obtaining meaningless riches and promoting the hypersexualized standards that many Black women are feeling pressured to live up to. In a recent interview with Forbes, the pair jokes about having so much money that the “swimming pool is Gucci” and embracing their love for strippers.

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