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6 thoughts on “Marc Lamont Gives A Brilliant Answer To A Councilwoman Accusing Protesters of ‘Stirring Things Up’ In South Carolina

  1. Pia Mo says:

    This woman is an idiot. Leave it up to MSM to want us to congratulate the chief for doing his job. FOH!

  2. swear. People are never satisfied. Leave this community and the family of victim alone and let victim rest in piece. The cop was caught redhanded and the police department had no choice but to fire, arrest and charge their officer with murder. Who people need to congratulate is the bystander who took to footage of the shooting. I still don't know who he is. This is an open and shut case. Lets move on… or at least wait until the trial.

  3. Errol Brown says:

    That is a really short view on the issue at hand. Leaving it and letting it rest is what got us here in the first place. we having doing that before slavery was abolished, just biding our time. as a result the system never changed… this has nothing to do with the grieving family, but with you me and all the other families that may grieve tomorrow because the system remains corrupt and unfair and unjust. It is time we also take back the narrative, it is called protests by the main stream so they can continually paint it in a negative light. The fight must go on, until every injustice is righted. Activism and black power does not equate to guns and gangs as they would have you believe.

  4. Errol Brown What has this media circus really gotten us? We first marched in Sanford, FL., then Fergeson, MO., then Staten Island, then Cleveland, then Madison, WI and now North Charleston. Tomorrow its going to be another Black life in another city. Are we going to run to every freaking city now? All of this marching has not stopped Black lives from being taken by the police. Chasing after police brutality is like the war on terrorism or the war on drugs. You will never stop police brutality from happening. All you can do is make sure that the victim and the family finds justice. And if the system don't give you justice, then the people will have to find justice on their own. We been doing this activism shit for decades now and we need to find new and better ways to make sure that justice is being served. The system expects us to march and protest. We are like a coaches playbook at this point. We do the same thing so much that the system knows every play we are going to make. However, Black people are too scared to shake it up because we are still scared of the police to really go outside of the box. Hell we are scared of each other let alone the police. So we put on these silly marches that causes a media frenzy and hope that somebody helps us do what we are suppose to be doing our damn selves.

  5. Errol Brown says:

    William DafamilyMan Brown in order for that level of activism, that you are alluding to, to happen, you need a group of people that are coordinated and have that singularity of purpose to be effective. That is what all the protests are about, creating that level of militancy and singularity of purpose. Now to your question of what has the protest gotten us? Do you notice that each subsequent shooting, there has been slightly more transparency. The shooters identity is released almost instantly and now we see action being taken on some level. small movements have been made but not enough. These movements were made because one thing these mayors understand is loss of revenue, and that is what these protest do, get attention through the purse.
    Now I agree with you, This nationwide protest network can remain just that and go the way of the protests against wall street or it can morph into a political machine that seeks to create change by being the change. Therein lies the rub, will it spawn a new form of political activism that changes the face of the system that oppresses. will it spawn the kind of black pride that creates and maintains black owned businesses? Time will tell, until then we will have to deal with the meager rewards we garner from the protests where the Justice department gets involved and forces changes. More body cams, dash cams and cell phone videos. Where cops are charged for the crimes they commit because there is a fair accounting of events. My personal hope is that a cop has to know that when he fires his gun, fearing for his life alone is not the only metric that his actions will be judged by. Its also high time for black men on the Job to stop upholding and participating in the slackness that occurs on the job, making themselves co-conspirators to these acts.

  6. We don't need political activism. Politics, especially progressive/liberal politics, have only hindered our growth and development because it ignores all accountability for our own actions and decisions. Political activism makes sense for getting the right to vote and putting blacks into office, but not fighting against police brutality. To combat police brutality, you first have to understand why the brutality occurs in the first place. We know the story of police brutality from a historical perspective, but why does it still occur? Why does it seem as though we are taking two steps backwards, when we should be taking two steps forward? It is because we have huge problem with crime, especially violent crime and theft in our communities and we are afraid to admit it and confront it.

    Because violent crimes and theft causes so much attention, we garner too much negative attention to our communities. The negative attentions forces law enforcement to beef up the police presence in our communities. As a result, it creates the tension that we see with the police today. The problem is not the officers per se. The problem lies in the fact that there's just too many darn cops on our streets who we expect to stop the crime for us. A job task that we should be taking on. Therefore, if we lower our crime rate, or at least make it less visible, our communities would not require a strong police presence. Thus, it would lessen our likelihood of encountering bad police officers. It won't completely stop police brutality. Like I said before, you will never stop police brutality fully. The reason I say that is because there will always be some bad officers (black and white) who will slip through the cracks. The more police presence, the more bad officers that will slip through the cracks.

    I'm all for a good fight against injustice, but there's just too much going on in our communities to even think about a nationwide protest. You can't fight your enemy and fight your neighbor. Right now we are fighting a war on two fronts which is why we aren't winning. Therefore, its important that we get our shit together before we start going after the justice department or any governmental faction. They are always going to have their shit together. It is time for us to have ours. We can never think about black unity, black pride or black owned businesses until we fix what's wrong with our communities first. And it ain't all the system's fault.

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