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10 thoughts on “Urban League President Has One Word for the State of Black America, and It’s Painfully Truthful

  1. Red Dipper says:

    It's been a CRISIS since 1619.

  2. Joe Brilly says:

    Come on man. We don't need more speeches. Wasn't the urban league created to get those southern Negroes moving north into industrial jobs? Well we all know those jobs up and moved overseas because white folks can find slaves anywhere. So that by itself means that the Urban League is a failure if they increasing the employment of black folks. But of course since they don't own and control anything and don't promote blacks owning and controlling their own economy all they can do is beg white folks and point fingers at white folks for not hiring them, which is pathetic. Black folks should be ashamed to say that 100 years after slavery, negroes still have to beg white folks to have anything in life. That is sick and pathetic.

  3. William Lee says:

    Our young men also need to stop killing our OWN YOUNG MEN!

  4. We need to start building our communities. Hiring our own and helping each other. Period

  5. Tell us something that's news. We've been hearing this for decades.

  6. William Lee William tell us and help us understand why this happens.

  7. Orlando tell us what your doing to help?

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