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16 thoughts on “Killer Mike Impeccably Details How The Mainstream Media Has Used Music As A Vehicle To Oppress Black People

  1. Marc Enette says:

    Oh yes and Media also forced rappers to have thugs names too?… When are we responsible for our own decisions, the sagging pants and homeless diaper look is also imposed on us, by who? LOL What's come in does come out… Lyrics are not made up.. Mainstream "wrappers" murders, singing praising, ratchedness, empty headed glamorization of ghetto mindset, violence can not blame media or record labels for their propaganda, they are part of the problem.. Perpetuating negativeness for younger generations, that's their contribution to society… The Freedom of speech they are claiming has seen better usage from way smarter Black leaders..

  2. Big mouth, tiny heart.

  3. Kris Visual says:

    What does generational fashion have to do with anything? Do you understand the breadth and scope of hip hop? You do get that their are "conscious" rappers (TODAY) talking about self-respect, love, unity, history, etc. In rock and roll, country and other genres you have subject matter that sways from one side of the spectrum to the other. Music is created by people (for the most part) and these people have a specific type of experiences. Some we can co-sign some we cannot. Some music is meant to educate some meant to make money.

    It is ignorant to lump it all together when it comes to hip hop. You act like negativity didn't exist before rap. The artist used music as a way to speak on their experience. This became very popular (we can go into why if you like) and therefore an opportunity to make money. Enter the record label. The record label has no social barometer. So when they realize sex sells guess what…we find more acts that are about sex. Whaaaaat, ghetto life stories are selling? No need for talent just spit that ghetto ass-ness as much as you possibly can if you want this money. Never mind that somehow it is the ghetto stories that end up on the radio when there are at least 2 different tracks released around the same time about black love and family or just NOT "ratchetness". That doesn't get airplay unless you throw in a stripper somewhere. And why is that? Everyone that listens on the radio doesn't live the life depicted in the music put in heavy rotation, so why are they being bombarded with it? Are rappers sneaking in at night and changing up the playlists?

    The rappers don't control radio. The rappers don't control tv. Most of these NEW rappers don't even control their own image. Maybe your indignation belongs somewhere else. The rappers don't get to separate themselves from what they put out. They are still responsible for putting they voice to the track and doing the shows and pushing the record, but when you talk about contribution to society consider who the gatekeepers for those particular modes of communications are. I guarantee their pants don't sag and their have no interest in protecting young listeners. They just want to make that money, but their okay because their pants sit at a nice desk in a lofty building and people refer to them as Sir or Miss not pimp, dawg, sun, etc.

    I see where you are coming from, I just hope you see where your going.

  4. Michael Downer , thanx! I couldn't have said it better! *muah*
    You made my day with this response!

  5. Marc Enette, we're talking years of systems put in place to ensure the demise of black America. Didn't happen overnight. Perhaps your anger could be channeled towards the betterment of our society. There have been many of you….those who speak swiftly to condemn the very blood the runs thru your veins. I guess my father was right, if you have nothing to say or do to help the cause, damn sure don't do anything to hurt it either.

  6. Your last sentence…yes I saw where he was coming from – the intent of his statement. I don't think he was trying to lump all hip hop together but he was focusing mostly on what is hugely mainstream now which is the stuff we hear mostly on radio and video (I presume). It is those gatekeepers who go "oh ok, I guess this is what they like huh?" and put it out there because it $ell$. they don't care about Jim Crow, etc. culd care effing less because they do it to all Americans who tolerate it. I think we (blacks as a whole) tolerate it or simply stay silent to it out of some deep rooted sense of "oh well I guess it's how it's supposed to be" – complacency.

  7. Jamaal Hicks says:

    This life is based primarily on cause and effect. Now I won't excuse any person that has the human ability to critically think, however, when you are reduced to that type of living, lack of resources and ability to advance or make your situation better, what do you expect? Everything is systematic. Historically, issues with Humanity starts from inequality of the sexes then trickles down to classism and honestly racism is small on the spectrum as far as importance but were stuck on that particular aspect because of media and the system in place. If the tables were turned and whites were the oppressed you would probably get similar if not exact output. So we can't judge people based on what is given to them. You do yourself an injustice by being subjective in your opinion especially if you're black because to think Blacks are completely responsible for their actions, is pretty much saying that these stereotypical traits are innate and we all know that's not true.

  8. dude…. your an idiot…. lol. I hate to say it like that but that's what it is… You don't think it's funny how "conscious, positive" rappers don't make any money? This isn't about the media "forcing" anyone to do anything…. it's about how the media chooses to push negative, death culture music as opposed to positive conscious music. People do need to responsibility for their actions and be held accountable for their decisions, but lets not just limit that mind frame to us. EVERYONE needs to take responsibility and be held accountable for their actions, so if the rapper is guilty of spreading a bullshit message of death and glorification of nonsense the media is guilty for cramming that shit down our children's throats all day everyday.


  10. Marc Enette says:

    Shawn Williams Dude, Not all music has to be conscious.. Music is powerful and can carry various type of messages. 400 years from now we would still blame the "other" even when the other may not be visible anymore.. Why? because those doing that would be doing exactly what has been going on for a while now… That chain needs to be broken… It would give then tangible proof that we have been doomed forever isn't? lets just play the blame game forever then.. I won't spend time going into details, but I worked in music, it is not just always the case of a "play the victim" scenario that the "negative only" music performers/ entertainers/ wrappers (recyclable rapper)… tend to describe. It Used to be, that an album would come up with dance tracks, club tracks, conscious tracks, and bedroom tracks, That was also reflected in the range of musical creativity, the differenet sounds, and musics, and airwaves with time of the day or night for each genre.. TV, radio, street…. Now it is one "music" One 'Message" I won't even summarize it for you, you are grown enough to summarize the past 5-6 years entertainers message to their followers, and what message they have 'imposed on the airwaves too.. Radio play what they been fed! Yes we can blame them, but this is a chain… Excessive freedom is Anarchy… Funny how how the ratchet consumers only see the radio but not the artists/ labels who feed the radio stations.. Now we have 70% ratchet content taking 95% of urban radio and TV shows… They are not even realizing what they are doing, or what they have done… They only care about the money… So caught into their petty games… I am fine calling a cat a cat… They get their money, so it would be fair for them to just assume who they are and what they do at that point with their power and "message".. 10 years from now maturity still would not have hit their brain cells, and no one around them could be an example for them to stop perpetuating ratchet lifestyle, dress codes, and other bs jail fashion statement they would try to push on the raised by kids, culturally empty, ratchet thirsty new generations coming up. We can keep blaming the others for their movies, and books, and music, I don't see them (the others) dressing and acting like brainwashed "trendsetters" claiming originality while they are just being cloned in masses from a brainless slave with aspirations to be a culture-less consumer and a happy brainwashed follower all his life….. The problem is the "wrappers" and other "entertainers" do not have balls to own their BS commercial "message/ empty headed propaganda", so they blame the media, and just the media (of course the media is to be blamed but they are not alone), it is a chain…

  11. Marc Enette says:

    MsKimberly, It could take less time to undo it, if people really wanted… Well "fed" consumers are lethargic and only react when it is already too late…… Excuses and refusing to acknowledge that we are not helping the new generations by not saying anything about that lethal self hatred destructive mentality they are being fed on a daily basis is scary… When you have teenagers being indoctrinated into being sheep and not leaders it is indeed very scary… The sagging pants and the ratchet violent mentality are part of the whole "program".. The parents" (who probably also share the same dress code) are allowing their kids to dress like, and act like what that "fashion statement" represents for society… They would of course defend their right to "ratchetize" their neighborhood, city, family and kids life….. 2 centuries from now their great grand kids will still blame the"other" for what they did not do to change their destructive pattern…

  12. Avery Cecil says:

    Shawn Williams You haven't seemed to consider the fact that the general populace is made of morons. Why is "stupid" rap more popular? Because people enjoy simple concepts and don't want to think while listening to the radio. The average "radio rap" listener isn't a Hip-Hop Head, who enjoys picking apart lyrics for rhyme schemes, entendres, word play, and different flows. They just want something stupid to listen to while they party. FOR A FACT it is the consumer's fault for regularly wanting terrible music. The "rapper", certainly not an emcee, is just using a market.

  13. Avery Cecil You are right, the majority of people really are morons…. however… those same morons will go any way they are swayed to go. With that being said, the market for "death culture music" was created with malice. Back in the days of a tribe called quest, souls of mischief, leaders of the new school, etc. all of the hip hop was positive and "EVERYONE" loved it….. because there was nothing else being drilled into people's sub conscious. The consumer didn't just wake up and say "hey…. we want ignorant music listen to". The rapper didn't just wake up and say "hey I'm just going to make the dumbest music possible and get rich". These conditions were created, the same way the television and media are used as weapons to spread propaganda amongst the masses of "sheeple"…. is the exact same way the entire entertainment industry is being used to desensitize, demoralize, and basically DEMONIZE the "sheeple". The consumer is responsible as well as the rapper for their part, however you can't excuse the perpetrator simply because people were dumb enough to fall for the trick.

  14. you just typed all of that and went completely around the FACT that "somebody is paying these rappers to make this music"…. "someone pays these radio stations to play this music"…. We don't own any mainstream media outlets, we don't own any distribution companies. It's basically the same thing I stated to close my reply to Mr. Cecil's comment "you can't blame the consumer and the rapper but excuse the actual perpetrator because the consumer is dumb enough to fall for it and the rapper is greedy enough to go along with it".

  15. Shawn Williams the poor are held accountable for their actions but the rich are rarely held accountable for their actions. certain people in tihs society are not held accountable for their actions.

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