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159 thoughts on “‘Empire’ Producer Lee Daniels Just Explained Why He’s Happy to Be a ‘Sell-Out’ in Hollywood

  1. Kyle Knordle says:

    How the hell is that reverse racism? ..Lee Daniels is a coon, and his show is high gloss coonery.

  2. Lisa Jackson says:

    No that's not a "Sell Out" Hollywood is not a necessity Hollywood is a privilege. If you are privileged enough to be able to seek your dreams in LALA land, then play the game that is presented to you. Because you are paid a lot of money to live your dreams!

  3. He won't be a sell out if nobody sees his films. He doesn't make the films the cast of actors who make the films. I think he should be reminded of that… Ijs

  4. Kyle Knordle says:

    Sister Lisa, not everybody is "paid a lot of money" in Hollywood..if your movie flops, you may never get a chance again…Spike Lee was never given "the privilege" . He created his own lane on his own terms and money wasn't the primary concern..peace

  5. Tee Smith says:

    He's is doing what he has to do in order to eat.

  6. Morals, ethics, values, integrity. This guy has none.

  7. Lisa Jackson says:

    Hollywood is a privilege. I live here and I've worked in this town for 20 years. Even a film that flops will make money over time. In fact some movies that flopped in the theater made all it's money back and then some on DVD, cable, internet etc… Films are expensive if you get a green light to make a film here you are better off here, then flipping burgers at McDonalds.

  8. Lisa Jackson says:

    Mo got cancelled because she didn't invite any white people. She had the power to invite whoever she wanted to appear on her late night television program. Well she didn't invite enough white people. So the network gave her an axe, you feel me!

  9. Why do WE feel the need to seek approval of others?? When it's clear that they really don't care if we get any awards at all… I'm willing to bet her bottom line is probably better than any of ours. If she's okay with it why can't we be okay with it….

  10. This dude is full of shit, he says that she's his friend and then goes on to use her name and that bull shit term reverse racism in the same sentence which doesn't help her. Now when she actually told this story she actually should not have used this puffs name because she was putting him in a position where the same people that black balled her would be looking at him like "why did you say anything to her" but this prick is a degenerate and his films show it, he seeks out the worst in blacks and showcases it on the television while only doing it once to whites in the film "The Paper Boy". Homeboys mind is fucked up.Why would anyone put anything on the screen written by Sapphire shes even more twisted. I hate when these fuckers run back to that "This is a business" shit, that's how they justify the bullshit.

  11. King Antoine says:

    What demands did she want? Play ball? What does that mean.. take the Oath… And become a Satanist? Has so much to say but said so little. Guess he's jamal and his father was luscious.

  12. Ras Gordon says:

    Money is simply a tool that anyone can use to their advantage. However, most people enslave themselves to money and end up justifying nonsense just as Lisa is doing here.

  13. Geree Morris says:

    Coons of a feather…..

  14. Ol coon ass nigga sucking dick to be behind pixels lmao

  15. No wonder the discussion of all the same sex kiss scenes on the show

  16. Anne Braxton says:

    We all have to eat, but with a little thought and a bit of integrity you can create a better product that will lift people up and not tear them down.

  17. Alex Primo says:

    Yet another example of how firmly entrenched the slave mentality is among some of our people. Lee Daniels just made it clear that if the money is right he will do anything that is asked of him, even at the expense of those that he likes. And he'll even sing and dance while doing it. The worse part is that many of us will tune in and support this foolishness. We need to identify and reject all sellouts/uncle toms that we encounter. They are a worse plague upon our people than the very oppressors that we face. I say this because sellouts make the enemies job easier. They lull the unsuspecting to sleep while the adversary moves in for the kill. We need to start treating sellouts and traitors just like we do Klansmen. Because when you look at it they both serve the same function… to keep us in a less than desirable position under this vile system of oppression that we call White Supremacy and the deviltry that spawned it. Smh

  18. The agenda is no longer hidden….

  19. Char Jackson says:

    This man is completely confused!

  20. Nyar Adhiro says:

    Carol Jean Marie Black people will complain about anything…this is RIDICULOUS…..What do you mean gross stereotypes?

  21. Nyar Adhiro says:

    READING THESE COMMENTS. Black folks have issues….serious jealousy issues.

  22. Nyar Adhiro says:

    READING THESE COMMENTS. Black folks have issues….serious jealousy issues.

  23. Nyar Adhiro says:

    I agree with this guy..If Africans can come to America and prosper..why aren't African Americans doing good….ignore the voices of hate and keep moving. When you make yourself a victim of racism, that energy will eat you up…

  24. Nyar Adhiro says:

    Lisa Jackson she got canceled because the ratings were bad….had nothing to do with white people…that slavery mentality is getting old. Jeez

  25. Ras Gordon…MY MAN TELLUM!

  26. Nyar Adhiro says:



  28. David Gibson says:

    Nyar Adhiro you called a person a racist for attacking a fellow black man. You don't make any sense at all.

  29. Doc Mananoff says:

    Lisa Jackson She shouldn't have to invite white people to stay on tv, white people are on every other show…Arsenio probably got cancelled for similar reasons, he had more intelligent Blacks, artists and poets on the show, didn't feed the stereotype.

    Hollywood (the powers that be) need to be taken down a FEW notches, Unity and solidarity can make that happen. And we won't have to worry about being Black-balled.

  30. Doc Mananoff says:

    Lisa Jackson She shouldn't have to invite white people to stay on tv, white people are on every other show…Arsenio probably got cancelled for similar reasons, he had more intelligent Blacks, artists and poets on the show, didn't feed the stereotype.

    Hollywood (the powers that be) need to be taken down a FEW notches, Unity and solidarity can make that happen. And we won't have to worry about being Black-balled.

  31. When COONING for coins for HollyJewood is about to get you exiled from the black community just because you're trying to prove a point that you wanna be the #1 top gay COON producer in the circuit GOES WRONG! Negropean, conscious blacks will "black-ball" your degenerative unproductive flaming hot Cheetos shows you keep wanting to put out depicting us as "GLORIFIED SLAVES" or "confused power hungry homosexuals"…. The LGBT is dragging the black power movement! #fact #wakeup #African family #UNAPOLOGETIC #PanAfrican #AFRICA #Negropeans #COONs #Gays #LeeDaniels = The New Tyler Perry and the first crazy gay #BaynardRustin

  32. Their homos talking about a homo industry.

  33. Lee Daniels is cooning…

  34. Play the game includes being a sexual degenerate.

  35. Then go put on a dress and be a sexual pervert CHUMP! So, how could something be wrong with Black Folk.

  36. My friends, please consider this:

    It has been said that if you don't work, you won't eat and Lee Daniels has created opportunities for others to eat and to take care of their own affairs. Not to mention he's breaking down barriers which have been built by hateful hands since the beginning of our country. It's funny how Black people are quick to call another Black person a sell out for doing exactly what they are doing on their own jobs. It makes no sense to me that Lee Daniels would be called a sellout by Black folk who most likely:

    1. purchase cars from car companies which are not Black owned or.
    2. pay cell phone bills from communications companies which are not Black owned or.
    3. buy homes with loans from mortgage companies which are not Black owned or.
    4. pay rent to landlords who are not Black or.
    5. pay utilities to companies where Blacks have no financial interests or.
    6. buy food from grocery stores and restaurants that are putting profits into proprietor's pockets who are not Black or.
    7. go to school with government student loans and Pell Grant or.
    8. live in communities where you have nothing in common with the people who live next door and.
    9. send their children to schools where teachers look nothing like them, not know their story nor will teach them their heritage and.
    10. etc, etc, etc…

    Imagine if we all learned to “Play Ball” in the games that matter most to us. Imagine us learning the rules of engagement and polished our skill for achieving our goals. Think about how we could create the environment to have a say in how our lives unfold. We Blacks very seldom learn the rules of the games we enter, so we are relegated to voice opinions and getting emotional about situations that are very simple to mitigate with a little skill. Just knowing the fact that in work in street culture on the streets, you better know the rules to the game is a precious lesson. Biggie wrote the book on street game in a song called "The Ten Crack Commandments". It teaches that these lesson where written “in order for you to get your game on track, not your wig pushed back". If you're in the board room, learn what "Robert's Rules of Order" are before you try to play by street rules. Foolish is the man who tries to "Jive" his way through legitimate business dealings. In reality, the two codes go somewhat hand-in-hand, but you better be an expert at both to know how to be successful at weaving them together.

    Dissing Lee Daniels won’t change the very real fact: we all have to play ball with each other to survive on this planet. Everything, from your care to your coffee, your TV to your computer, your watch to your phone, your food to your gasoline, is the by-product of someone else's work. The fact that Black are dissing Lee Daniels and the that the Atlanta Black Star saw it news worthy to state that Lee Daniels was happy to be a sell-out, shows that same ole mindset which perpetuates division in our Black community and gave Dr. King, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and all of our great leaders hell from within our very own community. That mindset does more to kill the “Dream” than any assassin's bullet could ever do.

    So, unless you are prepared to create your own goods and/or services, and are able to EAT/PAY BILLS/RAISE YOUR FAMILY from selling them, our claims of Blacks selling out have no substance. We all have a journey to travel and the measure of a man tends to lean towards his accomplishments. Moral law dictates that you will not reap where you do not sow. We must all learn to work in a society which requires cooperation, no matter how many times you’ve been unjustly treated. As long as you live in a country that was not established by your very own hands, you will always have to collaborate with others. Even Dr. King spoke about our need for cooperation over 50 years ago: “Through our scientific and technological genius, we have made of this world a neighborhood. And, now through our moral and ethical commitment, we must make of it a brotherhood. We must all learn to live together as brothers or we will all perish together as fools.” [from a speech given at Arizona State University in 1964].


  37. Nyar Adhiro says:

    James Edward White Jr I will gladly wear a dress because I AM A WOMAN! Smh

  38. Nyar Adhiro says:

    David Gibson A racist is a person who thinks their race is better than the other race…i suggest that you look up the definition. The comment is intended to make it sound like this black man is a sell out for associating with white people.

  39. Nyar Adhiro says:

    David Gibson A racist is a person who thinks their race is better than the other race…i suggest that you look up the definition. The comment is intended to make it sound like this black man is a sell out for associating with white people.

  40. Nyar Adhiro says:

    Doc Mananoff Hollywood is a white man's world….taken down a notch? By whom? lol. Black folks need to come up with their own version of Hollywood if being in this white man's world is so annoying. Nollywood, a Nigerian movie industry is making billions why can't African Americans come up with our own stuff if hollywood is so miserable? let me guess, WE CAN'T because all we know how to do is complain. #REALTALK

  41. Refreshing to read your post. This is what we are experts at – tearing our kind down. It sounds as though Lee tried to be honest and upfront with Mo'nique concerning what he'd heard. How can ANYone in a group make it to the top without at some point "playing the game?" That's not saying losing all respect of self, but play well enough to get yourself into a position to make a big difference. When/How can we get there if no one ever makes it because everyone refuses to "play the game?" Everyone plays the game in several areas of their life. Sadly enough, that's just a part of life. Your comment Nyar Adhiro is the truth and needs to be heard by all Blacks.

  42. But how could he start his own African American-Wood Kenyatta Williams, if he's still at home in front of a tv with a dream (ie. Never played the game, never reached a level of success to have the resources to make a difference)?

  43. Only ppl whom compromise moral can relate to this person…

  44. OMG! So well said Mr. Kevin. I just want to copy and paste your comment everywhere a minority is present.

  45. Doc Mananoff says:

    Nyar Adhiro "Black folks need to come up with their own version of Hollywood".
    That is Exactly what I meant, that's how you take em down a notch. Take away their power by separating from their nonsense. There is enough of us to start our own industry and compete with OR outdo them, they portray us in the most negative ways anyway. I'm in the music industry and I feel that we need to do the same with music too. I don't value their Grammy awards because they rarely give to the artists who truly deserve them.

  46. How is a man who make movies that show and makes people aware of racism in this country not saying there is racism you have to pick your fight Lee Daniels because the same stone you throw at those who fight against the system is the same one's that will be thrown at you remember you are not the first and only black director in the biz we love your work but you are taking advantage of a system that use to be white people promoting and making movies to get our money that thinks the way you do how long of a career do you really think you will have with that attitude we as black people have a very low tolerance for foolishness now it makes sense why all the other black celebrity's are attacking any project you bring out not because your gay it's because you are either naive or just plain ignorant to the issues at hand it wont be long before they turn their backs on you because as you say it's a business in this day and time you picked the wrong words to say to your strong long black fans we will see how long the Daniels train will last.

  47. Carol Jean Marie I beg to differ on the basis of Precious because of the fact that it did bring to life the very serious issue of molestation in the black community we all have or know someone who are and been in the same situation as the characters in the movie as for anything else I feel like he is sticking his foot in his own mouth with what he said it wont be long before he is saying they black-balled him smh.

  48. If the hateful hand become the people you hate, then what was the purpose of fighting for justice, it makes no difference because as we seen before there was a Lee Daniels, these actors will work no matter what face the oppressor has, he is only shortening his own career, and doing so proudly, because as for the reason he wants to make these types of movies black people will watch it if it is good, he started nothing, there has been plenty of directors who would never say things he said, in these times loose lips are sinking our ships, black people need to get back to unifying each other, we have not gone that far, where we can say they system isn't out to get us, that we can bash each other with those who think they are in control feels as though they are beating us now have we.

  49. Black racism, that is none existent, the definition alone pulls blacks away from being racist, to acknowledge a flaw in another humans mindset is not being racist it is being proactive to the plot of our people, you might not understand but the uncle tom reference is a very real, very true issue plaguing the black community, being African you should know better, but I guess most Africans don't believe there are the same as a black person from another nation makes sense why you are having trouble with this.

  50. Gwen Berry Towe and you too I guess you all are not really listening to his words, but as it was written the ones who don't want to see or hear are the real problem effecting progress, you all hope that you do not fall under the same category as other people of color, guess what you do, nothing you wear, say or no amount of money you make will change the mind set of those who have perfected the art of destroying you, and the people who look as you do, so to say another person who view the majority of his people as lesser than, is promoting the same destruction as if he held the whip or drove the boat that enslaved and continue to hold a people down is reverse racism is laughable to say the least but I wonder if any of you know where the term reverse racism came from…

  51. That was my first question why do we have to play ball why cant they play ball to win our approval because there are coons and uncle tom and no good niggas who pay for and buy into these types of stereotype and support the non sense that comes out of their mouths the best thing the slave master ever did was create house niggas to fight his battles for him and still thing Negros don't understand yet SMFH.

  52. Hal Funkbass says:

    It's hard to be a coon these days… I think that's what he was trying to say.

  53. Y'all talk bad about this man, but yet every single one of you will tune in next week, once a week till the seasons over & watch his show.. smh… Y'all.

  54. Doc Mananoff. Yeah homie I'm rollin with you on that. Fuck what these house niggas got to say. We need our own. PERIOD…All you coons need to STFU. I got a body bag with your name on it.

  55. Everybody stand up in front of your computer and give this man a standing ovation. Alex, bust these mf's in the head with a sledge hammer. I got a place to hide the bodies…

  56. Lack of Integrity and Morals equals Lee Daniels.

  57. Daniel Muchi says:

    Stupid things gay people embrace in their confused sex orientation

  58. Mary Carroll says:

    That is the best description I heard about this Lee Daniels. I like Empire , somof it. But I disagree with the way he slaughters the character of our people. Precious was a evil demonic ack on Black female motherhood. and Empire is a sneaky evil way of slaughtering the black male. this guy is most definitely a down -low hater of the black traditional black family.

  59. Clara Meek says:

    There's a difference between surviving & surrendering. Slaves had to "play ball" to survive but still needed to attempt escape and/or rebel to achieve freedom. You shouldn't trade your soul for trinkets!

  60. Clara Meek says:

    Are you living your dream?

  61. Mary Carroll says:

    There are movie producers in Hollywood who do more that demonized sex movies. You don't have to sell your soul to do so. I don't blame Monique for not doing another evil movie like that. That is a movie she would never want her children to see. His movies make black people want to vomit.Most blacks do not like that show.

  62. Personally I don't feel he's a sell out – He's practicing self preservation. In that if we continue to think we have an obligation to others when do we win for ourselves.

  63. When will the day come when we have so many options to play good quality roles, we never have to play roles that disrespects our community? That day will come when we invest in our community, instead of every community but our own. Black Unity is the solution, is the plan.

  64. Though i have never seen the show, i watched the interview expecting to see a Tom. But i didnt. I saw a man who does not give a crap what others think which i admire. I see a man who makes a show that hires a number of black people, some of whom would otherwise be unemployed, and a man who despite being gay and black in America, is happy which is every person's ultimate goal. So i am not hating. May not be my cup of entertainment but he is working and helping others to work. He can actually point to a TANGIBLE benefit that he is providing. Many others who insult him talk and talk yet cant show who they have helped in a measurable way.

  65. If playing ball means losing my integrity and morals, then I guess I would be black balled to. Explain what that means Mr Daniels.

  66. Hank Wilson says:

    Yup, 100% in agreement…LMAO.

  67. Hank Wilson says:

    Benedict Arnold, he created jobs and opportunities too…

  68. You're watching a man who destroyed his manhood for a dollar, and has no problem doing the same to the black community. His views and thoughts are carried out by his coonery. Perfect Slave!

  69. Tammy Brown says:

    Never watched. Never will.

  70. You're right about the first part of your statement, but him being the Director, after you understand all of his responsibilities and the ability to get actors to live the moment, isn't easy… Directors surely make the films with the assistance of their actors… IT AIN"T EASY BY any means….

  71. His view supports the ills in Hollywood, limiting growth potential. He perpetuates the ills… You're missing it. Check the numbers.. More importantly, he's helping himself. He's being compensated quite well to demean black folk. Listen to his most recent interviews. I hope he understands his role and eventually uses it for the good, because dude is talented. Your argument can also justify rappers who hire other rappers, as they continue to spew out poisonous words and creeds to our youth.. It's all part of a bigger picture that you're missing good brotha.. Be blessed.

  72. Why black folks watch his shows/movies and support him says more about us than him.

  73. When will start to up lift our people? When will he stop being carbs in a barrel, pulling someone down when they make out of what ever situation they were in before. It's not others keeping us down its our own demon's doing that for us.

  74. Just don't watch the show people! He said "see you at the theatre", so he is very confident that his shit will sell, and from what I have seen and heard being in the media industry, he has a lot of people hook, line, and sinker! Its sad if you ask me, but who am I compared to The Agenda?

  75. I hear you my brother but according to your logic the slave who went and told the master of the plans to attain freedom isn't a sellout. you are correct we own nothing so we uphold the system regardless. In my opinion we all know the rules and we play them we don't go to work and talk about this stuff. Speak of those of us who are actually doing what you say own there own businesses etc. You can call him a sellout for not portraying more positive images which would uplift the consciousness of the community. But as the man said "see you at the box office" he knows most of us will watch what he puts on.

  76. Speaking on slavery: based on what we learned about slavery, if a slave did not "play the game" they were very easily replaced. I think Lee had a responsibility as a friend and well known producer to inform Mo'nique of what he'd observed. From there it's her choice to decide how to react to it. Lee handlehis responsibility as a Black man of influence. He did HIS part. This same issue affects Blacks daily when it comes to educating/checking our youth/friends. Many seldom do it because it's uncomfortable. Let's "police" our own so that they are aware and others won't have to do so.

  77. The fact that hes working with Fox in and of itself should tell you who he is and what hes willing to do. Fox SCREAMS racist and bigotry and yet "EMPIRE" is the best thing going for tv?

  78. They should name this episode "Coon Talk" or "Coons Collaborative" or "Coons on the Rise" or "A Modern Life, Memoirs of a Successful Coon" or better yet "F#! K yo Children, I'z Shuck and Jive, It Made Me Millions".

  79. Lisa Jackson I'd rather be a simple good man flipping burgers, than a bad man in Hollywood influencing millions in a counterproductive way.

  80. Redd Mann says:

    Being a sellout is sad and to blame it on eating is even sadder! He has no point!

  81. Thomas Welch says:

    and anyone who doesn't feel the same as you is a sellout?

  82. We need to stop supporting these sambos and their shows that always portray us in a negative light. They sell us out, and receive no repercussions. If it was up to me I would catch all these coons in the streets or at their shows and "set it" on them, these punk ass rappers too.

  83. There's a thing called micro expressions if you watch him explain about the issues he had with Mo'nique he rubs or scratches the back of his head , that tells the viewer that he's either saying something he's uncomfortable saying or he's lying. Then in almost the same breath he saying he's living his truth, Pure fuckery look at him trying to look for the correct combination of words to make himself sound better. knowing that he has sold out completely.

  84. There it is folks straight from the horse's mouth….this guy has sold his soul!!! What ever they want or say he's willing to do it, and if that means showing us as these gross stereotypes so be it!! So you still think #empire# is dope?? Nope !!!

  85. Terry Getter says:

    We all want positive media. But we don't support it! Hollywood see Green $$ not black or white.

  86. Terry Getter says:

    We all want positive media. But we don't support it! Hollywood see Green $$ not black or white.

  87. Hank Wilson says:

    Lee, he loves that big bank account…anyways, he's a wealthy-Tom, ain't that the truth; so long as he keeps all his cash in bossman's banks!!

  88. Saul Goode says:

    Thank you Lee Daniels. How the hell does movies like Friday get a pass but you get called out on some bullshit monolithic notion of what constitutes Black Culture. Thank you again for telling it like it is.

  89. amen and not only that but he acts as if he has ophrah winfrey money or billionaire money for "selling out" if you going to be a Hollywood prostitute you better do it fortop dollar…so basically he's a $2 whore! WOW….if it wasn't for 12 years a slave I wouldn't have known who he was AND precious was TOO much to process and I wouldn't watch it right now, it's not on my favorite list! "Pride comes before a fall, that's for sure"!

  90. man please when you own all those things then let us know so we can "buy" from you, blacks can't get past "light skin and good hair" so how can they support one another on anything else.

  91. Omer Khan says:

    Good for him! I do the same thing at my job! Kiss my ass with all that coon talk all the way to the bank!

  92. I'm glad I've never watched the show. Thought about watching it. This seals the deal for me. Don't support proud sell-outs don't care how many famous blacks are in the show. I'll support them on other projects.

  93. Hmmmmmmm!…..I just read all the comments and if the term sellout by definition of what I just read! Then having faith in the CREATOR which is GOD of Mankind has no validity in HIS truth about being successfu. Of course that's not true! So if wants to be sellout! Then sellout out to GOD who says in the book of Joshua…This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success..JOSHUA 1:8..Now those will argue that this scripture is in the Old Testament under the Law! But we're under the new covenant of Grace which just requires us just to believe and obey in trusting HIS Word and HIS way! In other words sellout to GOD and see how successful you will be! Ijs and I believe what I just said!

  94. Lee Daniels fits the criteria suck up sellout and he's gay in hollyweird

  95. Just because Lee Daniels is black & successful does not mean he owes every other black person a damn thing. He worked hard for what he has & to get where he is. Instead of using the race card as an excuse, he chose to work hard. If you call tjat a sell out then so be it. Get over it! Instead of working hard & perserving Kyle Knordle you would sit behind a computer & call someone racist names. Stop hating. Lee Daniels owes you nothing & neither does anyone else. You are responsible for your own destiny & future. That is the main problem in the US. Instead of working hard for what you want too many times people use excuses. You are responsible for your own destiny. I've been turned down for more than one job, not because I wasn't qualified but because the company had to meet a quota of hiring a specific amount of minorities. So I was made to watch a black person be hired for a position in which they did not have the qualifications nor the education. Mon'ique even admitted to making outrageous & idiotic demands. She hasn't gotten called for anymore jobs because she let the success of 1 film get to here head & nobody wants to work with a trouble maker. She has made more than a few racist remarks & that is the reason people don't want to work with her!

  96. What is a coon? A white man's terminology designed to dehumanize Black folks. Y'all want to use THAT expression to criticize another Black person? As soon as I hear someone use that expression in regards to another Black person the person who uses that expression becomes lower in my regard than the person they are putting that label on.

  97. Mary Carroll says:

    Sell out? How about mark of the beast? Spirits of darkness arouses and attack through the set of mass media production. Be careful about what you let enter your mind. 666 will not be a mark on your forehead per-say. it will be the implantment of what humans allow to be planted in their minds spiratuially. So as a man thinketh , so he shall be. The game , I mean the game of life was begun in the garden of Eden. Our whole lives are a game. The battle of the game of good and evil. Eve was the sell out. because of her sell out , humans have to die. We lost most of our priviledges because of that game. What do you stand for? Because if you don't stand for something , you will fall for anything.

  98. Alex Primo says we should treat "sell outs" the same as we treat the Klan. SMDH More empty rhetoric that means NOTHING. How did we "treat the Klan"? We did mostly NOTHING to them except cower in fear from them and beg the federal government to help us against them. Black Americans need right now to take a good long look in the mirror…

  99. Dave Thomas says:

    I have an opinion.

  100. Shirley RN says:

    Lisa Jackson, living in Hollywood is a privilege? Huh! When did flipping a burger become a disgrace? Being a sellout is nothing but a double cross…

  101. Shirley RN says:

    That's a shame when you focus on money! Like selling your soul to the devil…

  102. Shirley RN says:


  103. 60 years ago nobody had a say in anything and now you are putting this man down for being himself? Have we all became perfect since we are now recognized as people and not property. Some of you better check your closets for past skeletons too.

  104. In today world and society, trinkets are how you survive…it all depends on which type of trinkets you are surviving with, i.e. money, a home, a car, all of which use to be called luxuries but are now necessities!

  105. As Malcolm X once said……The house negro would fight harder to protect massa's interest than their own.

  106. That's the same attitude drug dealers have about selling drugs. They have to eat. Well, if eating means I have to kill my own people or bring more horrible images of black folk to the media, then I'll starve.



  109. This young brother wanted to be a great film maker, And he has done very good work.
    The problem he is having is that he is getting a big head, He is alienating his people who spends their money on his products and that will lead to his downfall.
    Spike Lee is loving this

  110. Thom Ford says:

    Well said Mr. Kevin Hamilton, Well Said! Some people can't handle the truth. I too would like to copy your comments for my own insight on life as it pretains "Business"…
    I like Mo'nique and Lee, but somehow I think Lee was giving Mo'nique some advice she should have taken. Now she seems to be on some PR campaign all over the place discussing why Lee said she was blackballed…… If Empire was NOT the Major hit it is, nobody would be talking about this subject because Mo'nique would not have mentioned it IMO I didn't want to watch the show because of the stereotypes some here mentioned, but I really like the show.

  111. Anyone who is on his side is a coon yourself so bending your back over is all it takes lol sad who cares if hes black fuck him if you going to just throw negative vibes of black people on T.V then your a piece of sht along with the turds who enjoy it peace.

  112. This guy talks a lot but doesn't actually say anything

  113. Perry Paul says:

    BOOM! well said!

  114. Babi Chellz S Fly? I don't understand your point, could you please help me?

  115. Gwen Berry Towe thx.

  116. Curtis Hudson, yes, drug dealers have that same attitude, but so should everyone. Reaping and sowing is a universal law. We all have to work at our craft. Preachers have to learn how to preach the Gospel effectively, teachers have to continue to learn and hone their craft of teaching in an information ages. Yes, we all have to be about our business. We will all see only what we choose to see. I believe if church folk and community leaders and people like yourself would be as diligent with our crafts as those "Drug Dealers" you were referring to, then we would live in a better world. If we would all be about your business, then our communities would be better places to live.

  117. Marcus Maccapone Higgins, please define how Lee Daniels Sold Out. Maybe I'm missing something. Can anybody explain how he sold out?

  118. Dino Carr says:

    He had sold is soul to the devil.

  119. Vickie Diggs says:

    I think, that I think that I know that he is lying! Wow! He is such a liar! He doesn't even know what he is talking about. He is talking in circles with no direction. He is a real big disappointment.

  120. Hank Wilson says:

    Yes, homosexual behavior does have wide acceptance by the culture of the caucasoid ethnicity in general. Yet, we have to ask ourselves why is it that the white ethnic groups goes to extreme to push homosexual behaviors on to other ethnicities? Has anyone ever considered that a very small minority ethnic group of people who calls themselves white, needs every bit of an edge that is avilable to them. And it starts by manipulation of the young minds; and once a human being's sexuality is fixed or locked into a personality of a young virgin mind, it then becomes imprinted as a perpetual matrex, which means it is extremely difficult to reset nature's original intended matrex. Therefore, the Caucasoids by their extreme nurturing of such behavior on a global scale have by default increased a relatively small ethnic group beyond what its normal size should be. In otherwords, no religion, country or any ethnic groups that are unsupportive of homosexuality behavior will ever get their full and undivided loyalties. Whether that be their own families, ethnicity, government, state and religion. Their totally loyalty will first be surrendered to a person, to another people, state or foreign entity, who supports their homosexual life style. "Now you know the rest of the story."

  121. I can scarcely watch this interview with all the negative and poisonous black images and views expressed.

  122. It depends on what you value. He places his value on money. To hell with ethics and morals and relationships. Just himself and money. I do not support people that are willing to whore themselves for the sake of money, to the detriment of their people. We cannot make progress , will not make progr

  123. Hank Wilson, is there a substantive point you're making, my brother?

  124. Perry Paul says:

    I had to copy and paste this on a discussion from earlier…:-)

  125. Clara Meek, are you comparing Lee Daniels to a slave who sold out? If so, what is the direct correlation? Lee Daniels is only doing exactly what all of us are doing. Learning to use what we have to get what we want and learning the rules of your surroundings. That's life.

    Do you believe he "traded his soul"? How is that? Personally, I didn't know what his personal convictions were before he became famous, so I wouldn't be able to say if he did or not. From my point of view, the fulfillment of my most cherished personal and career goals ALL came from an extremely tough work ethic and sacrifice. The things I sacrificed were the things that were lower on my priority list. That's not a function of racially selling-out to master, it's called SELF-CONTROL and making tough life decisions. I applaud him for doing so, whether I would have done it exactly like him or not. I won't hate, I'll congratulate.

  126. Kareem Challenger, I appreciate your point of view and agree with a lot what you are saying. I don't see the direct correlation in my logic which shows you that Lee Daniels is like a slave going to tell master about another slave's plans to run away. If I missed it, please help me see. What I understood Lee Daniels to say in this interview was:

    1. Monique would serve herself better by having a more humble persona on the movie promotional campaign. Humility is always in order. I've seen a lot of new niggas reach just a little bit of success, then want to treat people like shit. From first hand accounts from Blacks in the entertainment industry, Monique has always been a brash, egotistical and hard to work with individual. Even if that's her way, at least display some humility by showing that you appreciate the opportunity to play the part in this movie and show that you respect the team, especially the director of the film. When you omit publicly thanking the person who hired you, gave you the opportunity to shine and directed you through the biggest accomplishment of your career, that is bad form and nobody will want to work with you again. Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Samuel L. Jackson all have considerably larger bodies of work. They are all class acts and you never see them act that way. Real talk.

    2. Monique made unrealistic demands and the campaign, which hurt her as well. Nobody in the entertainment industry wants to deal with Divas… and attitude of gratitude takes you a long way.

  127. Please remember that YAHWEH is on the throne !!! Praying for him , Willie Lynch mind set is real. Love yourself know the devil is master of deception.

  128. Dig Lee Daniels agenda is the homosexual agenda, not the blacc agenda. Why all most blacc movies are about slaves, drug dealers , clowns, or u dress like a woman. Just cause blaccs are getting payed doesnt means it helps blacc images on tv.

  129. George Dewey says:

    Kevin Hamilton, your response is very powerful. Cudos!!!

  130. What kills me is how fox network is the most racist station yet they dont mind having a show about black ppl and all the things they talk about them presented on their network for profit it makes their news even more laughable.The network its self is the true sell out.

  131. Its only Television, my god…stop the hating, that's the problem with our people we hate to see a black person Rise, to be successful in any format Michael Jordan made white people billions, so has Oprah, Michael Jackson, Didd selling liquor and hip hop gear same for Kanye Jayzee and Beyonce Manipulating black folks to sell out concerts, the list goes on and on, remember our history..We have been disenfranchised from the American Dream…we don't own anything is this country that is why we have to accept the label as sell out, if he denys it, his star will began to…remember who controls the purse strings in America…Whites and Jews, must we always find fault because we hate the slave who made it out, crabs in a barrel mentality. We are the only race or minority that has not progressed beyond our adversity…stop the self hate. Let Lee make his coins.

  132. Pam A Jack says:

    the show is wacky. the gay dude is the smart one ; the brother with money got a white woman and the thug is the black man, who is in and out a mother of a black male; this show too horrible for my son to watch. there is No positive black man role in the show. there is a hiding agenda in this hot mess.

  133. another thing about mr daniels is that his show is overkill with the gayness, stop shoving the gay scenes down our throats, we don't want to see gay men kissing on tv! respect that children are watching this, respect that Christians are watching this , meaning don't accuse me of being a homophobe because I choose not to belive in adam and steve when God said I should be adam and eve, Gods word said it's an abomination for a man to lay with another man and a woman to lay with another woman. so don't accuse me of being a homophobe because I have my own beliefs, what does that make you if you push and shove your gayness down my throat on a show that you directs? OVERLY GAY? I mean really, it's unnecessary to show a man kissing another man on tv or a woman kissing another woman, ok we get it, but we don't have to accept it and you can't make us!

  134. John Anthony says:

    As I read the comments I feel conflicted, because I tune in every week to watch Empire, mindless Tv as my girlfriend calls it. Just for a moment to escape. I don't get so deep about the impact of what I am watching because I know the difference between fiction and reality. when I turn off the Tv I can go back to my reality. I think the problem is that there is no balance when it comes to Tv and Film. If we had just as many positive programs to watch we would have balance. The problem is that we have so many negative images that we are bombarded with, that it puts us in a negative light. The world only get to see one view point, and its impact is devastating to the black community. This is why we get so angry when we see a show like Empire. Here we go again another show that depicts black people in a negative light. So we cringe at the though that we will be viewed once again as a degenerative group of people. As an Artist myself, my goal is to create. I see a vision and I do what is necessary to make it manifest. So do you put the full blame on the Artist for making his vision a reality or do we look at ourselves to see what our role is in this problem. We don't support the positive images. Are we raising our children in an environment that sensors what they watch and if they are watching do we have healthy conversations about what we watch to put things in perspective, developing the skills necessary to be objective thinkers. Building strong minds. We must take a good look at ourselves, do we talk the talk or do we walk the walk. This is bigger than Empire. We as Black People have lost our consciousness, our fighting spirit. We have not passed the torch to our young people. They are lost with no direction other than the images that fill there minds with negativity daily. I have friends who are activist, that are out in the community in the streets making a difference everyday, but they are few in numbers. We adults need to reprogram our way of thinking If we don't start to rebuild the minds of our youth we not rise as a people.

  135. ~ Judging from the comments here, it's safe to say that American black children will struggle another 100 years with all the manufactured baggage of selectively chosen black history grievances. ~Every nationality that came to America had withering challenges to overcome. ~Blacks have turned that experience into a permanent narrative. As such it will be it's own punishment. ~It's 2015 people. ~Wake up and smell the stupidity. I'm a 63 year old white, Italian proud, Grandfather of a black Granddaughter. ~I'm more concerned for her now than when she was born to black and white parents, 14 years ago. Not because of white on black hate… But rather black on white racism! ~Reject ALL of the black racists. From the billionaire's and political leaders to the guy on the street. ~Man up. See your own racism and overrule it. And tell the truth. Even black people cross the street and 'profile' when they see a gang of blacks coming. Why? Because they know they're likely to get jacked. ~Spend less time throwing rocks and raise your kids with love and attention. Even those who are not your own. ~I fostered dozens of black kids before I even fathered my own four. ~White privilege? Give me a break. What's that? I'm privileged to bust my butt and pay for your daughters to have more kids with no daddy? Take that rap elsewhere because I'm not hearing it. ~And stop electing race baiters just because of the color of their skin. Don't be a sucker.

  136. Garth White says:

    We sure love to fight each other. Every man does his thing in his own way. If you don't like what he does move on. The name calling becomes infantile. I have never seen any of his work. We are so dictatorial,is it any wonder that over half the worlds dictators are in Africa.We who cry for freedom,won't allow others to be free.

  137. Kevin Hamilton went to great length to bury a little truth in a pit of slime. The issue brought forth here is should black people rip themselves as Hollywood did? Should they prostutute their own culture. Buying cars and paying bill and living where you want to live as long as it is done out of honest work and a dignified stand cannot be bad. No matter who owns what enterprise. In your case, you omitted to point out that white people also have profited a lot from black ideas and black cultures. Focus on the relevant issue here and keep your truth untangled in a mesh of irrelevant opinions.

  138. having said all that I will question his commitment to ending stereotypes. In the interview he accuses monique of "reverse racism". This is so offensive to hears as by definition black people cannot be racist. Bigots yes racist no. Racism is a "multifaceted structural, systemic and institutional thing". Therefore, I do question this young man's ideology because he doesn't know what racism is and that blacks especially black women have never had the power to create and operate a multifaceted structural, systemic and institutional system that discriminates against whites. As a black man I question his ability to speak about a black woman's experience with the multifaceted structural, systemic and institutional system of sexism in this country and particularly within hollywood.

  139. There were many more writers , black and white that were more than qualified to pen the script for " The Butler". However he chose a white dude whose claim to fame was an as actor in the TV show "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". In doing so he picked the wrong Sidney Poitier movie(In The Heat Of the Night) for the son in "The Butler" to call Sidney Poitier an Uncle Tom. The screenwriter obviously ignored or was unaware of some important facts surrounding this particular movie. When Sidney gets slapped by a wealthy southern white man, Sidney himself had written into the script that he immediately slaps the white man back. That was not the act of an uncle Tom.The screenwriter certainly did not do his homework nor did Lee Daniels.

  140. Chai Rae says:

    I'm so tired of people screaming reverse racism when the only folks reeling power are pale people. Totally overlooking the fact those who control the power dictate to the others and aboriginal (so called African-Americans) don't fit that bill.

  141. Nat Turner says:

    White people reward their soldiers and this homo is doing the American thing. Which is anythang 4 a chicken wang. His father should've did us all a favor.

  142. Jah Born says:

    #TheBlackBeatTape was designed with the intent to stimulate the mind and motivate the spirit.
    A Black Consciousness Music Experience – Coming 3-5-2015.
    Will be available on Itunes, Spotify, BeatsMusic, Amazon, Google Play, Etc.
    #BuyBLACK #GetEMPOWERED #MessageMusic #Blackanomics.

  143. Floyd Walls says:

    Entertainment is to be entertained why hold them accountable for getting Woking.

  144. Before I start I just would like to ask: What in the hell is "reverse racism"? Last I checked racism has a definition and it applies despite the color or race of the individual who commits it. I guess you don't have to be educated in order to make money.

    Now, I see a lot of comments bashing this man, but have you ever taken the time to stop and think that he's doing what the rest of us should be doing? He's getting his paper his way and he's not concerned about how the rest of society feels about it. I'm pretty sure while he's rolling up and down Sunset Blvd he's not thinking about how the man making minimum wage is faring. We can sit here and call him a sellout all damn day, but if you aren't making close to what he's making the last thing you should be worried about is how he gets his.

    People in general and Black people in particular need to get out of the mindframe that you're a sellout or you're cooning because you chose to learn the game and be successful using it's rules. If you're running around here paying rent or mortgage, paying off a loan of any kind or any combination of the like, then you might want to stop worrying about how this man is getting his paper and start worrying about getting yours because when you're in any kind of debt that debtor has some control over an aspect of your life.

    Also, we as Black people need to get out of the mindset that we all have a common goal. We don't. Just because we march together doesn't mean that we are marching for the same reason. We have been duped for years to believe that we are one and the same and that we have shared experiences. I don't remember anyone but my family being with me when I was hungry and wondering whether or not I will be laying my head on a pillow or a rock as I readied for my evening slumber. I remember an Arab man offering to feed me when I was starving and my so called Black brother not even giving a damn whether I was hungry. Understand this, I stand with those who stand with me no matter what color they may be or where they come from. For those that believe that if we had OUR own we would be better off, well we have OUR own now and we still aren't where we believe that we should be. It's all about getting YOUR OWN for the sake of your families. White people are not united in thinking, they do what makes their individual houses successful. Once they do that then and only then do they form cliques to keep their neighborhoods the way they want it. The funny thing about that is there are Black folks in their cliques. You can call them Uncle Tom if you like, but the fact remains that they live better lives and they make more money in a day than you will see in a month. You only perceive that it is by kissing the White man's ass, but it's easy to make perceptions when you're on the outside looking in and you know nothing of what's really going on.

    So BLUF: Instead of focusing on whether or not Lee Daniels is a sellout, focus on getting your individual houses in order and getting where you need to be in order to be successful.

  145. Empire is a television show, Lee Daniels is a writer/producer he is one man. I am glad my parents taught me who I was and my worth. I've done the same for my son. The real issue is there are many who are allowing television to raise their kids and not enough positive imagery in the home. The way to change the world's perception of who we are is to help our kids graduate from high school, go on to higher learning, start viable businesses, help them to stay out of trouble, get off the welfare and food stamp systems, help prevent teenage pregnancy, become mentors, support and love one another, be responsible parents, stop the black on black hate so on and so on.

    Old folks used to say sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around mine. We spend too much time tearing each other down instead of building one another up. If I don't agree with you we don't agree and I will not waste my time trying to prove that I'm right, it just means I have more encouraging, loving, supporting and building to do in my community. I know that there are many of us who are doing the so called right things, so lets help those who are struggling. We have them in our very own family who are headed into stereotypical behavior and we say nothing, so who has really sold out. We don't chastise youth anymore because we are afraid of them or we want to be cool parents. I don't have the energy or time to deal with who approves of me or what I believe, take that energy and time and love on the youth, our future.

  146. I believe it to be totally unfair to label anyone a HATER just as it is unfair to label anyone a SELLOUT. I hate PERSONAL ATTACKS, period. They distract from resolving/addressing a very serious issue about why black movies and tv series are getting produced while others are not. It is a disservice to everyone to label people haters and sellouts because plays right into the hands of the white power structure. With crime, prison, and hip hop movies and tv series are the only ones getting play we need to find solutions not make personal attacks. we cannot continue to create programming about black stereotypes and rarely produce honest and powerful images of blacks' in everyday relationships with our children, wives, husbands friends and lovers. Jada Pinkett's series Hawthorne is one example, Jill Scott's, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency and the Matrix trilogy are others. It can be done. Sidney Poitier's body of work is right up there with Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis because they refused to accept any role that denigrated black people. Do our young people know the body of work these actors created? Oscar Micheaux directed and produced movies in the 1920s and was censored because his films countered the white films that stereotyped blacks. Here we are in 2015 and and we are still fighting this war.…/…/blackacts/poitier;

  147. having said all that I will question his commitment to ending stereotypes. In the interview he accuses Monique of "reverse racism". This is so offensive to hear as by definition black people cannot be racist. Bigots yes racist no. Racism is a "multifaceted structural, systemic and institutional thing". Therefore, I do question this young man's ideology because he doesn't know what racism is and that blacks especially black women have never had the power to create and operate a "multifaceted structural, systemic and institutional system" that discriminates against whites. As a black man I question his ability to speak about a black woman's experience with the "multifaceted structural, systemic and institutional system" of sexism in this country and particularly within Hollywood.

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