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33 thoughts on “Does Anyone Believe News Anchor Kristi Capel Didn’t Know What She Was Saying When She Used This Derogatory Term?

  1. I think she used a poor choice of word, and I don't think she had any idea of the connotations of that word as her gesticulating suggests she really meant all the ,hullabaloo that was going on around Lady Gaga.

  2. Then she should have just said "hullabaloo".

  3. "We will all perish as a people for a lack of knowledge".

  4. I think we can go to far with calling people racist. I didn't know what that word meant. So, I believe that she didn't either she was just describing the sound of lady gaga's regular sound. She is forgiven for something she didn't do. Be careful of calling people racist.

  5. Alex Primo says:

    We can see this one of two ways. Either she encountered that word in the past or she spontaneously created it live on television. Being the thinking person that I am, I find it totally unrealistic for her to say a word, not once, but twice and not know the meaning of it. What educated person does that? She is yet another example of how non-Black people behave in a society dominated by the oppressive deviltry known as White Supremacy. FOX needs to be held accountable for its tendency to fan the flames of racism and disunity between the races.

  6. The looks of the Black people are priceless when they realize what those assumed idiots said. The first guy laughed like 'What the…" and the last guy was like 'No…I can't do it…next!" And white people with their ever-present "if you say it with an innocent enough face and claim ignorance, you can always get away with it." White Americans have inherited A LOT of racist terms and usages from their ancestors that they continue to use, even if they don't connect them with black people any more because the times have changed or they live in areas where there aren't many blacks (many times because they were violently purged from the areas in the past).

  7. For instance, lower class black people often call slanted eyes 'chinky' eyes, and they have no clue that it is related to the term 'chink.' Someone (another Afro-American) had to point that out to me. She was very rude about it, but at least she made me think about what word I was using. When I realized the connection I was like ''aaaww shit!' Even pitbulls with slanted eyes are commonly called chinky eyed pit-bulls. I can say that none of the black people I grew up with referenced Chinese people or Asians when they used this word. Any person of any race, even animals could have 'chinky eyes.' I grew up calling Chinese wall ball, Chink, I had no clue it was also called Chinese wallball. When I realized it was also called Chinese Wall ball that was another 'aaww shit!' moment. These are consequences of growing up in a very racist society. Usage spills over but not always the same racist attitudes. This is why black people use the 'n' word so much and sometimes even in a positive sense or in a sense to mean all people. It is because the blacks who were brought to the Americas and their children had no other word for themselves for so long that they became desensitized to it and tried to normalize it. It however was impossible to seek normalization when it came out of the mouth of whites and was always accompanied by denigration and violence. So I am willing to give the the newslady a pass, but she was definitely a victim of this generally racist and White Supremacist Amerikkkan society.

  8. Donna Boyd says:

    Read/Study Black history of America (J.A. Rogers, Dr. John Henry Clark, etc.) so you will know the offensive words used against Blacks during slavery, jim crow, etc. You could be called derogatory names everyday & don't even realize it, since you don't seem to be aware of the racist/derogatory words used against Blacks throughout history.

  9. Reminds me of the time when I was a kid and confused steroids with hemorrhoids. Discussion on the baseball bench got weird that day.

  10. Michael Shan says:

    I guess she gonna learn today

  11. Alex Vanhook says:

    She knows exactly what that word means!!! if she didn't then that makes here even more of a moron! Either way she needs to be fired! This is wrong on so many levels, how dare this bitch act like she didn't know what she was saying!

  12. Trudy 'mtram' Rozani, have you never used a wrong word when scouring your brain for the right one? If she could have thought of hullabaloo at that moment I'm sure she,d have used it.

  13. Ok perfect you say you didn't know right,she says she didn't know,now that you've found out the meaning,that it's a derogatory word against blacks Dancing and singing,what a coincidence for her to make the statement while Lady Gaga is doing what???? A dance and song this time was different than the way she usually performed,that's why she said she didn't know she sounded that good because…Why it was minus the Jigaboo music,meaning she knew,So don't be fooled by the fake apology that was because she got caught..

  14. P.a. Long says:

    REALLY! Please read a book….there is no excuse for being ignorant about your race.

  15. Kirk Luton says:

    Don't you think that a lot of people are being a bit over sensitive?

  16. Who looks at Fox anyway there is no news or intelligent conversation there.

  17. Flex Oj Jnr says:

    Who is the stupid anchor towards the end who said "am sure Africa is a beautiful place but the worst creatures come out of there"!!! Can he elaborate what he meant by that???

  18. Reese Marie says:

    I don't think people are being overly sensative. I think too few people are educated about the rich history of black people. Of course people who don't learn to value and understand black history are going to make these types of mistakes.

  19. Reese Marie says:

    This is true. Too few know about preset leaders like Claude Anderson. Few black people understand that it does not matter what other races think or feel about US. Self determination, delayed gratification, group economics, and cultural dignity is what we need to be focused on. Too much of our energy is focused on things we can not control. The RESPECT will come.when WE FOCUS ON BLACK ECONOMICS..PERIOD! Great words Steven!

  20. Reese Marie says:

    Racism has been inherited and it manifests itself in the culture of America. The only people who can decode modern day racism are those who understand history and can put current events into contexts. Blacks who apologize for calling out the derogotory slander and age old rhetoric of white surpremacy lack a deep understanding of their history. Let us feel bad for whites who do not understand their previlege. I like the Jew, feel an affinity for my people and will not apologize for my feeling toward them. I like any other group ( Asians, Hispanics, etc) are allowed to call out the oppression (currently economic) that they feel in this American built not for us but ON US. Lets stop apologizing for this feeling that somethings not right. Let's stop being "careul" about calling a spade a spade. Racism does not have to be Conscience. Racism can be taught. Racism can be inherited. #Knowyourhistory#theloudestonesknowtheleast.

  21. Not knowing the meaning of words you are speaking is of the mind of a two-year old. I think people close to her say it all the time, and it stuck in her mind with the context in which it was said. You can see her wheels spinning as she grapples for a word (knowing she's on TV). Then she gives up and says what she really wanted to say. She' a bigot with f*ck it moment.

  22. Shawn Mc says:

    I tried to explain that to people that many younger people may not know the meaning of all old antiquated offensive terms be them black or white.

    hell she described classical music as jigaboo music so clearly she didn't know the meaning.

    black folks going to call every one a racist anyway, the word has lost its sting due to the overly use of it.

  23. Shawn Mc says:

    Lorenzo Lg Mathis lady gaga wasn't dancing she was singing a categorically classical song, for her to describe a classical song as jugga bo is a lack of knowledge about the word.

    you think people know all the offensive terms used against everyone. hell the black youth don't know the offensive terms.

  24. Shawn Mc says:

    exactly, who describes classical music as such, she didn't know the true meaning like so many others.

  25. Shawn Mc says:

    we all make mistakes then learn, black folks where I come from use to and still say chinky all the time not knowing its a derogatory term, they say Jew town and that's a derogatory term, they say the A-Rab and that's a derogatory term.

    its so much we don't know yet we still say it to this day.

  26. Shawn Mc says:

    go up to a young black person and ask if they know the meaning, young people wont know every derogatory term towards blacks, hell blacks say chinky and that's a derogatory term toward asians, the say A-Rab and jew town and those are both derogatory terms.

    do you know every derogatory term toward other nationalities.

  27. Shawn Mc says:

    Reese Marie I'm not sure its taught in schools to learn every derogatory term toward blacks, do you know every derogatory term toward other nationalities?

    have you ever used the term chink or A-rab or cracker.

  28. If she didn't know she should have and just because your as ignorant is no accuse!

  29. If it's not a term you "one" has eer used to refer to a person of your own ethnic group, it does not make you inocent of being a racist, simply because you know it does not describe you or your family. That's what Wiki, and dictionaries are for ignorance is ot excuse when you call yourself a media it does not absolve you unless you are a policeman DA or judge.

  30. all I heard around black folk is nigga this, nigga that! you should of heard what my first wife use to call me! get over it!

  31. White people always make so called mistake's and then claim ignorance well this was no mistake and one white lady says black people use words like that all the time well are you black no and they are not on television every night with the power to influence others with their words she should be fired.

  32. This is old news. She apologized later for her remarks, and was given time off from the station. It was an error, but she is a lovely lady and she paid for her mistake.

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