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Wale Says Pop Artists Will Only Work with Black Rappers If They Have Hit Songs on the Charts

Wale was introduced to most of the world through his 2009 song “Chillin,” the lead single off his debut album “Attention Deficit.” The cut featured Lady Gaga, who was also relatively new to the music industry then.

“Chillin” would be the last time Wale and Gaga were on a song together, and the rapper seemed to give a reason why.

On April 18, someone on Twitter suggested he and Gaga work together again.

“Y’all got to understand these fantasy features work two ways,” tweeted Wale. “Pop people don’t wanna work wit us unless we sittin in that top 40 or unless it’s a white rapper. Prove me wrong.”

Wale’s post was retweeted nearly 600 times. In the comments, some said they agree with his tweet, while others said it was a point they never even thought about.

Meanwhile, on that same day, someone suggested that Wale work with another artist that he’s collaborated with before. But it didn’t seem like he was very interested. Wale responded to that Twitter user by saying that his music is underappreciated.

“Since everyone tweeting at @Wale their opinions and suggestions… IMHO, a whole album with him and @MeekMill would be awesome right about now,” someone tweeted.

“Y’all be acting like ppl who be goin platinum gon stop what they doin to work wit the guy who is universally slept on,” Wale responded. “These albums sound good in theory in y’all mind.”

As for Gaga, Wale spoke about her in 2011 and said it was nice to work with her, but it wasn’t the huge deal that some make it out to be.

“My n—-s always talk about that s–t, especially the most m———-n’ streets niggas,” he told XXL. “They be like, ‘You know you did a song with Lady Gaga, a real song.’ It’s cool, it’s probably something that I’ll probably use later to brag about. It’s not much of an accolade if I work with somebody. I just wanna be respected for what I do … I don’t even know if she talk to rappers.”

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