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6 thoughts on “Would Dinesh D’Souza Be This Unapologetic About His ‘Ghetto’ Tweet if the President Wasn’t Black?

  1. This cross-eyed fool needs to shut up! Go to India and talk trash and see what happens to your punk ass. You and Jindal are trash. You suck!

  2. Dinesh is an uncle tom, plain and simple. Doesn't he realize the white people he is worshiping hate his guts as well? He speaks about black people as if he himself isn't black. As if being from india with dark skin somehow makes him a different race.

    I can't really say that I'm surprised by his behavior after all, he does come from a place where not only is racism is the norm, but where they also have varying categories and levels of racism based on the shade of black you are. A place where so long as you are lighter than the next guy and you reinforce that behavior you'll feel like you are making it in life (and their society is set up to inforce that way of thinking).

    guess what Dinesh, you're in america (and the west in general), where the racism is not complex as that. the people who's dick and balls you're giving the ol' spit shine to have only one motto when it comes to people of color: "if you ain't white you ain't right".

    Once Dinesh gets a taste of classic american/western racism he'll be singing a whole different tune after that.

  3. Hank Wilson says:

    Googling Dinesh name, I could have sworn his name came up on Wikipedia as (International-Uncle Tom) LMAO, anyways, it must have been a damn nightmare!!

  4. Hank Wilson says:

    You're 100% correct!!

  5. This fool is talking about being from the ghetto and being a boy, looking at his complexion and him being from India with its caste system he would surely be in the boy category himself.

  6. this coon is still talking smack? I don't like this clown. they parade this immigrant out to demean Black americans? this is the type of people they are letting into america? I guess so, after all, they let the nazis in here where they collect social security benefits every month. I did not vote for barak and I mourned what could have been, in 2008-2009.

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