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45 thoughts on “Did Steve Harvey Try to Throw Some Black People Under The Bus In an Effort to Appease Actor Kevin Costner?

  1. Juan Bala says:

    Don't think he did. But I don't look to Steve Harvey for my validation either. Steve Harvey speaks for Steve Harvey.

  2. Keath Payne says:

    Not all of 'em. Just the ones that do stay in their place!

  3. Not all of them is the way anyone might answer any question, Are all white people good? NO Are all of anything is a generalization. Not all Asian people good at math, Not all White people smell like dogs when they get wet, nor Not all African American people eat chicken. My father who was a share cropper taught me that there is good and bad in all people.

  4. Steve Harvey has been cooning for a long time!
    Race: The Elephant in the Room Will Kill You.

  5. Lloyd Jones says:

    Steve Harvey a coon , the only like good Ole niggers like Stevie

  6. Sean says:

    that's what it sounded like to me too. If a black person has too much individual style or something too unique or powerful for the white man, then he doesn't like them. you're right – it's a cultural thing. for a white man to say 'not all of them' sounds disgusting to me and like a superior talking down to people.

  7. Rick Curl says:

    No he didn't. The answer was pure in its logic. To say, "…not all of them" is a practical answer. Otherwise, one would have to be telling a lie. I don't like all black people either. Nor do I like all white people. Who likes all of everybody or everything? Also, in the courtroom an attorney is trained to ask sometimes loaded questions to get the answer he wants. An intelligent, honest person will recognize this and respond with logic and reason. If you give an answer grounded in emotion, you lose.

  8. Enqi Ptah says:

    So tell us which ones you like, so we can learn how to act right.

  9. Vaughn Smith says:

    Steve is right. I grew up and was raised by a whole community of white people. They fed me clothed me and most importantly loved me. Not until I became an adult. And moved out of mt community and into the world at 17 did I know there were crackers,hunkys and white people who just didn't like blacks I mean I saw on the news with Howard k smith Walter Cronkite, and the abuse in 1967on tv but I couldn't relate cUse because everyone were I grew up was in the same economical situation so really it's about class not color.

  10. …Do I like Uncle Tom talk show / game show / comedian(?) gadabouts who have little talent and buck their eyes and coon at times? No. None of them.

  11. Kwaku Bonsu says:

    Hotep People from what I have seen and some of the comments that has been made. It is clear to me that Steve martin and some by some of the response they are suffering from PTSS Post traumatic Slave Syndrome. may ask you all a question.
    Why do we as Africans have to always seem to be apologising for Europeans behaviour towards us.. Its as if we are afraid to look them in the face and tell them like it is. Their system benefits from what have and still are doing to us as a people, ask the relatives of all those Africans who have been killed by their police, the innocent Africans who are spending time in their prisions mental institutions etc etc etc. When all is said and done whether they all are bad or not they all benefit. They won't even apologies or deal with reparations for the enslavement of our Ancestors yet they want to say we are not all like that. Those that are like that secure themselves in all the positions of power and control. So back to Mr Harvey the station he works for is owned by them so he has to be seen as not one of those militants. By Steve Harvey better take a leaf out of Bill Cosby's book cause don't matter how much money you make for them when it comes to you wanting to own one of their main institutions they will come with everything on you to destroy your character. Remember what the native american said of the White man. He speaks with folk tongue, so as long as we say and what he feels we should you will prosper financially within his corrupt system. But the minute you start to do what you of the descendants of the kidnapped people should be doing you see their true personality come too bear. So my conclusion of Mr Harvey is this. He is an afraid Man who wishes not to loose his little money and notoriety he has built up over the years, doesn't want to rock the boat. A coward, he should study Harry Belafonte, Paul Roberson. I chose these examples because they were a part of the same industry he is in, in a time when it was dangerous for us to weak out but still they stood firm. These guys nowadays has no backbone they are weak, we should not expect nothing from them.Nat Turner , Denmark VaV, Sojourner Truth harriet Tubman , Marcus Garvey, Malcom X and Martin Luther King must watching us and thinking was it all worth it, to sacrifice our families for our people to see us bowing down in front of these people for a few dollars. This the Prophet Kwaku Peace out Hotep.

  12. @Sean, given just one example, take Marshawn Lynch, he's his own man. He's not COONING for no one. He's just there to keep from getting FINED!

  13. I don't think he did….that's his view.

  14. How is that a coon to say "not all of them" Really who tf likes everyone?? Blacks always trying to find something outta nothing..smh

  15. I agree you don't have to like all of anything. He didn't throw anyone under . It's the truth. Mr. Harvey was speaking for himself by using the movie as an example

  16. If someone asked me if I liked white people my response would be the same. It's the equivalent to us black people having to acknowledge that some white people are cool but not all of them because a lot of them are racist!

  17. If someone asked me if I liked white people my response would be the same. It's the equivalent to us black people having to acknowledge that some white people are cool but not all of them because a lot of them are racist!

  18. Steve Harvey is doing something on his ranch, he is turning troubled young boys into men, what are we doing to fix the problem? No matter how much we point out a problem what are we doing to fix it? That was his opinion. We need t o stop bashing people for their opinions. Again what are you doing?

  19. Ok.., this isn't a 'Black' issue cause every 'race' has their shady characters. Its a people thing. As far as Harvey, unfortunately there are some 'previledged', Black folk that feel they have to prove their 'common sense' or intelligence to white people. Why was that statement even initiated by Steave? It sounds like a preplanned thing to me. I havent heard the entire conversation, so there might be more data to pull from that but this little bit reminded me of Tap Dancing and Black Face. Harvey looked really southern niggerish trying to connect and validate with that white actor. And from the tone of his voice Costner got some depth to disdain of "certain black folk". My personal opinion…, Race is that BS that keep everybody on a primitive level. I don't believe in or subscribe to it.

  20. Super Coon back at it again, Steve HARVEY tried to get Bernie MACK fired from a job once, fucking coon as nigga, and Kevin Costner should have said, " No, I don't have a problem with any black people only if they have a problem with me" would have been the better answer.

  21. Jason Jones says:

    Not all of us… Js

  22. I know jason…just like all whites aren't devils.

  23. I know jason…just like all whites aren't devils.

  24. ^^ But that WAS racist. sMh that Jason had to say anything for you to notice that.

  25. Yeah I guess it was…But. can't tell you how many blacks on another thread kept calling him a coon over this..But your're right and I apologize.

  26. Like most Negroes on television, they have to sound intelligent and impress people with that "We Are The World" non-sense. Sounds a lot like Cooning if you ask me. But that's just my opinion.

  27. Janet Allen says:

    First of all, Kevin Costner doesn't want to be 'appeased'! How does "empowering narrative" fit with 'throwing people under a bus"? And I don't believe for one second that Steve Harvey lets anyone tell him how he needs to think or what to say! He could have taken any part of the movie to talk about in the short time they had but he chose what he chose.

  28. To me there are no good white folks. All white people are racist, because all white people benefit from racism. I have never seem a white stand up for equality and equal rights for black people. Please….the white man is evil and tricky.

  29. Murray Garry says:

    Not a SH fan but I don't think he said anything wrong in THIS instance. I don't like all of any kind of people either.

  30. Watch Family Feud when Black people are participating. At the end of the show he walks over to them and generally makes a comment either about how they look or their behavior while on the show.

  31. what he just did was say; "not all white people are racist." the truth is.. "ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST." but it always takes a coon ass negro who has lost all grip on reality and the definition of white supremacy | racism to try an unteach a newly awakening people what they should wake up and know without a shadow of a doubt.. white people are racist.. ALL OF THEM.

  32. Mike Darnell says:

    I think he did, and I'm with you Juan. But for me the proper answer would be "No', but I do have a problem with some people who happen to be Black! To not give a definitive answer "yes or no" says you do have a problem with those people.

  33. He is Steve Harvey Hollywood representative and facially remembered from that. If his name was Terrance Foster Kevin Costner would be talking about him too. His character is a racist in the movie. What the hell is both of them talking about..TV ain't real

  34. One thing that too many black people forget when they are talking to white people is that we are TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT GROUPS OF PEOPLE no matter if we are rich or poor. A group of white people and a group of black people can hear the same statement or see the same event and have two totally different understandings of that situation. Steve Harvey could have been trying to relay the fact that just because you have a problem doesn't mean you should have a problem all. But what white people tend to do use that statement spinning it. Therefore just because they have one black person they are friendly with it gives then a clear conscious to make decisions that keep the majority of black people in the "PLACE" white people are comfortable with.

  35. steve have gotten rich of yall asses, yes! he has no problem throwing your asses under the bus, by the way "some of yall I don't like either"" LOL.

  36. steve have gotten rich of yall asses, yes! he has no problem throwing your asses under the bus, by the way "some of yall I don't like either"" LOL.

  37. Kris Visual says:

    I like how you owned your mistake and kept it moving Jennifer.

  38. Kuroi Ryuu says:

    There are still house niggers and field niggers. Some are my people, others are not my kind.

  39. ok Well do they say mean racist stuff to Sherman Lynch Barack Obama Michelle Obama whom all 4 have greater Degrees than 70% of the world.
    Ivy League Stanford Berkley.

  40. Steve Harvey is f–k up

  41. He's a Tom for his dealings with Paula Deen. Nothing wrong here tho.

  42. Steve Harvey is a bitch. He throws everybody under the bus for fame. He writes a book bashing men while his marriage was on the rocks, now this. I won't go into his fame after Bernie Mac died (sacrifice). To hell with Steve Harvey

  43. Yasa Israel says:


  44. Yasa Israel says:

    The first thing he say was a oxymoron. You can say racist things and not be racist. If you're saying racist things then you are racist. I say racist things all the time because I am a racist. I am not ashamed to say it. I love all my people including my descendants. Steve Harvey was always cooning. He made a comment on one of his shows that was against slavery and it was unsolicited.

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