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10 Slang Phrases Used by Black Twitter That Have Been Culturally Appropriated by the Mainstream

White culture has been hesitant to allow too many Black voices and Black talent into mainstream media, but it never misses a moment to appropriate the terms Black culture has popularized for their own monetary gain. Whether it’s just to gain popularity or an attempt to bring in more readers, white media and white culture as a whole always sift through Black Twitter to find new content. It’s a frustrating occurrence for a community that struggles to break down barriers in mainstream media but always finds their own creative moments being utilized by the same people who are shutting them out. Here are some of the most popular Black Twitter terms that have been appropriated by white culture:

TIME uses bad


Black Twitter was sent into a serious frenzy after Time magazine published an article last summer that attempted to define the word “bae.”

“Though this word was used in the 1500s to refer to sheep sounds, today bae is used as a term of endearment, often referring to your boyfriend or girlfriend,” according to Time. “Or perhaps a prospect who might one day hold such a lofty position.”

In usual Black Twitter fashion, the online community launched a hilarious hashtag of its own to encourage Time to leave their slang terms alone. The #TimeTitles hashtag included tweets like “Who in the world is Daquan, anyway,” “Staying Woke and I’m Sleep: Narcolepsy in the Black Community,” and, one of the most retweeted titles, “Who is Felicia and why are we telling her BYE?”


miley cyrus nae nae


The popular dance was created by the Atlanta rap group We Are Toonz, but it was Black Twitter that caused the dance to become a viral sensation. Unfortunately, like any Black pop culture moment, it wasn’t long before Miley Cyrus swooped in and ruined it. The former Disney star performed an awful rendition of the dance on an Australian morning show and failed to give the group any credit.

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21 thoughts on “10 Slang Phrases Used by Black Twitter That Have Been Culturally Appropriated by the Mainstream

  1. You must be so proud.

  2. Smeek Meek says:

    This is anything new, white culture has been stealing from black culture since day one.

  3. Smeek Meek says:

    I just wish white people would quit trying to be hip and black, and just be who they really are. I'd respect them a lot more if they did.

  4. Smeek meek ur rasist get a life.

  5. Smeek Meek says:

    I know the truth hurts, read upon your correct history.

  6. Tracy Martin says:

    I'm not black, but I am hip. Insofar as black slang being culturally appropriated by mainstream, it's called advertsing and that's how corporations worm their way into your wallet. It doesn't matter if its white, brown or black slang, advertisers are vultures and we're easy prey. Look how many people advertise for companies for free, not just for free, we actually pay to advertise for companies by buying wearing their logo encrusted clothing and accessories in public. You are the most powerful person on the room. You are the consumer.

  7. #justonetimechallenge Name me any time in all of Amerikkklan history where all lives matter I bet you can't

  8. He says in English.

    When you talk in Ibo then you can start crying about cultural integration.

  9. this is Black american culture which we have always provided to this ungrateful country. they realize that our culture is emulated worldwide and now white americans are the ones who want to be the face of it. they are sucking us dry. if we were treated as equal citizens of this country, I would not mind for we would know, really know, that we are valued citizens who make a contribution. unfortunately, that is not the case.

  10. Magnus Berg says:

    You know, instead of being all bitchy that other people are using words that were created by black people, why don't you celebrate the fact that the words are becoming accepted and used in everyday life? Telling someone they can't use a word because they're the wrong color only makes them think you're petty and ridiculous.

  11. white people R hip, too. they have their own cultural expressions. . I grew up in the 60s when I had the pleasure of knowing some very hip white people. the problem now is they want a white face on our culture.

  12. Magnus Berg bitch, our culture is accepted worldwide. it has always been that way. other cultures of the world were accepting us while you were busy lynching us here is america or copying our culture (ie: elvis presley).

  13. "now is they want a white face on our culture…"


  14. Edward Wier you must not be on this planet if you do not know that.

  15. Edward Wier says:

    always provided? Always provided? Interesting way of putting it…….

  16. Edward Wier says:

    technically its assimilation, stealing indicates a wrong, strong -prejudice.

  17. Edward Wier says:

    why stop at Americla? The whole damn world is the Klan and its victims.

  18. Lets not forget how the whole afro-american culture was based on the cultures of whites from white invetions but nobody talks about that.

  19. Mike Mayors says:

    What exactly is "Black twitter?" Does Twitter get a new name when it's used by black users? This sounds patently racist.

  20. David Toske says:

    It's interesting that you think most white people give a fuck what the hell black people do.

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