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35 thoughts on “You Have to Hear These Words From Martin Luther King Jr. That Are Quite Contrary to the ‘Dream’ Speech

  1. Really ABS? I thought you guys were on our side. How dare you take a clip like this excerpt out of context in some sort of clandestined attempt to sully the legacy of a great man. MLK was very obviously a man of peace. The entire world knows that. Shame on you.

  2. What did they do wrong?

  3. They did exactly what I said above. They're posting something that is contrary to what we know about a Nobel Prize winning activist for civil rights. In their attempt to show that what he showed the world as him being a man of peace, and indeed preached more eloquently than any other human being known to us as a great leader and a person that guided us through peaceful means, they're saying that he wasn't that man at all. That's my takeaway. I don't appreciate it AT ALL. ABS is an advocate of our cause, they teach us things that we would not otherwise know. They need to stick with that agenda, this agenda will not be tolerated.

  4. We have enough nay sayers, enough haters. They need to distance themselves from any and everything that casts negativity to our plight. Enough said.

  5. the white man keeps focusing on the "I have a dream" speech because for them, our freedom really is just a dream. I am so sick of these people. they really feel they have the right to grant you freedom or not. they have no respect for the inalienable rights declared in the constitution of the united states.

  6. They really do. That's the epitome of racism.

  7. They actually HAVE the power and have used it for countless years. That my dear is what racism is.

  8. People tend to get prejudice and racism confused. I submit that they're totally different issues. Racism requires the power to affect the fate of others. Prejudice is a state of mind. Racism is the willful act of using your very real power to affect the lives of others. That's why black people can not be racists. We haven't the power. Racism requires power over the object of your discrimination.

  9. I don't see anything wrong in what he said… What' was the point of this post

  10. Sam Rose says:

    I don't understand the title. Those aren't contrary words, just wise ones.

  11. Brittny, I honestly thought that my point had been made clear. Apparently I missed the mark. I'll try again inasmuch as I do indeed endeavor to be unambiguous. When one takes the perilous path and prevaricate something that MLK has said you tend to mislead people into believing something that is utterly untrue and entirely contrary to his overall message of peace. MLK predicated his overall message of change via civil disobedience (which was also non-violent) to achieve equality for his blatantly downtrodden brethren. It is my considered opinion that for ABS to imply otherwise is an intolerable and shameful black eye to his legacy.

  12. He's long dead and long gone, but his legacy deserves to stay intact. He can no longer defend himself. He dedicated his life to the advancement of colored people.

  13. @ABS In the future, never simply post an ambiguous video to accompany a questionable headline. You need to explain yourselves. King and X held very differing opinions in regards to the 'solution' if you will, but they both agreed upon the problem. Sure, this sounds like X – he didn't say anything that X would have disagreed with. "Nobody else can do this for us." True then, true today, and obviously both men agreed then. What's the problem, ABS? Where is the discrepancy? To sum up: We don't have time for baseless, uneducated, and unproductive claims. Actually say SOMETHING, make sure what you're saying is TRUE, or don't say ANYTHING AT ALL. Thanks.

  14. This is what they Never wanted our people to hear, because it was meant to Empower, Uplift, Encourage and to Inspire Self love and Self worth among our own. Telling the truth about the white man's game and exposing the many lies told to keep black folk felling inferior. That's why it was rarely shown. "Just because they don't show it, doesn't mean that we don't know it. So, "Say it louder, I'm Black and I'm Proud!" – Check out this commentary piece:

  15. I agree that their use of the Word "Contrary" is not only misleading but incorrect – As this speech is not opposing, contradictory or conflicting to "I have a dream" – This is not "something that is "contrary" to what we know of DR. King" – Rather something that you and/or others may not be aware of, as it was rarely shown. However, this is exactly who DR. King was/is, in addition to how he spoke publically, but more so from the pulpit – an example of how He often preached, before and after His famed "I have a dream" speech in 1963. The above video is from DR. Kings 1967 "Where do we go from here" speech, 4 years later. I believe that the only thing ABS should be pointing out here is that this is something that Dr. King also spoke of and preached, but was rarely seen. It takes away NOTHING From Him… The speech was Powerful and intended to Enlighten and Empower.

  16. Not really sure what is so 'contrary' about this. He dreams of being free and he dreams of being allowed some space to be a person and have self respect. He isn't preaching hatred or negativity. I suspect the heading on this is designed to get people to click on it and see the advertisers that pay the wages of the site.

  17. Not really sure what is so 'contrary' about this. He dreams of being free and he dreams of being allowed some space to be a person and have self respect. He isn't preaching hatred or negativity. I suspect the heading on this is designed to get people to click on it and see the advertisers that pay the wages of the site.

  18. I think the point of this post as to show that the great Dr. King was not the type of leader who would stoop holding his hat in his hands and beg for acceptance from whites. Rather, he preached Black empowerment and towards the end of his life Black nationalism, which unfortunately got him killed. The title of this post is just poorly conceived.

  19. Because there was nothing wrong with what DR. King said, Brittny. This site using the misleading word "Contrary" in their headline as relating to this video Is what's wrong. Nothing contrary about it – Just a different speech, different time and place and different crowd.

  20. Andrew Owens says:

    Yup, sounds exactly like the Republican he always was. This speech is about looking within yourself to help yourself. That he didn't want African Americans to rely on anyone other than themselves for help. He was against the government stepping in and telling black people what they could and couldn't do.

  21. Victor Eaves says:

    Martin Luther King is popular, in mainstream media, for fighting for equality. It is widely known that he, and everyone in the civil rights movement, stood for racial integration and equal opportunities; i.e., color blindness. Here, Martin Luther King Jr. talks, like Malcolm X, about the language used against black people. In this, he speaks on black independence. Thus, contrary to his dependency persona.

  22. Victor Eaves says:

    They feel this way because they believe their own illusion. I don't mean to sound racist, but whites are the cultural hijackers in human history. Everything they "think" they have invented they stole and plagiarized from the blackamoors, KMT, Ethiopians, and many more (mainly black people, whom all civilization started from). You see, when you have the power to rewrite history, and teach it in schools, you can make lies become truth and truth become lies. One thing Aristotle did get right is his statement on slaves. 'You can't enslave a King because he knows his lineage isn't of slaves and isn't destined to be a slave, then he will break free. A slave, however, will know that he is destined to be a slave, because of his lineage, and will restrain himself even at the sight of his own greatness.' This is psychological warfare, first. Once they have your mind they have your body.

  23. Masai Atg says:

    Victor Eaves MLK NEVER stood for color blindness. That's a perversion of his words by White people. Colorblindness is racism.

  24. Masai Atg says:

    MLK was a liberal and a socialist. The farthest thing from a modern day Republican. But yes, early republicans were Liberals too.

  25. Masai Atg Colourblindness regarding race is the opposite of racism. If race bears no consequence to you then you can't judge by race. That would be the perfect solution to the issue of racial tension.

  26. Victor Eaves He may not be focusing on integration, but he is still speaking from a positive aspect, thus not being especially contrary to his cause or to that of racial harmony. I do see where you are coming from though. I just thought the heading was more sensational that the footage demanded.

  27. Andrew Adams says:

    He should have just said we'll call ourselves white from now on. He didn't change the definition of black in the dictionary it's still the same lol. They were call themselves Black before the speech and after the speech.

  28. Thomas Ajah says:

    I have always said MLK settled for less. if he had raised the bar a bit higher to demand not only civil rights but complete secession of African-Americans and formation of their own black state in America, then racism would have lessened significantly. he did his best though.

  29. Ericson Jean says:

    Pure rubbish you are my black African brother that is all there is to it! The American WHites don't mess around and look for a reason not to mingle with Jews, Irish and other whites to destroy you. THey figure they all are the same why don't we oppress these ni**ers as a team Win win.

  30. Ericson Jean says:

    Whites as Malcolm once stated was loved by the whites with his non violent bullshit. FYI the man received many funding and Ideas from Jews and Gays. Effectively limiting him on what he could do. Sam Cooke offered to fund the joint movement of both Malcolm and King and payed gruesomely. Don't always believe what you read on paper chances are it might be a load.

  31. Will Ewing Sr Look up the ACTUAL definition of racism in a dictionary and get back to me.

  32. Jacob Tautiaga – BOY, I have looked it up, which is how I can speak intelligently on the subject. Knowing what the definition of the word is and it's usage in the vernacular of these threads warranted clarification in my opinion. Is that ok with you?

  33. Has anyone got a link for the full speech.

    I didn't think there was anything controversial in the clip.

  34. Will Ewing Sr I was thinking about what You said here, and I agree with most of it, but how doe's the prejudice towards the poor, and disadvantaged, fit into all of this.

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