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20 Years After Apartheid Ended, Blacks in South Africa Still Facing Appalling Racism

Zelda la Grange was the poster child for the “rainbow nation.” She was the blonde Afrikaner girl who grew up in a racist pro-apartheid family—and famously became the assistant to Nelson Mandela, who taught her the power of racial reconciliation and forgiveness.

But today, after a shocking outburst on Twitter about how “whites” aren’t welcome in South Africa any more, la Grange has become a symbol of something more disturbing: the growing racial tensions in a country that was once seen as a model of how to conquer official segregation.

Twenty years after the death of apartheid, there are signs that racism is mounting a comeback —if it ever went away. In Cape Town, there are widespread reports that some restaurants and landlords discriminate against Blacks, refusing to let them book tables or rent houses. The prejudice has become so blatant that one resident has gone onto Facebook to post a list of non-discriminatory restaurants, so that Blacks know where to take their business.

In several notorious cases in comfortable middle-class suburbs, Blacks were violently attacked by white residents who falsely accused them of being prostitutes or criminals. At least 16 such cases of racial violence have occurred recently in the Western Cape alone, according to one local court.

For their part, some whites see themselves as the victims of racial discrimination, because of South Africa’s policies of affirmative action and Black economic empowerment. Some claim they are victims of a “white genocide” because of the large number of murders of white farmers—although studies have found that the murders are mostly motivated by robbery, rather than racial hatred.

Some whites have even tried to rewrite history. One of the country’s most famous Afrikaner singers, Steve Hofmeyr, triggered a storm of outrage recently when he tweeted that “blacks were the architects of apartheid.”

La Grange stepped into this minefield last Saturday when she tweeted her anger at President Jacob Zuma, who had given a speech in which he said “all the trouble began” in 1652 when Jan van Riebeeck arrived with the first Dutch settlers and founded the settlement that became Cape Town.

La Grange temporarily changed her Twitter handle to “Zelda van Riebeeck” and accused Zuma of having a “constant go at whites.” She said the tax money of white taxpayers was “good enough” to finance Zuma’s palatial village residence at Nkandla, yet he still “brutalized” whites.

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101 thoughts on “20 Years After Apartheid Ended, Blacks in South Africa Still Facing Appalling Racism

  1. Fentriss O. Moore says:

    As Dr. John Henrike Clark said, no matter where we are in the world "the African has no friends."

  2. Red Dipper says:

    Time to kick these AfriKKKans out once and for all.

  3. Deven Brown says:

    Kick them all out.

  4. sho you right they are dutch.

  5. Olu Hamilton says:

    It's all BS, MAN! They will never TRULY accede power.

  6. The Beauty of that being their OWN COUNTRY.. they CAN KILL the INVADERS

  7. The truth is that I is visaversa. The blacks in South Africa is the biggest racists that you can get, NOT the Whites. The Whites is more than willing to adopt and move on, were the blacks just want to kill and be racist. Good example is zuma himself.

  8. Excuse me? Which whites are trying to move on? Last time I checked most black south Africans were victims of the whites brutality. Maybe some blacks may feel the need to the so called reverse racism but you have to understand they went through hell and that's just 20 Years ago..I don't condone it, I wish the world would be peaceful but unfortunately some wounds on some people are still itchy and we can't tell them up to react. BTW yes whites in Sa still discriminate blacks.

  9. Excuse me? Which whites are trying to move on? Last time I checked most black south Africans were victims of the whites brutality. Maybe some blacks may feel the need to the so called reverse racism but you have to understand they went through hell and that's just 20 Years ago..I don't condone it, I wish the world would be peaceful but unfortunately some wounds on some people are still itchy and we can't tell them up to react. BTW yes whites in Sa still discriminate blacks.

  10. Shelley Fain says:

    I am utterly appalled by the nerve if the invaders who feel they have the right to be in rulership of the country.

  11. Andrew Davis says:

    @Adrian.Arendse This is the same blind eye of a lie whites use here in the states. This fishing expedition racist use to justify, or rekindle their long history of hating people is old and tiresome. You what trust after years of murder, rape and inhuman treatment, but can't understand the hate your kind has oppressed upon others whom have had too endure generations of no education freedom or anything resembling a quality of life, "so now due too all your kind has done in these basic areas of a existence you blame the oppressed, your actions created." The biggest lie ever told by the deaf blind and ignorant aka racist.

  12. Clarissa Doll says:

    Smh they cant even be free in their own country! How are whites going to tell them where they can and can't go in their own country ..craziness

  13. Clarissa Doll says:

    Smh they cant even be free in their own country! How are whites going to tell them where they can and can't go in their own country ..craziness

  14. Not surpised. Everywhere the white man goes he destroys and creates segregation, but we the savages and biggest racists. Smh!

  15. Walter Stokes says:

    You are really a delusional asswipe, ya know that!?

  16. Walter Stokes says:

    My thing is this if you hate blacks that much and want to separate yourself from them, then why you there in the first damn place anyway? Go back to europe where most the people there who looks just like you….

  17. Nica La says:

    Well it's an African country. The whites at least have a homeland to return to if they don't like it.

  18. Nica La says:

    Well it's an African country. The whites at least have a homeland to return to if they don't like it.

  19. "One Settler One Bullet." PAC.

  20. Most white people are spoilt brats, not all just most…im mostly talking about the ones with money and power, the ones in the mainstream, the ones bloodlines trace back to the same JAN VAN RIEBEERK they keep defending…these people are war mongers, they can never live in peace with other…Its ok though it ok, things are changing , the world is shifting and who ever is stuck in their old ways will suffer the consequences…THE FIRST WILL BE LAST…GOD SPEED.

  21. Blacks should have took the country back and removed all whites.

  22. Walter Stokes says:

    You are so damn correct about that my friend

  23. Tooi de Vry says:

    It is Joseph Goebbels (Hitlers propaganda minister) that said: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it" What you must realize about this story(as with many other) is that it was written by someone with bias and a racial agenda. What I am saying is that it it not factual and in fact most of the story is a downright lie. One person said whites are invaders….another said that the invaders should be killed and you mentioned that whites have a homeland to go to……Now my question is why does everyone look at whites in South Africa as invaders? ….and where should they "go" to? Any one with even the basic knowledge of this countries history will know better but why is this persistent lie of white invaders so dominant? Whites arrived in 1652 and have build South Africa into the biggest economy in Africa…… first encounter with blacks was 140 years after they arrived there, up to then they only met Bushmen and Hottentot as they were the only inhabitants in the southern region. Is there racism in South Africa? Of course and it knows no color……all races can be racist sadly. Whites belong in South Africa as much as you belong in the USA. Whites in a referendum voted by nearly seventy percent to abolish apartheid (a system that lasted 42 years and not longer as some claim) …..Now my question is if they were such racists why did they voluntary abolish the system of apartheid (meaning separate development )????? Today a city like Cape Town which is mentioned in this story is occupied predominantly by Xhosa but sixty years ago there were hardly any Xhosa in Cape town. Can we call them invaders? It might be hard for anyone on this page to understand what I am trying to say and I will get racial slurs but fact is you have fallen for Joseph Goebbels trickery as most white people in South Africa have worked hard for generations, are God fearing and have been demonized unfairly by most. Why are the killings (55 per day) and rape (every 30 seconds a women or child) ignored and some story about a restaurant being racist found to be more important? Why is the constant killings of black foreigners ignored by readers of this page? So many why's and I wonder if you all know the answer……..No probably not and that is sad…..racism is bad especially if fueled by ignorance.

  24. Tooi de Vry says:

    Uneni Motlhanka Most black South Africans were victims of white brutality.????No they went through a system of racial segregation ….a system of separate development but please explain what brutality you are talking about. Today every year up to 20 000 people are being murdered and 525 000 women and children are raped every year…….and in nearly all cases blacks are doing this to blacks……who is causing the suffering and why are you not doing something about it? Shall we talk about the suffering of people that get mugged and robbed ? Shall we talk about whites that are tortured, raped and then killed? Or is that not considered suffering or do they deserve it? There are so many stories but this one in particular moved me.

  25. They blacks need to attack and kill all those sons of bitches.

  26. They blacks need to attack and kill all those sons of bitches.

  27. Tooi de Vry well if you keep pushing you will get a reaction…its just the way the universe works…You have the land, we have poverty…what do you think is going to happen…think about that.

  28. Tooi de Vry and those uneducated black people that keep slaughtering farmers and foregners are the product of your oppressive system. Now I will never condone killings of innocent people, but you can't sit there and act as if your hands are clean, this is caused by decades of oppression, its only now that the results are showing…what do you think was going to happen, like really now…what did you expect to come out of your BANTU system, BILL GATES…cumon boet be smart and think for a change….even now you're not willing to sit down and share the economy, you always want people of colour to beg you for everything like we ow you something, we don't ow you anything, we need to reclaim the land…THE KOI SANDS | THE BANTU people… who is the real foreigner here, lets be real.

  29. Tooi de Vry this applies to every black man, how white people perceive us to be…and you can''t deny it coz I've withnessed and experienced it myself, from racist white people.

  30. Who the fuck do you think you are? An American calling for Africans to kill Africans while you sit in your nice little suburb? Go fuck yourself you fat fuck.

  31. Banzi Sithole I will say I agree with you, this was brought on by the oppression and is definitely the result of it… and it will take many many more years for it actually reach its high point before things start to settle… But you must also realize that the people born within the 20 years since then have very little racial tendencies… I for one have many many black friends and colleagues… and also when JVB arrived here, it was only the Koi-San, the Bantu people had not arrived yet… and also remember Shaka Zulu conquered this land as well… Should all Zulu people go back to where they came from? I don't think its fair to be born in a country and then not been welcome because of your skin colour…

  32. Jarryd Faivelowitz the problem is not going back to where you came from, the problem is the lack of willingness to work with the people you inhabit the same space with, and white people have a huge problem with that, well most of them…I am glad that you get along with every ethnic group, I also have different race group of friends my main concern is the superior atitude the white people tend to have towards the people of colour that's my main concern…Why cant we all work as a unit instead of one group always pushing the other to the point of reaction and then when other groups react its the black or coloured person that gets blamed, and the picture that is painted in mainstream media is that of barbarians and non-human, how do you think that makes us feel, and what makes us deserve all that hate, when white people came to AFRICA to settle they were welcomed without any conflict or wars, but look at what they did to the land , not just AFRICA but everywhere in the world, why do you keep destroying.

  33. Tooi de Vry says:

    Banzi Sithole No Mr Sithole, you say that whites have a problem and a lack of willingness to work with other races but that simply is not true. You claim that whites tend to feel superior to blacks…….but that is what you are doing now. You say " when white people came to AFRICA to settle they were welcomed without any conflict or wars, but look at what they did to the land "…..where do you get this from? It is obvious that you do not know the history of our country. When whites arrived in 1652 the only inhabitants in the region below the Fishriver were Hottentot and Bushmen (The Bushmen because they disrespected other peoples property was nearly wiped out by what was called the Bantu at the time) It took nearly 140 years before whites ran into black tribes. Black tribes raped, killed and burned whites property and that was as far as back as 1815 and you claim that whites were welcomed. In the western cape today there are a huge population of Xhosa people……but they are not indigenous to the Western Cape. They are in fact from the east coast, Ciskei and Transkei which they inhabited after the Zulus drove them there from further north. Can we call the Xhosa in the Western Cape invaders because they are not the original inhabitants? Problem is that people do not know the real history of the country and whatever Malema claims is fiction…a lie. Let me tell you what whites did in South Africa which today you take for granted. They build the country into the biggest economy in Africa, the best hospitals and schools, Best roads and highways…..If they did not do it then SA would have been just another African country with a dysfunctional government and extreme poverty. The past 27 years the population has grown by 22 million and that has added to the problems SA faces today (Food shortages in the Eastern Cape and power shortage countrywide) which will only get worse because of Zuma's bad government. Next time you get into your car and you go to the shopping mall on the highway or you go for an operation at the hospital remember that these things were brought here by whites and all races benefit from it. You take away whatever good whites did by denying that they did any good and you wonder why some whites are distrustful. Correct me if I am wrong but you are a Zulu? You do realize that there are 11 official languages and as many ethnic groups…. South Africa's diversity is sometimes the biggest problem. Tell me honestly what you think of the Zimbabweans? What do you think of the killings in Soweto of foreigners (which the government claims is not Xenophobia) and them being discriminated against. The problems in SA is big and you cannot single out whites for this. The story above is about a yuppie black family that was allegedly discriminated against….. but I ask you what this family is doing for the 25 percent of South Africans that go to bed hungry every night….nothing because they are enriching themselves and could not care less about anyone else but they are complaining about racism. Be proud of being black and do not let yourself be dragged down by being judgmental, biased and in general be what you assume others are. If you smile you will most probably get a smile back….but if you throw a stone……

  34. Tooi de Vry says:

    Banzi Sithole You claim that whites have the land…..but you must remember that what is now South Africa includes the so called homelands. That is 41 percent of the country that did not belong in the old SA. In other words that is land that was governed by blacks. Do you know how much land in SA is state owned? To date all farms that were given to blacks have failed and that is rather sad. What it shows is that owning land does not make you a farmer and SA now for the first time has to import food. Farming in SA is very difficult and here is the biggest problem…..only 9.8 percent of the land is arable land…..only 9.8 % and as you know water is a big problem and most of the country is semi desert. You can own land in the Northern Cape but it takes a lot of knowledge and skills to farm in a desert. You claim you have experienced racism…..let me enlighten you about discrimination and prejudice….I have experienced it too……from British, Dutch and black people. All people experience it, it is not a thing only blacks experience. No it is one of those human traits or flaws that we all have, even you. Discrimination is not nice, it is hurtful and demeaning but too claim that it is only blacks that suffer from it is claiming that whites are cruel and without any empathy and that is nonsense. Whites by the way are also very diverse and a Frenchman is not a German, just as a Xhosa is not a Zulu so to say whites are discriminating is narrow minded and discriminating.

  35. Tooi de Vry says:

    Banzi Sithole watch this please and read the following very carefully…….. if you read this you can understand why SA is struggling…….

  36. Tooi de Vry says:

    Banzi Sithole If you look at the comments below one man says"they blacks need to attack and kill all those sons of bitches" the other one says "one settler one bullet" PAC What do you call this call for violence? Whites are demonized because blacks see themselves as victims of whites but that is something blacks tell themselves. Because you believe this you think that you have the right to be judgmental and victimize whites. Truth is there is no difference, if you discriminate you are as guilty as the ones you claim are discriminating. Blacks are being discriminated against….by whites, blacks, Indians….whites are being discriminated against, homos are being discriminated against, ugly people are being discriminated against…….it is not a thing that only blacks experience…….I hope you watch and read the previous post.

  37. You throw numbers and stats around like that's the facts, have you really been to the ground level or are you locked up in your mansion somewhere in suburbia with TRELLIDOOR acting like victims, like the rest of your people that are not willing to work with other ethnic groups? if you really want to see the reality or the extent in which your APARTHEID SYSTEM destroyed the communities of "non-whites" just go to any informal settlement anywhere in South Africa and you will see, especially the white dominated CITY of CAPETOWN , but we both know you don't want to get your hands dirty right…and how you expect 20 years of "DEMOCRASY" to resolve hundreds of years of white man destruction, how is that even possible, and for your info politics don't run a nation ECONOMICS do, and who's running that , white people…
    You mentioned many stats and even left links to back your false statements well I have links of my own that will debunk your false and misguided info, firstly, the BANTU people came to South Africa from the North thousands of years ago and they lived in harmony with the KHOISAND who, as I had already mentioned, are the first to set foot on this land…

    Secondly you say that black farmers are failing to farm which again is false, you obviously are pushing some sort of agenda with this. Its funny you'd say that black people can't farm, makes me wonder how you figure we survived and thrived hundreds if not thousands of years before you came to South Africa and stole…

    As for the Zim question you posed, if you know anything about politics you'd know that there's something called SANCTIONS, which are imposed by foreign policy makers to oppress nations that refuse to hand over natural resources…that is what , for the most part, destroyed ZIM, people of ZIM had every right to fight for that land, the white people refused to listen, so what do you think was going to happen, you think the people were just going to fold their hands and let the land be taken away…you obviously living in fantasy land…if an AFRICAN nation had to forcefully invade BRITAIN and take the land, do you think the BRITISH would allow that to happen…

    I know what your people did down here and many of the "non-whites" know this information too so you can't trick us with your false information…the truth is out there and people are starting to wake up…

  38. Tooi de Vry those comments should tell you that people are fed up with your(spoilt white people) BS, twisting the facts and acting like the victims when you never went through any oppression, any slavery or any discrimination…instead of doing the right thing, you continue to aggravate the people…these are signs that you should change your ways… if the people are not happy they will react I already told you that…carry on pushing peoples buttons and you will see what I'm talking about…its that arrogance that got you in this mess in the first place.

  39. Tooi de Vry says:

    Banzi Sithole Mansions? No Mr Sithole we do not all live in mansions… are misinformed by choice and that is even sadder. Of course figures are important. As I have said the population in SA has increased by 22 million in 27 years. Up to 70 % of black kids grow up without a father at home which means that these kids do not grow up in a stable environment. This is a bigger problem in SA than anything you can blame on anyone else. You yourselves are causing the most hardship. I often wondered when I visited friends in Soweto why it was so dirty. Rubbish everywhere and no one bothers to clean up. I asked my friends and they said that if they tidied up and had a nice garden it would only invite robbers……that may be so but still I wonder…….I do not read the daily Maverick by the way, it is utter nonsense. You as with so many people see themselves as a victim. A victim of the white man and instead of doing something for yourselves like cleaning your township to start with you wallow in the victim hood. You thrive in it, you live it everyday and cannot breath without it. You are a disadvantaged victim and therefore have the right to be racist and prejudiced towards the whites. The fact that since 1994, 67 000 whites have been killed does not matter to you….because you are the poor disadvantaged caused by the white man. That you do not know the history of the country does not matter because you are the victim……….this is Africa and Africa for Africans…..yes Mr Sithole you are a racist and less of a victim than you would like to be, you are in fact the predator which prowls and seek to destroy. What you are is a victim of yourself, a victim of the sangoma, a victim of tribalism, a victim of a government that has defrauded the country of 700 billion rand the past 20 years, a victim of a government and a huge black middle class that has enriched themselves and do not even bother to throw any scraps at the people which are living in dire poverty. A victim of a Communist party that has so far achieved nothing but bought billions in unnecessary weapons simply because they got kickbacks and got rich in the process…….the roads are full of dongas, the housing shortage does not get better (because of corruption) and water and electricity is failing……the hospitals in some places (especially Natal and the Eastern province) are appalling….. yes you are a victim. (I am done discussing anything with you as it serves no purpose other than to hear how dreadful and bad I as a white man is but as a Christian I do believe that one day the truth will prevail Go well.)

  40. Tooi de Vry Of course you're done, the truth does unfortunately hurt and that's where the healing starts…Everyone has to admit to faults before anything can change, I never played the victim role, never, all I did was lay out the facts about South African history, and history in general, that you so conveniently twisted and sugar-coated to serve whatever agenda you are pushing.This was about white people oppressing people of colour, where do you see black people doing the same thing to white people, please if you find it in yourself to reply again, explain that to me, ANYWHERE in the world, anywhere at all, where do you find people of colour invading white nations and stealing their resources, if you can do that for me then I will gracefully bow out of this debate. You see white people in RSA, especially Cape Town, in 2015 showing racist tendencies, I mean I had to see another racist on the news last night who spat on an old black woman and called her all sorts of derogatory terms, is that all imaginary did I just make that up, you also see the unjust killings of black Americans in the "land of the free" USA by white COPS on a daily am I making that up, your so called paradise AUSTRALIA is riddled with racism and that to is not your place of origin, everywhere you go there's destruction. The problem with you is that you allow your ego to dictate how you react, I can only feel sorry for you coz you have no idea what it is to be true to yourself, you only follow what your fathers have taught you, you can't make up your own mind about the truth which is staring you in the face…and by the way I am a qualified Freelancer in the field of Graphic Web Design and am loving it, no victim there, the victim angle you're taking is really lame to be honest with you…another question I will pose to you, how many times have you visited SOWETO and really chilled with the people there, I mean you mention the filth about the place which tells me that you're already fixated on the negative aspects of the place, did you even talk to the people there, do you know what they dream about or what makes them tick, have you sat down with any of the people there and had a real connection, you see what you have already mentioned only confirms my last post to be true, you are locked up somewhere in the suburbs behind your high walls and you couldn't give a damn about the people in that place, and the craziest part is that its not only black people that you will find there, coloured people, indian people and now even white people are there coz poverty does not choose according to race, its the system that determines whether the people prosper or suffer, and as I already mentioned again the system is not in GOVERNMENT but in ECONOMICS, the corporations run the system not politicians, politicians are mere employees that take orders from lobbyists groups who are white…I make my living with the gift GOD gave me, art, and I don't need to oppress or discriminate against anyone to get ahead, but I will not stand around and say/do nothing whilst people spread lies and deceit about my people so they look better to everyone else and act all superior. If you wan't things to change for the better you must divorce the EGO…your ego is blinding you from the truth, and I truly don't blame you this is something systemic that we're all conditioned to act/behave a certain way, I myself am working on that but the difference between me and you is that I am aware of my condition and I am trying to change that and find my spiritual path in this life, but when ther's people that keep denying the truth and keep spreading lies its very hard to do that very hard…

  41. responsibility just like those in all the countries where governments have overspent. We want everything but when it goes wrong we blame someone else.
    My hope is that there will be compromise because you are right, if the Greeks wins completely, it will embolden other debtor nations to ask for the same terms. The question is, if this happened, who would pay. Should the German taxpayer take all the blame and burden of bailing everyone out. The question ultimately is whether these governments have learnt anything. Will capitalism change, not much evidence of a consensus on this at the moment
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  42. responsibility just like those in all the countries where governments have overspent. We want everything but when it goes wrong we blame someone else.
    My hope is that there will be compromise because you are right, if the Greeks wins completely, it will embolden other debtor nations to ask for the same terms. The question is, if this happened, who would pay. Should the German taxpayer take all the blame and burden of bailing everyone out. The question ultimately is whether these governments have learnt anything. Will capitalism change, not much evidence of a consensus on this at the moment
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  43. Nica La says:

    Too DE Vry

    I'm familiar with the history of South Africa and quite frankly I'd like to see some documentation that Dutch settlers and those from the Netherlands only ran into Natives 140yrs after settling?! That's innacurate. And there's plenty of historical records that do show the areas that were inhabited had tribes on the land. And yes whites are looked at as invaders. It's no different how Native Americans look at whites in America. You don't go into another person's house and then try to tell that person what to do! And to say you don't have an ancestral home to go back to we'll let's see you're people voluntarily went to South Africa. So it's a safe bet you're able to accurately trace the origins of your family. You don't have reason African Americans have so no sympathy here. Well my people have every right to be in a country we were forced to build. Your people chose to take over another land and caused much suffering to the native populace. Apartheid like slavery is ery hard to get. Regardless of whether how you may feel about how whites came to the country, we can agree to disagree on that, but the I'll will and horrendous treatment of blacks well that speaks volumes

  44. Tooi de Vry if I had my way white would have 72 hours to get the hell out of the country or die.

  45. Tooi de Vry if I had my way white would have 72 hours to get the hell out of the country or die.

  46. see how quick white people are willing to bite the hand that feeds them? what was this white girl doing in the position as assistant to mandela? did any SA white presidents or high ranking white politician have a Black person as their assistant? I can answer that, No, hell no. so, why did mandela have this white girl in such a high position within his government? also, SA needs to stop touting itself as the largest economy in africa. Nigeria is the biggest economy in africa at this time in history. I am so sick of white people. pure troublemakers, worldwide but we have hope because they are a minority in this world. yes, believe it or not, their numbers are less than ours and they are in negative birth to death ratio. if we understand this and play our cards right, humanity may have a chance at peace.

  47. see how quick white people are willing to bite the hand that feeds them? what was this white girl doing in the position as assistant to mandela? did any SA white presidents or high ranking white politician have a Black person as their assistant? I can answer that, No, hell no. so, why did mandela have this white girl in such a high position within his government? also, SA needs to stop touting itself as the largest economy in africa. Nigeria is the biggest economy in africa at this time in history. I am so sick of white people. pure troublemakers, worldwide but we have hope because they are a minority in this world. yes, believe it or not, their numbers are less than ours and they are in negative birth to death ratio. if we understand this and play our cards right, humanity may have a chance at peace.

  48. Tooi de Vry you can rewrite the history as much as you want. you are arrogant to say nobody lived there so you were entitled to settle there. you come from europe. this is your home and the place you come from. you are not native to africa. you are aggressive neaderthals who use brute force to take for yourselves what you need to make you rich and strong. now is the time of accountability. SA is only the tip of the iceberg to begin tearing down white supremacy and domination. We are sick of you.

  49. I mean damn, they got all the gold and all the land, why are they soo greedy?

  50. Tooi de Vry says:

    Nica La You claim to be familiar with the history of SA but all you are doing is parroting propaganda that the marxist ANC has been telling the world.Common currency has it that whites ‘stole’ land from indigenous blacks. In reality, “whites who came to South Africa in 1652 and thereafter found a land devoid of basic development and infrastructure, sparsely populated by meandering tribes who had no written word and whose way of life was the absolute antithesis of Western mores. It is now acknowledged that the Khoi-San groups, and their sub-groups, are the indigenous peoples of South Africa. Not the Zulus, not the Xhosa. Whites and black African groups arrived in various parts of the country around the same time. They met at the Fish River in the Eastern Cape, and wars followed. These are all historical facts and was written down at the time but for some reason it is not accepted today. Yes apartheid was wrong but fact is it lasted for 42 years and slavery in South Africa before 1836 was minimal. In fact very few blacks were used as slaves and people from Malaysia was brought in to do the work.( Why do you think they imported Malaysians in the Cape? in answer to your question ) In Natal the British imported people from India to work on the farms and today South Africa has the biggest Indian population outside India. (these were not slaves) Take a climate map of South Africa and what you will notice is that most of the country is either desert or semi desert. On the east coast you will find the best and most fertile land which is occupied by the Xhosa in the south and the Zulu further north. During apartheid the Xhosa was self governing in the Transkei and Ciskei. The desert and semi desert areas were occupied by small groups of bushmen which in fact fled the eastern coastal regions as they were being killed off by other black tribes which arrived later. They fled there after Shaka expanded his empire. The Xhosa used bushmen as slaves. The clicking sound in the Xhosa language comes from the Bushman. So in fact the Bushman is the only indigenous people of SA. You claim to know some of the history of the country but sadly what you know is not the whole truth and mostly taken out of context.. When history was written in South Africa it was written down just as it happened. There was no political agenda or propaganda but because a white man wrote it (blacks could not write) it is wrong….do I detect some racism here? Apartheid as bad as it was, was a system of racial segregation but that did not mean that blacks were deprived of schooling or hospitals for instance. The British ruled SA up to 1948 and at that time there were 35 000 black children in school, the budget for black schooling was R2.400 000. By 1963 under apartheid there were 1.700 000 black kids in school with a budget of R25 000 000. I am not telling you this because I am a supporter of Apartheid (which means separate development). As a Christian I do believe that when something is wrong it is wrong and that goes for the lies told about SA. At the height of Apartheid in 1978 Soweto had 115 football fields, 3 Rugby fields, 4 athletic tracks, 11 Cricket fields, 2 Golf courses, 47 Tennis courts, 7 swimming pools built to Olympic standards, 5 Bowling alleys, 81 Netball fields, 39 children play parks, and countless civic halls, movie houses and clubhouses.In addition to this, Soweto had 300 churches, 365 schools, 2 Technical Colleges, 8 clinics, 63 child day care centers, 11 Post Offices, and its own fruit and vegetable market. The biggest hospital in the world, Baragwanath with 3200 beds and at its peak almost 8000 staff had 23 operation theatres fitted out with the most modern medical equipment that existed in the world.
    Blacks were treated here, operated on…at full state costs to the white-taxpayers for unlimited periods. The budget of this hospital was and is higher than the yearly budget of most small member states of the United Nations.
    Next door to Baragwanath is the St. John’s Eye Clinic. The clinic is world famous for the treatment of Glaucoma, Cataracts, traumatic eye injuries and rare tropical diseases. All built and maintained by white taxpayer’s money for blacks.
    Baragwanath in 1978 employed 450 medical doctors in full-time service. It treated 112 000 in-patients and 1.62 million out-patients per year. The children and infant death rate with 34.8 per 1000 was lower than Harlem in New York.
    In 1982 alone, this hospital performed 898 heart operations of world quality.Ironically…90% of the blood donors for this hospital were whites, who donated blood free of charge, totally voluntarily…to save black lives. Apartheid was wrong but so is the unfair demonizing of whites in SA. In the last 100 years the black population has increased by 920 percent making poverty a big concern. As I said the country is mostly desert or semi desert with only 9 percent arable land which in fact cannot support such a big population. I do find that nearly all comments on this page is based on white hate and I was wondering how this makes these people better than the ones they judge. I wish more people would think outside the box, not liberal left or far right but at both sides but that seems impossible to most people and that is sad as the truth mostly lies between and not in prejudice and hate. The Goebbels of the world are the rulers.

  51. Tooi de Vry says:

    Farntella Graham You do realize that you are as racist as that race baiter Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson? Please explain what you mean by slaughtered them.

  52. When Mandela did the deal he did not take into account the simple equation "POLITICAL POWER minus ECONOMIC POWER = PUPPET ON A STRING".

  53. Nica La says:

    Too DE Vry you really believe in that nonsense don't you? South Africa and the land you settled on uninhabited? I guess that the excuse you use to validate your claims to be there. What I will say is this history is always written in the perspective of the victors. So especially in your case even when it's inaccurate helps your country men sleep better. Also you trying to justify your claims with the history of the Zulu paticulaely Shaka is not only fallacious on itself but an inaccurate equivalency. That's like me comparing the 3 germania tribes of Ancient Britain against the Welsh when it was the Romans and Vikings that had a hideous and long lasting impact on the tribes. INEXCUSABLE!

    And your lies saying slavery in South Africa was minimal and only after 1836 is a true distortion of history! According to one of many articles I found slavery lasted d Ron 1658 til the end of the 18th century!

    That's just one of the many links I found that refute your claims of an "empty land."
    The 2 links alone refute your claims. Do not comparisons about America be a use yiu really seem as clueless about my country's blood soaked passed as much as your own.

  54. Tooi de Vry says:

    You have obviously made up your mind that we are these evil people and are unable to put history into perspective. You say that history is written by the victors and that is important when reading these articles. White South Africans are not the victors you know. I have been an avid collector of old history books and are often surprised by the discrepancies when looking at new articles but it is noticeable that these are mostly written by British whites. If you knew our countries history you will know what the consequences of that are. It is obvious that the victim mentality you have has had a big influence on your thinking so it is not worth debating this matter anymore. I do feel sorry for you though. You have this vision of Africa, a paradise but my dear you would not survive here. I am white, my family has been here for generations and I am therefore an African. You on the other hand are American….not Afro American but American. Your skin colour is not important unless you make an issue of it. Do not lecture me on my countries history by posting links from leftist socialists. As far as Shaka is concerned he was an exceptional man. Today under the ANC government people are suffering and will continue to suffer as the elite are enriching themselves and the government is corrupt. The original article written about a women that was so called refused entry into the restaurant was one of these new elite yup types. She is the new rich class that has done nothing to help the poor and for that I have little respect. By the way today all organisations in South Africa that are helping the poor and downtrodden are run by whites and has always been even during apartheid. Americans seems to think that they know it all and it is for this very reason that the world is in such a state because you imagine the whole world to be similar to America and therefore when you interfere you look at things with with American glasses which clouds your judgement.

  55. Tooi de Vry says:

    Kill the invaders?

  56. Tooi de Vry says:

    Pete Peterson Well whites have been in this country since 1652 and have build it into the biggest economy in Africa. They did not come here, took things and left, no they settled here and prospered. When whites arrived people walked around in animal skins and lived in mud huts. They were nomadic and never build anything worthwhile. They were constantly on the move as grazing land did not last and another reason for their nomadic lifestyle was the constant tribal wars. Whites came and build roads, hospitals, towns and cities of which all prospered. Whites in South Africa are Africans….like it or not it is not about colour…..they have been here for more than 360 years and all people like you see is race and colour? That is racism at it's worse. The ANC government has seen it fit to discriminate against whites and deny them work with systems like Black Empowerment polices. The result has been that country is slowly crumbling because people get appointed in these jobs that cannot do them…they get appointed because of their skin colour. The electricity system is failing, water supply purification is getting so bad in some areas that only brown water runs out the taps…..municipalities are in disarray and bancrupt and the postal services are dysfunctional…..all because they decided to look at race and not who is better for the job. To get the hell out or die…..that mentality defines you and shows who you are.

  57. Nica La says:

    Too DE Vry,

    This is where you make the mistake of many whites and yes some Africans. My cultural heritage is American but my genetic heritage is African. Also technically I'm an African American with genetically/culturally close ties to Africa since I'm 2nd generation born through my mother's that's Wthiopian. Yet slavery is apparent on my mother's side and father's side of the family. So please don't make assumptions because Americans with our DNA are wild cards your assumptions put you as my mother likes to say ass backwards. Which in your case is African. I have personally made it my business to know about the African continent and it's countries including South Africa. You're also making horrendous assumptions on my views which you have no clue to. Africa in many aspects is no paradise. EACH country has its individual beauty and successes yet all to some extent have their own problems. That's no different from any country presently around.

    Oh and before I lapse further in to the conversation, you have definitely outdone yourself with yourself with the arrogance and audacity that MANY racists white people in your supposition in trying to decide my label or the label of any black person for them! If I decide to or if any black person de ides to call themselves an African Britain, African American black Britain, black American, or whatever country they reside in it is their prerogative to do so. No white person, I don't care if you live in an African country or not, has no business period ever to even try to force any label not of my desire on me period. Many blacks world wide may not be able to call themselves culturally it has been well established by the scientific community that even after generations removed the DNA of most blacks is still over half or predominantly of African ancestry. I and and many black Americans like me are both! You on the hand, I've spoken to many black Africans in other countries on the continent including South Afeicans, and from what I was informed of is that you're not really considered African either. Which was actually a uprising to me. I've heard many of them express that regardless if whites have been there for generations you're not considered apart of the continent by blood or deed. In fact from what I've been told you're still seen as invaders and many feel you know nothing of the native cultures and people. This is not my assumption this is what I've been informed of.

    Secondly you live there but many Africans don't see yiu as a member of their country. Don't like it of me posting links of SA well then don't post right wing elitist junk. And by the way I have other bipartisan research that proves your ancestors didn't just happen upon empty land but it would be redundant and a waste on you.

    Mo Americans don't know everything I will never make the assumption that I do cause I don't but you know what? Prejudiced, racist, bigoted white people (not all white people mind you) think they know it all and that they can tell people of color what we're supposed to think and who we are and just take that as the gospel truth. (If you don't know what I'm referring to its that nonsense yiu just pulled trying to tell me who I am and the supposed history of your adopted homeland) No I don't see all white South Afrikans as evil and just as horrible individuals that have just destroyed everything I've never said that. Hover I have had the pleasure of talking to a few especially on the history of your adopted country. And even though we didn't agree or see eye to eye on everything we had a conversation and listened to the other's point of view. Not try to tell the other person what they think. And there are MANY white South Afrikans that do acknowledge that the land you currently reside that you claim your ancestors just "found" was tribal land long before your ancestors existed.

    And do you know what's irritating about this entire conversation? You knew from the onset you didn't want to hear another point of view that contradicted your own. Talking about racism and race relations is a sensitive subject for all parties but for prejudice white a conversation is null and void because you get insulted, defensive, and offended. This means you try to preach to me or lash or out. You did a combination of both. With black people in America or SA this snt about a "victim mentality. " It's about acknowledging past wrongs and taking REAL steps to fix it. From what I can see neither American whites or those in SA are sincere enough to do it!

  58. Yes. Kill the invaders. If they don't want to leave, and they obviously can't behave, the can surely die

  59. Tooi de Vry says:

    Damiain Arnold Rather racist but shame you do not know?

  60. Nica La says:

    Too DE Vry I do apologize if I come off hostile and a bit emotional. It's a very sensitive subject to both of us and I'm not trying to hold you responsible for the current social and political climate in your country. All citizens to some extent play a role. Not one single individual. We'll agree to disagree but I will look further into the points you mentioned.

  61. Tooi de Vry says:

    Nica, shall I tell you why I responded to your first comment….you said something like we have somewhere to go back to and even though I did not agree with you I found it to be the most decent comment. Let me give you some examples of what others on this page wrote: The Beauty of that being their OWN COUNTRY.. they CAN KILL the INVADERS….Yes. Kill the invaders. If they don't want to leave, and they obviously can't behave, the can surely die…..Kick them all out…..They blacks need to attack and kill all those sons of bitches…….To me that is rather upsetting. There is not a household in South Africa that has not been violated by criminals, black or white and it is getting worse. The police arrest rate is 8 % and conviction rate is even lower. My Dad for instance was beaten up and robbed in town, twice. He was nearly run down by a car and when he went to report it, the police told him"old man go home". A family was robbed, the husband killed, the wife raped, killed and the 12 year old boy drowned in the bath. A 17 year old girl was raped, killed and her hands hacked off…and it goes on and on and is only getting worse. These are just some examples and for people in the US to say awful things is upsetting. Nearly a thousand people died in police custody 2011 to 2012….just imagine this happening in the US. In 1986 the population was 34 million and now it is 55 million and the problem is that even though it is a big country it has less than 8 percent arable land and water is scarce. In some provinces like the eastern cape a quarter of the people go to bed hungry every night. Over 70 percent of kids grow up without a father at home. It is common for a man to have children with different women and not take responsibility or provide for them…..creating more poverty.I might have mentioned that there are on average 55 murders per day and a women gets raped every 30 seconds…..and our government has only succeeded in enriching themselves and blaming whites for the problems they cause. Our President is the third highest paid President in the world and his only claim to fame is that he spend millions of state money on his own house, he was charged with 45 counts of fraud and corruption but it still has not come to trial and will probably not. He was charged with rape (of a friends daughter) and acquitted, the women fled South Africa after death threads and now lives in Europe. I posted 3 links and the first one was actually copied from a South African press bureau (IOL) which is black owned (partly Chinese also) and it is doubtful whether they would print it if not true. The second one is very interesting in that it has history about the "Wild cat people" and how Mantatisi led the Sotho people at the time. Imagine a women leading a tribe….unheard of in those days. Today the Sothos live in Lesotho which is a mountainous area….A turbulent history but then so is world history. There are no angels in world history, we all have done something which will be unacceptable today. I am sorry if I seem agitated at times and my wife says that I am a bit blunt occasionally. I grew up in a liberal household and was taught to respect everyone but if something is wrong it is simply wrong, no grey areas. I am an animal activist and when I was younger I helped less advantaged people. I worked for the Post Transvaal which later became the Sowetan when the Post was banned by the government. (This was during apartheid) These newspapers were newspapers for the black population by black people and we constantly got into trouble but persevered in our quest. I was harassed by the police many times but I sensibly stayed polite and decent. Apartheid (Separate development) officially lasted for 42 years. The first so called petty apartheid laws were abolished by 1974 (I can remember the day and place I was when I heard it till this day) and by the time Mandela got out of jail nearly all apartheid laws were abolished. Nearly 70 percent of whites voted in a referendum to abolish apartheid and I always ask people if they would have done this if they were these evil people. (The so called right wing AWB only accounted for about 4 000 men but they have been shown worldwide as the average white Afrikaner which is not true.)The hopes of a "rainbow " nation has been dashed however. In 20 years the government has "lost" 700 billion….it is just gone and this is whilst people do not have housing, food or electricity. Vindictive racism has never been as bad as it is now and it is rather sad as we had high hopes. It seems that when poverty walks in through the front door that all common sense walks out the back door. Keep well.

  62. Nica La says:

    Too de Vry that sounds very familiar to the stories I've heard about too pertaining to SA. America has its issues with dirty officials that think they're above the law. The police now I think are the worst yet. It took me a second to remember that no country in this entire world is free from the skeletons in their closet. Although we may agree or disagree with some facts I'd like you to know that many blacks do not hold a hatred for whites. We have thoroughly distaste for injustice sin e it has been brought to us too many times in the past and present. I personally think it's wrong to promote the killing of a person as some have done. Although I must admit I didn't take the time to read all the comments. All that does is promote more hatred. I think the world could use a lot less of that. Right now in America the police are the criminals. They're killing minorities outright and getting away with it. It's horrible right now so I can imagine how bad it is for you over there.

    I'm glad yiu could help out during apartheid. I had a professor that had also participated or at least was involved or very aware of 9f the civil rights movement she grew up in.

    I'm hopeful things can get better. But a good thing is this we're able to get out of our emotions and just talk. Imagine how much goog the people of the world could do if we only just talked. Common ground can be found.

  63. Tooi de Vry says:

    Yes I agree with you and talking decently is the only option but we are human with emotions which sometimes get out of hand. Thank you.

  64. It’s planted…in-built obsolescence.
    This is what democracy in Africa means….at least for the time being…from Premier Lumumba to Pres. Mandela

    From the 14th century, Europeans adopted an idea “Terra Nullis” (empty land) which allowed them to give themselves permission to invade other people’s lands and claim the land.
    The “empty” here does not mean uninhabited, but that the people they found there were not human but part of the fauna. Native Australians were equated to kangaroos, Native Americans to bison and Africans to monkeys. So they could, as a final solution, be killed off if possible… but in most cases, they were too many, hence white supremacy devised ways to subjugate them and rearrange the world to suit it.
    Unfortunately for them such a plan is unsustainable and the match of history is unstoppable.
    Someone asks where the Europeans should go.
    Logically they should go back to Europe where, in any case, the population is dropping precipitously and correct a great historical injustice.
    Sooner or later, demographics will force this circumstance so they’d better leave now, while the going is good.
    The figures, oracle if you wish, say:.1 In 2020, Africa – 1.7 b, Asia – 3.0 b, Europeans globally – 1.2 b.2 In 2200, Africa – 3.8 b, Asia – 4.0 b, Europeans globally – 1.1 b.
    Anyone trying to argue against such a situation is whistling into the wind.

  65. Uneni Motlhanka The Blacks should have killed every South African white and took the country and economy back.

  66. we had friends who we failed to adequately protect.

  67. Tooi de Vry and you are just as racist as botha, cecil rhodes and the rest of your racist ancestros.

  68. Tooi de Vry They all deserve to die to the last child.

  69. the war mongers have been that way since they were created.

  70. Way dont u come help theme pleas so kan f#ck u up my self pleas

  71. Nico Theunissen You are a brave one on the computer. I don't turn the other cheek and forgive.

  72. Listen man i am from africa so u can come help theme and
    Tray pleas u have no f#cking idea what is going on
    So pleas stop talking all this c#rap!!!!

  73. Jarryd Faivelowitz where do you think the zulus are from?

  74. ZULU – the tribe of Gad of the House of Israel. RESPECT. You are on the road to victory and recovery. If you are going to chase anybody out, make it the edomite and not your brothers and sisters. Deut 33:20 foretold your accomplishments.

  75. Yes the world IS shifting! shifting to the far right! best people like you find a very deep hole to hide in…………

  76. Morton Christie If I were you, I would go back to europe where you come from.

  77. Nicole Best says:

    Jarryd Faivelowitz Welcome to every African American's experience in America. Yes to be born here, but not welcomed…

  78. Tooi de Vry you wasting your time arguing with these people who think they know it all. Most don't even live in Africa let alone South Africa yet they think they know everything that's going on here! And they can now say what they want in answer to this post…..I already know what all the answers are gonna be….how racist I am because I'm white…..that I don't belong in South Africa even though I was born here……that I should be killed because I'm white etc etc etc…..well let them say what they want….I'm South Africa an belong here by virtue of birth! It's the Europeans who settled here who brought western innovations to this country…..They want us out but they still wanna keep their European cars they driving on the European roads, living in European houses with European water from the tap…..European schools an hospitals an wearing European clothes…..fancy European watches an European technology. Please take note that all that is EUROPEAN none is preceded by African……that's cos nothing was invented by Africans……get the message? Still not…..oh well no use explaining fundamental every day existence to ignorant people wearing blinkers and only wanna see what they want to see en. …..

  79. Where do you get all your information from? if i were you i would ask for a refund on my school fees!

  80. Jeff T Rowed says:

    South Africa is America in 50 years.

  81. Jeff T Rowed says:

    Negroes are never happy. After murdering 70k whites and an appalling failure, with a ready made civilization handed to them, they still cry racism.

  82. Elna Kupke says:

    What are you smoking Kariuki?

  83. Elna Kupke says:



  84. Elna Kupke says:

    He could obviously trust her, does that makes sence?

  85. Elna Kupke the truth, he is smoking the truth which is certainly not in you.

  86. Nico Theunissen it is not rocket science to understand what is going on.

  87. Elna Kupke Salmon. I just happen to know history and can put 2 and 2 together.

  88. Elna Kupke and U worked for it? the whites worked for it? no, you used slave labor, you stole, and murdered for it. U established a system of separation. you never intend full equality with the natives. why don't you go back to europe? send all africans in europe and america and australia home .whites are the cause of all problems for the rest of us on this earth.

  89. liar. nobody killed 70k of you. . I wish that were true.

  90. Farntella Graham They should have killed them all.

  91. nazi germany, south africa and all rougue states learned from america. they all learned from america, first.

  92. Adrian Arendse yeah, but its our "shit house" not yours. white people are still trying to promote the idea that their "civilization" is best for the whole world. well, I am here to tell you that it is not (the best).

  93. Elna Kupke no, it does not make sense. how the hell could he trust white people? does that make sense? why would he trust the whites? what reason did they give for him to trust them? does that make sense?

  94. Goitsy Freeverse Montsho bitches won't stay in europe. why would they after experiencing the sweet taste of some of the most beautiful land mass in the world? they really need to go back to europe, though. all white people need to get out of africa. leave, go home where you belong and we will leave your miserable countries and go home, too.

  95. Tooi de Vry I am not interested in your story. My only concern is to promote revenge for what was done to Black people at the hands of the white race. you have not atoned. that farcile truth and reconcilliation is a joke. sorry? you think sorry is enough to make up for what you did? are you so arrogant and almighty as to think this day would never come for you?

  96. Tooi de Vry God identifyed the shameless people, and guess what? they are not Black people but he told us Black people would be delivered as slaves to a shameless people, guess who? the white race.

  97. White = light. Black = darkness.

  98. Dit is waar, die rede hoekom hulle steenkool disipels genoem word.

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