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24 thoughts on “The Disturbing Way Some Europeans Tried To Insert Themselves Into South Africa’s History Shows The Affinity To Deny Black People’s History

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    Mental Illness..that's it. IT"S FRICKIN AFRICA & you are so mentally ill you cannot bring yourself to acknowledge that black people would HAVE to have been there prior to you? Insanity! Can you imagine black people doing that in Finland? lol…

  2. De'ja Simpson Motley says:

    insane right! How do you go to Africa and argue that you were there first in any space!

  3. Destroying Blacks history and their books.

  4. Chill Real says:

    Whites are not native anywhere the earth. Blacks had already been in Europe, Asia, and America before whites. Blacks have been on the earth 200k years. Whites have only been around about 7K years. Where ever it is said whites originated black had already been there.

  5. Ganel Bryan says:

    What happened to these people is easy to determine. Europeans killed or enslaved blacks. The good thing is, what a man sows, he reaps!

  6. Alim El Bey says:

    this is Stupidity and ingnorance at it highest…and that Dirty Moor , AKA [blackman] sellingn is nation out to the european. ISLAM

  7. Linda Rochon-Bey says:

    Whew! Unbelievable. These people have only been around for 6,000 years. Their history on this planet is short. They need to stop and give credit to the original people.

  8. Dee August says:

    secret's seems 2 B kept by the right people. white people R always claiming & stealing. secret's can not & will not B secret's 4 long bc what is done N the dark will come 2 the light 4 it is just a matter of time & time is 4 ever & ever. know matter how much Ebola R any other chemicals U make R think of U can not & will not kill us all without killing yourselves, don't U know this is the way evil works by now?

  9. Dee August says:

    Jay so far the only bodies the so call smart ones has found & tried 2 keep hidden R black people bodies so, if the white man was here Before the black man what happen 2 theirs remains? & please don't tell me they got up & rose like their white jesus & what do they want with black stuff anyway? oh! they love us so, & rightfully so they should 🙂

  10. Dee August says:

    Alim we have & always will have the sell outs R the 2 type of N****S & that is the field & the house N *****S R the uncle Tom's & the black Sambo & don't get the black sambo mixed up with the uncle Tom's bc just 4 the record the uncle tom was the field negro which was the good one & the black sambo is a lot of what we have 2day, do a little research on Claude Anderson dirty little secrets & he will explain our story of the confusions between the black sambo & the uncle tom Ase!

  11. Dee August says:

    Linda they R not going 2 give us nothing & we don't want them 2 give us anything but, we will take back our heritage & everything else they continue claiming & has stolen from the 1st people. our people will gain unity & take back all they keep denying us of. we R N a real war 4 our lives.

  12. Anyone with half a brain knows that the white claims of arriving same times as African people is bogus.

  13. Tooi de Vry says: You claim that whites killed and enslaved blacks but you are ignoring history. Blacks also killed and enslaved blacks and this practice is still happening today. In fact the biggest slavers were Arabs and blacks. You say what a man sows he reaps but sadly I have still to find anything on this website that is not racist and hateful towards whites. This video on this page is testament to that in that it automatically assumes the whites are lying. In the southern parts of South Africa the Hottentot and Bushmen are the oldest residents and that has never been disputed. It has never been suggested that they are not the oldest inhabitants but what has been disputed was the arrival of the Sotho, Xhosa and Zulu people…..Someone posted a video that was made purely to promote racial hatred and demonize whites unfairly especially in South Africa not knowing or wanting to know the history or that whites in fact also brought good to the region.

  14. Tooi de Vry says:

    I am always stunned and rather sad that people can post videos like this which in fact does not represent the truth…..It is in fact a lie. It has never been disputed that there were no ancient tribes in South Africa like the Bushmen and Hottentot but what has been disputed was the arrival of the Xhosa, Zulu and Sotho in the Southern regions of South Africa below the Fish river. Sad boosting your own image by demonizing other people and only seeing racism whilst in fact you are racism. You demonize and create an image of white people in South Africa being the devil itself which is unfair as it is not true. You look for extreme and exceptional stories and portray it as if it is an everyday happening and normal there which it is not. Shame on you. Shame on you for not looking further than you noses and promoting hatred and racism. Please do not respond with profanity.

  15. Ganel Bryan says:

    Tooi de Vry History is history… Blacks have forever been hated by many of those who enslaved them. Black on black crime has nothing to do with racism, and you know that. I don't hate whites and never will. I dislike the evil that is perpetrated upon humanity, God's masterpiece.

  16. Tooi de Vry says:

    Ganel Bryan It is true what you say in that one should dislike evil perpetrated on humanity and I would like to add by humanity. There is sadly no race or country in this world that have not done something despicable. As a Christian I was taught "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter". (Isaiah5) It is therefore our duty to seek out the truth and refrain from lying. We should never accept a wrong done to attain a good because that good will be tainted and therefore wrong. Have a nice day.

    You are neither BLACK OR WHITE OR BLUE OR GREEN;.
    when you have this as you foundational understanding and knowing, then.
    Whatever PERSONALITY you express, exhibit, demonstrate, and that flows from this understanding and knowledge is your COLOUR;.
    What is the colour of the Wind! There you go. Get understanding, get revelation.
    You are like the wind which though is not seen but its cooling effects are felt.
    That's your real COLOUR, not blue, black, orange or red.
    If every one can get this revelation satan is in big trouble and of course his nephilims.

  18. You know what's really infuriating about this? These people whose history they're hiding is MY people! This is MY history that's being buried and jacked up!
    People of my tribe have adopted the "dominant" languages of the regions we find ourselves in. Many of us grow up with zero connection to ourselves. No-one in my family (and many other families) knows our language or culture. And we're TREATED as people of no real account. Yet when I dig for info I find that we are one of the biggest groups in the region, with a history that may well blow people's minds!

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