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7 of the Worst Stereotypes About Black Fathers


Black Fathers Are Devoid of Parenting Skills

Researchers have found that it is the quality of the father’s relationship with the child’s mother that dictates so many aspects of his interaction with the child. Because too many relationships in the Black community between never-married parents can be tense and troubled, a picture begins to emerge of Black men who don’t have much interaction with their children and don’t know how to parent them. But these pictures often mask the deep love the fathers have for their children and the tender ways they have with them. With job opportunities limited, it often becomes difficult for fathers to meet their child support obligations — making it more likely for him to drift away from the mother and child, deepening her resentment of him and thus harming his parental relationship and parental bonds. But in many cases, becoming a father awakens a commitment in young Black men to become responsible and productive for their children, thus pushing them to turn their lives around.


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