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50 thoughts on “These Fox News Analyst Complaints About Reverse Racism Are The Biggest Displays Of White Privilege and Ignorance You’ll See Today

  1. they are in control so therefore they will play the word game and turn around what ever u say becareful what yousay and whom you say it too say because they will turn itaround on yousay and to whom you say it tooDbe careful what you say and to whom

  2. Douglas Bruce Gooden.
    January 10 at 9:33pm ·.
    Racism is more than prejudice, dislike, or any of the negative feelings that we may harbor towards each other whether justified or not.
    Racism is more than one race hating each other.
    Racism is more than a single bias and/or ongoing thought, (attitude) a single act, but an ongoing behavior established into a GLOBAL SYSTEM in all 10 Major Areas of Human Activity. (Art/Entertainment, Economics, Education, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, War) All constitute a Power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as "white", whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted, simultaneously in all these areas.
    In order to be a RACIST you must have the POWER, the WEALTH and the CONTROL to make your Personal Prejudice into Public Policy. Then have policy Established, Maintained and then Reinforced Worldwide into all 10 Major Areas of Human Activity! (Art/ Entertainment, Economics, Education, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, War) against all other people classified as non-white. (Yellow, Red, Brown and Black).
    In actuality only people classified as "white" have this power, wealth & control. Therefore, the only RACISM in Practice that exist on this planet is White Supremacy. Just as no two things can occupy the same space at the same time…therefore RACISM/=White Supremacy is the current edict. Therefore only "whites" can be a RACIST and only "whites" benefit from this white privilege. There is no Yellow, Red, Brown or Black Supremacy, only in theory, not in existence….therefore RACISM/=White Supremacy. BEING PRO-BLACK DOES NOT MEAN ANTI-WHITE!

  3. Veronica Marcos says:

    Attacking based on their skin colour? White peoples don't have a skin color period!

  4. Allen Thomas says:

    Complete hogwash. Everyone is capable of hate, bias and racism. You're a part of the human race…for all of it's good, bad and other…and to imply differently is a willful act of ignorance and bigotry.

  5. Information is for the intelligent not the stupid that believe ignorance. Hate is different from bias which is different from racism.

  6. Wow, so black people are expected to accept racism, discrimination, and be denied civil privileges without protest. But hey, racist are just like crackheads, they do the drugs, then deny their addicted.. what the fuck, the white people in this interview are clearly racist.

  7. Fox news I am so happy that they dropped you from my satellite network, happy I don't have to see and listen to that racist bigggoted garbage you call news

  8. crackers suck so black dick.

  9. George Kelly says:

    Why you advertise something but don't allow it to play?

  10. Terry Moore says:

    Well, that was mind boggling!

  11. Joan Coulter says:

    White privilege "stuff?" Is he kidding. These three people are clearly deep racists themselves. I've seen and heard their rhetoric before. White people NEVER believe that Black people have the right to stand up for ourselves and call them out as being anti Black.

  12. Gary Burch says:

    Tucker Carlson is a prolapsed asshole.

  13. Fox News will burn in Hell .

  14. Rita Knight says:

    Fox news has been racist sinc i was groing up…… what the hell are you playing the race card with anyone for? oh you cant……

  15. isn't that what they are they are ways haters they're doing the same thing on national TVis that old cliché the pot calling the kettle black and this case white people are saying a black woman is a race hater when they have the power and they're doing the same thing to our president every single day no disrespect but a lot of respect for my president

  16. Terrick Smith says:

    (the majority of) white people in america will never understand what its like to be black [in america] until a race of people remove them from their home and enslave them in a foregin land, treat them as dogs, rape, murder, break up their family and systematically create a system that puts them at the bottom of the barrel. until that day they will continue to live in their perfect little world and continue to claim theyre not racist (or elitest) because they have "a black friend".

  17. I'm so happy I don't look at that ch they are 3 racist she just standing up 4 blacks fuck them all.

  18. Alisha Allen says:

    I agree. I think she was being racist. I understand that there are race issues in America, but blacks are going about it all wrong. White people who are not racist are being attacked on a daily basis also by blacks who claim they are defending their stance. So much confusion and ignorance. I wish more black people try to listen and understand that not all people are out to hurt them. Quit looking for negativity is a start. We never quite healed from slavery so there are alot of mental illness and learned behaviors from the past. It's time to heal black and white America

  19. Cheryl Robinson says:

    I wish they would drop them from mine there can really be so stupid stuff coming from this station!

  20. Rodney Coe says:

    Watch what you watching fox news selling you toxin

  21. Israelites, Romans, and Egyptians all must have been African as well? because Africans didn't in salve roman soldiers and Egyptians on north Africa to work in salt mines in the early 800bc to as late as 1200 ad Egyptians almost destroyed an entire religious people and lastly Romans only kept black slaves? history brah I cant help what my great great grandfather did 60-300 years ago I got no plantation money coming my way yeah it sucks yeah African Americans are treated like shit but instead of turning to the gun and violence get a student loan go to school get a good job and stop playing the stereotype because its easy. I piety people who can not help them self's not those who don't try.

  22. Edrena Harris Brown says:

    Sadly, they will NEVER understand.

  23. Unless you're black and haven't lived in her shoes then shut the F##k up

  24. Donielle Owens says:

    Christopher Eddy You did NOT just say go get a student loan. You are advocating for the biggest form of slavery we have today. Student loans are debt. There is nothing progressive about indebting yourself.

  25. Donielle Owens says:

    Christopher Eddy And why is it that white people always say "don't blame me for what my ancestors did. Who the hell blamed you? We don't even know you. Just because whites blame every black for something one black person does, doesn't mean we do the same thing. Even if he said the majority of white people that doesn't mean you if it doesn't apply to you. Stop taking thhing so personally.

  26. Tina Rftp Franks says:

    fox is an open racist news network……….everyone that works there. Let's Call The Pot Black### Shall We!

  27. Please just stop…just stop!!!

  28. Donielle Owens I work at dollar general making 8.05 an hour part time my wife works part time for circle K making 8.75 we have 3 kids I'm in school and I'm managing to pay rent car insurance and my monthly student loans even if I don't find a job in my field of study ill have my AS paid off 2 years after I graduate. Please feel free to take your own advice? I'm sure Terrick Smith didn't go out of his way to have you come to his defense I get blamed every day I don't understand what African Americans go thru on a daily basis and if I don't bend the knee and sympathize with them I'm stereotyped as a racist shit happens and I'm sorry African Americans get treated badly and if there was anything I could do to change that I would not hesitate to make it happen but blaming "most white people" for not understanding something that happened 40-300 years ago is stupid how could we understand.

    im sure your retort will be witty and meaningful but it was hard enough fishing to find this status again so I will probably not read it.

    Stay beautiful and until next time,
    Christopher Eddy

  29. Terrick Smith says:

    @christopher well egypt is in the continent of africa but i don't see what that has to do with my original post.

  30. Terrick Smith it has to do with the fact that "white people will never understand until it happens to them" news flash white people have been slaved Romans white? almost any and all European clans that ventured to far south became slaved in African salt mines African is home to the worlds oldest civilizations and birth place of slavery so cut the shit about " the only people who understand" are African Americans because they were the last to have it happen to them Algeria morocco Sudan and yes Egypt all took slaves from Europe slavery is over talk about equal rights for race sex and sexual orientation yes the system is broken it don't work as it should but I will not be called out as a white elitist because I don't bend the knee and weep for that one in a thousand hate crime we have a black president black CEO's black congress men black judges black bankers black governors and I respect them I however do not respect the people who are to lazy to try and keep blaming the "broken system" for everything that happens to them its life suck it up butter cup hate the way things are change them don't blame someone else and stop bringing up shit hundreds of years old.

  31. David Hill says:

    You never HAD to watch it… and ironically you're still here commenting on Fox News videos online after it got dropped.

  32. Donielle Owens says:

    Christopher Eddy You get blamed everyday? Where do you live?

  33. Well David that is the beauty of freedom of speech I can comment on whatever I want on line

  34. Donielle Owens Florida backwoods hillbilly Florida where if you are white you must hate "black people" stereotyping goes both ways down here wear boots "raciest hick" wear J's must push meth its why I'm willing to "in-debt" my self to get out have a Jamaican friend in school we clowning around one day I bust out with "really nigga" professor over hears us calls me out on it fiend stands up for me says " this is my cracka and I said yeah and this my nigga" I get put on probation threaten to kick me out unless I typed up a formal apology to my friend because I'm white I cant be who I am in public because its wrong of me not politically correct for me to call my African American friends my niggas it should be reserved for only African Americans I don't think so.

  35. Mandahlyn J. B. Hilltop says:

    Douglas Bruce Gooden, I love your comment. This couldn't have been said any better. You deserve a standing ovation. I get fed up hearing idiots use the word racist to describe black people, we don't have the power to be racist. Obviously they don't have a clue as to the true meaning of the word.

  36. Mandahlyn J. B. Hilltop says:

    Allen Thomas, you truly don't have a clue. Its not your fault that you have been fed misinformation regarding those words. It's a common thing with whites when it comes to things like this. Even the true meaning of the N word was changed by white people. Not sure if its a lack of comprehension or not, but knowledge is power and you have been made award by Douglas Bruce Gooden, so you should be thanking him rather than insulting his intellect.

  37. Allen Thomas says:

    Mandahlyn J. B. Hilltop Black folks just can't make this crap up and expect everyone to believe it. I don't know which is greater…your self-righteousness or willful, hateful ignorance. Don't be a stranger to the truth…and please go find someone else to be vile to. I don't have time you.

  38. Mathew John Fitch says:

    If it wasn't the polices fault then why did Eric Holder resign when they found him paying the gangs to riot? Because the government wants violence. The woman is right.

  39. Gail Becker says:

    David Hill, I understood what you meant, but I can't even view it online. I realize Fox appears to be racist, but it is always good to know what the adversaries are up to.

  40. Gail Becker says:

    What I mean is, I have access to view it via my mobile app, but I only see the advertisement/commercial but no news!

  41. Christopher Brasspalm Fireaxe says:

    There's no such thing as "reverse racism". It is the 'Lochness Monster' of social behavior. People have made claims they have seen it, but have not really presented irrefutable evidence that it exists.

  42. Sean Thomas says:

    This is another one of those moments the kettle calling the teapot White..!

  43. Reverse racism? Not sure what that is, but if it counters forward racism, I'm down.

  44. Greg Allen says:

    Mandahlyn J. B. Hilltop May I suggest you google Dr. Frances Cress Welsing or check her out on You Tube. Douglas comments were taken straight from Dr. Welsing and I commend him for sharing.

  45. Thank you… racism is a terrible thing… but I dont understand how it gets solved by blaming or talking about "white privilege"… im white, I dont feel guilty. .. I speak up against racism and I want change

  46. Thank you… racism is a terrible thing… but I dont understand how it gets solved by blaming or talking about "white privilege"… im white, I dont feel guilty. .. I speak up against racism and I want change

  47. Doesnt justify racism but reverse racism does exist.. reperations have been abused in specific cases…. "white privilege" as a term continues to put people in buckets unnecessarily. .. I dont see how this helps

  48. Doesnt justify racism but reverse racism does exist.. reperations have been abused in specific cases…. "white privilege" as a term continues to put people in buckets unnecessarily. .. I dont see how this helps

  49. the need to stfu b/c they ain't say'in jack.

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