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George Zimmerman’s Pattern of Trouble Continues, Arrested For Aggravated Assualt

635564823665336226-AP-George-ZimmermanGeorge Zimmerman, who was acquitted of murdering unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, leaving many Blacks across the world dismayed at the fairness of the judicial system, was arrested again last night.

This time, Zimmerman was apprehended for aggravated assault in Lake Mary in south Florida for tossing a wine bottle at his girlfriend, according to Seminole County sheriffs. His bond was set at $5,000 this morning and he was ordered to not contact the unidentified woman.

Zimmerman’s arrest is just the latest in a series of trouble with the law he has encountered since a Florida jury judged him not guilty of the 2013 shooting and killing of Martin, 17. It also puts into question his emotional state and penchant for trouble before he followed Martin as he was returning from a local store to his father’s home.

He was portrayed during the trial as an unpaid neighborhood watchman whose interest was in protecting the community. But his actions since the acquittal could point to a man who seeks action and escalates a scenario in a fit of rage.

Since last June Zimmerman was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief after his then-girlfriend said he pointed a gun at her face during an argument. He also smashed her coffee table and pushed her out of the house they shared. Samantha Scheibe did not want to cooperate with officials and prosecutors did not pursue the case.

Three days after Shellie Zimmerman, his estranged wife, filed for divorce, he was accused of smashing an iPad during an argument. She initially told a police dispatcher that her husband had a gun, but then recanted that part of her story. Because of a lack of evidence, no charges were filed.

Zimmerman also has been stopped by police three times for various moving violations. Additionally, there was what turned out to a hoax or staged accident scene where Zimmerman was to appear to have saved a family of four in a car accident.

In Friday night’s case, Judge John Galluzzo gave few details of the incident, but said a wine bottle was involved and that the alleged assault happened at Zimmerman’s home. The judge ordered Zimmerman to deliver any of his girlfriend’s personal items to his lawyer.

And although this incident did not involve a gun, the judge ordered him to surrender any weapons.

Zimmerman is scheduled to appear back in court on Feb. 17.

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6 thoughts on “George Zimmerman’s Pattern of Trouble Continues, Arrested For Aggravated Assualt

  1. Won't be calling you behind anymore incidents!

  2. I had said this in a comment once when he was acquitted that, he was going to be miserable for the rest of his life because his guilt will haunt him.

  3. Jay Contreras says:

    You have to have a conscience to be haunted. He's psychologically damaged. That was I'm sure the case before Trayvon & he will probably die like that. But I hope the people who are haunted are those who are funding his descent into hell. I'm sure that million could have fed & housed a lot of people.

  4. Jay Richmond says:

    Remember the kid was the bad guy not this gentleman.

  5. Bill Owen says:

    Like you know this somehow.

  6. Jay Richmond says:

    Bill Owen Of course I have no way of knowing what Trayvon Martin was. I mean the jury of his peers obviously felt that Zimmerman was a kind law abiding citizen trying to stop some thug from trolling down the streets of their community. Zimmerman couldn't possibly have been the loose cannon he was accused of being.

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