10 Sports-Related Jobs Black Children Should Look Into Instead of Being an Athlete

635552340855452797-B9315348510Z.1-20141226213612-000-GFH9H3IJ1.1-0Audio and Video Equipment Specialist

Sports teams rely heavily on being able to review footage of games, individual players, schemes, tendencies, etc. Teams always seek people skilled at editing videos and breaking them down for easy, specific viewing. It also can be an entrée into coaching. Mike Brown, who coached the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers twice and Los Angeles Lakers, started as a video coordinator.

29announce.1.600Public Address Announcer

Have an appealing voice, read fluidly and have command of an audience? Working courtside or in the press box as the PA announcer could be for you. It’s a coveted job and an important one that puts you right in the middle of the action.

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