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NYPD Officer: How Can My NYPD Colleagues Be Upset with Mayor De Blasio for Caring About His Black Child?

New York City Police Officer Adhyl Polanco, who is Black, showed that members of the NYPD in fact are capable of seeing the current turmoil and anger in the city through the eyes of the outraged Black community.

During an interview on Democracy Now, Polanco asked how his NYPD colleagues could find fault with Mayor Bill de Blasio for expressing his fears for his biracial son, Dante.

“How can a parent who has a Black child, how can a parent who has seen millions of kids being stopped by stop and frisk — and you know the statistic of that — how can the parents of Black kids see kids get killed by police over and over, how can parents see kids be summoned illegally, being arrested in their own building for trespassing, and being the treatment they get from the police department — not from all officers because not all officers are the same — how can you not responsibly have that conversation with your son?” he asked. “I have to have the conversation, and I’m a police officer.”

Polanco was reacting to the move by more than a thousand officers at the weekend funeral for slain cop Rafael Ramos to turn their backs on de Blasio. The officers said they considered the mayor siding with the enemy because he appeared to be sympathetic to the concerns of protesters angry about the killing of Black men.

Though Ramos’ family said they welcomed de Blasio at the funeral, the officers decided to disrespect the man who is essentially their boss.

“How come we cannot honor what they are calling for?” Polanco asked in his interview with Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman. “Mayor de Blasio came to the police department that had a lot of issues before he got to this police department. Mayor de Blasio came with the attitude that I can fix this police department, but this police department has a culture that is going to make whoever tries to change that culture, like, impossible, including the mayor.”

“It’s absolutely wrong to turn their backs on the mayor, this is not what we’re made of,” Polanco added. “This does not represent the police department, this does not represent how, when a family calls for peace and unity, you’re going to have a 100 officers doing the absolute opposite.”

Polanco became known to the public a few years ago when he informed the department’s Internal Affairs bureau that his supervisors in the Bronx were forcing him to meet ticket quotas and fudge numbers to make the precinct look better — and was rewarded for his efforts by being suspended by the department. He also testified against the department in the stop-and-frisk trial in federal court last year, which resulted in the policy being declared an unconstitutional violation of the rights of Black and Hispanic New Yorkers.

What has so upset New York officers is de Blasio’s comments in the aftermath of a Staten Island grand jury deciding not to indict officer Daniel Pantaleo in Eric Garner’s death.

Mayor de Blasio said in a shaky voice, “I couldn’t help but immediately think what it would mean to me to lose Dante. Things would never be the same again.”

De Blasio explained that every night he has to worry about his teen son’s safety despite the fact that he is a “law-abiding young man.”

He said that every time Dante leaves home he and his wife, Chirlane McCray, who is a Black woman, have to hope Dante is safe “not just from painful realities of crime and violence” but hope that he, and other Black men across the nation, will also be safe from “the very people they want to have faith in as their protectors. That’s the reality.”

“Black lives matter is a phrase that should never have to be said,” he continued. “It should be self-evident…but our history requires us to say it.”

In the Democracy Now interview, Polanco told Goodman that the head of the police union, Patrick Lynch, who has led the opposition to de Blasio, was wrong to say de Blasio had blood on his hands because the mayor had warned his biracial son that police might treat him differently. Lynch was implying that the mayor’s words had inspired Ismaaiyl Brinsley to kill Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

As other Black officers in New York have also indicated, Polanco said he had been abused by officers when he was out of uniform because many officers have “that mentality that Patrick Lynch and many other officers don’t want to hear about.”

“They don’t have to speak to their kids,” he explained. “If my kids and Patrick Lynch’s son walked the streets right now, chances are, the conversation I have to have with my son, he won’t have to have. As an officer, I’ve been thrown against the wall. As an officer, I’ve been shown no respect.”

“Not by this administration because we cannot say this administration is doing it, but by 12 years of dictatorship that we have by [Mayor Michael Bloomberg] and [NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly].”

Polanco said the protesters weren’t angry at all police.

“People are protesting against bad policies that have been in this country many, many, many years,” he insisted. “I think these protests were there before [two NYPD officers were assassinated]. I think the issues we have to resolve, we cannot deny that they’ve been there before the officers were dead.”

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100 thoughts on “NYPD Officer: How Can My NYPD Colleagues Be Upset with Mayor De Blasio for Caring About His Black Child?

  1. GooSe Smith says:

    The fact that police officers view us as the enemy is the NUMBER 1 PROBLEM! We aren't the enemy we are their paychecks!

  2. Bugs Bonea says:

    The fact is that EVERYDAY you watch the news and there is crime in BedSty, East NY, Crown Heights and it is black on black crime. people in those neighborhoods know who the criminals are but say nothing. Teach your children to respect the law and the problems fix themselves.

  3. Ama Nwaifejokwu says:

    I applaud his bravery. We need more officers like him on the force.

  4. Trisha Costa-Skiles says:

    Reality is crime is the enemy and most of the crimes are committed by young black thugs, who have no proper father figures to teach them how to be upstanding citizens with respect for the law. I am not racist, but when I see a thug I am scared for my life, just like the police are scared for their lives every day!

  5. Max Well says:

    The NYPD racist culture needs to be dismantled ASAP! NYPD requires ticket/arrest quotas, now called productivity goals. The best place to meet their ticket arrest quotas are at the expense of the minority communities. They lack empathy because these officers do not live in the communities they patrol, they should be required to live in their own precincts. NYPD stop harrassing citizens, your stupid stop/frisk and broken windows policies only hurt minorities and impoverished neighborhoods, adds insult to injury. PBA Lynch is trying to make the death of the two police officers political, that racist bast*rd needs to go!

  6. Jay Cooper says:

    How To Tell You're Dealing With A Racist 101 – When someone says "I'm not a racist, but…".

  7. Please explain to me how does a thug look?

  8. Michael Mason says:

    Most crimes?? Where did you get your stats from? Because according to national geographic, most crime comes from white and latino people. But obviously media propaganda has worked on your feeble mind. Trisha, I don't expect you to know what it is lile to grow up black and in fear and distrustful of the same law enforcers that have whooped our asses since before the 60's we saw the video in history class. Things haven't changed much. Amd after being detained, guns pointed at my 12 year old head forced to lay in snow, and accused of robbery after leaving my school with a backpack on shorts and a basketball tucked under my arm, and im suppose to just trust cops who have harassed, bullied, accused, and profiled me??? Fuck you and all races that tell me I should trust all cops! Walk a day in my skin!!

  9. Dominique Von Buxaplenty Whitmire says:

    Trisha you are very racist. Most crimes are actually committed by caucazoids. You have been groomed by your racist parents and the racist media. The actual thugs here are racist white people like you. I think I'll walk across the street when I see your mom jeans and mini van roll up in the burbs

  10. Dominique Von Buxaplenty Whitmire says:

    Trisha you are very racist. Most crimes are actually committed by caucazoids. You have been groomed by your racist parents and the racist media. The actual thugs here are racist white people like you. I think I'll walk across the street when I see your mom jeans and mini van roll up in the burbs

  11. Bwire Vincent says:

    It's a fact, that a lot of Black men are either dead, or rotting in prison after being framed by white whores like you.

    Now, if those men are 'thugs', I don't know what that makes you.

  12. Don't try to change their mind. These are the children of the slave master. They act like they are not the beneficiaries of the Native American Genocide, The African Genocide, the Palestinian Genocide, etc. that's why the whole world hates them. They are no longer welcomed anywhere in the world. They're is no peace in these people. Black Thug, what about the KKK these white broads seem to be apart of. In stilling fear has always been the white mans mode of operation. Today he is out numbered 20-1. So, there is no future for this race of people, the real Global Terrorist!

  13. Anthony Mosley says:

    Imagine, she works/worked for the postal service, wonder how you treated blacks you worked with


  15. Tom Schryer says:

    My parents had "the talk" with me. I'm white. I paid attention. I'm alive.

  16. Dominique Von Buxaplenty Whitmire says:

    About what? The birds and the bee's? I get it. You're joking. Because your mother was brought up in a racist time where whites were the good ol boys and never had to deal with being racially profiled. Puhleeeeezzee save it. You're alive because you're white and the cops aren't threatened by their own kind.

  17. Nicol L Lami says:

    Bwire Vincent the devil!

  18. Donna Hamilton says:

    You can not look a person and say they are a thug , this is the problem.

  19. And,exactly what does a thug look like?

  20. Emil Mondoa says:

    Oh! And Happy New York to you too….

  21. Trena Grady says:

    One day it's going to come to an end. There is coming a Day of Recompense and a Restoration to what has been done to black African Americans and Africans world wide for slavery. Systematic racism and white supremacy of today.

  22. Lamar Woods says:

    The NYPD don't really care because the two officers were not white anyway. They're just glad it wasn't two white officers! They disrespected one of their own at his own funeral by turning their back. Because what they really turned their back on is the notion that all people should be respected and treated equally and not just white people in which the two officers were clearly not !

  23. James Fisher says:

    It is the idea that everyone is against you that will keep black people down. There will always be bad people in this world but as long as young black children are told to fear and hate the police black people will continue to resist and die. If you want this to stop teach your children to respect others not hate them because they are not like you.

  24. The sick thing is that if they don't understand why people are mad and why the Mayor is concerned and why people care about this man and others then they are to far removed from the people that they are supposed to PROTECT AND SERVE!!!!!!!! Which means that they view black people as the enemy pure and simple. You can't continue to view part of your populace as the enemy an then say respect me we can't and won't. As more black and latino cops are coming out it's showing this is totally about race pure and simple.

  25. Gary Gray says:

    Now they white officers will be mad at this black officer for telling the truth. It time for White, Asia, Indian, and spanish people to stop looking at all African people as crimials. We are the ones that have more rights next to the Native Amricans to be treated with respect. After all it is the free Labor of my African Ancestors that made America what it has become. Now that blacks can't be used no more for free labor of the European Caucasions we should be treated like low class citizens again. It want happen dear white people, we will fight to our death for what is ours just as much as yours.

  26. Annette Bee says:

    Trisha Costa Skiles- what you just said is racist.

  27. Unfortunately, today, a "young black thug" is not necessarily a young black man with his pants hanging below his behind, or one who has his hair in dreadlocks, or a gold grid in his mouth, etc. He simply has to have black skin and, most times, that is enough for him to quality as a "thug". Just ask the cleanly shaven, well dressed, college educated black young men who have been stopped and frisked, or pulled over for driving a nice car in an upscale neighborhood. I have spoken to one of them who was actually asked by the police, if he was casing the neighborhood. Just ask Tyler Perry or Blair Underwood, who were driving cars that cops considered too expensive for them to actually own. So the cops assumed they had stolen their own cars, before their identities were verified. I understand wholeheartedly why Mayor deBlasio has had "the talk" with his young son. It's the same talk Steve Harvey has had with his young sons. Both of these men simply wanted to advise their sons that they had to obey, without question, the officers' commands – even when they thought that they should never have stopped them in the first place. This would ensure that they would return home safely.
    Caucasians, even those who empathize with the plight of African Americans, are not racists themselves, and have the best of interests of black people at heart, cannot truly comprehend what "living while black in America" entails. They would have to walk at least a mile in an African American's shoes, especially those of a young man, to get just an inkling of what our experiences, as a race, really are.

  28. Avery Hodge says:

    Tom Schryer, why would they have to give you "the talk" when the police weren't going to bother you in the first place??

  29. Cynthia Evans says:

    James it's not that nor do I teach my son to hate, I am a black woman that work with the Justice system I to have a black teenage son but I talk to him all the time about respecting others. Not all black men are thugs are black men get label that and not all police are bad ones I have tought him all his right that he should know but my son as a black child I still need to tell him that what every he do respect any police then that way if he every get stop by a bad one he won't get gun down

  30. Cynthia Evans says:

    Trisha really, I am in law enforcement can you please tell me how a thug look… My son grew up with no father or father figures to teach him and he is doing dam good at 18. Not all black men are bad it's people's like you that put labels on them.

  31. Cynthia Evans says:

    Most crimes are not committed by blacks you need to stop listening to the media telling lies. Most black men get accused of crimes and sent to prison or murder. When whites commit crimes it's not negative information sent to the public from the media

  32. James Darryl Ross says:

    Trisha Costa-Skiles….and those crazy white kids that shoot up schools, malls, movie theatre, bomb buildings, kill their parents..have perfect family values…So what is their problem?

  33. Peter Mardenborough says:

    Mr. Fisher, you misunderstand the conversations we have with our youth. We do not teach them to hate or disrespect the police. We do teach them to FEAR the police and with good reason. Early on, like 10 or 11 the conversation begins in earnest and goes something like this: WHEN (not if cause it is definitly a when) you are stopped be sure your hands are visible. Do not argue, make no sudden moves. Ask if you can reach for your wallet or ID. If you are driving, have the window rolled down several inches but not all the way. Keep your hands on the steering wheel and when you are told to produce your license and registration (or insurance card in some jurisdictions) tell the police officer where it is and ask if you can get it. Do not say anything smart, do not make a joke, do not reach for anything without permission. That is what we teach young black boys and girls and we reinforce it all the time. Until you have seen the routine abuse that comes with being young and black with your own eyes you may never believe the stories we tell or understand the frustration and anger. When you see protests over the killings of young black men they are really about a much larger situation where abuse and harrasment occur on a regular basis. I am a college graduate with an excellent job and income and I still have to be weary. I understand that every car stop that a policeman makes brings a danger to him. The difficult part to accept is that I must be extra polite, extra cautious, extra on my guard when stopped because it is more dangerous for me than for him. We must fear the police because that fear will keep us safe. If you don't believe me ask a cop! They want you totally submissive in every encounter and if you show the slightest hesitation to do what they want and you are not white, you are going to have a major problem.

  34. Peter Mardenborough says:

    So Tom what did they say? Was there something about you that made them worry? Were you a goth, or a long hair or a burn out? Or did you just have good parents who wanted you to be safe? Can you accept Black people having the talk with our kids?

  35. Cynthia Evans says:

    Thanks Peter and that is what I have talk to my young black son about the same words the mayor of New York Express to his son

  36. Cynthia Evans says:

    Tom tell me what did the say to you that your white and you have nothing to worry about? I agree with Peter

  37. Mildred Blow says:

    Trisha Costa-Skiles, my first thought was to attempt to explain to you just how wrong your statement is but then thought better…it would be like talking to a tree…wasted energy!

  38. Austin Silverudo says:

    Are we sure that the Black people would not have to bedeclared as endanger species by the UN to safe their extinction? am shocked. NYPD call the Black newyorker an enemy. This is serious problem out there.

  39. Please the police is not going to bother you. Until you show up at a mall or movie theater gunning down innocent people because your girlfriend left you.

  40. You should be scared because of your ignorance and stupidity!

  41. The NYPD culture is white culture.

  42. Ellis Holder says:

    The police have no respect for the Mayor who is a good example of racial equality ,then blacks do not stand a chance,this will eventually backfire

  43. that's not reality at all. reality is most crimes are committed by whites. it's mostly the black on black crimes they make the news. and that's so people like you (who are not racist) can feel good about yourself and point your fingers at other people. just remember when you point your finger at someone, there are three of them pointing back at you. nobody really knows how you feel but you. and you can't hide from yourself even though it sounds like you're trying too.

  44. that's not reality at all. reality is most crimes are committed by whites. it's mostly the black on black crimes they make the news. and that's so people like you (who are not racist) can feel good about yourself and point your fingers at other people. just remember when you point your finger at someone, there are three of them pointing back at you. nobody really knows how you feel but you. and you can't hide from yourself even though it sounds like you're trying too.

  45. 1million thumbs up to mayor De Blasio and officer Polanco.

  46. We don't teach our kids to disrespect or hate anyone

  47. James Lee says:

    The real issue with NYPD are many of the White cops – They are on trial. Many of them don't even live in the city. This gang mentality has to be broken up.

  48. Jennifer Ruggiero says:

    The NYPD has a history of corruption and silence in the face of their own officers committing crimes. my sister was an NYPD officer in the 1970s. She was murdered by her own people just because she was a whistleblower. There you have it one example of the corruption in the NYPD. Instead of turning your back's on the truth, fix what is broken and do the job that you're being paid to do

  49. Marlon Williams says:

    The prerequisite to be a thug is, you must be black… Hence all of us ppl of color are thugs!! Right..? "racist Trasha "??

  50. Stephanie Demos says:

    Carolyn R. Biddle please remove your spam

  51. Stephanie Demos says:

    Carolyn R. Biddle please remove your spam

  52. Stephanie Demos says:

    sounds like projection on your part, James . you have the story all made up in your head … but it's fiction

  53. Stephanie Demos says:

    black people, along with all other incarcerated persons, are being enslaved by the prison industrial system . the thirteenth amendment preserved slavery

  54. Stephanie Demos says:

    Dominique Von Buxaplenty Whitmire perfect response

  55. GooSe Smith says:

    David Johnson I was with you until you started bringing color into it! As an American I have been detained illegally and searched illegally as well, all because of my long hippie hair. It is called stereotyping or profiling. Cops stereotype the white hippie skaters just as much as the black kid in the hoodie or the raver looking girl with bead bracelets and glow in the dark, dyed hair. Before you say "What would you know your white." BS I know because I have been dragged out of a truck by a cop along with a friend and at the time, his 18 month old daughter and have my truck illegally searched because I looked like I was running "DRUGS"!!! When the first thing a cop ask you is "How much weed you got on you?" at a traffic stop and not may I see your ID, registration and insurance, something is up. It is called the war on drugs that has gotten us here today. Cops are trained that anyone that fits their stereotypes probably has drugs on them and all sorts of other things. BTW I have never been arrested for anything, I have only has a few speeding tickets.

  56. Jennifer Ruggiero says:

    Stephanie Demos Thanks for the link Stephanie. I'll check it out. I think of her every day and would love to share my story.

  57. Stephanie Demos says:

    and ongoing slavery … preserved by the 13th amendment …

  58. Stephanie Demos says:

    it's not david johnson 'bringing color into it' GooSe Smith ::: police do that . the system does that

    of course people other than black people are harassed and assaulted, illegally detained, etc … by police . but all statistics clearly show the racial bias

  59. GooSe Smith says:

    Stephanie Demos Actually he did, he only talks about black people and not the rest of the AMERICANS that go through the same hell.

  60. Mark H. Golding says:

    GooSe Smith I think we all agree with you but the most obvious point that you are missing is that YOU DON'T END UP DEAD FROM IT…………………ok.

  61. Gary Gray I agree with you more officers need to stand up against their aside you said more hispanic officers need to stand up..last time I checked Polanco is a spanish last name..see how deep the rabbit hole goes..we just assumed dark skin means "black" which it absolutely does not..there are dark skinned pacific islanders, dark skinned arabs, dark skinned YES this Hispanic officer did stand up.

  62. Roz Gordon says:

    Everyone. …hello…..I'm gonna be civil and pass on any negative comments. . Since I live in Ferguson, you probably can imagine what my comments would have been.. I will say that unless hearts, attitudes, and wrong perceptions of people change…..then nothing will ever change….laws are great, but they take time….work on those wicked evil hearts.. .peace to my fellow people's in the struggle.

  63. GooSe Smith color or ethnicity has everything to do with it regardless of your experience cannot be compared with this issue.

  64. Eric Suavier says:

    So, we are asking for the right to punch a cop in the mouth, snatch his gun and get a street named after us? Is this the freedom cry? Bottom line, if you feel "wronged" SUE the city. Trying to wrestle with cops is a recipe for getting your ass whooped or killed if you ask for it enough, whether you love it or not. And let's stop pretending "fuck the police" is something new. BOTH sides have issues with serious disrespect and if I were a NYC cop, I would not be putting up with individuals trying to make my day any longer with that "keepin is stupid" bullshit.

  65. GooSe Smith,
    The glaring difference being white hippie skaters, the raver looking girl with bead bracelets and glow in the dark, dyed hair and YOU overwhelmingly LIVE to complain about being harassed by cops while countless Black men, women an yes, even children do not.

    Dude, you said it yourself, "It is called stereotyping or profiling" both being most widely recognized as RACIAL in origin and nature. Comparing your law enforcement encounters with those of many law abiding Black people (many of whom don't live through those encounters), your "few speeding tickets" concluding comment actually kinda wreaks of white privilege… just sayin'.

  66. GooSe Smith says:

    Will Willi Mac Waller You are evidently still alive to post so what is the difference between me and you? according to you color! To me there is no difference. BTW the racist one here is you! Only because I am white you attack me!

  67. GooSe Smith says:

    Baba Rahameem Ben-Israel BMsc Why not? because I am white? What a racist remark!

  68. GooSe Smith says:

    Mark H. Golding You seem to be alive and well also. May God continue to bless you and protect you.

  69. GooSe Smith says:

    Cecil Max-George Your racism is showing.

  70. GooSe Smith says:

    Kenyetta Doyle My parents had the same exact talk with me as a young boy that Cynthia Evans posted up above. BTW your racism is showing. The fact that you think we get off free because we are white is racist. Yes black people are capable of racism. Why the ignorance here is strong!

  71. Roz Gordon says:

    ? What tree did U fall out of? First here you go with assumptions. …we don't need U to steer us on raising our kids……the ones in charge (cops) are full of hatred and most of them misrepresent protecting anyone but their own interests….. please be quiet and my son is a college-post graduate man….I taught him to respect everyone, but it's darn near impossible to not pretend to respect someone (cops) who usually assume the worst when they usally stop people on jacked up pretenses. ….. u need to be silent cause you have no true idea of black culture.

  72. GooSe Smith,
    You consider my comment an "attack"? Really? Again, your privilege is showing (not to mention your thin skin).

    The one and only reason I happen to be alive in one particular instance is that when several of LAPD's 'finest' drew down on me a few years back because I "fit the description" (i.e. any black man), some passersby/potential eyewitnesses just happened onto the scene, the cops saw them and chilled. Doubtful you have or would be subject to quite the same pigment induced threat.

    As far as the whole 'black is the new racist' thing, you can miss me with that bullshit…

    Racism in America, is and has for CENTURIES been, a SYSTEM wherein a so-called 'lesser group' is oppressed by the larger group in virtually every aspect of life.

    So, one time for all the slow people, strictly speaking…

    BLACK PEOPLE CANNOT BE RACIST! (prejudiced yes, bigoted yes, racist no)…

    Any statements or feelings that I may or may not make or have disparaging you or any caucasian individual is not supported by the larger system in which we all live. A system that generally endows YOU with certain ADVANTAGES over those of us who do not happen to share your lack of melanin.

    Get it?

  73. Kevin Goins says:

    Trisha Costa-Skiles – You talk about "black thugs" yet call yourself not a racist. Contradicting, indeed. If you actually got out of the house in PA once in a while, you'd see that the majority of crimes are NOT committed by blacks. But no, you'd rather believe what you see and read in the news. Congratulations for being part of the problem while most of us will continue to contribute to the solution. Have fun in Pioneer Post.

  74. Lloyd Hyde says:

    Peter Mardenborough be careful of that word submissive. Because if your ancestors were totally submissive, you would not be where you are today. Better to teach them the knowledge of when and where to fight their battles. Black people need to wake up and understand that this is not about violent blacks, thug blacks, poor blacks. This is a genocide against all blacks. If you can open your mind past your CNN and your local news. You will see that this is bigger than the police departments. Take time and study history.

  75. So case closed, let's start profiling all black people who are just trying to live an everyday life because of your fear!! You say you're not a racist but you just made a racist statement lady!!

  76. Tyrone Sanders says:

    @Trisha Costa Skiles are scared when you see a skinhead or clan member.

  77. James Lee says:

    Most crimes are NOT committed by Blacks. Where did you get this idea. It most certainly isn't true. Go to the FBI crime stats and see for yourself.

  78. James Lee says:

    Most crimes are NOT committed by Blacks. Where did you get this idea. It most certainly isn't true. Go to the FBI crime stats and see for yourself.

  79. @James FisherAre you really that BLIND, Wake up to real USA or stop talking about things you know nothing about!

  80. Samuel B Wilson says:

    Where are the bigots someone must have hit the light switch and they scrambled like roaches!

  81. Peter Mardenborough 🙁

  82. Durrell Ford says:

    Who isn't scared of a thug

  83. Stephanie Demos Why does the thirteenth amendment preserved slavery?

  84. The police with their guns are scared of unarmed people? Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Just asking? Simple logic is sometimes very elusive. I hope you can answer my two simple questions?

  85. David Smith says:

    There is no record of a female officer being killed by other police officers in the 70's. Please cite your documented data where this can be found.

  86. David Smith says:

    There is no record of a female officer being killed by other police officers in the 70's. Please cite your documented data where this can be found.

  87. Stephanie Demos says:

    David Smith are you for real? is there a more direct source than a victim's sister?

  88. David Smith says:

    Stephanie Demos , I am for real, the first female NYC officer killed was Irma Lozada in Sept. 1984. If you are going to make accusations, you must be able to back them up with empirical data.

  89. Stephanie Demos says:

    David Smith so says you. if you're going to be an asshole, you must carry around alot of toilet paper.

  90. David Smith says:

    Stephanie Demos , am I using foul language and calling names. No. Just stating facts. Irma Lazado in 1984 and Moira Smith on 9/11 are the only Female police officers in the history of the department to be killed. There are no news articles or any other documented source for her accusations. Like I said before , if you are going to accuse the police of murdering your sister, you need to back it up with evidence.

  91. Stephanie Demos says:

    David Smith no, you're stating one fact, that a certain irma lazado was killed in 1984.

    you pretend, even to yourself, it seems, to know everything.

    you need to just plain back the fuck up

  92. Edward Rio says:

    And there is the problem ,we are your paycheck,take it up the [email protected]@ and like it!when you make stupid idiotic remarks like that ,when you degrade and treat officers like [email protected] you expect them to like it?how about I go to someone on welfare and say "wash my car ,I pay your rent and food"is that acceptable?how about drug dealers ,gangs and thugs who are responsible for thousands of deaths ,why don't you get in their face and call them names,and demonstrate until they are out of your neighborhood.and with all this bull cops are still doing their job and getting shot,but get this thru your cop heating head ,we are here to protect you ,not kiss your [email protected] and not to be a human toilet so you can [email protected] in me anytime you want.

  93. Stephanie Demos says:

    GooSe Smith along with all the other ignorance you're spouting, you don't seem to understand the definition of racism.

  94. Stephanie Demos says:

    you need to back yourself up, David Smith. all you know is that there is a story about irma lazado being killed in 1984. that doesn't mean another female officer wasn't murder prior… only that you don't know about it. in case you were born last week, the news, and especially police, do not report all the truth.

  95. Jennifer Ruggiero says:

    David Smith Do you really expect there to be a public record about this Mr. Smith. This was a crime committed by a group of NYPD officers on the take! They went after my sister to silence her. If you are looking for a public record, what sources are you using? You won't find anything in the media or available in NYPD archives. Files and records have been sealed. I don't owe you or anyone else an explanation nor do I have to share any details with you. Both myself and my family have gone through enough. The death of my sister and treatment by her fellow offices while she served the NYPD in undercover narcotics was beyond discriminatory. She was subjected to threatening, organized violence, and aggression from fellow officers and commanders. When you have been on the inside looking out, you see another side of policing. Similar to organized crime. I'm not saying that all police officers are bad. I respect the honest and true. You need to start questioning the NYPD and ask them why so many coverups! BTW I am a white person NOT a person of color.

  96. You are WRONG…The cops don't want to give tickets and arrest people unnecessarily, they DON'T get commissions on tickets and arrests. They are ORDERED AND THREATENED by the mayor. Tickets pour money into the city, NOT the cops….

  97. Stephanie Demos says:

    Jennifer Ruggiero people like smith ONLY believe 'legitimate news sources'… like fox news…

  98. Jennifer Ruggiero says:

    David Smith not accusing Mr. Smith It's a FACT!

  99. Black on Black crime by fare exceeds White on Black crime or police on Black crime but it doesn't get addressed. It's the hidden Black racism that no one is willing to speak about because according to people like Holder, there can only be racism amongst Whites because they are not a protected class.

  100. GooSe Smith So would you still with the writer if he had added "those with Hippy like hair? If so just add it like you did because the facts still remain the same. Facts do not change simply because a particular oppressed group was omitted but becomes even more true and shameful when groups or classes are added. I would bet that that that Hispanics, females out innocently at night in what the police want to call "Provocative clothing", White people in "Black Neighborhoods [who might live there or have friends and or family along the route, etc etc." could also have been included the writer was just writing of his experience just as you were writing about yours you addition just shows how wide spread is the attitude of too many police that it is "them against us".

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