8 Black Celebrities Who Openly Bashed ‘Sorority Sisters’ Reality Show

R&B Divas star

Syleena Johnson

The soulful songstress and R&B Divas star made it clear that she was no fan of the Sorority Sisters reality show. She argued that while “not all reality TV is perfect” there was something especially exploitative about a reality show revealing women who were “distastefully” representing their respective organizations.

“Our letters are sacred. And should be treated as such. Our black Greek organizations come from a time when black people were still fighting for their rights and our organizations gave us honor, taught us life lessons, provided scholarships and provided brother/sisterhood within our race,” Johnson wrote on Facebook. “ALL of the Greek organizations have founding principles that mean something very important, personal and sacred. This show ridicules and demeans that we hold dear and what we stand for.”



Roland Martin slams Sorority Sisters

Roland Martin

The NewsOne Now host has always been open about his dislike for most reality shows and Sorority Sisters was no exception. Martin launched a chain of tweets condemning the show and slamming it for showing “BS” and “drama.” He also said the women on the show might want to “skip the national convention/boule. Most Wanted posters will feature all of y’all!” He also pointed out the juxtaposition of seeing ads for the movie Selma during the show by tweeting, ”Talk about juxtaposition. @vh1 is showing the @SelmaMovie during #SororitySisters. We damn sure didn’t march for this BS!”

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