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5 thoughts on “Find Out How Cuba Was Instrumental in Liberating Some African Countries From Their European Oppressors

  1. A lesson in history that isn't taught in high school

  2. I'am from Angola, Cuba didn't defeat Apartheid Alone, Thousands of Angolans lost their lives fighting the Apartheid system alongside Cuban soldiers who weren't that many compared to Angolans.

  3. I am very proud of the fact that I was among the few African Americans who were a part of the Cuba/African Liberation connection…I'm getting old now but my son set of a blog where I write down some of my experiences in Cuba, Africa, and The Black Panther party while I can still can read of some of my experiences in Angola and Guinea Bissau here….…/the-real-reason-why-i…/.

  4. We Angolans will always be very grateful for the help that the Cubans did give to our nation we salute you cmdte Fidel castro .

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