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10 of the Most Racist Ads of All Time In American History

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Fairy Soap

N.K. Fairbank Co. was founded in 1875 and produced Fairy Soap. The ad that presumably ran in the 1940s shows a little white girl asking a Black child why her mother won’t wash her with Fairy Soap, insinuating she is Black from dirt.



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Released in 2011, the ad shows a dark-skinned woman under the “Before” sign for ugly and cracked skin and a white woman under the “After.” Dove received backlash for this, though they denied any allegations that this was the intent of the ad.

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6 thoughts on “10 of the Most Racist Ads of All Time In American History

  1. Steve Nash says:

    no comments from white people on this subject? of course not.

  2. funny where do they still sell them Novelety's.

  3. its so sad the only race is the human race.

  4. Will Ullrich says:

    here's a comment from a white guy. I'm sorry you live in Boston. That place would not let an MLK bio into elementary schools in the 60's. Boston has nothing on the south.

  5. Jeff Barron says:

    its not funny it is sad what that have done to a human race of a different color , GOD made us all the same .

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