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After Years of Judging Black Community, Bill Cosby Wants Black Media To Stop Judging Him and Be ‘Neutral’

Bill Cosby is looking for a break from the multiple reports of the sexual abuse allegations against him.

The famous comedian, who has been silent ever since the allegations resurfaced, says he expects the Black media to be neutral in their reporting.

“Let me say this. I only expect the Black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and when you do that you have to go in with a neutral mind,” he told the New York Post’s Page Six.

It’s ironic that the comedian who in recent years had consistently been one of the Black community’s biggest social critics, attacking the way many Black people act, walk and talk, is asking not to be judged by Black journalists.

In the past, Cosby has scolded poor Black families for how they raise their kids and spend their money. He said that Black people needed “to do a better job” and “hold each other to a higher standard.”

To date, at least 23 women have publicly accused Cosby of sexual misconduct or abuse, according to CNN’s count. The comedian has had to cancel some of his tour dates and refund money to ticket buyers,since the accusations resurfaced. He resigned from his position on the board of trustees at Temple University.

Cosby, who has been asked multiple times, still refuses to comment on the allegations themselves.

In an interview before a sold-out performance in Melbourne Fl., Cosby said that he doesn’t have to answer to innuendos.

“I know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy doesn’t have to answer to innuendos,” he told Florida Today. “People should fact-check.”

Some celebrities have expressed their support of Cosby, such as Jill Scott and Ceelo Green.


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7 thoughts on “After Years of Judging Black Community, Bill Cosby Wants Black Media To Stop Judging Him and Be ‘Neutral’

  1. Well, the truth is that no real journalist has any business interjecting personal opinion while reporting. All Cosby said is they should remain neutral, and that's what any REAL journalist ALWAYS does.

  2. Terrance OfYah says:

    What does he want the WHITE MEDIA to do?

  3. Troy Shaw says:

    Sorry brotha, there is no neutrality in Rape. You will not get a pass from the black media. I expect our media to cover this story to the end.

  4. Cosby's pathetic attempt at reverse psychology through patronization towards the Black Media is shameless to the point of sociopathy. Thank you Dr. Michael Eric Dyson for calling out this manipulator.

  5. You obviously are't a journalist Troy. There have been rape ALLEGATIONS…no more no less. A REAL journalist will always remain neutral in order to get to the TRUTH of the story. You can't get to the truth if you already have your mind made up as to what the truth is.

  6. How is expecting a journalist to do their profession, as opposed to getting caught up with emotion in the frenzy, sociopathic?

  7. Chris Freed says:

    What Bill Cosby is trying to ask is that the media pretend that they have no judgement.Camille complains that her partners accusers are not being vetted.COMPLETE lack of respect for the journalists doing their job,and the public carefully considering the situation as it continues to develope and be covered.
    I have never seen a more credible bunch of accusers in my life.Almost everyone of these women had legitimate professional business with Mr. Cosby,for the most part initiated by Mr. Cosby himself.I HAVE NOT SEEN OR HEARD ONE FALSE NOTE FROM ONE OF THESE ACCUSERS!!!!!!!!! THAT,CAMILLE,IS WHAT VETTING THESE ACCUSERS IS ALL ABOUT.!!!

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