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4 thoughts on “6 Black Celebrities Publicly Supporting Bill Cosby

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    I'm extremely surprised black people all over the nation believe what their master tells them at the same time he shoots down your own kind down in the streets and leaves them to bleed out. especially the conscious community, you believe these white hoes, knowing thousands of black men have been lynched cause white women lied.

  2. Jerry Alan Shippe says:

    Okay…playing the black card now. Telling the black media that because he is of color they should support him. So he made a "few" mistakes. He is entitled as an African American this support. Call Al Sharpton. He will fix this problem. Blaming a black man for such undocumented atrocities. Why hasn't he filed lawsuits against all of these women? Don't say it will cost him a lot of money. He is worth $350 mil. A counter-lawsuit against the accuser having filed one against him for defamation of character and loss of income? Because they know more will come forward. And just add credibility to a case against him.

  3. Black….. is a CARD now, is it ?….well, well !……after 300 years of slavery, shooting MLK for asking for still ungranted rights in 1968, NO apology for slavery ( even the Jews received land as a repayment for the Holocaust which was less than 10 years, though still very bad ), continued beatings without punishment from Police, continued KILLINGS without punishment from Police, continued disproportionate-percentage-of-population-of-Blacks-vs-Whites in jails………Black is a card ??………a card, now…………………………….well !……well !

  4. Jerry, no. Just NO.

    Andrew, we've been on this mud ball for years and years, blacks had slaves at one point too, the good thing is–we are not slaves anymore–well unless you're a young girl/woman stuck in the sex trade. There is something called hypersensitivity and you and Mr. Jerry Shippe are both suffering from it. It's not race that comes in to play here. Al Sharpton…a huge racist (against whites)…has turned his back on Mr. Cosby, so no I don't think Mr. Cosby has immunity because he's black, but I also don't think that years of slavery and discrimination previously…has any place here either.

    Also, remember blacks can be discriminatory too. My grandma's white friend…she got in trouble with the black girls in the neighborhood for dating "one of their men". They threatened her and made fun of the poor couple. So, let's be reasonable. Also, no slave holders are alive anymore so put that to bed, sir.

    I pray for Mr. Cosby, who is a good man! Also, bless these people for supporting him–at least let's see some objectivity! Some people are so quick to go against Mr. Cosby–and there is no proof whatsoever! Black or white…we are all in this together, let's give justice, not unjust condemnation. Mr. Cosby deserves better than that.

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