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10 Black Celebrities Whose Obsessed Fans Crossed the Line

Drake fan goes too far


Drake clearly has some dedicated fans, but nobody seems to be more serious about their love for Drake than the woman who tattooed the rapper’s name on her forehead. It is generally believed that the tattoo was in response to Drake’s “Free Spirit,” on which the rapper says, “Tat my name on you girl so I know it’s real.”

Nicki Minaj

The curvaceous rapper has garnered a lot of love and adoration from fans across the globe, but one man went too far to put his hands on the hip-hop star’s body. During a show in Florida, a crazed fan rushed onto the stage and wrapped his arms around Minaj. Security rushed in to pull the man off Minaj but not before a few members of her entourage managed to kick and stomp the man on stage. More recently, one fan was so in love with her “Anaconda” cover art that he got the image cut into his hair. It’s obviously not as permanent as the Drake tattoo but still enough to cross the line from fandom into just plain creepy.

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