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7 Celebrities Who Struggle With Their Black Self Identity




Waka Flocka


According to the rapper and reality star, there is an expiration date on the attractiveness of Black women and we passed it some time ago. He insisted that “white women are poppin’ right now” and “J-Lo be poppin,” but Black girls? Not quite. “Used to be Black girls was the baddest s**t you know what I mean,” he asked the host during a radio interview in 2013.

Devyn Abdullah

Devyn Abdullah

The aspiring model and The Face contestant shocked her coach, supermodel Naomi Campbell, when she claimed she wasn’t a “Black girl model.” The show’s guest judge Wendy Williams asked Abdullah if she thought it was hard to be a Black model to which she replied, “I don’t really consider myself as a Black girl model. I know what my ethnicity is, but I’m fair-skinned, and I feel like I have an international look.”

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5 thoughts on “7 Celebrities Who Struggle With Their Black Self Identity

  1. Leslie jones is right black sensitive people are wrong.

  2. I think at times we are too sensitive about certain things without addressing other issues. We have gone faaaar off the deep end in that we have lost all respect for ourselves, period! we complain about dark skin and red lipstick, slave rape jokes, and rap lyrics that disrespect past victims of crimes but we continue to listen to, buy, and not stand out against the fact that most of music and movies now-a-days depict us as a bunch of fools, whores, sluts, killers and drug dealers that care nothing about anything but money, cars, hoes, and/or slaves to this world. We have deleted GOD and guidance for a small bit of worldly gain. We all complain about blackness while striving our hardest to imitate the white man's idea of success…no GOD, but in theory, drinking expensive wine and working at million dollar firms in our movies, but no community, no self-worth or value, whole time to the backdrop of some radio hit that the real words are talking about us like dogs and it's us singing the songs. I don't want to hear nothing about what somebody else is doing to us without us admitting what we've done to our doggone selves.

  3. Bwire Vincent says:

    Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka, Kevin Hart and LL Cool J, Stacey Dash e.t.c, are washed up artistes who will do anything to get back into the limelight – not news worthy.

    Devyn Abdullah refuses to be labelled as Black. We are not Black; colored is a more accurate description.

    Leslie Jones crossed the line into a territory that most Americans are too reluctant to venture into. Blacks need to remind the racist these things, every hour of his existence on this planet earth – in books, movies, music, comedy, social media, all forms of education – take advantage of every opportunity you get, to call him out on his evil ways. Remember, the racist has the money, owns the media (including B.E.T.and Telemundo), runs the government, owns his God – wants to dictate every part of your life.

    A$AP Rocky just says what he thinks about matching up shades and colors – same way I could say, it's not wise for people with big heads to wear big afro hair. We are so sensitive, to the point that we are scared of addressing the real issues affecting the community.

  4. I don't argue with the first 5 but if you think Leslie Jones wasn't telling the truth you are ignorant to history and common sense. So you think it's an accident that more than 90% of Olympic finalists for the last 60 years in the sprints (men's and women's sprint hurdles, men's and women's 100, 200, and 400 meters) have been Black Americans? What about the plethora of Blacks in the NBA and NFL? The obvious genetic differences in these athletes was brought about by the condition of slavery. Nearly one hundred years of de jure segregation saw to it that Blacks did not mix with other races, thus preserving physical characteristics within the Black American culture.

  5. Why would these highly successful, wealthy people struggle with the color of their skin? This is the result of the constant racist and demeaning system of dividing Americans and grouping us by our race or wealth or any other differences they can come up with. Instead of dividing us the government and everybody should be putting us all together as Americans. We should be celebrating our American Heritage instead of segregating ourselves by calling us African American, Mexican Americans, Irish Americans and now this newspaper is even categorizing Blacks into African Blacks and Caribbean Blacks, WTF? Soon it will be South African Blacks, Congo Blacks, Nigerian Blacks, its endless. How about just Americans. The only African American Blacks are people who have recently migrated from Africa to America and become US Citizens, anyone born in America is an American period. Politicians divide us so they can control us. Look at Ferguson, Mo. this tragedy should have been handled differently by Eric Holder and President Obama, instead of the knee jerk reactions without even having even looked at the evidence. We should all be searching for the truth and nothing else. Instead we don't care about the truth we just want revenge. This has to stop, it helps no one.

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