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10 Black Celebrities Who Went Through Embarrassing Foreclosures


Rihanna foreclosure


Back in 2009, singer Rihanna purchased a home in Beverly Hills, California, for nearly $7 million. Unfortunately, flooding left the home seriously damaged and the Bajan beauty defaulted on the payments. Eventually, the home was sold for $5 million.


Holyfield foreclosure

Evander Holyfield

The former heavyweight champion couldn’t fight off the banks when his Georgia mansion went into foreclosure in 2012. Holyfield owed a whopping $14 million on the home. It was sold at auction for nearly half that at only $7.5 million.

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One thought on “10 Black Celebrities Who Went Through Embarrassing Foreclosures

  1. This is fuckin crazy. These folks are living well beyond their means and it's ridiculous, they are just like most of America. Man if I had money like that I would have been buying a house for like $250,000.00 cash. That's what I would do. Cash and be done with it. And then just live simple. Drive a Toyota corolla or a sports Camry at best, and an old late 1970's Mercedes Benz and fix it up real tight as hell. All cash and fully paid for. Buy a 7 bedroom and 5 bedroom house on a green grassy hill somewhere on Atlanta's Southwest side. Even a 1 story would be cool. Indoor Jacuzzi, fireplace, swimming pool, billard room, den, living room, dining room, and big backyard with a huge wooden fire grill. That's it. A big one story on a green grassy hill and just cool out. You got folks in the entertainment industry who ain't in the limelight and in all the videos but they got money. People like Rico wade from organized noise, big mike from rap a lot, mc eiht, and others who ain't too famous but got money, and living good. I would make the cash without t flash and keep my head down low.

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