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With Racist, Disgusting Diatribe, Comedian Artie Lange Harasses ESPN’s Cari Champion on Twitter

Cari Champion. Artie LangeCari Champion, the host of ESPN’s show First Take, was the unfortunate target of several tasteless, offensive and demeaning tweets by comedian Artie Lange.

Lange’s perverse comments were racist, sexist and completely insensitive to rape victims. Lange didn’t seem to grasp that he was in the wrong and that his “joke” wasn’t funny.

He later reluctantly sentt an apology tweet directed at Champion, saying, “if this hurt u in any way.” But then he sent out tweet after tweet explaining why he didn’t feel the need to apologize.

He said his humor was an observation and that he’s used similar taste at home amongst his friends. He said he “know(s) black women who could join [him] and handle it.”

Below are some of Lange’s tweets about the ESPN hostess.

In response to the ridiculous Twitter outburst, the late night TV show @Midnight on Comedy Central cancelled Lange’s scheduled appearance on the show.

ESPN came to Champion’s defense today in a statement that said, “His comments were reprehensible and no one should be subjected to such hateful language.”

ESPN went on to say that the comments “objectify and demean one of our valued employees under the thin guise of ‘comedy’ and are offensive to all of us. We well not dignify them with any other comment.”

Despite all the backlash, Artie Lange still hasn’t removed any of the offensive tweets.

And then there was this, another Lange tweet of an unwarranted “observation.”


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6 thoughts on “With Racist, Disgusting Diatribe, Comedian Artie Lange Harasses ESPN’s Cari Champion on Twitter

  1. Christina White says:

    This is the online version of the NY catcalling video….is someone gonna say @carichampion should just smile back, he's just being friendly, admiring her beauty?

  2. Bunch of weak ass trashy shitty Americans. Great job Artie, I did not know who he was until this article.

  3. Kyle Morse says:

    At least one of those guys from that video would have gotten lucky if they were attractive, rich, and not black.

  4. Gary Tyler says:

    dude is crazy and deranged!

  5. Carmella Bolen says:

    Anytime A Fat-Assed….Low Class….Ignorant Cave Beast….Like Artie Lange….Can Speak Such Filthiness….And Post It To A Woman….Who Did Absolutely Nothing To Deserve His Deranged Remarks….. He Should Have Been Fired…..And Arrested..

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