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Really? Ben Stein Calls Obama ‘Most Racist President’ in U.S. History

Ben SteinIt’s kind of hard to take these sorts of comments seriously, but since we are committed to taking on racial lunacy wherever it appears, here goes: conservative commentator, actor and economist Ben Stein went on Fox News on Sunday and called President Obama “the most racist president there ever has been in America.”

Yes, Stein said that. A man who lives in a country where experts estimate that at least 12 U.S. presidents owned slaves—eight of them while they were in the office.

A man who was alive during the tenure of President Richard Nixon, who was captured on his infamous White House tapes calling Black people “little Negro bastards” who “live like a bunch of dogs.”

From where does Stein, who has been a longtime nasty critic of Obama, get his intel on Obama’s racism? He says it’s because the president “is purposely trying to use race to divide Americans.”

Stein told Fox that he thinks the White House is using race to get African American votes by attempting to cast Republicans as anti-black.

“I watch with fascination — with incredible fascination — all the stories about how the Democratic politicians,” he continued, “especially Hillary [Clinton], are trying to whip up the African-American vote and say, ‘Oh, the Republicans have policies against black people in terms of the economy.’ But there are no such policies.”

That’s his evidence—that Obama and the Democrats have somehow forcefed to African-Americans the idea that Republican policies are anti-Black. Apparently he thinks this is information the African-American community wouldn’t be able to determine for itself.

There are so many glaring instances of racism among U.S. presidents, Stein’s comments are laughable. Even figures who loomed large in bringing about racial progress in the U.S. like President Lyndon Johnson were renowned racists. Yes, Johnson helped pass the Civil Rights Act of 1957 while still in Congress, but guess what he called it when talking with his Southern colleagues? “The nigger bill.”

And here’s the whole quote from President Nixon, recorded 43 years ago:

“We’re going to [put] more of these little Negro bastards on the welfare rolls at $2,400 a family—let people like [New York Sen.] Pat Moynihan … believe in all that crap. But I don’t believe in it. Work, work—throw ’em off the rolls. That’s the key … I have the greatest affection for [blacks], but I know they’re not going to make it for 500 years. They aren’t. You know it, too. The Mexicans are a different cup of tea. They have a heritage. At the present time they steal, they’re dishonest, but they do have some concept of family life. They don’t live like a bunch of dogs, which the Negroes do live like.”

Um, enough said.



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9 thoughts on “Really? Ben Stein Calls Obama ‘Most Racist President’ in U.S. History

  1. Theodora Anagor says:

    Like we are can't think for ourselves, give me a break. This treating African Americans like children needs to stop.

  2. Servants and slaves are 2 different things. African slavery were never de-humanized but were treated like step-relatives or distant relatives. They weren't beaten like American slavery.
    Racists got angry when President Obama went into office, but other racists use the Black face to practice racism on the sneak tip. It's nearly impossible for a Black man depending on White men economy and jobs to be a racist without the power to make one subject to him or her.

  3. I've been saying this for a long time.

  4. This man is a big who defends American imperialism and ethnic cleansing in Palestine.

  5. The only good thing I can say about Fox is that it give white folks a place to show their true self. It allows them the platform to take off their hoods and be the racist people they are. Thanks Fox. Continue to open your doors to these racist.

  6. Danny Rootzs says:

    and the pigs continue to HONK.

  7. Mickey MenKauren says:

    Notice how the hooknoses are finally coming out of the woodwork. I've been saying all along that THEY are our true enemies, & not the so called whites as a collective. Hookies have exploited the Black race far more than the Klan ever could. I knew the would eventually turn on Obamastein. He went out of his way to show his loyalty to those dogs, & now they're paying him back. Until we separate from these devils, renounce their sick religion, & form a separate agenda, we will never prosper in this nation.

  8. Dmax Lomax says:

    weak attempt at reverse racism. What's disturbing is people like this guy is what's causing this country to go down the drain. People like him are drowning in their own denial.

  9. Lloyd Coward says:

    Mark: You're holding fast to hateful, complex, racist beliefs; because they make you feel so discustingly superior. You and others think it's their duty to articulate HATE for some other Americans. You and other unintelligent types continue to purposefully maintain an "underclass" via supression/repression of unlike people in the attempt to make an aboriginal people, whose land was stolen, and a race of stolen Africans and their decendants. But without the free labor, blood, sweat and horror visited through violence by dispicable people of your ilk you, would have never had the advantages you hold so dear. If you are possibly able, analyze/process that!

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