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50 Facts You May Not Have Known About Beyonce and Jay Z


1. They reportedly met and talked on the phone for a year and a half before going on their first date.

2. Beyonce wrote Crazy in Love in two hours … with a hangover!

3. Jay Z reportedly dated rapper Lil Kim in the past.

4. Beyonce had the same boyfriend, Lyndell Locke, from ages 12 to 19.

5. Beyonce’s ex-boyfriend supposedly cheated on her five times.

6. Beyonce has said that she likes to throw on high heels and dominate in the bedroom.

7. At one time, the couple broke up briefly. Jay rapped about it on Lost Ones from his Kingdom Come album.

8. Jay Z was arrested for stabbing someone in the past.

9. Their daughter, Blue Ivy, is the youngest person to ever appear on the Billboard charts. Weeks after her birth, new dad Jay Z released the song Glory, officially billed as “featuring B.I.C” (Blue Ivy Carter) crying on the track. The song peaked at No. 23 on the Billboard chart.

10. They’re the highest-earning celebrity couple in the entertainment industry.

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3 thoughts on “50 Facts You May Not Have Known About Beyonce and Jay Z

  1. Beyonce did not coin the phrase Bootylicioius she only made it popular if you watch the old episode of A Different World (1992) when Tupac guest starred his friend described Jada Pinkett Smith and Ajai Sanders as being bootylicious and this was loooooooooong before Beyonce came along; Webster added it after the singer made it popular! You can watch the episode on YouTube or TV1!

  2. Christopher Hill says:

    Snoop Dogg coined bootylicious on The Chronic.
    "and them rhymes you was kicking was quite bootylicious"

  3. Did jay z get married to Beyoncé yes or no

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