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15 African-American Celebs Who Traced Their Ancestry Back to Specific Countries in Africa

Whoopi GoldbergOscar winner, TV host and comedian Whoopi Goldberg traced her DNA back to Guinea-Bissau.

Oprah Winfrey smile
Media proprietor Oprah Winfrey’s DNA traces her ancestors back to Liberia and Guinea.

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7 thoughts on “15 African-American Celebs Who Traced Their Ancestry Back to Specific Countries in Africa

  1. Cecile Noel says:

    They ancestor died on the plantation do you going to bring them to life to be ignorant and stupid none stop talking shit about your ancestor , do in africa they give you land there to live and I beg you have to pay the land if one day ever you have to get something in Africa but it is time to stop corrupted the all world with shit specially when many of you born in America and never live in Africa and they heard about Africa like many of us and as the shepherd never being to Africa but eh my sister being there even two of them make children with people from Africa but we do not consider us as a African we will never be an African even , Ancestor was came from there we did not knew them they died without we know them why today I will go after something no real shit.
    first when any black born differents island or usa or france or any other countries , those African said they are white man like white man and black was came to a other continent on the beginning God created man and women both was inside the continent africa now my history stop there I don't need to know more about people just to give them apparence if guys so love their roat why ebola spread there none of you don't do nothing at all to help does really needed it just a apparence of hypocrisie I can't stand as a shepherd at all.

  2. Omar Makai says:

    Whether you like it or all blacks came from Africa even if your ancestors were brought in the new world as slaves or you were born after that generation you're an African even if you deny been black your skin and identity will never lie or change no matter what you would do to destroy it.

  3. Teran Henderson says:

    You bring up many good points, sister, but at the end of the day even if certain Africans are lost, confused, and working for the benefit of White Supremacy they are STILL AFRICAN and STILL a victim of White Supremacy. I hope eventually all black people who wish for a better life will be able to go back to Africa, and many African countries are taking the necessary steps to get Europeans out and those in the Diaspora back in.

    The only reason Ebola is rampant is because 1) White people invented it in labs when they invented AIDS 2) White people have the "cure" but are afraid they will make no money just giving it to the sick and impoverished (who are sick because of White lifestyle worldwide). So go figure.

  4. Mohammed Hussain what doesn;t matter?

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you are tracing their roots …Africa has Nations then use the name of those Nations not the artificial Nation created by Europeans

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