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109 thoughts on “Watch How These Europeans Refuse To Give Up Stolen Land In South Africa

  1. Kick them out… all of them.. send them back to Europe!! African for black Africans. Europeans came and stole the land and its resources. Thieves!!!

  2. All Europeans are are fucking theives that steal everything not NAILED DOWN. Then come back claiming they built it . Read your history. Europe was a bunch of Barbarians(Romans and Greeks included) till the Moors came in and gave you guys SOAP. *fact*

  3. you guys didn't have a history till Homer that was 2,800 years ago. As far as Moors Arabs were originally black until the jeddites and european slaves were brought there and weventually became white. Children's Crusade. Btw.. there are images of Moors throughout Europe. Black as charcoal. Look it up. Herodotus, Strabo, Tacitus , and homer write where you neanderthals got your gods , religion, and knowledge. ANd described how they look. I take it you don't read your own historians. LOL!

  4. And btw.. The original name was Kemet (land of the blacks) you're so EDUCATED you would've have known theat SIMPLY fact. Egyptos is a Greek word the gave it when they finally infiltrated KMT.

  5. Europeans went there and stole the land and resources. Period. Read about it. Rioting.. you mean like the europeans do when they lose a football game?

  6. Sbusiso Mntambo says:

    Travis, you talking trash, you are misinformed by your racist people. I am a South African, we were here long before your ancestors invaded our land killed, raped and enslaved our people. This is our land that you stole it – indeed AFRICA FOR BLACK AFRICANS.

  7. Look, you uneducated, lying troll. Go crawl back into the cave from whence you came. Hopefully, you've learned something to take back to your fellow neanderthals.

  8. Travis Mack. Lol you are the reason history books are so one sided. Where do you get your history from. Black Africans are the first occupiers of south Africa. Furthermore, we would like an apology, for you reading bad history and all that bull shit, you just said. White peoples mess up everything.

  9. Travis Mack blacks did not go to europe to take the land or steal resources, you're the f*cking idiot!!

  10. Travis Mack, you are beyond delusional, the very ancient Kushite Ethiopians created the first world civilization. White racist love the claim Africa as their own in particular Egypt, Libya and Jerusalem. But they failed to mention all those civilizations of people are first cousins to the Negro Kushite Ethiopians. The ancient name for Egyptis Kemet which is equivalent to Black, the same goes for Libya, Jerusalem and etc. The ancient name for Ethiopia is KushCush which also denote the color Black.

  11. Africa for Africans- The Africans and Black people and other people of color have suffered at the hands of the Europeans long enough! We are not the minority we are the majority. It is time to take the land back this land and continent rightly belonged to our ancestors.

  12. Travis Mack i can see you absorbed a lot of false history from the racist apartheid system… no peer reviewed historical jurnal will back up your fanciful claims of an empty south africa.

  13. They should do just what Zimbabwe is doing. Zuma and his ANC talking about paying these thieves for the land they must give up. Whites are living an illusion, talking about they are the indigenous people of SA. SA and all of Africa belongs to black people, precisely separated from most of the worlds people. The creator put the great Arurakan on his great rich continnent by themselves, because all the other ppoeple would try to take all their riches, like we see them doing now. Whites need to be happy with what they got, and that is a continent they took for themselves, Europe is in Asia, it is on the same land mass as Asia, but no, they wanted their own separate continent like the Africans. Europe does not fit the criteria for a continent, no major body of water that separate Europe from Asia, a river, a mountain, not a creieria. Check this out for yourselves. SA need a president like President Mugabe, any and all deals Mandela and his ANC agreed too, off the table, these people need to get their country back so they can begin to live their lives in peace. Whites in SA need to get out. Cecil Rhodes will be crying in hell.

  14. Mark point of correction your not white your pink you capitalist

  15. Jay Contreras says:

    Travis Mack So mutant who is paying your troll salary? It's obvious you couldn't pass the FBI test so they have you trolling black sites, huh? lol..

  16. Jay Contreras says:

    Travis Mack Thank you moron for allowing people the opportunity to post REAL history and not the shitstory you people have passed off as truth for millenia. Take a look at the MOORISH heads on the european family crests & see HOW Arab look? Lol..BLACK AS FRICKIN NIGHT…you may want to take your inbred a$$ over to the article about the POPE worshipping the BLACK Madonna & CHILD..I guess you'll say that statue is of Arab origin too…lol…you are a laughable fool. If you are the BEST they can get, I smell fear & desperation…lol..

  17. Abibifahodie Amandla says:

    Africa for Africans… Any questions?


  18. Jay Contreras says:

    Denise Robinson-Washington If they haven't learned anything in the millenia they have been around us leeching & appropriating everything & passing it off as their own, then they certainly are not going to learn anything now when they have a vested interest in keeping the lies going.

  19. White Europeans can't even make a justifiable claim to Europe as their true homeland. the Negro Moors invaded conquer Spain in 711 ad and the rest of the Europe followed. The Negro Carthagians had created Spain and its provinces which includes Madrid and Barcelona. Before they became Rulers there were Negro Phoenicians, the name Europe is derive from the Phoenician Princess name Europa. Also the Romans and Greeks owe the very languages and Greek scripts were inherited from the Negro Phoenicians. The mighty Phoencians were military arm and trade merchants of the Negro Kushites and Negro Kemetians in the Mediterranean region. The very first originators in Greece and Rome were the Colchis Ethiopians. The Negro Ethiopians were the first establish civilizations all over the planet, in particularly during the Stone Age period.

  20. Darcy Jackson says:

    Travis Mack – Blacks should wage war and kick the whites out.

  21. Tochy Schola says:

    they are thieves that was why Mugabe chased them out Africa should collect their lands back from those criminals

  22. Dal-Ham W Payton You have my undivided attention. Now teach.

  23. Denise Robinson-Washington So if Afrurakan people were here millions of years before Europeans, what the heck did we do without whites? My, my, my these Johnnys Come Lately, always telling us if it was not for whites we would have disappeared from the planet. This is the kind of stuff that keep them going, they need to think, (under illusion, in denial) and want everyone else to be under their illusion. It is not going to happen. We are the new age blacks, got a taste of our glorious history, and we are not going to listen to their lies anymore. Move over white people, we are eager and anxious for more knowledge of the great Afurakans, as we get ready to move forward, it may be long it may be short but we are coming, greater than the great Afrukans before us. That make me feel so good.

  24. Tochy Schola says:

    I am happy that africans have realized the truth go to europ no land belongs to a black man those ciminals came to africa and infected africas with hiv and ebola to dispopulate us and steal our lands they should live us we have suffered so much from their hands they went to media and brain washed other race to see a black people as evil white people have committed the worest evil on earth they should get out from africa we were out before they came in with their evil mind

  25. Nzingha Shabaka the White Greeks and White Romans were so much love with our ancestors of ancient Kush, ancient Kemet and ancient Libya that they worshiped our ancestors. The biblical Ham is non-other then Horus aka Heru & aka Ra, but the Greeks worshipped him as Zeus and the Romans as Jupiter. The biblical Nimrod was anciently know as Sargon the Great the Negus (KingEmperorRuler) of the entire Mesopotamia region. He was worshipped as Hercules, Vulcan, Titan by the Greeks and Romans. His father is KushCush and he was worshipped as Apollo and Mercury. The Divine King Cush established an empire that extended through China, India, Persia-Iran& etc, there's even a large area in India named after him called the Hindu Kush mountains range.The true original scribes are in fact the Negro Kushite Ethiopians, the Ethiopians are indeed the missing link of ancient history.

  26. He said the place was fuckin empty before the whites arrived in south Africa. Travis Mack do you actually believe that. How is that so, when your own experts say, that life starts somewhere in south Africa and we all come from black Africans. Professor Leakey, a white guy said that. You need to do some more reading and research.

  27. Jacques van Coppenhagen says:

    What stolen land?

  28. Emarie Knight says:

    Travis, let us help u out… I am going to assume you are a intelligent man, and you know how to read and do research… Go ahead and do some. I will not call u names but will tell you… This fi you do the research and prove me/ anyone who is challenging… That South Africa was invaded European's… I know I can- with European ur-history books. My aces are high… but show your hand…

  29. Emarie Knight says:

    Martin Gardiner Bernal was a Professor Emeritus of Government and Near Eastern Studies at Cornell University. He was a scholar of modern Chinese political history.
    Born: 1937, London, United Kingdom
    love his work around this…topic.
    Black Athena… Vol 1 and 2

  30. Emarie Knight says:

    We were the first farmers of the world… @ use the bible… all the history is there… Any group such as hitites, shucks any group with- ites are black people. The Geology shows you were we started and how in the beginning of time we were land owners and promoters of crops and live stock… men of color… that is… But you say land redistribution would be a failure…. No it would be Gentrification turned the other way around… it would bring change and power for many who look like me… and yes there would be some displacement…But as a whole we are not as evil as your ancestors are… We would share and try to get along… While those who hate us the so called eugenics of the world, would rather kill off with germs and exterminations… of black and brown people. Instead of knowing we all should get along… Be that bull shit as it may… There is @ a reckoning with the greater I am …. My heart be still… for he reads not what you write down, but that of the heart.

  31. Abel Djassi Amado says:

    Stuart Williamson eventually–in some 400 years and after getting all European resources, you may then throw our brothers out of Europe.

  32. Stuart that is not true, even if the San people were there first, it's still not your land. And the skeletons that were found in the caves are black Africans, even the San are black Africans, oh and you also miss treated them to. So what's your point now.

  33. Tochy Schola says:

    stuart williamson…….lol look at you go and read the history I don,t waste my time repling people like you when you read the history you willbe shamed of yourself ass hole

  34. Stuart Williamson That would be just great go back to our rich continent, and kick out all the invaders, and start building Afuraka for the Afurakans. As for blacks haven't done anything on the planet, because of your shallow on black history and reading history written by Europeans you have been severely short changed about history, you make yourself look dumb. Invaders, conquorors, enslavers, murderers, will not write true history, it will be a history of lies, that have Europeans and others going around bragging about what they created. Everyone learned from the Afurakans. History is a current event. We were on the planet millions of years nobody but Afurakans. All history is a current event. Try to figue that out. While you are at it google, "When we ruled, 100 things you need to know about Afruraka".

  35. Stuart Williamson You are one angry so called human. Why are you angry with blacks. If you knew the history of blacks, and how so many forces have been trying to destroy us, because they want our continent, If blacks are cursed why were we given the riches continent, that everybody wants a peiece of, seems to me we are a blessed people, but have had our development halted because so many taking what we have. Everything you say, about black people, does not speak for the whole group, Afuraka has not been able to develope because the west keep taking our stuff, along with the oreintals. Oooooh the great Afurakans, you cannot say that, we were great, and shall be again, our DNA dictates that, our godly melanin. Last comment to an uninformed hater of blacks.

  36. Antonio Martin He keep saying what they did, how did they do it? Free land, free labor. Anybody can build on that. They are not smart, they are thieves. Afuraka belongs to Afurakan people, this is a cheap dity argument they have for invading SA. How did Europeans get in other countries all over the world, they did the same thing all over the world, SA is no exception. Then he has the gull to argue, and debate that SA belongs to the dirty boors. They are in denial, they keep bragging about what they did, but never says how it came about, nothing but a bunch of lying thieves, killed and stole, and now they are the great ones. Just like Alexander the great murderor.

  37. In denial lying take other people stuff. You have no argument the world knows whites in Afuraka stole the land. You cannot call blacks name what you call balcks, whites are worse to the highest degree, and others who steal our stuff.

  38. Jacques van Coppenhagen says:

    Nzingha Shabaka , what did I steal from you?

  39. This Stuart Williamson is a teacher, you think he spews this rhetoric among his students? If he is from SA, sure he is, because if those people have common sense, they will not believe hi lies, now if they are against blacks they will gulp it up. He says they feel the same way as he does. They need to remmember Europeans colonized them too, but they did not have mush in their country so the left them the hell along, if they had had something they would still be there just like in Afuraka, they need to recognize, ttoo bust hating blacks, being brain washed by the powers that be. If you haven't done nothing to someone why would you hate them? Just a bunch of evil haters, jeleous because we are on our own rich continent, and they have to share their continent, with most of the people of the world. The creator did not have us sharing our continent with none of these haters of blacks, still we could not keep them out. That is why they hate us, because we were given so much by the creator. You miserable haters, leave us along, we will come back to where we came, as soon as we get the invaders out. There are resources in Afuraka if they could not get, their country would shut down within months. That's another reason they hates us.

  40. Jay Contreras says:

    Stuart Williamson So you just create another username & respond to yourself? NONE of anything you write will be believed b/c THE WHITE MAN HAS NO CREDIBILITY. NONE. YOU ARE KNOWN PATHOLOGICAL LIARS & SOCIOPATHS.

  41. Jay Contreras says:

    Stuart Williamson And you are expending an inordinate amount of effort trying to convince us of what should be evident, huh? No global apartheid, no white people. Period. White supremacy is your manufactured & artificial zoo. The only way white skin can remain on the planet. If this was truly an egalitarian world, you'd disappear overnight. B/c at the end of the day, after all that shitstory you wasted time writing cuz you have ZERO credibility–white skin is genetically recessive & YOU HAVE THE LOWEST BIRTH RATES in THE WORLD. And we, whom you have stolen & misappropriated EVERYTHING ROM–HAVE THE HIGHEST BIRTHRATES IN THE WORLD. LOOK UP THE TOP 20 countries with the highest rates of birth..that's really why you are all up in Africa's a$$…so you can talk all that bs…but we'll be HERE in our ' crime-infested ghettoes'..and YOU'LL BE EXTINCT. lol…poetic & KARMIC justice.

  42. Jay Contreras says:

    Stuart Williamson Yes that's why you need immigrants from predominantly black & brown nations to work jobs that would go vacant b/c you don't even have replacement level birth rates—YOU HAVE NEGATIVE ZERO BIRTH RATES where ever YOU ARE in the world–another reason that the US census now allows hispanics to choose the WHITE BOX—to PAD your numbers. In order for white global apartheid to survive, brown people & people who in the past would have been designated as -non-white, now have to be bestowed with 'honorary white' status. You are on a sinking ship surrounded by the 'natives' you have spent your entire existence shoving down in the hull. We'll still be here & you'll be long gone. Karma.

  43. Lmao Stuart you're too funny. The only thing white people did was make a patent office cause they stole everything. Remember, we did not star in caves, you did. Africa, was thriving way before the anomaly came in the picture. Oh yea, there is a sister, that has patented, over 20, components and algorithm, to keep ibm a float. A Nigerian man, is the one who created multi processors, which processes communication at a faster rate oh yes, those video gave systems, was also patented by a black man. And guess what lol a black man is over NASA. Isn't that wonderful stuey. Lo I'm fine with this conversation, you'll will never own up to slavery.

  44. Jay Contreras says:

    Stuart Williamson It's a joke that you seem to be vested in. You are probably being paid to troll. Why? If what you say is truth, why even bother? Why spend your precious, 'superior' energy on this lowly, under-achieving bunch? lol..nobody in their right mind believes that those who really think themselves innately superior spends THIS much time trying to convince us of what SHOULD be self-evident. But someone who is a LIAR & sociopath would need to do it to keep their lies and self-delusions going. You are not fooling anybody on here & since this is a public forum, it's good for those who may not be aware of our true history. So I'm going to assume that your objective is to stir up the hornet's nest so that those of us who have TRUE history can impart it to other brothas & sistahs who do not. So we should give you thanks. You are helping OUR cause, whether that was your intent or not.

  45. Stuart I'm done with this conversation, own up to slavery and apartheid and the destructionfof Africa and blacks around the world then we can talk , don't call me no more. Oh yea admit that you've benefited to and you believe that black people should get reparations. Other than that, get to ass of this black site

  46. Jay Contreras says:

    Stuart Williamson Typical delusional you are speaking for the Asian? You are like a global bully..and believe me, your co-horts are just waiting for you to slip so that you will NEVER get up again. lol..nobody likes a bully & nobody respects anybody who has spent their entire existence thieving, bullying and terrorizing others..this is the white man's true legacy. But here's the good news: HOW YOU GET IT IS USUALLY HOW YOU LOSE IT. You have more pressing issues than trolling on this site with lies that nobody with half a brain buys anyway.

  47. Jay Contreras says:

    @Tochy Schola–He's a sociopath. They don't feel guilt or shame. They project their insecurities and self-loathing onto others. This is the white man's modus operandi. It's what he does best: projection & deflection.

  48. Rehan Basson says:

    actually the people who were originally on the land are suffering and vastly ignored, the Khoi San are now marginalized by most ethnic groups despite being the original inhabitants. If social justice was so important these people would be getting land back today except they aren't.

  49. Stuart Williamson You might know why they did not colonize Thailand, if it had not been for their location they would have, in fact they did go in but decided not to colonize because of their location, that benefitted the Europeans.

  50. Travis Mack I am going to move to get your lying racist ass off here, if you stays I go. Plan and simple. Yes everybody know your kind went around the world stealing and killing all people of the world. They did not colonize Thailand because it was used as a buffer between Europeans and their rivals, not because they were smart, as if to say every body were smarter than blacks. You need to stop saying the colonizers were smart they were killers and thieves. You people keep using the word colonize as if it is something positive, it was negative, representing killing and stealing. We had another racist trol coming on here calling blacks names like you, what is your racist problem, what other problem do you have besides being a racist?

  51. Okay black people, it is pass time we move to get two racist trols off this site. You know who they are. Stuart Williamson, and Travis Mack. I know ABS knows he is on here disrespecting black people, the first day they came on here talking racist shit we should have kicked them off. Send your compliants starting today, as I will as soon as I finish this post. If I ran this site, they never would have ever post any of this racist ship on my site. Pigs.

  52. Here is the email address to ABS, file your complaints today, to get these racist off here, something we should have done from day one. The racist are: STUART WILLIAMSON, and TRAVIS MACK. Just tell them what they are doing no long drawn out words are needed, tell them they must go. Here is the email address: [email protected], I just filed mine.

  53. Emarie Knight says:

    Wow… I am reading a lot of hate on this page… Hate for Black people…It is time folks give thoughts to If….If we all just reached out to give each other a hand we would all succeed…nothing belongs to anyone… let me check the speed at the door… our flesh carries nothing and those that are sane and have stable minds and clean hearts @ would know this…Politics and the color of the skin is not important… it is about survival on this planet. I am proud to be Black… Somehow I am reading blacks don't deserve to prosper and be…WOE is you… and all we would do is fail. Then if that is true… All Fail!!! Eugenics are all over the world n they are murders, thief's and alien to the world/ life around them… The big C,- is nothing to play with. you get blessing according to how u live in life … If you know better you do better!!!! And that goes for anyone. Education and elevation of minds are needed. But that is a 6 credit course I don't teach 3 credit to anyone… Not even my own people they should have that already… So I encourage reading… and yes Google is ur best friend. I see a lot of poor education and the truths about civilizations of Africans people being distorted…With all that said… Now it is time to ignore them as Nzigha- Shaabka has advised. As I said b/4 history is written and it important to read it to study it. As long as WE are studying and reading it…sharing it… there is light in the tunnel. You would be surprised to know how many kingdoms and great works Africans have contributed 2-gray folk… But if we were ever to talk about white privilege, stealing, killing and the list… it would be shameful for you to peek your head hear..Some how there is a memory laps… Not one bit of evidence is being provided as we discuss or debate… the issues at hand… It is all foolish chatter. I know there should be land redistribution with a good conscience after the years of pilfering… In South Africa. You know us we are never never satisfied and neither is the who dwells above the circle of the earth…. Amanza!

  54. Farntella Graham says:

    Travis Mack you are a damn liar and racist. your people are the savages and the neanderthal, war loving half-wild beast. your history proves that. you take what you want with brute force and aggression. you are the ones the people of the world fear, not Black people. your people are the ones who brought death, disease and destruction to everyone with whom you came in contact. those africans are going to take their land back and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.

  55. Farntella Graham says:

    Travis Mack they will exterminate you before us.they learned more from us than they did you. they descend from neanderthal like you but not as severely. they learned more culture from Black people than you were capable of learning.

  56. Farntella Graham says:

    Travis Mack any diseases in africa were put there by your people.

  57. Farntella Graham says:

    Travis Mack I know we are tired of battling you but our deliverance is near. as soon as they can retire that dollar/pound as the worlds reserve currency, it's a wrap for you and your free market. this is why you resort to doing what you do best whenever your economics are threatened. you could not have countries in africa setting up themselves like lybia and taking care of their people before they take care of you, with all that gold, oil and no debt. the world knows who are the real terrorist.

  58. Farntella Graham says:

    Stuart Williamson what you doing in asia, boy? that's the problem with you white devils. you are ubiquitous, everywhere, and what do you bring to the culture besides death, debt, destruction and, of course, racism? Black people were all over the earth too (while you were still in the cave) but you can believe that wherever we went, we brought culture, science, the arts, medicine, you name it. we do not have the legacy that white people have but that is to be expected when you compare a real human being to that of a neanderthal. I bet you probably think you have a stellar reputation, don't you?

  59. Farntella Graham says:

    Stuart Williamson go back where you belong: off the continent of africa and back to the caves of europe where you come from.

  60. Farntella Graham says:

    Stuart Williamson I would love to leave america just as you need to want to leave africa.

  61. Travis Mack Coming from people who created SCAT, bestiality & ANIMAL brothels? LOL…sick, depraved freaks..if that's not the kettle calling the pot black, I don't know what is..

  62. One is astonished in the study of history at the recurrence of the idea that evil must be forgotten, distorted, skimmed over. We must not remember that Daniel Webster got drunk but only that he was a splendid constitutional lawyer. We must forget that George Washington was a slave owner . . . and simply remember the things we regard as creditable and inspiring. The difficulty, of course, with this philosophy is that history loses its value as an incentive and example; it paints perfect man and noble nations, but it does not tell the truth.
    W.E.B. Dubois

  63. Travis Mack we built pyramids that you still cannot duplicate. all those structures in your comment we built better.

  64. Travis Mack how did we eat,? we were feeding ourselves just fine when your devil behind showed up. you stole the land and now you have to give it back and hopefully, go home. you know, when Black people was bringing civilization to the world, we did not go steal peoples land and murder them. I understand, though, it truly is in your DNA. you are not fully human, you are more neanderthal, you know, beast like., you know, mankind or kind of like (real) men.

  65. you got to chase them out, it is the only way. they showed us no mercy now it is their turn not to be shown mercy. they need to go. beautiful SA is not their home, damn dutch. I cannot stand them. they are particularly rude and nasty.

  66. Stuart Williamson we could have come from Timbuktu. as long as you are BLACK, YOU ARE AN AFRICAN. You,Stuart, are neanderthal, caucasian, european, white, YT, devil, however, you want to say it but NOT BLACK, NOT BLACK.


    Travis Mack I SEE CIA BOOK is back to ERASING comments…the MOOR heads found on many european family crests..yeah they LOOK real arab, don' they? BLACK AS NIGHT…but I'm sure you'll somehow make them non-black. It must KILL you to know that EVERYTHING you know, think about yourself is a BIG ASS LIE? lol..

    Travis Mack What superior being expends this much energy trying to convince us of our inferiority unless you really don't believe the crap you are spewing. lol..this shi t you are dispensing must pay your bills; otherwise, why spend all this time here when you should be somewhere inventing something 'superior' , shouldn't you? It's evident from your writing, you have a higher percentage of that neanderthal blood than most.

    I say let the fools stay…they just show how deranged the typical white male is. It's an opportunity for those who believe in the 'lie of a post-racial world', to see what that REALLY looks like. Curiously, it looks & sounds EXACTLY like the same racist bs that they've been spewing for centuries. The only way that racism will cease is when whites no longer exist on this planet. As long as they are here, it will remain. Thank God Mother Nature seems to be taking care of that problem as we speak. Stuart & Travis are a dying breed–LITERALLY. Thank God.

    TRAVIS MACK—Poor thing you are not going to make me leave. It's obvious you are a paid troll. I'll be RIGHT HERE cuz the more you write the more you show anyone reading this the prototypical white male psychosis. want to convince us you are so superior, YET you are here 'slumming' or being paid to troll a site catering to black people. Why? Why would a 'superior' like yourself waste precious time arguing with inferiors? If you are are so superior, wouldn't it be self-evident? Do you also go around trying to convince your dog you are superior to him? Nobody who really believes the tripe you write needs to convince. Only people who harbor deep-seated insecurities and self-doubt need to spend this much energy on this. If whites were left with culture & riches that didn't include those stolen by force, slavery, global apartheid, genocide & war–you would be left with NOTHING. And you are going to have to pay that karmic debt. And no amount of empty rhetoric & storm front talking points on this site or any other, is going to change that fact.

    Coming from people who created SCAT, bestiality & ANIMAL brothels? LOL…sick, depraved freaks..if that's not the kettle calling the pot black, I don't know what is..

    Yeah, after Ft. Detrick, MD CREATED AIDS & Ebola in the 1st place. lol…isn't that the usual hegelian dialectic: create the problem, then swoop in like you are a savior to 'solve' same said 'problem'? White people use the same m.o. ALL THE TIME. Too dull & lazy to come up with anything new.

  68. Emarie Knight you stated there is a lot of hatred towards black people on the forum. All I see is WHITE HATRED towards us. Most whites had nothing to do with slavery and Apartheid today but you call them thieves and murderers its like this. I black person comes into my mothers house and brutally murders her(black people do that all the time in SA as 70 000 whites have been murdered in South Africa since 94 by the hands of black people) lets get back to my story, they break in and murder her. I blame the whole of the black race every single individual of yours labelling them murderers and thieves. Do you think that is fair???

  69. Farntella Graham you are a racist in actual fact black people are the most racist demographic group in contemporary society.

  70. Travis Mack says:

    I know Antonio…whites are CONSTANTLY oppressing everyone with their electric power, modern medicine, and refrigeration. God damn those whites for not leaving Afurarizzica the way they found it. Don't they know those super genius blacks WANT to live in the dark, get eaten by leopards, and die of easily preventable diseases?

    White people are sheer EVIL for bringing roads, bridges, and modern construction techniques to Afurarizzica

  71. Nzingha Shabaka the only people with hate is your race, you say Mack and I are racists, we are not in actual fact we would treat a black person with respect if he showed us respect but you continue to put down our race so we will naturally defend our people. The thing is unless you admit that race group have failed which is very evident then you can move onto the next level and improve your lives but you never will because of your stupid false pride.

  72. Travis Mack Then we are mimicing people who are MIMICING US. Look at all of your cultural icons: your mystery sciences, your mystery schools, the symbolism on the US dollar, the US flag, the govt crest, the lay out of DC, christianity…even the symbolism of your superheroes–all can be traced back to…..go take a look at the article about the Black Madonna…your pope worshiping at the feet of the ORIGINAL image stolen from Africa…I see your mutant crew seem to be staying away from that article..wonder why? Too glaringing truthful, I guess. White men are queens of projection. You accuse us of what you are so apparently guilty of. And after all of the bs you have written on this site..and you've haven't changed ONE person's opinion. WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE & all you have done is PROVEN us CORRECT. Thanks for the confirmation. Not that we needed it. All we have to do is look around at what Shatan has created: constant war, chaos, oppression, poisoning of the air, the soil, the food & water. You are like a global cancerous parasite that wreaks havoc where ever you have gone. There isn't one inch of this globe you haven't visited that wasn't left in a trail of bloodlust & genocide. So yes, white man, you have SO MUCH to be proud of. Doesn't this look like Utopia? Heaven on earth? lol…people are starving as I write this & the best the US govt can find money for is to pay low-life, brainless shills like you to troll black sites. Again, how you get something is usually how you lose it. If you think WE ARE CURSED & what you see as our condition is the result–then WHAT DO YOU THINK AWAITS YOUR KIND? LOL….

  73. Travis Mack Bitch this was NEVER a white nation. You whites always like to start your shitstory at the middle–did you forget the genocide you committed against the native americans who were already HeRE? And the fact that your lazy ass ancestors didn't BUILD anything? Our ancestors did for over 250 YEARS FOR FREE?…you freaks just remember, HOW YOU GET IT IS USUALLY HOW YOU LOSE IT.

  74. Travis Mack look at the way she carries on, they really do have a big chip on their shoulders, Farntella Graham if I had a choice in the matter your race group would be the very last one i would of chosen.

  75. Stuart Williamson –YOU come trolling on a black site and expect to have the welcome mat rolled out for you? You come and hear our unfiltered opinions & comments & don't like them, too goddamn bad. LEAVE. Nobody is putting a gun to your damn head to post here. Now, they may be paying you. But regardless, don't like the ambience—Scurry away roaches. Your problem is people like you live in a bubble and when you are exposed to alternative opinions your fragile ego cannot handle it. That's white skin privilege for you. But again, all you have written has simply confirmed what a lot of us already think anyway. And I personally could give a frick if you like or respect me cuz I know that insecurity and fear is what motivates you to come here to try to impose your beliefs on us. It certainly isn't coming from a place of strength. If you were really that confident, you wouldn't even bother coming to sites like this. There would be no need. That's exactly what they want. This is their m.o…where ever black people congregate, you know that white people are always going to be–b/c just like during slavery, they are always scared we are some where planning an insurrection. It's their fear of karma. lol…I refuse to let them make me leave. Fuck em. They are probably getting paid for this otherwise what sane, scary whites are going to keep posting. It's obvious they are not changing any minds. So we all know what motivates them–it SURE as hell ain't the TRUTH so it HAS to be $$.

  76. Stuart Williamson 路 Work as English Teacher in Thailand at TWA
    lol and your comments are not demeaning and racist, yeah you guys really are a bunch of hypocrites and most of us Whites will fight back against your prejudice against us "WE WILL"
    Reply 路 Like 路 59 minutes ago
    Black people are not worried about you…you cowards cannot ever utilize truth b/c it will never portray you in a favorable light, hence the reason you LIE at all times about ALL THINGS. And apparently, karma is catching up with you…those supposedly 'superior' genes are not helping your negative ZERO worldwide BIRTH RATES, are they? are your own worst enemy. Black people don't need to do anything but watch you inevitably crash & burn. lol..

    WE are the savages, yet WE are the ones who invented calculus? Go fuck yourself, ape.
    Reply 路 Like 路 about an hour ago

    Apparently, PROJECTION is the only option available b/c that's ALL YOU USE. I want to know WHERE on this planet is there a SYSTEM set up to deny whites life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness? Where on this planet have black people enslaved you for a quarter millenia, stolen you from your homeland, robbed you of your language & culture & foisted upon you a fake religion based on your own mythologies? Where? Where are we kidnapping, buying & selling whites as slave labor? Where? There is NO moral equivalent on this planet to what has been done to black people. NONE. And I wouldn't even bother trying to buy one of you lazy bastids if you were for sale. You'd just try to palm off the work to a person of color anyway. And the white man calling US parasites? That's laughable. After your kind has stolen, murdered & manipulated for ALL that you HAVE, now you wanna act all pious and upstanding? Whites always want to start at the middle of your criminal exploits but believe me, all that bragging you thought you were doing centuries ago just told THE TRUTH about your moral depravity & is now being seen thru a new prism. Truth dashed to the ground will ALWAYS rise. And that's CLEARLY why trolls like you NEED to come to sites like this b/c your lies are being exposed DAILY.

  78. Travis Mack 路 Top Commenter
    No, you never built any pyramids Fartnella. In fact, YOU did not build anything, you are claiming a "we" because someone who LOOKED LIKE YOU might have.

    There are no pyramids south of Egypt. Look at the construction when the 25th dynasty ruled Egypt- they WERE black. Piles of rubble. The Great Pyramids were built by whites.

    SO Yup, I'm to believe that WHITES traveled ALL THE WAY DOWN to AFRICA to build monuments & structures that have stood for MILLENIA but YET left NOTHING even REMOTELY comparable in Europe where they were supposedly from? Anybody ever seen the european pyramids they are trying to pass off? More like molehills. But yet, this inbred is trying to convince us that the ancient Kemites who built the pyramids & the sphinx were white? Yup, that Sphinx looks JUST LIKE BRAD PITT, doesn't it? Or maybe, George Bush? LOL..

  79. Scotland doesn't have any oil you ignorant retard. And Scotland doesn't belong to EUROPE, it's part of the UK, you idiot.

    Europe has the European people as its resources, the people who have invented EVERYTHING. Just like Japan has the Japanese people. Let's see what happens if a black nation has an earthquake and Japan does and compare the results. Oh wait, we can do that…Haiti versus the Tohai quake. Japan suffered far worse and yet rebuilt. The Japanese PEOPLE did that. The Haitians would rather rape and murder than build anything. Fuckem, let them die.
    Reply 路 Like 路 about an hour ago

    EVERYTHING that europe & the west has is from the ill begotten proceeds of chattel slavery, imperialism & neo-colonialism. And don't mention Haiti–we all know that ever since the Haitian revolution, whites have had it in for them & it's even evident today with NATO forces being there after that manufactured earthquake & the deliberate cholera outbreak caused by those same forces..and don't give us that bullshit about rebuilding…all you vultures do is leech & latch on to us like the parasites you always prove yourselves to be…purportedly there is oil in Haiti & one of the main reasons you parasites are there. Global raping & murdering are the provence of the white male. You do that best & Haitians nor any other black people, can match your numbers. Believe that…lol..btw, what kind of deranged & arrogant gall does it take for the US to kidnap Aristide when he was a democratically elected president by the majority of Haitians? Can George Bush say the same for his (s)election? It is obvious you FEAR black people more than you do anyone else on this planet. That is WHY you expend SO MUCH energy on demonizing and criminalizing our very existence. Again, the name of your game is protection of your weak, recessive gene pool. But it's NOT WORKING. Karmic justice.

  80. Stuart Williamson 路 Work as English Teacher in Thailand at TWA
    Travis Mack , my father was a Scottish immigrant to SA, the difference between a Scotsman and a Black person is that they vote with their heads and not their emotions. They diligently weighed up the pro's and con's of being Independent and chose rationally unlike those idiots who vote impulsively without thought and the consequences of it. Farntella you are a complete idiot.
    Reply 路 Like 路 51 minutes ago

    YES, all of your babbling lies and delusions point to the picture of mental health. You have SO proven the so-called superiority of the white species. lol…You SURE are expending a LOT of time & energy on idiots. That's an interesting use of superior mental capabiities, isn't it? lol..why aren't you out coming up with 'superior' inventions? Building some more pyramids perhaps? How about coming up with something besides FBI or Storm Front paste & cut talking points? lol..

  81. Travis Mack 路 Top Commenter
    No, there are not. Fuckin pyramids in Zimbabwe, wtf are you smoking, Fartnella? You mean those things built in the FOURTHEENTH CENTURY, aka, fucking FOUR THOUSAND YEARS AFTER EGYPT? This was after China and Portugal had already been to Africa. They likely taught the Africans how to stack rocks and count past 4.
    Reply 路 Like 路 about an hour ago


  82. Travis Mack 路 Top Commenter
    Nzigga- if whites wanted to we could annihilate every single black in existence. Look up the Battle of Blood River. Entire tribes attacked our people and we wiped the entire tribes out in combat. A few hundred mercenaries took over the entirety of Liberia. Your people are useless, obsolete farm equipment. Once mechanization took over, there was no further place for the black man in the world. You took over a political system in RSA that was built BY WHITES. Black countries don't have legitimate fucking VOTES…wtf, these are white institutions. Democracy was GREEK, you clueless baboon.
    Reply 路 Like 路 about an hour ago

    WHO WOULD YOU STEAL FROM? WHO would create culture that you denigrate on the one hand and then COPY off of in the next moment? Look at your mystery sciences, your mystery schools, your washington monument is nothing but a kemetic tekken. Kemetic symbolism is ALL OVER the US dollar bill, in the lay out of DC, on the US flag, the US govt shield…Amerikan culture is nothing BUT appropriated BLACK culture. You are nothing but culture vultures & pirates. You don't have an original thought in your damn calcified pineal gland having brains.

  83. Travis Mack 路 Top Commenter
    ROTFL…yet only one in a thousand black men can even UNDERSTAND calculus, yet you claim IT TOO was invented by a black man? Who did it then? NAME HIM.

    You have been sniffing paint, you dumb bitch
    Reply 路 Like 路 about an hour ago

    Greeks were open about the fact that they studied in ancient Kemet. Revisionist shitstory will not change that fact. And ah yes, it's so evident YOU are well versed in calculus. I can tell you probably didn't pass basic math, let alone calculus or you wouldn't have been consigned by your masters to troll black sites. They basically don't TRUST your ass to engage in any REAL espionage or reconnaisance, so they send you here. Barney Fife, we see

  84. Travis Mack 路 Top Commenter
    THANK GOD FOR THAT Fartnella- I would HATE to be like you. If you are "humans" then my people are superhumans. We have exceeded the best you ever did when we were still barbarians. Europe in the dark ages was far beyond Africa. Rome was so fantastically greater than anything your people could have dreamt to achieve.

    Plus you resemble gorillas and are violent and stupid.

    Do I smell desperation? Thank you CIA/FBI for erasing comments, I just found a work around. lol…all that you write REFUTES & disproves nothing that has been written by numerous posters. You obviously can't use truth to your advantage so you resort to sophomoric attempts at insults. At the end of the day–your posts have simply confirmed that you are nothing but scared, insecure sociopaths.

    There's no basis to believe in afrocentrism- LOOK AT BLACKS NOW. In the USA, your people create ghettos. In Africa, you live in mud huts. Where the fuck is your culture? It doesn't exist and never did.

    Whites created this computer that you are spamming this site with bullshit from.
    Reply 路 Like 路 2 hours ago

    Who is spamming on here? Paid troll for black sites b/c your masters don't trust you to do any REAL reconnaisance or espionage. lol…Couldn't pass that fbi or cia test, huh? And tell me this b/c all of your babbling is really nonsense–YOU haven't provided anymore proof for that nonsense that you are spewing but I guess we are supposed to take your demented word for it cuz you's white, right? And since black people are so primitive, WHY do the Dogon have advanced cosmological knowledge that whites have only been recently able to confirm even with all of your so called advanced technology? How do these primitive backward Africans have info that your 'advanced & superior' brains didn't have? You are sad. Black people have been on this planet for longer than anybody else. You have been here for a comparative hot minute and have basically destroyed more species and ecosystems than probably all previous civilizations combined. But yet you think conquering others and acquiring 'stuff' is superior. But the final joke will be on you. All of that STUFF hasn't helped your negative zero fertility rates, has it? And it won't keep you from going extinct either. lol.. But we'll SHO take good care of ALL the stuff you leave when you are extinct & our po backwards asses are STILL HERE. LOL…

  86. The Whites need to get the hell out. Enough is enough. Unless you bought the land fair and square otherwise it is stolen and needs to be given back along with a rent/usage fee for the number of years they used the land. The Europeans can go back to Europe. Same with Israelis then need to leave Palestinian lands and go back to Europe where they came from.

  87. You white boys are funny. In not from south Africa, but my lineage is from west Africa, including the Bantu. I'm actually African American and my ancestors, were killed by your people. All of you white people benefited from world slavery. Because of your people, I am twelve tribes mixed, from Ashanti to igbo. Don't worry I love being twelve tribes mixed.

  88. Farntella Graham believe me Africa is not a bed of roses, I would assume you have never been to Africa right?

  89. Stuart Williamson now isn't that strange. I wonder why those Black people are so racist towards us fine, upstanding white folk?

  90. Travis Mack 路 Top Commenter
    Stuart- she's a typical "African American." They are insane, top to bottom. They have destroyed entire major cities where they took over, recreating Zimbabwe. Detroit is a perfect example- it looks like Joburg now, except without the witch doctors. Has tall skyscrapers that are totally abandoned, boarded up, entrances bricked over. They have chased out all commerce and even the police don't patrol certain areas. The police have advised people not to enter Detroit after dark and even to bring a weapon to defend themselves.
    Reply 路 Like 路 about an hour ago

    You can point out CITIES–LOOK AT THE WORLD–poisoned air, food, water and soil. Courtesy of WHOM? Constant, manufactured WORLD WARS for profit. Courtesy of WHOM? WHO has virtually destroyed the ECOSYSTEM? Simply for profit. Black people's trivial criminal pursuits pale LITERALLY in comparison to the white man's. You are a parasitic CANCER on the planet–wreaking havoc where EVER you go. So the criminally insane sociopathic white male talking about black crimes that 9 times out of 10 result from poverty, systemic racism & disenfranchisment–is like Ted Bundy & Jeffrey Dahmer preaching morality to the local pick pocket. IT'S laughable at BEST & at it's worst, just further proves how mentally deranged you people REALLY ARE. And I notice you are 'hiding' down below mutant…since I found a work around the ERASURE of comments…cowards even over the net, huh?

  91. Farntella Graham There are two things that your people are good at 1.) You good at breeding like flies and 2.) You good at spreading chaos lol

  92. Darcy Jackson bring it on savage, my white counter parts not those liberal fence sitters want a Race War so we can keep ourselves separate from you savages for good. Please bring it on.

  93. Stuart Williamson 路 Work as English Teacher in Thailand at TWA
    Farntella Graham then piss off and live in and leave us progressive Whites alone then that's the simple answer.
    Reply 路 Like 路 45 minutes ago


  94. Travis Mack gorillas are peace loving vegetarians. you people are not human, you are neanderthal, half-human and half-beast.. yes, that is all you are, number crunchers and data collectors who make a living watching, peeping and analyzing the lives of others to determine where and how you can exploit them.

  95. Stuart Williamson 路 Work as English Teacher in Thailand at TWA
    Farntella Graham I think even the neanderthals have more intelligence than the modern black man today. Yeah I saw that article about the DNA story which I think the research is very subjective and limited….

    If as you state, whites are naturally 'superior'…YOUR scientists have said white skin only very recently appeared between 6000-12000 years ago…europeans have ONLY been on top for about a millenia or so…what the FUCK were you dog fucking inbreds doing all of the previous time? Oh I know, not washing b/c it was considered sinful…dying from famines and plagues and internecine wars (some things NEVER change)…so white man…the MAJORITY of your existence you have been doing exactly what you are doing now–warring with everyone around you, causing death & disease on a mass scale. The only difference is now you have some shiny gadgets and have had the benefit of the fake world religions to keep the masses satiated and dumbed down and worshiping that false wanna be god and oh yeah, thanks to the Moors, you now wash your lice-ridden asses…but that hasn't kept your barbaric ways from surfacing–SCAT eating, bestiality & animal brothels are also inventions of you freaks. Even most mentally disabled people have enough sense to steer clear of these activities but you naturally gravitate to them. Wonder why? lol….sick freaks.

  96. Travis Mack Bitch where does the FBI get you inbreds from? Trailer parks & skinhead meetings, i bet. "Primitive Black art" as you term it–appropriated BY PICASSO, amongst others…you whites are so insane…you deride it when WE do it & praise it when you proffer your stripped down, soulless version of our original. Like Christianity for instance. Stolen from Ancient Kemetic mythology & sun worship. Jazz, Rock & now hip hop..we CREATE it & you inbreds come in and water it down to a cheap, 2nd rate knock off. Devoid of soul of course. And this country WAS NEVER FREE and any prosperity amassed was from the trifecta of theft, genocide & slavery so it's inevitable that YOU WILL LOSE IT IN THE SAME WAY YOU GOT IT. Karma. The US is destined to fall & fall hard. I just hope blacks realize that most of you are trying to 'integrate' into hell. The US & the west by extension, has too much blood on your hands and too much bad karma coming. And isn't it ironic? You say we are cursed but we have the highest birth rates in the world and DOMINANT GENES for skin color & you, who you say is SO SUPERIOR–are genetic recessives who have the shallowest gene pool in the world (from all that inbreeding), the lowest birth rates AND the highest suicide rates in the world–sounds like a cocktail for extinction. LOL.. and you won't be missed that's for sure!

  97. Travis Mack says:

    Fly the Beloved Country:

    The London Sunday Times – November 22, 1998

    I am leaving South Africa. I have lived here for 35 years, and I shall leave with anguish. My home and my friends are here, but I am terrified. I know I shall get into trouble for saying so, because I am the widow of Alan Paton.
    Fifty years ago, he wrote a book called Cry, The Beloved Country. He was an unknown South African schoolmaster and it was his first book, but it became a world bestseller overnight. It was eventually translated into more than 20 languages and became a set book in schools all over the world. It has sold more than 15m copies and still sells today at the rate of 100,000 copies a year. Two films have been made of it.

    As a result of the startling success of this book, my husband became famous for his impassioned speeches and writings championing the cause of the black man in South Africa and bringing to the notice of the world their suffering under apartheid.

    He campaigned for Nelson Mandela's release from prison and he worked all his life for black majority rule. He believed that at last the black man would come into his own. He was incredibly hopeful about the new South Africa that would follow the end of apartheid, but he died in 1988, aged 85. I was deeply upset that he wasn't alive for Mandela's release and the birth of this new South Africa.

    I was so sorry he did not witness the euphoria and love at the time of the election in 1994. But I am glad he is not alive now. He would have been so distressed to see what has happened to his beloved country.

    White wedding: Anne Paton is glad her husband did not live to see South Africa today
    I LOVE this country with a passion; but I cannot live here any more. I can no longer live slung about with panic buttons, bunches of keys, special gear locks. I am tired of driving with my car windows closed and the doors locked, of being afraid of stopping at red lights, because this is where one can be attacked. I am tired of being constantly on the alert, having that sudden frisson of fear at the sight of a shadow by the gate, of a group of youths approaching – although nine times out of 10 they are innocent of harmful intent. Such is the suspicion that dogs us all.

    I am tired of the endless litany of disaster that is repeated every time friends gather together. "Do you know what has happened to so-and-so?" is invariably the opening gambit.

    Among my friends and the friends of my friends, I know of nine people who have been murdered in the past four years. One old friend, a very elderly lady, was raped and murdered by someone who broke into her home for no reason at all; another was shot at the garage.

    We have a saying, "Don't sack the gardener", because of the belief that it is so often an inside job – the gardener who comes back and does you in. All this may sound like paranoia, but not without reason. I have been hijacked, mugged and terrorised.

    A few years ago my car was taken from me at my local post office at gunpoint. I was forced across into the passenger seat as they intended to take me, too. I sat there frozen. But just as one man jumped into the back and the other fumbled with the starter I opened the passenger door and ran away. To this day I do not know how I did this. But I got away, still clutching my handbag. That was when I lost my first car.

    On May 1 this year, a public holiday, I was mugged in my home at three in the afternoon. I used to live in a community of big houses, with big grounds, in beautiful rural countryside. It's still beautiful and green, but the big houses have been knocked down and people have moved into fenced and gated complexes like the one I now live in. Mine is in the suburbs of Durban, but they're springing up all over South Africa.

    That afternoon I came home and omitted to close the security door. I was careless in those days. I never shut my front door. I went upstairs to lie down. After a while I thought I heard a noise, perhaps a bird or something.

    Without a qualm I got up and went out onto the landing. Outside there was a man. I screamed and immediately two other men appeared. I was seized round the throat and almost throttled. I could feel myself losing consciousness.

    My mouth was bound with Sellotape (my own, which they had taken from my desk) and I was threatened with my own clasp knife (Girl Guide issue from long ago) and told: "If you make a sound you die." My hands were tied tightly behind my back with string and I was thrown into the guest room and the door was shut. They took all the electronic equipment they could find except the computer. They also, of course, took the car – this is when I lost my second car.

    The complex was full of people, all watching a rugby match on the television. But my house is fairly private and the thieves were able to load up my car and drive away without any problem. It was made easy for them because the keys were hanging tidily by the front door.

    A few weeks later my new car (courtesy of the insurance company) was comfortably in my locked and fenced carport when I was woken by its alarm in the early hours of the morning. The thieves had removed the radio, having cut through the padlocks in order to bypass the electric control on the gates. Radio thieving is quite sophisticated here. There are organised gangs that "do" areas, taking as many as they can in one night.

    A few weeks ago came the last straw, shortly before my 71st birthday. Once again I returned home in the middle of the afternoon and walked into my sitting room. Outside the window there were two men in the act of breaking in. I retreated to the hall and pressed my panic alarm.

    This time I had shut my front door on entering. I had become more cautious by now. Yet one of the men ran round the house, jumped over my 6ft steel fence and proceeded to try to batter down the front door, shouting to be let in. Meanwhile, his accomplice was busy breaking my sitting room window with a hammer.

    All this took place while the sirens were shrieking. This was the frightening part – that they kept coming, in broad daylight, while the alarms were going. They were not deterred. They know that there has to be a time lag of a few minutes before help arrives and there is time for a "smash and grab" type of action where they can dash off with the television and video recorder.

    In fact, the front-door assailant was caught and taken off to the cells. Recently I telephoned to ask the magistrate when I would be called as a witness. She told me she had let him off for lack of evidence. She said that banging on my door was not an offence, and how could I prove that his intent was hostile?

    I have been careless in the past – a fence topped with razor wire and electric gates give one a feeling of security. At least it did. But I am careless no longer.

    There is nothing unusual about my housing complex, they are all equally vulnerable. No fence – be it electric or not – no wall, no razor wire, is really a deterrent to the determined intruder. Now my alarm is on all the time and my panic button hung round my neck. While some people say I have been unlucky, others say: "You are lucky not to have been raped or murdered." What kind of a society is this where one is considered "lucky" not to have been raped or murdered – yet?

    I know there is a moral ambiguity here. In the past whites felt in charge, no matter what their politics were. Whether they supported apartheid or not, they were top dogs. The Africans were contained. Now we are simply a small minority no longer in charge, and there is an atavistic fear among us.

    The contrast between the present and the years Alan and I spent together could not be greater.

  98. Stuart Williamson You are the cuckoo bird…history is cyclical…the pendulum started swinging back THIS way long ago…you people are incapable of holding onto ANYTHING borne of death, oppression & destruction. All the blood money in the world won't help you when karma comes calling. Again, history is cyclical & black people have ruled WAY longer than we've been in our current situation. You won't be able to hold onto anything & I believe the barbaric way you've ascended to 'power' insures that your descent will be especially bloody & brutal. Enjoy the ride down. Remember, you will see the SAME people on the way down that you saw on the way up…this will be fun to watch.

  99. I will no longer be responding to the uneducated, mis-informed trolls, like Stuart Williamson and Travis Mack, who do not know the true definition of racist or black nationalist.

  100. Stuart Williamson, God cursed you and your sunburning heathen devil race, you had to flee from Motherland Afrika to wasteland Europe. God made Melinated people so the sun kisses our skin, and He made you discusting, unnatural pink people to burn by the sun. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who God cursed.

  101. The white man only understands one thing, violence. They took the land by force and Africans will have to take it back by force.

  102. Dwayne Sykes says:

    How many blacks have died our been enslaved by white men??
    How many white men have Benn murdered or enslaved by black men??
    Hmmmm…. sounds like someone is putting in a little more work then the other.

  103. Olu Hamilton says:

    They claim sovernty to the land based on some bullshit they wrote called 'The covenant'. The TEMERITY!

  104. whites are going to get throwed out of afrika along with the rest of the non afrikaan peeps..Watch.

  105. Everything you think your ancestors discovered Is somehow a cover up,
    The falsity of White history begins and ends with their desire to hide their true nature; that being that they are derived from Albinos. Their efforts to make all peoples of historical significance White, would appear to be their effort to make themselves the "New Normal" i. e. "See everybody important was White, therefore White is good – the best even!" This fabricated concept of themselves, is obviously so satisfying, and so ingrained, that it has become delusional. Even today, there are many Whites who refuse to believe that the ancient Egyptians, and the other original civilizations as well, were Black people! This in spite of the countless evidences to the contrary: Egypt IS in Africa, there are countless statues and paintings which clearly show them to be Black people. Even scientific studies of ancient Egyptian Bones and Mummy tissue, like this one: Mummy tissue study: Click >>>, Does not satisfy them. Whites will still doggedly point to artifacts from the periods of Greek and Roman rule and say: See, these are the "Real Egyptians". Of course, there is absolutely no reason why a reasonably intelligent human being, would ever think that the ancient Egyptians were White people, but then again, reason and intelligent thought, have nothing to do with this: This is about a "Need" to believe. This persistence in thinking, is then clearly not intellectual, put rather purely emotional.

  106. Stuart Williamson Only Satan worship material things, Satans followers (You) worship material things.. You are very evil people, thieves, killers, and will Lucifer was above every other angel in heaven. His appearance was beautiful and dazzling. He radiated light and glory. He was covered with gold and shimmering jewels. Lucifer was the Chief Covering angel and he worked in the throne room of God.
    12 "You were the seal of perfection,
    Full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.
    13 You were in Eden, the garden of God;
    Every precious stone was your covering:
    The sardius, topaz, and diamond,
    Beryl, onyx, and jasper,
    Sapphire, turquoise, and emerald with gold.
    The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes
    Was prepared for you on the day you were created.
    14 You were the anointed cherub who covers;
    I established you;
    You were on the holy mountain of God;
    You walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones.鈥
    Ezekiel 28:12-14be condemned to hell.

  107. Travis Mack God created Hebrews first in that Land of Africa and then he created Satan ( Your Leader) you are a theif, full of hate, evil, and will soon answer to God because the land you currently stand on and the people you talk about are God's…. Trust and believe you will answer to God, Hebrew People are who God gave that land to, Yeshua/Jesus was an Original Hebrew and as you have stolen the land, you Europeans have also stolen Yeshua's identity and destroyed the Sphinx of Ancient Egpyt which is also in Africa. THIEVES!

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