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10 Religious Statements From Black Celebrities That Sound Surprisingly Atheist

samuel jacksonSamuel L. Jackson

When asked if he thought his talents were God-given, the actor replied: “No, because I work at it. I still learn; I read.”

chris-rockChris Rock

“A Black Christian is like a Black person with no memory,” the comedian said.

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20 thoughts on “10 Religious Statements From Black Celebrities That Sound Surprisingly Atheist

  1. Jelani Myztik says:

    So you took the tired asinine article you kept posting about Black people not believing in Jesus, remixed it with two new quotes, and now try to pass it off as Atheism. Leo (the writer), whoever you are, you are an ignorant, brainwashed moron.

  2. The fact that you can only find those few weak examples is sad. If any people needs to break free from the intellectual shackles of religion, it's American blacks.

  3. Onur Kara says:

    you seem like you're the onc who is brainwashed

  4. Jelani Myztik says:

    Onur Kara Is that so? Let's analyze: Sam Jackson's comment was one on work ethic, not a rejection of God or religion. Chris Rock's and Malcolm X's quotes are a rejection of Christianity, not of God or religion. The idea that someone who believes in something other than Christianity is automatically an Atheist is about 50 levels of stupid. Are Jewish people atheist? Muslims? Hindus? People who believe in a God are now people who don't believe in a God? Tyler's quote is a rejection of organized religion; that does not translate to a rejection of God. Need I go on?

  5. Onur Kara says:

    Jelani Myztik ok

  6. Jelani Myztik says:

    Onur Kara The "brainwash" that I refer to is the ridiculous notion — that everyone who isn't a Christian is an Atheist — being constantly peddled on this site. It is borderline religious fascism.

  7. Onur Kara says:

    Jelani Myztik fine…I understand.. but calling someone a moron is plain and simple rude and disrespectful.

  8. Jelani Myztik says:

    Onur Kara I quite agree….you know what's also rude and disrespectful? Someone suggesting that a deeply religious man like Malcolm X — MALCOLM X!!! — of all people could have somehow been an atheist.

  9. Onur Kara says:

    Jelani Myztik …. well it's not so much rude and disrespectful but may be slightly ignorant and highly speculative …

  10. Max Most says:

    Of course they don't believe in God if they refuse to worship White Jesus..

  11. I agree with Jelani, to call these people atheist is a stretch.

  12. Khadija Smith says:

    Non Christians? Yes. Atheist? Probably not.

  13. Thomas Limmer says:

    Everyone knows Neil deGrasse Tyson is an atheist, he's the man!

  14. I am now a born again human being. I believe in myself, not(even what the bible says) following man's word! Been in church all my life and so over this slavery mindset, take a look at the world news people and look at what we are destroying ourselves over…. RELIGIONS, FAITHS, BELIEFS! We can't even think for ourselves, believe in ourselves, let alone give credit to ourselves, without giving that credit, prayer, and thanks to some god… WOW! I WILL LIVE, LOVE, GIVE, HELP IN THE NAME OF HUMANITY NOT SOME GOD THAT MAN CREATED… AND FOR MY BLACK BROTHERS AND SISTERS, REMEMBER WHITE JESUS WAS JUST INTRODUCED TO US WHILE IN CHAINS, FRESH OFF THE BOAT!

  15. Jay Contreras says:

    Jelani Myztik I agree that most seem to be rejecting organized religion, not necessarily the existence of a Supreme Being or Creator. I feel the same. Organized religion is a sham & a method of control but I do believe in an Ultimate Creator. The human body is too perfect & the human mind even more so..I don't believe that we were just thrown together as random particles.

  16. Their statements are not necessarily "atheist" they are just non christian

  17. Agnostic is not the word either-more like humanism!

  18. Agnostic is not the word either-more like humanism!

  19. Alexander Thomas says:

    Why is it "surprising" that a black person could be an atheist? And how is what Malcolm X said atheist? How does believing Christ was black and not white make you atheist? So in other words, if you believe in Christ but you don't believe he was a white man that might as well be like not believing in Christ…HUH? How arrogant is that white folks?

  20. Anyone who is an atheist should be proud of it. It takes thinking, studying and a certain intelligence to become one!

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