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Utah Mother: Police ‘Killed My Son Because He’s Black’

Utah mother says police killed her son because he was Black

Source: Facebook

A mother from Saratoga Springs, Utah, accused police of fatally shooting her 22-year-old son Darrien Hunt on Wednesday because he’s Black.

Susan Hunt says her son was gunned down for no reason and that officers would have acted differently if her biracial son was only white.

Police insist, however, that they only fired at Hunt out of self-defense after he first attempted to attack officers.

According to Deseret News, the police were called sometime around 9:40 a.m. Wednesday due to complaints about a “suspicious” man walking near businesses along Redwood Road.

The witnesses said the young man was carrying a “Samurai-type sword.”

According to Utah County Chief Deputy Attorney Tim Taylor, the young man actually lunged at officers with the sword, which resulted in him being shot.

“When the officers made contact with Mr. Hunt, he brandished the sword and lunged toward the officers with the sword, at which time Mr. Hunt was shot,” Taylor said in a statement.

Before that statement was released, Hunt’s mother told the Deseret News that her son was killed because he was Black.

“They killed my son because he’s Black,” she said. “No white boy with a little sword would they shoot while he’s running away.”

Hunt is a white woman, but the father of her children is a Black man.

Darrien Hunt shot by officers in Utah

Credit: AP Photo/Deseret News, Michelle Tessier

Hunt said the police ruined her family by killing her son “over a toy.”

“Those stupid cops thought they had to murder over a toy,” she said. “This is my baby. This is my family, and they ruined my family.”

As it turned out, the sword was indeed a toy with a rounded edge rather than a sharp blade.

It is unclear if officers were able to identify the sword as a toy prior to the shooting.

The shooting is already under investigation, and the county attorney’s office quickly issued a public statement regarding the incident.

“We sympathize with Mr. Hunt’s family during this difficult time,” the statement said, according to The Huffington Post. “Any claim that our officers’ actions were a result of Mr. Hunt’s race is completely unfounded and speculative. Our officers responded to a call for service and addressed the situation that was presented to them.”

Neither Hunt’s family nor the media has received a lot of information about what happened just before the 22-year-old was fatally shot.

What people are saying

68 thoughts on “Utah Mother: Police ‘Killed My Son Because He’s Black’

  1. James Sbi Jackson says:

    My condolences.

  2. If they can not police without so much fear of there life and they are the one with a gun maybe they should find another profession


  4. Joan Coulter says:

    Cops always can come up with a "reason" because the so-called law-breaker is DEAD! I believe there is a white supremacy organization that these cops belong to that have a sworn duty to murder as many young Black men as possible. They are doing a good job of accomplishing their goal.

  5. My condolences to Mr. & Mrs. Hunt and their family. However, I hope this has opened Mrs. Hunt's eyes to the injustice against our Black men and begins to fight against this injustice in the name of their dear son.

  6. Sad. The question is, is it going to be a nigger a week or a nigger every other week who's going to be killed by cops? I bet this is the result of a white person making that call on the cell phone reporting a "threatening" black man. Keep your heads on a swivel black me.

  7. Farntella Graham says:

    the cops are lying like they always do when they murder innocent people. DISARM THE POLICE.

  8. Joseph Tolman says:

    FTP. Open season.

  9. America's finest back at it again.

  10. Shauntae Fisher says:

    The Hunt family has my condolences.

  11. Cops think people are stupid. It was a toy sword. Even if it was a real sword, it's no match to a loaded gun.

  12. Mrs hunt, first i'd like to say my condolences, second i'd say you, even though your white you now share in the pain every black mother who has lost a son by senseless police violence and there is nothing you can do about it , i challenge you to go before your people and share your pain, they don't listen to us, they may give you the benefit of half ass listening to you since you're white and your son is bi racial. I'm not trying to be insensitive but this is an empty feeling black women who lose sons are pretty familiar with.

  13. Evangelist Marvin Little says:

    This is so true. New age KKK started infiltrated the police forces since the early 1900's. The conspiracy of the Black Wall Street bombing in 1921 is related.
    When black people got guns, and rights, KKK knew the only way to exercise power is in through the government. Plus Black people organs are worth more than white people organs. (Hint)

  14. Tyreek Reignz says:

    Al Sharpton will be all over that.

  15. Cheers Eric says:


  16. Joshua Sandridge says:

    Let me guess; they are still on the job or on a paid vacation. There were so many options other than shooting. I saw the options available while an armed man pointed a gun at police.

  17. Errod Clayton says:

    I was never picked on. Your statement is illogical

  18. Why is it always the same old excuse "complaints about a “suspicious” man walking near businesses" and the SYSTEM continues to ignore this.

  19. Wanda Mannery says:

    Why is it that other countries shoot to lame, and the U.S. police shoot to kill? Makes you wonder what does the other countries get taught or know that the US police forces don't get taught. They should send someone from the police here in the U.S. to these other countries to see how it's done. Instead of this shoot now ask questions later attitudes being displayed here. Along with them learning how to approach a suspect without them feeling threaten by the officers approaching them (with their superior attitudes)……………This stuff makes me fear for my grandson, and even my granddaughters life. At the rate they are going they will wipe out an entire generation.

  20. This is all getting Tiresome…. All the cop killing… And reasons… I said, Enough is enough.

  21. Sorry for your loss…

  22. Send those trigger happy ass pigs to Afghanistan

  23. Gary Stephanos Andriotis says:

    Marie, well said.

  24. And cop lovers and sympathizers wonder why so many people hate cops.Its cold blooded murders like this that fuel our hatred against all cops.I know some will say that their some good cops out there, if thats so then why aren't they speaking the fuck up about this on going killing spree by trigger happy murderers with a toy badge.A good or silent cop is just as worse as the ones who pull the fucking trigger! This shit got end by any means necessary!

  25. Hank Forest says:

    Are you saying lame? Or limp? I am confused. But if you say other countries cop shoot the suspect on the leg, I do agree about it.
    Think of the truth has swing both side, when you imagine yourself as a cop, confronting a suspect that holding something on hand when you gave the order to put down that thing on ground but he refused by not to follow the order in action, what will you do? My answer will actually be this: shoot the leg and demobilize the suspect first. Rather he maybe handicap in the future than die or worse, I got killed by the suspect.
    Let's say I am neither black nor white actually, my opinion on this is not leaning on nobody here, but I still have the common sense that I would not want to get kill by someone who wants to kill me by self doing nothing.
    Maybe others will think my experience are no matched on this cops duty, but you will be still surprised people live in this business with something handmade when confronted you, not only real but also the danger as well.
    My suggestion is: everything involved in racial should be handled by other race that has no direct involved on racism.
    On the other hand, hate to say it, but Mrs. Hunt, even though I would like to give you my condolence and sorry for your loss, your son actually had a rebel attitude and death wish when holding something look real as a weapon. No cops on earth wants to die by kill in duty when suspect attacked in deadly force. All he needs to do should be giving up the weapon and avoid the incline level of hostile situation not rebel everyone else.

  26. Wanda Mannery says:

    Hank Forest Do we really know what happened. No, that's why I didn't refer to the article or racism because these "murders" are happening to all races of ppl. Most times we say whatever we have to say to justify our actions. My concern is about "suspects" being killed and they are innocent and just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time….I don't expect anyone to not defend themselves, but let's act and not react……

  27. Hank Forest says:

    I agree some certain point you listed out, like we don't know what the situations in real, I also maybe over comment in certain point about the suspects. But actually, we do know certain point that related with racism when hunt's son was biracial and mrs. Hunt accursed the police kill her son because he was black. Those are in the article already described and no need to argue this point.
    But never the less, the part you say shoot to limp is right. Not because they can't shoot crap, but because the legal action and also trained to do. A lot of time the cops are from the local and have a web of relationship to everyone else in local. If the law breaker happened to be known by the cops and suspect got killed in action would not be good in relationship aftermath. That is why they train to shoot, but not to kill in most case.

  28. Andrew Blake says:

    I believe the contrary. Arm the damn public!

  29. Ebony MsNique Brockington says:

    First source of defense is your taser not your guns

  30. Sassi N Cuntrol Easy now. Let's not get racial up this biatch. The fact remains (no matter what you think of me because of my skin color) that conspiracy theories and talking about shooting cops is simple-minded bullshit.

  31. Faith Jones says:

    I say that all the time mainly for the ones that look for a reason to shoot or get physical. I also feel they have no control in any other aspects of their lives. There are some that's cool or not necessarily cool but are there to actually protect and serve. You can usually tell in their attitude and the way they carry themselves.

  32. Breeze JC says:

    La-Tiqua Tiki Heckendorn No he is right on time! Pay attention to the racial spin and media bias in comparison to the TM and Michael Brown shooting; this woman is front page and center saying "It's BECAUSE he's Black", yet TM and Brown's parents/supporters have to fight tooth and nail for the public to concede that yes, race IS a factor. Race is a double-factor now because since this was a pre-dominantly White community, her community [and the media] is behind her because she is one of THEM, regardless of her son's mixed race…

    Open your eyes.

  33. Paul Brewer says:

    Evangelist Marvin Little I challenge you to make less sense and be more vapid….because I don't think it's possible…..

  34. Anita Wills says:

    Jonathan Barber Yeah we really are going to take advice from a Trailer Dweller in from Columbia Mississippi! NOT!

  35. Joan Coulter says:

    Evangelist Marvin Little OOoh! I gotcha! That never occurred to me. Black men in urban areas used to simply disappear. Now, they find excuses to kill them. Remember the young boy whose organs were missing and his body was stuffed with newspaper? That just happened not so long ago.

  36. Jenny Mizzjlady Gaillard says:

    Andrew Blake I agree! im sick of this bull shit!!!

  37. Jenny Mizzjlady Gaillard says:

    thank you!!!

  38. Medusa D. Brown says:

    These policemen are cowards. That's what they are hiring now!! Not a real man that can do a real man's job. Sorry chick cops i can't stand you!

  39. Medusa D. Brown says:

    Yes, they are getting in to some kind of club when they murder black people. Don't give up your guns. We got to defend ourselves!!

  40. Medusa D. Brown says:

    Yes, I believe that many of the walked close to the wall down the hallway at school and now they are in a gang.

  41. Medusa D. Brown says:

    That's what made The Late Great Officer Donner so furious!! The good ones (cops) don't speak up and that does no make them so good in Officer Donner's eyes.

  42. Medusa D. Brown says:

    In the name of Lovelle Mixon!! This is going to come to end in favor of the people in the US!

  43. Yes, they did indeed kill that young man because he was black. Are you kidding me? This man is RUNNING AWAY in the OTHER DIRECTION and you shoot him. Not only that, but this young man was carrying a TOY! These white people are out here to kill us and the system will never work for us because it was built to destroy us from the beginning. I am not a racist but the truth needs to be spoken. The majority of them people are complete devils and hell is awaiting their arrival.

  44. Shane Gray says:

    You're an arrogant ass. I'm a white parent raising a black child and if you don't think I deal with the same pain and frustration a black parent does every single time something happens with my son where his race is called into question then you are hopelessly self deluded. She doesn't need you to tell her what kind of pain she's in or welcome her to the club. She just lost a child you fucking prick.

  45. Grace Rainey says:

    Sorrow to u and ur Family. It seems so easy to pull a trigger these last years. I'm praying for all of our families, and especially our children……God bless!!

  46. Joan Coulter says:

    What about the man who was holding a toy rifle standing in the toy section of the store and the cops murdered him?

  47. Medusa D. Brown says:

    Shane Gray I don't think he meant that way. It is a tender hearted situation and I believe he was asking her to inform other white people. Many of them do not know what it is like to loose a child from police brutality. Many may serve on a jury to convict people of color. Maybe if she tells them about her son maybe they would listen that's all.

  48. Breeze JC says:

    Shane Gray Get off the defensive no one was questioning the integrity of parenting for multiracial families. We are saying that no, you don't experience the "same pain and frustration a black parent does" because YOU and NOT a BLACK parent. If you want to parent a child of color with integrity please understand that you're White Privilege is not their White Privilege, meaning, while transgressions against your child may hurt all the same, transgressions against Black children is harm against BLACK PEOPLE because we are harmed indiscriminately of age or class or nationality. Like I already said, entire Black families are harmed in the [in]justice system because the victim, the mother and the father's integrity are all called into question. That is all.

  49. Medusa D. Brown thank you

  50. Shane Gray one, ok you're raising a black child so i ask you the same thing i ask Mrs. Hunt be forward become an activist on that side of the fence because your people will listen to you and sympathize with you a privilege we(black people) do not get from your people , look at how they demonize our kids and then without any emotions or sympathy murder them in cold blood, you call me arrogant for what telling the truth and being frank about it, i've lost one of my brothers because a white man chased him down 8 blocks from where he had broken in his truck and gunned him down in an ally with his hands up showing the man he had no weapon white man got off because they brought some things up in his past , so just because you have a biracial or black child doesn't make you a black person, so you won't share in all of this pain until (and God forbids it happens) you lose that child, and what you just called me ( a fucking prick) you wouldn't say it if you were in front of me, trust me.

  51. Medusa D. Brown says:

    Cheers Eric I won't tell.

  52. Curtis Flood says:

    Hate sees color, as a reason to exercise it…, compassion identifies with whats within. The mindset of most of these authority figures are criminally mental disordered, they feel above all, they infect humanity with HATE, and even if they are programed to target a certain group…, this dis-ease…, affects us ALL!

  53. Lets totally forget the point he's caring a (Metal) Toy sword around in the morning and jump to the race card.

  54. Joseph Soze says:

    There is no such fuking thing as a "Race Card" why do your people continue to use that term?wtf is the matter with you ?

  55. Joseph Soze Is this better-(Lets totally forget the point he's caring a (Metal) Toy sword around in the morning and lets immediate say its because of race)

  56. Marc Francois says:

    Jonathan Barber YOU ARE a simple minded bullshiter.

  57. Bundy Laney says:

    Police departments across the nation are being open to candidates with severe physiological issues and KKK terriorist.

    The O'bama administration should intervene and issue an executive orders that will make it mandatory that physiological evaluation be applid to new and old police candidates.

    An additional executive order should ban KKK membership from policing.

    The question is: why are terrorist being recruited to join law enforcement?

  58. Jonathan Barber If you don't know it's called the KKK, if you really don't know, you must be retarded, living under a rock or apart of the KKK, or deluded in your ignorance and feel proud to show it off. Clearly you have no respect for your elders or is it elders who are of African descent.

  59. He was carrying a plastic toy sword, that he was playing with as as an autistic adult would, not only that he was shot in the back. Why don't you walk around as a black person for a day, I guarantee you couldn't do a week and then tell us about this mythical race card.

  60. Matthew Reynolds It was a plastic toy sword, stop lying!

  61. Evadne Smith says:

    Perfect answer. like how police cannot control them-self, the government should disarm them and the country from real gun and give them taser instead. why did'n they think of that.

  62. Kadé Stuart says:

    The last thing we need in this world is more heartless cowards with guns and power to be sent to torture civilians in another country. We need to deal with this problem at home and not ship it abroad.

  63. Jr Hal says:


  64. John Ragin says:

    Aint nobody running towards a cop with a TOY sword im not buying it

  65. Joan Coulter says:

    Jonathan Barber Knuckle-scraper.

  66. Their Masonic demons need blood.

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