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7 Black Actors Who Could Be the Next James Bond Besides Denzel Washington

will-smith-013Will Smith

If Denzel Washington isn’t cast in the role, the James Bond franchise still could undergo a major upgrade by attracting an A-lister like Will Smith. And Smith definitely has the depth as an actor to play the role. He’s already done it all from comedies to dramas to full-on action blockbusters, so Smith could, without question, handle the job.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba is probably one of the first actors who comes to mind when people think of a “Black James Bond.” And although the actor has been on record saying that he doesn’t care for the term “Black Bond,” he’s definitely a worthy candidate for the job. Aside from his superb acting skills, Elba already has a British accent and is known to drive ladies crazy whenever he’s on screen. Doesn’t that sound like the consummate Bond to you?

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