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5 Black Celebrities Whose Self-Hating Statements Are Troubling

kenya moore

Kenya Moore

On an episode this year of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore was given a doll so she could be evaluated on her potential parenting skills, but many fans of the show didn’t like the comments she made about getting a Black doll.

In the scene, Moore mentioned that she was disappointed about getting a Black doll and that she wanted a white doll instead. Moore said that she has white genes so her baby may end up having white features.

Soon after the episode, fans took to Twitter to address the reality star’s comments:


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11 thoughts on “5 Black Celebrities Whose Self-Hating Statements Are Troubling

  1. Good to see black women calling this shit out.

  2. This should have been a teachable moment for this hater of her blackness, Kenya Moore, with her Afurakan first name. Calling her names, will not do it, we reject he show, boycott the show, until they find a replacement. Why do people watch these reality shows in the first place, acting show enough …. I will leave it at that.

  3. Kevin Hart, I am trying to tell you all blacks who are out there on TV, the movies, whites like them because most hate their black race, are stupid as hell, and have no Afurakan consciousness. They boost white people's self esteem, by showing acting and saying something to indicate they do not like being black. Modern day slaves.

  4. A$AP Rocky This individual may say naything. I bet, and I have never heard of him, I am older, and never have been into hip hop, I think those songs sound so stupid. But this Rocky I am willing to bet most of the words in his songs he is using the word n…..

  5. Did DL say that? He is way more stupid than I thought. Because someone has the right to speak, that does not mean they can go around using racial slurs, and demeaning a group or race like fat lard ass Limbaugh.

  6. Rivera Foster says:

    Yeah but not enough are doing it. They'll go right back the following week. I think anyone who watches those shows are mentally challenged.

  7. Terrance Amen says:

    The problem is that, as a community, we haven't dealt with the psychological affects of the slave mind. Until we do, we will continue to pass down this sick mentality, from generation to generation. But Black Unity is the solution and is the plan.

  8. That Negro with out the knowledge of self you can't know anyone else simply put an example of CHAINS AND IMAGES OF PHYSCOLOGICAL SLAVERY by -DR, NAIM AKBAR.

  9. Dave Mills says:

    Black women have got time!! they give this program their time and energy and wonder why everyone sees black women in a such a negative light. Don't give these programs your energy, and they'll stop making them. They will be forced to create a program that will be positive. When will black women learn there is a concerted effort underway to destroy her image. remember No advertisers = no program.

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