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13 thoughts on “Video: Did You Know There Was a Time When Terrorizing Black People Was Something Done for Sport?

  1. Jay Contreras says: and not only that but postcards were made of the deeds.

  2. The problem with those racist terrorising black people, blacks should have to taken up arms and fought back, even if some blacks had to die, once you establish they were ot going to take it, and some of them might get fired upon and killed, terrorism would have stop, if not, history would be telling a different story. I was born and raised in a confederate state, my dad was a commercial fishman, and he traveled with a shot gun, a rifle, and a colt 45, and he would be out many nights, and he said many times if they try to stop me, you all may have to bury me, but I will not be the only one.

  3. The post says they terrorized us as a sport, the criminals use to murderer us as a spot. They would have all the towns people come to lynchings, they brought their children out, we have seen the pictures, they're standing around, laughing and joshing as the black man is dying hanging from a true. This is some hard stuff we had to bear, and still bear, ladies and gentle, brothers and sisters. It is so horrible, that many blacks allowed them to convince them, we are being punished by Go, for something. Only a fool would believe them, we haven't done nothing to nobody, matter-of-fact, that is why we suffer so much, because we are so humble with these people, after enslaving us, and lynching us for nothing. Most of them like the idea they held us in slavery. They are a bunch of narcissist racist, they want us to look up to them, and worship them, it should be the other way around, what have they done for us, we built them a country.

  4. Question Neely Fuller Jr. discuss concerning white people.

  5. Dr. Fuller speaks the truth, whites will not rest until the last black has left the planet. How can this be, the planet was created for us, no blacks on the planet, the planet would not survive without out us.

  6. Those were the days!

  7. They were? Why, because 30 or 40 white men could jump 1 black man and be proud of it? The lynchings were totally unfair and hateful, as well as completely disrespectful to US as a people. They were meant for submission and intimidation while also exerting great force! You want those days again? Sadistic and cruel murder? Outnumbering the target? Not even a fair fight? That shows the advantage that exists today. Just as overt and just as intimidating.

  8. Pernell Parham Those are just some of the reasons.

  9. Terrorizing black people still is for sport……

    White America bores easily and when the business of war is slow they really get bored so they bungee jump, climb mountains, sky dive, swim with sharks and catch alligators but their most favorite pass time when bored is finding black people lives and livelihoods to fornicate with.

    They search the news and airwaves to find a black person and then they deliberately build up their life, endeavors, pursuits and careers only to tear them down for fun like they did Oprah Winfrey, Rhianna, Micheal Jackson, Bill Cosby and Chicago’s own Jackie Robinson Little league team.

    Black people are easy targets for White Americas boredom and morbid sense of humor because black people live, breath, exist and want nothing more out of this life than to have White America accept us as equals and as one of their own so when white America begins to uplift any black person in the media, sing our names in commercials, show our faces on talk shows and invite us to the White house for photos, we suck it up for all its worth.

    Black people want white Americas acceptance so bad that it never cross our minds that we are being built up before the epic let down because… it never cross our minds because the mere thought of it is offensive to black people to even consider….. he that give it to you can take it away from you.

    Black people want to believe that we earned it, we worked hard for it, we are gifted, we are blessed but …..None of that.

    You are being played like an instrument. Your life, hopes, dreams, aspirations and future is being toyed with until white America grow bored of you and then they refuse you service not giving a damn that your name is Oprah Winfrey, They get a white girl to replace Rhianna and her first official act is to call you jealous….ni##ers.

    White America got bored and branded Micheal Jackson a child molester and publicly humiliated him by stripping him naked before the world to show his penis.

    White America got bored and began accusing Bill Cosby of rape. White America got bored and stripped the Jackie Robinson little league team of their titles and all because…….. its fun and its public policy.

    Public policy forbids White America from exalting black people to permanent success status because it infers equality and equality defies logic because why conquer a race of black people only to treat them as well as you treat you because if you do then you are a [email protected]#er lover and being a ni#@er lover is against public policy.

    In the year 2015…JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT…. White America have black people running around the track of life like greyhound dogs running around a racetrack chasing a mechanical rabbit that they will never catch.

    It is white Americas idea of fun so…fornicate black people…. if you can’t take a joke.

  10. Kim Petitt says:

    We had to sue our high school, our school district because of their very aggressively, abusive, assaulting, racist nature; even allowing the kkk to come to the school in full drag, taking pictures of them and placing them in the yearbook. The principal and faculty were all in on it. Very sad times growing up there in BG. Thing never really change with these fucking rabid monsters… They are trained from a babe up.

  11. Be patient my friends the price for this evil will be very high.

  12. E.F. Coleman says:

    And it's not now?

  13. And PETA sees nothing wrong with using KKK imagery in ad about breeding dogs! I seem to be alone in my criticism of them on Twitter!

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