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13 thoughts on “Dr. Umar Johnson Makes A Compelling Argument For Reparations For The Victims Of The Wilmington Massacre

  1. Dr Umar is describing exactly what has happened to the entire nation. of Black people. What happened in Wilmington is only a microcosm of what has happen to us all. Why make Wilmington a separate argument, as opposed to have it be a part of the larger case against the Government of America? Would not the same package of compensation be achieved by those affected, probably more?

    Dr. Umar is off on this one. Its makes much more sense to go for reparations for the whole of us, affected by slavery in America, in a united effort, then to set Wilmington aside as a separate case. All that have happened to the so called African American, thus far in America, are all Government sponsored assaults upon the human rights dignity of all so called African American's, and not just in Wilmington. The whole socially enginneered program of slavery and forced removal of our culture and language was government sponsored, regardless to what it is called, a coup, robbery, murder, or fire and looting. We all are victims of white American's and their representative Government.

    Mr. Silis Muhammad and His supporters, have over 25 years of experience in the area of reparations, and leave us with a vast amont of knowledge to share with those of Wilmington, or any others who support reparations efforts in any form, against white America and its representative Government.

  2. Dhoruba, I disagree. Yeah it would be great if we focused on he big picture, but that will never happen all at once. If he can prove this and win it in court, it sets precedent, then they can use that winning case as an example to win the big one.

  3. Dhoruba Asadi I agree with what you are saying, actually I feel it should be for the whole of us including Wilmington. IThere are so many of us who are informed on the Case for reparations, you have Ta-Nehisi Coates, who just did, "The Case for Reparations, probably one of the most comprehensive, some things left out, but it is very good, he is new to us, I had never heard of him before, it does not matter, he did a wonderful job on the Case for Reparations. We need to get this going, we cannot keep talking about it, NCOBRA had it going very strongly one time, but for some reason most of NCOBRA'S heavy hitters are not with us anymore. A motion actually went before a court, and the judge made some nonsense ruling it has been so long, unless he did not know, the crime of human rights violations never runs out. Some whites argue the US was not a government or country until 1776, even if we agree to that from 1776 to 1865 they still owe us the country. It certainly does not relieve many of the private corporations. What are we waiting on? We need the land back we had obtained, and funds to build and move forward about the business of Self Determination.

  4. The Republic of New Africa, goes back when it was first formed here in America, over a hundred years ago with members like Queen Mother Moore, Marcus Garvey, and the Case for reparations were made then, I can push it back further than that, when Wm. Sherman, military general for the Union Army met with freed Africans, the Africans were clear, they wanting land they got it, but the land was taken back, because that particular land owners were former slave holder, Lincoln vic president, now president, made sure those former slave holders got the land back, it went before law makers, we lost by ONE vote, and they gave them the land back, and now we want it back, of course we cannot get that particular land back, we will settle for other land. Reparations has been on the table for 150 years.

  5. Reparations be good. Cause I'm black and dat's a fact. Gotta hab my gibsmedats!

  6. Keith Richardson says:

    Dhoruba, I understand your point but you have to set a precedent you cannot eat the elephant whole you have to eat them one bite at a time!

  7. Luci Ryan says:

    One step at a time makes sense to me and sets a precedence. I believe Dr. Umar is on point and I applaud him for addressing yet another major catastrophe in our history.

  8. Luci Ryan says:

    They would rather murder us than pay reparations.

  9. Luci Ryan says:

    Keith Richardson Precisely…one bite at a time.

  10. Luci Ryan says:

    Nzingha Shabaka I agree.

  11. Luci Ryan says:

    I certainly would like a transcript of this.

  12. Luci Ryan Anytime someone speaks for reparations it is a good thing. By the time Wilmington happened, we had long been out of slavery, and as I said reparations goes back 150 years, I am trying to understand what point you are trying to make.

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