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Filmmaker Tommie Ingram Talks About Being a Black Woman in ‘Male Dominated’ Industry

Tommie Ingrams new film touches on Bishop Eddie Long controversy

Source: Rolling Out

Tommie Ingram, the Chicago-native behind the new film Trespassers, opens up about working in a male-dominant industry and explains that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Ingram started out as a full-time photographer before she made the transition to being a filmmaker.

Since then, her career has started to flourish and she has already paired up with the likes of actress Jane Fonda, recording artists Usher, Brandy, Cee Lo Green and T.I., actress Wendy Raquel Robinson and more.

She said she got a taste for the industry after she worked for media personality Michael Baisden on a few documentaries.

After that, she never looked back.

During a recent interview with Rolling Out, Ingram said there are challenges she has to face but that there is still hope for more diversity in the business.

“There are many challenges that Black women and women in general face in this industry,” Ingram said. “I’ve seen extremely talented women get passed up for a director’s role or a producer role on several occasions. I guess that good ole boys’ clubs exist in all sectors of business.”

According to Ingram, actress Angela Bassett is helping to change that.

“On the flip side of that coin, I do see light at the end of the tunnel with such instances as Angela Bassett directing Whitney Houston’s life story,” she added. “Like everything else, this is a male-dominated industry. Black female directors are like needles in the haystack.”

According to Ingram, nearly half of all film school graduates are female, but only about 5 percent of them are currently working in the film industry as directors.

“Independent films and online media such as web series shouldn’t be our only outlet to showcase our talents,” she said. “I can only remain hopeful that things will change progressively in blockbuster cinema.”

As for her new film Trespassers, it touches on a sensitive subject that has been making major headlines lately.

Trespassers is a short film about a pastor who takes advantage of young unsuspecting boys,” she told Rolling Out. “Unfortunately, it happens all the time and ends with the same result; [the accused pastors] always end up right back in the pulpit within a few months. They’re recycled with no treatment it seems.”

Tommie Ingram talks being a Black independent filmmaker

Source: Christian Post

Back in 2010, five Georgia men accused the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church pastor, Eddie Long, of sexually assaulting them when they were teens.

All the victims settled out of court and Long continues to deny the allegations to this day.

While the film is not based on him, Ingram explained he certainly was considered during the writing process.

“We went down the list of minsters – sinisters as I call them – and Bishop Eddie Long was among others on that list,” she said. “This vicious cycle didn’t start, nor will it end, with him as it happens all the time. I’m not surprised that he’s back in the news doing the same thing while preaching to the congregation.”

The film was created for Atlanta’s 48 Hour Film Festival and was released on YouTube on July 31.


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16 thoughts on “Filmmaker Tommie Ingram Talks About Being a Black Woman in ‘Male Dominated’ Industry

  1. Always happy to see my beautiful sisters making headway in a brutally segregated industry. Keep pushing. The way you carve out will allow for you and others who follow to get through to the greener pastures of success! #BlackIsTheMostBeautiful

  2. "Sinisters?" Bad attitude, bad choice of a movie topic.

  3. That's your personal opinion and you're free to have it. Doesn't change the fact that this is a Reality!!

  4. I hope your movie says something about discernment and prudence. Because that's what important.

  5. I read it before my last post. And like I said, hope your movie says something about discernment and prudence. Because that's what important. If its just making the accused look bad then what kind of solution does it endorse?

  6. Kelton Gazelle-Bossiquit Alexander Then perhaps you're not comprehending as my article clearly stated that we are to forgive. Make them look bad? It appears you're more concerned with how the accused looks then the misuse of power and the unspeakable mistreatment of our youth. What kind of solution does "turning a blind eye" or "sweeping it under the rug" endorse? Furthermore, it's not a bad attitude or a bad choice of a movie topic. I suppose it is to those who are content with and ignoring this kind of behavior.

  7. Tommie Ingram Please continue with your project!!!!!As black people, we give too much power to preachers over our lives. Wake up people!!!!!

  8. Earline Bentley Thanks for your support Earline!! I plan to do just that. You're absolutely correct in our giving preachers too much power over our lives.

  9. "A creation requires not only subjectivity, but also objectivity." Stephen Chow This seems to fall short in this regard based on what you're saying.

  10. The point Id like to make to you is its not about the power the preacher has as much as it is the LACK of power in the people that listen and most people are carnal and never use the wisdom, discernment or prudence God gives us. Somewhere in the progression of evil things God gives a way of escape to all am I right?

  11. Tommie Ingram Much appreciated! I read the article twice, and really loved the answer on the positive affirmations that inspire you. Keep up the good work, and I will keep an interested eye on your work, as an avid supporter! Peace and success to you.

  12. So you're saying that young kids and boys lack power and the wisdom God gives them? So in the progression of this evil act happening to them, God gives them a way of escape? You're insane.

  13. Tommie Ingram First of all, stay professional now, I haven't called you any names.

  14. Tommie Ingram Second of all, 2 Kings 22 [Full Chapter]
    [ Josiah Reigns in Judah ] Josiah was eight years old when he became king, and he reigned thirty-one years in Jerusalem. His mother’s name was Jedidah the daughter of Adaiah of Bozkath. And he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, and walked in all the ways of his father David; he did not turn aside to the right hand or to the left. IN OTHER WORDS, AGE IS NOT AN EXCUSE.

  15. Tommie Ingram And that way of escape is called their parents, the community, leadership, COMMON SENSE. And should I mention AGAIN FOR THE 3RD TIME and like I said which YOU'VE STILL FAILED TO ADDRESS MA'AM, is the by product of WISDOM which is discretion and prudence in all matters. This is just not the preachers responsibility. All Im saying here is let's not abdicate responsibility and ignore greed, selfish ambition, identity crisis, the power of money, and selfish agendas on the parts of EVERYONE AND NOT JUST THE PREACHERS OR "SINISTERS" as you so crudely put it. Which, shall I mention you're good at name calling as I can bear witness, which just might be a violation of rule 7 of the manifesto of this blog which is "We will not publish content that will disempower our people"…calling me insane just might violate protocol)
    Anyway I digressed. I can go on and on about this subject and we can go tit for tat all you want and probably learn in process. Im right here whenever you're ready. As a matter of fact, at the right time, maybe even I can make a short vlog on this subject myself and get an article written about it by Atlanta Blackstar.

  16. Oh yeah, since your a filmmaker I guess, in the words of Denzel Washington in Remember The Titans as Coach Boone, "I don't scratch my head unless it itches and I don't dance unless there's music playing. I will not be intimidated. That's just the way it is."

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