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12 thoughts on “This Video Will Make You Question If Black People Will Ever Stop Measuring Their Success By White People’s Standards

  1. lmao they don't discriminate towards her because she's xtain but because she's Black.. damn . Obviously they discriminate against her because she's powerless and how can one have power when they and their oppressor have the same god and it belongs to the oppressor? While she and all those like her, have been trying to either claim his god or paint it Black so it too can be accepted..

  2. Farntella Graham says:

    your exterior is not what makes you a Black person of self-esteem. it is your awareness of your enemy and seeing his devilish ways in everything he does and says. to be able to identify the numerous lies and disinformation, like this posting, propaganda put forth each and every day. the constant brainwashing. nobody wants to be like the white man. why would any sane person want to be white? how can any Black person identify with wanting to be white? what is your individual definition of who and what white people are; their history vis-a-vis Black people. we do not want to see this BS. show us afros, african dress and talk about going home to africa.

  3. Wow. Powerful stuff

  4. There is only one God, we just choose to call him different names so I am bound to have the same god as the oppressor.

  5. Part of her definition of "making it" is being treated with respect by white strangers? Hmm. That's displays poor self confidence and a misplaced understanding of where your sense of self comes from. She claimed to be a Christian, but at the same time, doesn't know who she is in Jesus Christ? I say that because if she did, she wouldn't be concerned about what strangers think of her. And the narrator was making a false analogy between financial success and self hatred. Did he say that obtaining education, and skills to achieve financial success indicates self hatred by wanting to be like the white man? That is crazy. Its this kind of trifling foolishness that our lazy brothers and sisters use to justify their mendacity.

    Go to school. Go to work (preferably for a Black owned business). Start your own business. Get rich. Give generously. Love everyone.

    You are not poor because someone (white, or any other color), is rich.

  6. John Be says:

    so true

  7. Derek Hall says:

    The narrator was implying that those things alone don't mean jack because you still won't be treated as an equal in society. I don't think there is an issue with blacks wanting to be white, just to be afforded the same opportunities as whites. A lot of the things that we do as black people are used as an attempt to assimilate in white culture (weave, perms, bleaching, etc.) History has taught blacks that being black is something to be ashamed of. If whites were oppressed throughout history and were made to feel inferior they would be in the same position and vying for acceptance in black society. There's even a recent trend of white folks doing things to be socially acceptable. For instance, the trend of the present is to be thick and curvy with a big butt and you see white folks getting hip, lip and butt injections. That is proof that a people will try and "fit" in with social norms. That's what blacks are doing…to no avail. White folks will always feel like they are superior to minorities. They are even upset that mexicans are coming into the country…to do the same thing they did 400 years ago…..look for better opportunities. And you are obviously disillusioned if you think that people arent poor because others are rich. i can go on for days giving examples but i'll just give one….you think the Waltons (walmart) could be that rich if they didnt pay the over 1million store associates minimum wage? They made a profit of 17 billion last year and their employees utilized over 3 billion in government aid. I guess because you made it everyone can. You need to check yourself brother cause thats the kind of trifling talk that keeps white america thinking they played no part in the destruction of the black family, economic, social, and psychological structure. folks like you keep up the practice of blaming the victim for his or her situation. Like americans getting mad at indians and pakistanis for taking call center jobs but not mad at microsoft for sending jobs there. Or mexicans for coming here to work and blaming them because our manufacturers hire them for sub minimum wage, these people are just trying to live.

  8. Reginal Williams says:

    It's not just the injections they're getting….but they've been tanning for years.

  9. That video is so true. We will never be white and should not want to be white. If God had wanted us to be white He would have made us that way. We cannot see that the stigma placed on the Black man will always be because they want us to think we are nothing, can't do nothing, and will never be something. We need to overcome the fact that white is not right. Their color is not right, if it were right they would not burn up their skin trying to be "Black." The white man has kept us down so long until we don't know how to stand up for ourselves. We have one of the best presidents ever, and what do they do, burn him in effigy every day. If they could they would trample him under their feet as if he were the devil. Black people wake up, we are not white, and never will be. Money, prosperity, and being in-the-know will not make us white. We cannot see each other prosper because we constantly pull each other down. I am a strong Black woman, don't want to be what God didn't make me to be. I love me for who I am. The white man didn't make me and the white man can't change me. WAKE UP! They don't give a hill of beans about us. G.od made us who we are but we don't want that. We want what you think we should be. Thank God for who I am.

  10. Farntella Graham says:

    I do not agree that white people discriminate against us because we are Black. why do we blame ourselves for their mental illness?

  11. Red Dipper says:

    COMPLETE SEPARATION…….is the only Solution.

  12. 1.) because those caucasions who have that mental illness of racismcan land you in prison for 30 year or for the rest of your life- and you were no where in that city when it happened.
    2.) because those caucasions who have that mental illness of racism can block and stop you from getting, having and keeping a job.
    3.) I could go on with many more examples – but until those who are evil and wicked – are EXPOSED from all skin colors and cast aside and out of the way – this will continue.

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