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5 Black Celebrities Who Reportedly Took Side Jobs as Government Informants

Al sharpton

The Rev. Al Sharpton

Earlier this year, reports surfaced that activist and talk show host the Rev. Al Sharpton was once a paid informant for the FBI.

In April, The Smoking Gun reported that Sharpton, whose classified alias was “CI-7,” was heavily involved with the FBI in the 1980s. The report claims Sharpton’s association with the Genovese organized crime family included recording conversations that led to the arrests of several mob members such as Dominick “Baldy Dom” Canterino and soldier Federico “Fritzy” Giovanelli.

Sharpton has denied these claims. In an interview with The New York Daily News, he said that he contacted the police after receiving several threats from Joseph “Joe Bana” Buonanno and other members of the Gambino crime family. The activist said the threats were related to his attempts to create more jobs for African-Americans in the music business by watering down the mob’s influence in the industry. “If you’re a victim of a threat, you’re not an informant — you’re a victim trying to protect yourself,” Sharpton said.

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8 thoughts on “5 Black Celebrities Who Reportedly Took Side Jobs as Government Informants

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    kinda funny TI is always involved in some sh^t. this and Iggy callin him a nigga and trying to fight Floyd over a chic. i dont know about that dude man

  2. I know. That is something.

  3. Stephanie Demos says:

    who do you trust?

  4. Stephanie Demos says:

    people wonder why we don't trust al sharptongue

  5. James Brown says:

    You'll so called giving black informants names pictures etc. Another way to destroy the black community. Facebook start showing white informants, it's way more of them than black ones

  6. Eric McNeill says:


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