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‘Married to Medicine’ Season 2, Episode 13: ‘From Courtroom to Catwalk’

married-to-medicine-season-2-mariah-drops-in-on-dr-simoneMarried to Medicine season 2, episode 13: From Courtroom to Catwalk airs tonight on Bravo.

Quad and Toya face off with Mariah in the courtroom, lending their support to Reco Chappelle, as he disputes Mariah’s restraining order. Later, Mariah decides to extend a peace offering to all the ladies by inviting them to the launch of her new business venture.

The show follows a group of successful and educated women, including doctors and wives of doctors, who are connected to the world of medicine in Atlanta. Whether delivering babies in Louboutins or rushing off to galas in Buckhead, these women do everything with style, drama and, of course, Southern flair.

Married to Medicine season 2, episode 13 airs June 29 at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo. Here is a preview:

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3 thoughts on “‘Married to Medicine’ Season 2, Episode 13: ‘From Courtroom to Catwalk’

  1. June Mccants says:

    I say keep the show but remove Quad. I believe in the first season one of the wives told Mariah Quad is bad for business. She is embarassing our black successful doctors wives. Her topic is always drama with Mariah who I think should be praised for thinking of her in relation to a JOB. When she started she sold medical products so why did she stop? Was it for fame of the lights?

  2. Bravo REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE QUAD. She is bad for the show. Ungrateful wanna be. She should thank Mariah.

  3. Kathleen Sue Turner Rogers says:

    Remove Quad….

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