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5 Black Celebrities Who Went To War With Their Parents Over Money


chris sue

Chris Warren

High School Musical star Chris Warren followed in the footsteps of his actress mother Brook Kerr, who’s best known for her role as Whitney Harris in television soap opera Passions. The young actor found his own success after starring in all three hugely successful High School Musical movies. However, Warren has not enjoyed the full benefits of his work because of what he claims is mismanagement of his money by his parents. He sued them, accusing his parents of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of his earnings from his childhood-acting roles.

Warren’s parents established a trust in 2001 to collect his compensation as a minor. When Warren turned 21 in 2011, he attempted to make a withdrawal from the trust, but according to TMZ, his parents refused to grant him access.

The young actor says his parents admitted to spending thousands from his trust on personal expenses, but refused to confirm how much was spent or remained in the account.

Last summer, a judge sided with Warren after his parents refused to answer to the suit. He was awarded $337,186.68.

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