‘Comb Her Hair’ Petition Created to Get Beyonce to ‘Properly Care’ for Blue Ivy’s Natural Hair

blue ivy jay zBeyonce’s 2-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, has caused chatter since birth about the numerous extravagant trips she has been on, her fashion style and, most of all, her natural hair, which has turned into a political conversation on social media sites.

Now, a petition has been created on Change.org, with Jasmine Toliver, a Brooklyn resident, asking that Blue Ivy’s hair gets properly cared for.

In her post, she writes, “As a woman who understands the importance of hair care. It’s disturbing to watch a child suffering from the lack of hair moisture. The parents of Blue Ivy. Sean Carter A.K.A Jay-Z and Beyonce has failed at numerous attempts of doing Blue Ivy Hair [sic]. This matter has escalated to the child developing matted dreads and lint balls. Please let’s get the word out to properly care for Blue Ivy hair.” While the petition, which was made earlier this week, has only 12 supporters, this is certainly not the first time Blue’s hair has become a point of contention.

Krishana Davis, an opinion writer for Jet magazine, pointed out in March that, historically, black hair has always been a sensitive topic, and she said that critics should leave Blue Ivy alone. Davis added that it is Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s decision not to manipulate their daughter’s hair into a more “aesthetically pleasing” look for the masses. (Blue Ivy has been wearing what some critics called a “wild” or “carefree” natural Afro style.)

One fan countered on a blog, “She is a celeb with fame and she brings her baby out in public. She is not exempt from discussion. We waited impatiently for her to stop covering her up so we could all comment. So now some don’t like what’s being said … If she doesn’t believe in or doesn’t want to take the time to do her baby’s hair, she is going to have to deal with the criticism.”

Another commenter said, “This isn’t about ‘good hair’ like people are trying to make it out to be. It’s about being and looking kempt or unkempt.”

Source: ibtimes.com

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