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32 thoughts on “Video: How Could Don Lemon and Morgan Freeman Be This Wrong About Race and Income Inequality?

  1. Celia Martinez says:

    "if you talk about it, it exists" !!?? We have to consider the source. This coming from Mr. "Driving Miss Daisy." The movie that received so much attention so I guess that means if you portray it, it exists also. Morgan knows better you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice if you really listen to him. He wants to keep his pathetic position in Hollywood and the truth will stop the movies, the money. He's a liar. The other one sounds so disconnected he is unworthy of comment right now other than to say, I personally believe that he (Lemon) is intentionally trying to be controversial to get more attention- more airtime. And he knows that the position he is taking will keep him on the air. Idiot

  2. Jean Guy Julien says:

    Listen.Black people are not just one big monolithic block.Black people do not have to always agree on everything and anything. that every other Black person says.These two men are in title to their opinions.I think what Morgan and Don are saying is that although there is still racism, it certainly doesnt have to same impact it had many years ago.This is not to say it does not exist anymore but i agree 100 % when he says it doesnt have to be the main topic of every conversation .Many of us go to the barricades as soon as some low life reporter comes out with a story where some douchebag racist used the N word.. Hello ? seriously ? You people are really shocked to find out that some racist uses racial slurs against Blacks when none are around ?.We also have to take responsibility for our actions.Blaming others, the system and slavery will certainly not improve our condition as a people. White people who were born and raised in the post segregation era and who went to school and colleges with Black folks do not feel any guilt or responsibility towards us.Why should they ? Are there people out there and institutions who practice corporate racism ? of course, but this is still no reason for anyone to study, work hard, follow their dream and try to make a good living for themselves and their family.I never hear Lationos,Asians,Native Americans or Arabs complain complain about racism as mucha as Black folks do.Get over it, because this constant marching and complaining is not achieving anything but annoy every other group out there.

  3. Doug Handy says:

    These commenters who do not see the fallacies of Morgan Freeman's and Don Lemon's views are just plain dumb. I guarantee Morgan and Don both have family members and once-upon-a-time friends and neighbors that they do not even acknowledge or relate to any longer because RACISM has kept those people from being as successful as their own personal elitist selves. Anyone who does not believe that racism always has and still does stand in the way of opportunity for people of color is just plain STUPID.

  4. Kris Fortuno says:

    This debate is moot. No matter the root of your responses, which tied in much more than what was relevant to this video, it is now irrelevant. You strengthen my argument of how blown out of proportion your interpretations are by the swiftness in which you can assume that I believe "blacks are lazy..not motivated..etc" without my inclusion of my own opinion on the matter. This is moot. I respect your views, despite narrowness of scope, but you've deemed the debate pointless. Well wishes.

  5. Sundiata Keita says:

    How Could Don Lemon and Morgan Freeman Be This Wrong About Race and Income Inequality?
    one puts a white mans phallus in his mouth every night and the other one drove Miss Daisy. any questions?

  6. Kris Fortuno says:

    A. You're making inaccurate assumptions about my stance
    B. I didn't mention motivation
    C. I didn't mention other blacks
    D. You're making assumptions

  7. Kris Fortuno says:

    Oh, and E. No one said race didn't play a role in American society. (It clearly does) Where you drew the implication to make it the focal point is beyond me. Your comments are for another topic.

  8. Linda Taylor says:

    "In any case, to each his own. I choose to see their perspectives in a motivating light." These are your words not mine. Motivate who? Also, you implied that resilency was what it would take for Morgan and Don to regain anything 'taken away, they would get it back.' Your words not mine. No acknowledgement of racism and inequality that prevents discrimination nor promotes povertt, The post is referring to race, more than likely Blacks. Blacks are who they are referring discussing. So my premises are that you are referring to Blacks, not other races. There was one post where you mentioned how other races' struggle in this country which is a deflection from the topic at hand.

  9. Kris Fortuno says:

    Oh wow. Yeah, you've misunderstood quite a bit if you misunderstood my statement that you chose to quote.

    Layman's: i choose to be motivated by the successes of these two minority men, as I am a minority as well. End.

  10. Kris Fortuno says:

    Racism is defined: the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior OR superior to another race or races.

    I hate to break it to you, miss, but racism is persisted not by views like mine, which are open, but by views that cling to distinction by the definition of the word "racism." Use it properly, please.

  11. Linda Taylor says:

    First of all, you are right that Morgan and Don are entitled to their opinions. Glad they are not representing the voices all Blacks. I agree with you that they think that racism doesn’t have the same impact that it had many years ago. The lynching has ceased, dragging Blacks from automobiles have lessened, we are not drinking from separate drinking fountains and using segregated bathrooms, schools are less segregated, and we don’t have to sit at the back of the bus like before.

  12. Linda Taylor says:

    Blacks are not profiled as much as before, education is less segregated, inequalities are less, discrimination in employment is less, housing segregation is less, the economic gap among the races are less, distribution of wealth is much better, health care has improved a little, voting rights have improved in America, incarceration of Blacks have decreased a little, and Jim Crow laws no longer exist.

  13. Linda Taylor says:

    The impact of race and racism is different. What should be the main topic when the above is still a problem as it was in the past? I don’t believe that anyone is surprised by racist slurs by some Whites. Why Blacks should we think that race doesn’t make a difference. It is very clear that there are some Whites that don’t care or feel any guilt about the treatment of Blacks in the past, present, or future.

  14. Linda Taylor says:

    You are right about Blacks taking responsibility and not allowing their efforts to be deterred by holding Whites responsible because of what was done to Blacks during slavery and Jim Crow era. It was a horrific time. Blacks should keep it moving. But I don’t think that they should ever get over it, they should never forget about it.

  15. Linda Taylor says:

    I’m sure Jews will not get over the holocaust and Native American will not get over incidents like the “Trail of Tears.” So why should Blacks get over their history of slavery, mistreatment, murder, discrimination, and racial assaults. Blacks are still impacted in these ways today. Forget about it, I don’t think Black should forget about anything when it continues to exist. If Blacks complaining or marching annoys other groups; oh well, maybe they are the ones that should get over it.

  16. Linda Taylor says:

    Maybe you should ask somebody what racism is.

  17. Linda Taylor says:

    Then you can be motivated by them. They can speak for you but are not the voice of all Black America. It must have been your sentence structure/composition.

  18. Neither Lemon nor Freeman is qualified to analyze such a complex subject, so I wonder why they were allowed or chosen to engage in a public discourse on the matter. Lemon came across as a lightweight journalist, while Freeman presented as an unenlightened celebrity. Neither is a sociologist or an economist or a historical psychologist. If one studies the question under analysis, one will find that race determines where one lives, where one receives basic schooling, the type and scope of health care one receives, and the level of human and managerial capital to which is exposed. Neither of these gentlemen appears to have a grip on these issues–which are ones of institutionalized racism. The institutionalizing of these issues makes them both insidious and pervasive. Bill Moyers and Danny Glover would have made a more credible team.

  19. Unfortunately, Lemon nor Freeman is qualified to intelligently engage in this particular conversation, being that both are obviously unschooled in issues that thrive on institutionalized racism. Note that neither is a historical psychologist or economist. Therefore, neither understands that race determines where one lives, the medical/health treatment one receives, the basic schooling one receives, and even the human and managerial capacity to which one is exposed. Tavis Smiley (or Charley Rose or Bill Moyers) would have been more appropriately prepared and could have been teamed with the likes of, say, Danny Glover. (I do wonder why, however, Lemon couldn't find an African-American CEO.)

  20. K Michelle Shaw says:

    Who cares what this chester thinks? LOL

  21. Trinity Brown says:

    Brian McMillen how about give back everything you whites have stolen, cheated and lied about. which is everything, you can't you know why, cause if you do you will be back in the caves killing your selves sleeping with dogs, so you see we could voice an opinion, but it's the facts that count

  22. Trinity Brown says:

    Brian McMillen how about give back everything you whites have stolen, cheated and lied about. which is everything, you can't you know why, cause if you do you will be back in the caves killing your selves sleeping with dogs, so you see we could voice an opinion, but it's the facts that count

  23. This 2014, isn't it time we move forward for a better America, or should we just to hate each other forever.

  24. Trinity Brown says:

    Brian McMillen I don't hate you, I pitty you cause looking at you, your age and ignorance say's your living a sorry life, that is so disconnected from reality that i actually feel sorry for you, so I'm gonna leave you here, I tend to reserve convocation to people of substance, your waste

  25. I pity you, because things won't get better until people decide to get better, You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink, I feel sorry you, and may God bless all of us.

  26. Deven Brown says:

    I believe what they are saying is "yeah racism exists but don't let it deter you from accomplishing your goals and dreams". If you are of a certain age and have not figured out the game and how to play it, perhaps there is something wrong with your mindset. So if someone could wave a magic wand and racism was wiped away, black people would suddenly accomplish all of their goals and dreams? Probably not. We would still waste time poisoning our minds with television. We would still be consuming far too much and saving far too little. Our kids would still be lagging behind because we haven't developed in them that innate desire to learn or better yet we haven't explained to them that being dumb is not cool. We would still be posting black women fighting on World Star. We would still be killing each other over blocks and streets when we don't even own the house we live in on that street.. I could go on and on talking about the problems we as black people have and never even touch on racism. Racism is just another obstacle that we are all well aware of. And we all know that it is not going away. So what do we do? We fix ourselves. Just like the tale of the talents out of the Bible. When you show that you can take care of the little things, you are given responsibility to take care of big things. Raise your standards and raise your expectations. What ever you have, take the best care of that you can. If you drive a bucket, do the routine maintenance and keep it clean. If you have a small house and sparse furniture, keep it clean, organized and filled with love and happiness. I remember this woman I knew when I was a kid living in the projects. I was friends with her younger brother and one day we stopped by to get some water. She made us kick our muddy shoes off and wash our feet at the spigot on the side of building before we came in. Man, we got inside and she had wall to wall carpet, a fly ass living room set and the incense or weed was burning because it smelled..good in there. This is in the projects mind you. Well after about six months, she moved out of those projects into a house she'd bought. The woman took care of what she had just like two of the men from the tale of the talents, and she got more responsibility or more stuff to take care of. So, black people, take care of what you have and take care of yourself. There are obstacles out there but they aren't big enough to stop you, unless you believe they are. Change your mindset…change your paradigm and live prosperous.

  27. Stephon Clay says:


  28. Benny Bryant says:

    He is right about the middle class being needed to stimulate the economy but after that statement he seems either lost…a sell out or both. He is wrong and blind on so many levels that as of right now I don't feel like typing that much to address this! If your not part of the solution Mr. Freeman than your part of the problem!

  29. Bev Cashen says:

    Our President referred only to those who were presenting themselves as "thugs", thugs. We all know that these types were not there to protest, they were there to act a fool, steal, and trying to destroy their own community, which is dumb. Thank GOD they were not the majority.
    Please be sure you thoroughly understand who Uncle Tom was before you try to degrade others by calling them an Uncle Tom. Your statement only serves to prove that you are a follower who screams loud but does nothing to help to honestly change things.
    We ALL have different opinions. Stop the ignorant name calling, and belittling simply because their opinion differs from yours!

  30. Smid Ball says:

    I will chalk this up to them wanting to continue to keep making those dollars by keeping their job`s by not upsetting the powers that be. I have watched racism dam near make MLB participation worse than the 1950`s. It`s systemic and invisible to the average eye. The first step isn't denial, its to acknowledge.

  31. Stephon Clay says:

    First BEV,,the President,,just like urself dont see the doublestandard here..IF he doesnt call lying racist clowns thats waving shotguns n rifles at him from only yards away from where he n his family lay there heads y nmes then why cant he choose that same kind of tactfulness when it comes to Black People?in case u havnt noticed, he always avoid calln anyone else but us citizens.And as for me knowing anything about an uncle tom,,ur right,the real problem was with Sambo.i

  32. Stephon Clay says:

    BEV –FIRST ,, I wont call YOU a TOM because we know you really are the SAMBO..It, s ALWAYS people like YOU who would always defend statements that degrade BLACK PEOPLE but when OTHERS,, WHITE OR OTHERWISE stand outside the whitehouse waving CONFEDERATE FLAGS AND DAMN GUNS,,, THAT,, Don't seem to bother YOU or the PREZZ at all.I bet you even know some people who talk to you wearing that garbage on their clothes and you stand their with your head bowed and just smile..The President of the United States Barrack Obama has NEVER called ANYONE ELSE in this country anything else BUT citizens,, YET he can always find some kind of critisizm and name-calling for BLACK PEOPLE..He OR YOU didn't seem to notice the WHITE KENTUCKY STUDENTS who rioted after a DOGGON BALLGAME! Why don't you mention THAT? Or mention the white biker gang who killed 9 people after shooting up a parking lot in Texas? Everyone that's came to this country has rioted,, EVERYONE,, The big difference is that unlike everyone else,, BLACK PEOPLE never went into anyone elses neighborhood and burned THEIR HOMES an property down like ours has been for the past 150 years! So stop acting as if BEING BLACK is all a person need to be VIOLENT..Behind every EFFECT they, rs a CAUSE..People like YOU don't know that..Don Lemon and Morgan Freeman and YOU can continue to run and dodge the racism and police brutality and unquality in America,, but the World knows the truth..

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