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201 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What These White South Africans Are Doing Because They Are Afraid of Black People

  1. Rod Gray says:

    In a country where they are invaders! Mauraders! Immigrants! A virus the sheer arrogance of white people continues to amaze me.

  2. Lesley Smith says:

    – and for the past 100 years you left YOUR side and are swarming all over Europe and America. So- we go back to our side- your people across Europe and America to YOUR side- capish? Good- start phoning Oprah, Wesley Snipes, Will Smith-, Morgan Freeman , Rihanna,and the rest to get the hell out of America.

  3. Lesley Smith says:

    Sbusiso Mntambo – WHO taught you the skills? WHO brought you cars, cell phones, computers, electricity, hospitals, medicine, modern buildings, airplanes, machinery- even the guns you kill each other wit- to your "rich" country? WHO taught you abot minerals, who showed you how to work machinery, who taught you all the modern skills? O…I forgot- IT was the great "Rafiki" in Lion King that did all these wonders. If the white man pulls out of Africa, stop food aid, stop medicines and funding- WHOOOOPS- back you go to clan wars, donkeys and ape hunting!

  4. John Dennis says:

    Tell you what man, some of these guys commenting on here are a few sandwiches short of a picnic basket!!

  5. Lol white nation huh? Biased much?

  6. Lesley Smith says:

    They will- if you could organize Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, 50 cents, La Toya Jackson and ALL the millions of Africans to clear Europe and America and come back to join you in the donkey rides- for if whites pull out- back for you to grass huts, no electricity, hospitals, roads, electricity, plastic hair, white skin lightener, watches,cell phones, medicine, machinery, cars, airplanes, food programs, etc,etc…..just like it was before they came here- AND western MONEY. First go and invent your own alphabet – and show a couple of modern inventions YOU invented before you start talking crap. Without the white man feeding you- you are HISTORY-not even GUNS to shoot each other in your clan wars!

  7. John Dennis says:

    That vido shows a minority within a minority, within a minority. Most white people laugh at guys like that!! They are morons. But you are an even bigger moron for posting stupid messages like this. If you see a light at the end of the tunnel, you are looking at a train heading your way bud! Things in South Africa are going to get worse for everybody unless this stoopid government wakes up and starts running the country like it should!! WTF man, this government is keeping the majority of the poorest stupid and uneducated. Did you know that they dumped school textbooks by the 1000s rather than delivering them to black schools where students were waiting to study?
    The world needs to catch a wake up and start seeing whats going on in South Africa. Come live here for a while before you start making stupid fucking comments on a subject that you know absolutely nothing about!!

  8. John Dennis says:

    What if the shoe was on the other foot…. If white Africans should leave South Africa, then why don't you leave America and go back to Africa? You know what, you've gotten on my nerves but not because you're black, but because you're an idiot!!

  9. John i do not care if i m on you nerve. I dont know you and my sun still will shine.I thought it was funny because how can you move a whole race of people. white people for years have said we need to go back to africa im not going never been ,there might go on vacation. I might be an idiot to you but to me you a WD

  10. John Dennis says:

    So if you dont wanna go back, why should they go back to where they came from. And what is a WD?

  11. Soulful Rebel Mugabe, is the president of Zimbabwe, right next to SA, only Nzingha ruled rwo countries, ever in the history of the world. I wish he could get in there he would take care of business. He was tough in his younger years, he was right out there with them, their guerilla leader, when they blew up a shell plant in Zimbabwe, probably over thirty years ago, that is when the whites knew they had hell on their hand, they took their country back, that is about as plain and simple as I can put it. I have good news, there are younger people in Zimbabwe, he has taught very well, when President Mugabe move to be with the ancestors, nothing will change when he goes. Long live President Mugabe.

  12. Your on BlackStar……….

  13. John Dennis says:

    And your sheer stupidity and ignorance is awesomely amazing! 🙂

  14. Lordwick Leutle I am not clear on what you are saying? Are you saying the government is buying land from the invaders, and giving it to blacks? If that is what you are saying, I have not heard of such a thing. I would like to confirm this, for my information, and if they are doing this, that is unbelievable.

  15. I am not from africa like i said so why should i go back…

  16. nasleroy6th Yea what's up with the bounty increase on Assata, you realize she is in her upper sixties.

  17. Sol Pratt says:

    Jesus was black. He was a Hebrew.Hebrews are mix-blood of Hebrews and black Nubians of Egypt at the time. 60 Hebrews entered into Egypt,most of whom were males, but left 430 years later,about 3 million in number. Can men reproduce?
    His grand-father King Solomon said that he was black,why can he have black blood ?

  18. Lordwick Leutle says:

    Nzingha Shabaka You are correct.South African Government is buying the land form the invaders using Billions of Rands.We are landless in our country of birth as Black people in South Africa.Forget about the myth of freedom and democracy as spread by the western media who are praising Mandela merely because he didin't want to do the honest thing like Robert Mugabe in Zimbwabwe where the land is owned by Zimbwabweans!

  19. John Dennis says:

    You madam, lack the courage of your conviction!! Well done, I knew you were a hypocrite! 😉 I'll bet you even have white friends and talk like this about them behind they're backs! Right?

  20. Your so smart and im a idiot figure it out..

  21. Lordwick Leutle says:

    John Dennis Talking is cheap,land and economy of South Africa is still in the hands of few whites.I am South African and knows exactly what am talking about!

  22. Lordwick Leutle says:

    The black people in South Africa were sold by "Nelson Mandela".Research Codesa negotiations in South Africa and you will have an idea of why we have this kind of shit.

  23. No John i dont have white friends i know a few, courage i have i lve in the south. You call me all the names you want to like i said you dont know me..i live every day with a white man judgeing me and one more will not kill me….

  24. John Dennis says:

    I dont totally agree with your comment but I'm not disputing that. Thats not the point im trying to make here. Land reform and distribution is a whole different animal to deal with. Come on man, you cannot think that the ANC is doing a good job in running this country and building it up. You know what?! Imagine the whites werent in south africa anymore and the ANC was running the country the way it is. Would you or the majority stand for crap like that? Honestly, tell me honestly?!

  25. Lordwick Leutle, you are so right about Mandela, during the negotiations, Mandela and his party agreed to dismandle their nuclear weapons, SA would have been the only black country in the world with nuclear weapons. But no, they could not allow nuclear weapons in the hands of blacks. Look how Zuma is supporting the mine coorporation, against the black, they shoot down 34 blacks mine workers a couple of years ago, just for stricking, and protesting low wages. They have been on strick this time for about four months, as their families starve. Even their own union boss is working against them. It is a powder keg, ready to pop. I hope the racist coorporation do the right thing and pay them decent wages, I do not want to see what may happened this second time around. Blood will flow down the streets of SA.

  26. John Dennis says:

    No white friends? Well, maybe if you did you would understand a bit better. I have a few black friends and proud of it and proud of them for achieving what they have. I might be a WD (im thinking there's a negative connotation to that abbreviation) but at least I'm not like you 😉 Good luck

  27. Andy Carter says:

    Nzingha Shabaka and tell me were is zim now im third generation south african born and breed same as any coloured you talk about

  28. Jannie Calitz If it had not been for blacks, Europe would be a thrid world continent. Actually it is not a continent, on the same land mass with Asia. Europe is resource poor, that is why they decided to take other people stuff. You cannot believe what you are saying, you know that is not true, blacks were building, teaching, being very progressive, before the invaders, and colonizers (Arabs, and Europeans) came, everybody knows this. Look at Kemet, Nubia, and many other countries, black ciivilization highly florishing, when others had not even came on the scene. For your own information, please do not believe me if you want, google "History of Science and Technology in Africa", this will be from European/whites source, this will make you feel a little bit more comfortable reading it.

  29. Thank you why do i have to have white friend. That does not make me a bad person and i do understand better than you.I grew up all my life with white people and not all of them feel like you and good for your few black friends and I am glad im not you… and for your luck ,you need it 😉

  30. Hotep N Fabo says:

    John Dennis You sound like the typical white guy who is mad at black south Africans for being more successful than whites and for taking back their country. When whites had the power in SA, blacks lived in despicable conditions. And now you have the audacity to complain when the wheels are turned? Shame on you, this is just the beginning. We wont stop until there is none of you left in our land. You can go in the forest and toy with all kind of guns you want we are ready for you. I suggest you go and do what you know best. Scream all over you medias about SA being the "rape and murder capital of the world". Same thing happened in Zimbabwe, when Mugabe was puppet, he was your best friend. Now that he turned against you, you compare him as hitler in you western media. You fucking looser, go cry until you die!

  31. The programme maker is a very special kind of idiot. A 'useful idiot'

  32. John Dennis says:

    Idiot!!!! Only an idiot would say something like that

  33. John Dennis says:

    Ignorance is bliss dude!!!:-)

  34. John Dennis says:

    Africa or America?

  35. Deon George Luyt says:

    The current President Zuma singing about killing whites :

  36. Andy Carter You know where it is. All because of sanctions against Zimbabwe, by the US and her allies, because President Mugabe is trying to get his people property back from colonizers. I do not refer to Africans or any people with color, as colored.

  37. John Dennis says:

    Nah man, I'm not mad. In fact I'm mega supportive of the whole issue. What pisses me off though is that you are so ignorant!!!! Black people have been ruling South Africa for 20 years and the country has gone backwards and majority of black people now live in worse conditions than under the old white government. In fact, if you talk to a few black people you will hear them say they preferred living under the apartheid government cause they were safer and had a more stable lifestyle. Look man, you can spout all about this shit you want, but you are wrong. Majority of white people want to live in peace with black people. But don't sit there and write about Mugabe being some fucking hero. He killed thousands of black people!! Go on, deny that!!

  38. John Dennis says:

    How fucking misguided are you guys!!! Nobody is spending billions. That's cause only a few farms were bought by the government.

  39. Andy Carter says:

    Nzingha Shabaka zim used to be the and garden for the world and now under his rule they cant even feed themselfs

  40. Rod Gray says:

    Well to bad I sure love to amaze assholes!

  41. Rod Gray says:

    You are not native to that land!

  42. Barj Cor says:

    Maxjulian – no religion can make blacks equal to the White man. Blacks have all of Africa and you live like savages and create NOTHING. What do you expect from the rest of the world? You are responsible for the conditions of your lives. White people are not to blame. Stop whining and playing the victim.

  43. Barj Cor says:

    Maxjulian – no religion can make blacks equal to the White man. Blacks have all of Africa and you live like savages and create NOTHING. What do you expect from the rest of the world? You are responsible for the conditions of your lives. White people are not to blame. Stop whining and playing the victim.

  44. Barj Cor says:

    Lesley Smith I started to try to debate here but honestly how can you discuss anything with these morons? Why do you bother? Average IQ 70. There is no evidence that Africa ever discovered the wheel.

  45. Barj Cor says:

    John Dennis Now Dennis we don't want black people to disappear from the Earth because White people done did them in.

  46. Barj Cor says:

    John Dennis Now Dennis we don't want black people to disappear from the Earth because White people done did them in.

  47. Barj Cor says:

    We prefer Saltines if you don't mind.

  48. Lesley Smith says:

    Sbusiso Mntambo -Pffft…..meeeoowww!!! You're forgiven- nobody's perfect!!

  49. Lesley Smith says:

    Yip- never a dull moment!

  50. John Dennis Why are you calling names? We are only speaking about , and reacting to what happened to black people by whites, just exactly what would you say, or how would you feel, if that happened to you and your people?

  51. Thank you Nzingha Shabaka they want to take credit for everything.

  52. Arabs was the first Slaver on black people. I am sure if religion made any difference in people lives for the good..So far it is mostly evil both christianity and Islam

  53. Anonymous says:

    Andy Carter

    Garden for the world? What stupid white fantasy are you talking about? It's also more easy to feed yourself (white people) if you subjugate the majority population for your own benefit. Much more difficult when you even the playing field. Damn near impossible with sanctions on top of that.

    And there were many large civilizations in Zimbabwe before europeans showed up that fed themselves just fine. So there must be something else at play don't you think?

  54. Tamara Hart says:

    The ANC are corrupt- elected to office for that reason.

  55. Lesley Smith i dont know them personally but im pretty sure we wouldnt be on the back of a donkey when we vacation in Africa. And why should i go back to africa im more American than you and the grass hut funny i dont like camping but i bet you do. Skin whitener i dont need it and the way yall stay in the sun and get so dark you use it and your food progams have more poor whites on it now and no im not on your programs. No i haven't invented anything have you.It seems like you need a little BLACK HISTORY, cellular phone invented by a black man name Henrey T .Sampson. Here is a few more look them up.The first small pox inoculation was done by Onesimus before Eropeans had any medical knowledge. Granville T.Woods, George Edward Alcorn, Willard H.Bennet, Norman K.Bucknor, John Christion, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Joycelyn Harrison.This is just a few its more this should keep you busy. Lesley why are you so angry something tragic must of happend in your childhood…

  56. Lesley Smith get the fuck out of africa plan and simple

  57. Constantine Taylor says:

    Lordwick Leutle if talk is so cheap, where is your phone bill?

  58. Mohamed Hassan says:

    Soulful Rebel Brother i am not Arab i am African from east Africa and religion has nothing to do with where u come from … respect equality justice is what Islam teach is … don't judge from what ppl do as not all followers of any religion are obedient. I believe in that and I don't hate any one matter fact i love u all as my brothers because that is how my parent raise me and that's how Allah told me to treat every one regardless what they believe and how they look or their color ..
    (watch this plz)

  59. Constantine Taylor says:


  60. How do you view the Muslims in Sudan who are enslaving their non Muslim brothers and Sisters..Thats the ultimate evil..Thats where Islam gone wrong..

  61. Mohamed Hassan says:

    I see it as something against Islam and humanity … I don't know u and I am still calling you a brother I wish if u see me and every one like that because as humans we are all brothers and seeking truth is what we should do instead of calling each other evel .. I am sorry if that is your view of Islam but if you want to talk about something You need to research about it instead of judging from what u see in media as media in every country try to view the other as evel …

  62. John Dennis says:

    Are you living in africa?

  63. John Dennis says:

    Not at all. How did you you come up with that? Have I said anything negative against black people as a group on here?

  64. John Dennis says:

    Smithlovy….. wake up and smell the coffee dude. What sections were in place before white people showed up. Why could people feed themselves before sections and not during sections? Why does a black man oppress his black people more than white men use to? Why is Zimbabwe in such a tight spot now? Sanctions? No buddy. Cause the country is run by an asshole called Robert Mugabe. And you can play the blame game as much you like. But you know and I know and the rest of the world should know, doesn't matter if you're white black, rule a country correctly and things will work well. Run the country like an asshole, and things are gonna get messy!!

  65. John Dennis says:

    You're doing a superb job! Gold star for you!

  66. Soulful rebel where do you get that falsehood from that Arabs were the first enslavers of blacks?

  67. Do you not know the first Arabs were of African descent , you have to be kidding me ,we all know the prophet Muhammad wasn't arab …….

  68. Please show and prove that our people called them selves black other then describing their selves ,they never identify with being black……… who are you?

  69. Jammer , maar hierdie sogenaamde selfgemaakte kommendante is die oorsaak dat van ons jong mense in tronke sit vir hoogverraad. hulle is nie leiers se agterente nie. om 15 jong seuns so te breinspoel is n skande. Wie is jy, wat is jy?

  70. Tumelo Maja says:

    People need to stop seeing Africa as a continent of countries, remember that these divisions were brought about by invaders/ colonisers. Africa is one, and is for africans. Europe is for Europeans; China is for Chinese e.c.t Being born in a place or living in it for a long time does not make you part of the family, invaders cannot claim to be Africans, even if its been centuries since the arrival of their ancestors. Their history says it well, WE ARE NOT THE SAME

  71. What a load of KAK !!!!

  72. useful for what?

  73. Rod Gray says:

    Jannie my man ur forefathers crawled out of caves an holes in the ground please!

  74. They do this as their "president Zuma, Nelson Mandela collectively with the African National Congress and other extremist "black" groups threatened to kill them all. They have in the past 20yrs killed and tortured many thousands of white people, concentrating mostly on farmers, old people and women.
    Google it and study.

  75. and why are all the Africans in the north are flewing to Italy and Europe

  76. Marzuq Peace says:

    Lesley Smith we were in american first aswell..research olmec civilization and the black native americans..thank you.

  77. Andy Carter says:

    whites arn't afraid of the blacks in south africa they are sick of all the killing of white farmers under the anc. genocide is genocide wether its black on black or black on white white on black the killing has to stop

  78. @ Constantine taylor haha I know truth sucks hay

  79. Another 'You wont believe' bullshit headline.

  80. Yet the Arabs don't like blacks because they treat us just like the white man . Don't hide behind all that Islam talk you are the same as the white man and the indian.

  81. It is true in ZIM the land belongs to the blacks and what is growing their fuckal

  82. John Dennis says:

    Ingrid, I hear what you're saying, and I agree that it's being looted. But I'm not going anywhere. South Africa is where I was born, it's my country and I love it. I've already been chased out if to find work elsewhere and I spend most of the year away from my home and my family. I did leave South Africa, I was forced to cause there was nothing for me as a young man. I've been disadvantaged, I've suffered under racism, I've been abused and spat on because of the color of my skin. I've had friends killed because they were white and I have had black friends killed because they tried to help whites. But through all that, South Africa is still my home and I will do anything to try and get all this shit to stop. Attitudes like 90% of the people on here, is not helping though.
    So I guess what I'm trying to say is, the whites aren't going anywhere and in Europe the blacks aren't going anywhere, the Indians aren't going back to Asia, the Chinese aren't going to go back to china etc etc. get over yourselves (everybody on all sides of the color divides) and get on with life.

  83. John Dennis says:

    You are homo-sapien too

  84. cool we whirl leave but we will destroy everything we build ,mines schools dams roads buildings ext. ingandla icl.

  85. John Dennis says:

    Wha ha ha ha!!! I knew you were gonna refer to un-trusty white sources. Get over yourself!!

  86. Cool with me i do not live in Africa…

  87. John Dennis says:

    They brought themselves of course! Duh!!! Yes, ok, they did bad shit! In fact, they did terrible things and probably changed the course of everything through their actions. I don't agree with it, and that shit should never have happened, but it did! And now what? Must I be punished for something that my great grand father

  88. John Dennis says:

    Nzinga if only you knew. All that stuff is going on in South Africa. To my people, to the black people. By white against white, black against black, black against white, white against black. Everybody is at each other's throat. But do me and yourself a favor. Don't just go and believe information because it is printed in a paper with the name Atlanta black star. Don't take my word for it even. If you are really as passionate about this topic as you make out to be, then go and do the research for yourself. And remember, there is always 2 sides to a story!

  89. This boy need to get a life!!!!!

  90. Tumelo Maja says:

    Irvine A Mabaso Its time to rise

  91. Irvine A Mabaso says:

    Tumelo Maja He is wasting resources!!

  92. Dmax Lomax says:

    I was just about to say the same thing.

  93. Lesley Smith You and your silly, racist history.

  94. Hannes Coetzee Help us out here. When it comes to African history, and it goes farther back than you can imagine. I am eager to learn. Tell us what point are you trying to make, tell me anything, I'll see if I can agree, or not agree.

  95. Nzingha, you've got internet look it up and I said people, not all people

  96. Michael West says:

    Actually, they are the descendents of people, some of whom did invade and, others immigrated. Some did maraud, perhaps (but only the marauders) and, such. South Africa is rife with crime and, when white reactionary Afrikaners see their "kin" slaughtered by black criminal gangs, they tend to think it as a racial attack. Based on the video, they see themselves as defensive in nature. In that way, they are not much different than the Black Panthers, who wanted to protect their people from a hostile culture. These folk in the video seem to be less than 100 and, most likely, live rural, lower middle class lives. They aren't really any threat to the larger society, unless they would be attacked. Based on much of the comments, this video was likely put up to get the black progressives up in a 2 minute hate, much like videos on new Black Panthers are put up on other sites to get the white conservatives into a 2 minute hate.

  97. Robert Wade says:

    don't like crackers…no joke. all white folks aint crackers, you know who you are

  98. Robert Wade says:

    Barj Cor poly want a saltine? don't think so son

  99. Robert White What are you saying, most on here speaks the European language. Are you saying something offensive to blacks? Do not hide behind your words, say what you want so everyone can understand.

  100. Noble Yahssa-El Dey says:

    Theres no type of people as White South African… LMAO… hes the decentent of Brit-ish colonizers…!!!

  101. John Dennis I can appreciate you trying to get me to understand if there is something I do not know, however, there is one thing we both can agree, the country was taken from blacks, there country, and misused and abused in the process, and still are mistreated, blacks want to control their own country so that they may be progressive, and move the African race forward, that is not going to happen as long as whites continue to control the economy, everything else, practically. I see blacks suffering, there are no whites suffering, most live the good life.

  102. Michael West says:

    Some whites control the economy. The middle and, lower middle class and, those in the squatter camps do not. I owe a mortgage, but those who sit at the top of the mortgage company do not .

  103. Thomas van Schoor You care to repeat that … you said, we built everything. Did you mean to say that, you did not do anything, your folks came in with their weapons of mass destruction, and took over, used South Africans resources, free labor, everything was built by African people, everything, their resources, and their blood sweat and tears, on their land. So everything you claim that belong to whites, ain't so. Is it? There is only one other group who went around doing what Europeans did. The Arabs. No other group of people on the planet, went around killing other people, taking their land, and enslaving the people. No body else but whites, and Arabs. Your Alexander the great murderer, went around doing it as a hobby or fun. Here is the killing thing, whites and others calling African people violent, and wanting something for nothing. That is exactly what whites did, and still do, do you think we don't know this?

  104. Chinedu Osuagwu says:

    Nothing new here!! Same old hatred,fear,paranoia and bigotry!! Problem is black/African folks are aware of it but keep pretending it's going to all go away,some way,some how and then we would all hold hands and live happily ever after!! Well this video is a wake up call for those of us who keep hoping and wishing for that to happen!! We are so quick to get comfortable and lackadaisical about true reality until it's too late and they are killing black folks like chicken,then we want to childishly beg a white god to save us!!

  105. Carlos Abreu says:

    Black people need to learn, sometimes we gotta fight fire with fire.
    @Nzingha Shabaka, Very well put. Congratulations…!

  106. Lesley Smith says:

    حقهىؤث بشهسشم حقهىؤث بشهسشم CORRECTION-The Siox INDIANS was there first- the black negroid race is indigenous to Africa,

  107. Lesley Smith says:

    Rod Gray That must be why 80% of you still reside in squatter camps and 3rd world standards- we got up to your swings and bumped you into the feces- karma is a bitch eh?

  108. حقهىؤث بشهسشم حقهىؤث بشهسشم says:

    Lesley Smith correction- lucia skull and her ancestors before there known habitation predates all indian culture to 50,000 while soux migration is 30,000..the kennewick man was of european ice age abstract and only found in americas to only 9,000 years is the home to all blacks who later migrated out of africa and made habitations in other regions before other races..u can find us in asia, australia,americas. there are many different types of black people phenotype but they all are direct descendants of the original africans(black race).. were one of the races that produces a diversity of black phenotypes..there is no one type phenotype that fits all..i say this with respect and not to look down on you as i find the european race history just as amazing.

  109. John Dennis says:

    Oh… Ingrid, just so by the by, the Khoi-San people were in South Africa first before blacks.

  110. John Dennis says:

    No they werent Tumelo. Those devisions were only probably put on paper by white folk. Tribal boundaries existed years and years before the arrival of europeans.

  111. John Dennis says:

    Why dont you pay attention in English class at school, yo!!

  112. Allyson Ogston says:

    Maxjulian – you are wrong. You are so wrong. This is sad on so many levels. I am just left speechless at the ignorance that comes from both sides. What is wrong with us?? 🙁

  113. Sundiata Keita says:

    "most of the other people of the world, did not believe in creating weapons of mass destruction, to go around the world using them against other people, to create these empires, they go around bragging that they created" – great point

  114. Lesley Smith They were made to do for Europeans, as Europeans enjoyed their resources. You could have easily answered that question for yourself.

  115. Lesley Smith I am moving to get you off here. You come on a black site and use racial slurs against us. You are a good example why, they should put every last one of those white SA out of the country. Just damn arrogant and racist. I believe you said you have a black friend. I wonder what black wish to be friends with you. You have crossed the line now buddy, if you don't leave, I sure in the hell will be off here. This will be my last response or comment to you. You miserabe, racist white boy.

  116. Keti Subasevski says:

    We all have the same color blood…

  117. You are such a idiot haha "we didnt ask for it" if the white man leaves south africa you are fucked, you need us, look at zimbabwe, you need us and you can deny it all u like but its the truth, we produce the food you eat, we create the jobs and if a day comes and we are gone, you'll ask europe and usa for help because you need food, these "invaders" are an asset to u

  118. Louis Heydenrych says:

    You blacks are moaning all day long like a old woman with a wet panty ! , and talking about racism? What I read here you blacks are the biggest racist on mother earth ! what the fuck is your problem ? Get your education like the white people do and work hard and things will fall in place for you ! Do not sit around and talk shit all day long !!!!

  119. Philippe NoirClover Cambridge says:

    Lesley Smith and people from Europe went over to America and took that from the natives by force so why don't you start phoning everyone and tell them to get the hell out and give the natives their land back capish?

  120. Hotep N Fabo says:

    Allyson Ogston Religion was created thousands of years ago during the Nubian empire in east Africa. A part of the name of the king who made religion official is Amen. When they created religion it wasn't their intention to use it against people. When white people discovered it they realize the effect it can have on people so they manipulate the writings and used it against people. The reason why blacks are so religious is the fact that we made religion it was made to bring people together. The only way a black person should be religious is by abandoning this version of religion and go back to it original version. All pictures of white jesus should be burnt because its so misleading.

  121. Ricky Negus says:

    Lesley Smith call me what you like you don't know me. As far as im concerned you can go to hell. When you start paying my bills then you can come and say something about me until then get the fuck out my face.

  122. Ricky Negus says:

    John Dennis lol why didn't you pay attention during grammar lessons. Its why didn't you not why don't you. lol you dumb as hell. Your ignorance is amusing. Next time you wanna check some body else's english, make sure yours is in tact first Jackass.

  123. Akey Tenhut says:

    they didn't come by means of slavery, they came by means of GREED…so why build armies when u could go home and leave south africa..smh..euros kill me with there recessive philosophies lack of wisdom

  124. Akey Tenhut says:

    blacks cant be racist you idiot! W ARE THE DAMN RACE!!!.

  125. Akey Tenhut says:

    John Dennis smh…did Europeans come to south africa by way of slavery?? IF not why did they come then and why are they still there? blacks in america have every right to be in america..If u had a basic understanding of history u would realise we built the american economy for free…what would the americas be without all the damn slaves they took and USED!!! WE have PLENTY of reimbursement DUE! this is why unity on a massive scale has been impossible..Africans will simply have to realise that something recessive is not progressive enough to understand common sense of right and wrong. you think its just chance that europeans are number one in the world with infertility…you people better wake up and realize what you're dealing with and what u have done overall as a MAJORITY!! something isn't right in the kool aid with u people at all at the end of the day..look at what the hell your saying and actually think about it. ITs uneducated silent racist like you that are the biggest problem in europe..and its a problem that nature seems to agree must go

  126. Akey Tenhut says:

    Lesley Smith i prefer dumb ass racist like yourself. as ignorant as your obviously are, at least your honest and not scared to share your feelings…the problem with your premise is those CELEBRITIES you named ARE ALL DESCENDANTS of african SLAVES your barbaric people used and continue to use as CHATTEL and tax slaves!! WE deserve any form of success we can make from this man made money mess. I will admit , blacks played a huge part in their own enslavement by selling our own in many cases but after working for free for hundreds of yrs, tribute should be paid to us period BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! Whites in south africa have no reason to be there other than GREED! so you're comparing apples to oranges. YOU HAVE listed alot of stuff that would leave if europeans left africa, you said no skin whitener, guns, or plastic hair, or hospitals, ect…but you forgot a few things…before europeans, there was NO DISEASES, NO FAKE MONEY, NO NEED FOR COURTS OR JAILS, NO STARVING OR POVERTY, ect…so yes if they leave i hope they take everything they brought to africa because our mothers and fathers THRIVED for millions of yrs without it…way before a EURO was in SIGHT!!! also you speak ignorance about medicine…the best medicine still comes from africa and always has…africa doesn't have a MOSTLY HEALTHY POPULATION of 1.3 BILLION people DUE TO EUROPEAN HOSPITALS because few can go to those death traps …we see the obi, and herb doctor in the bush that runs circles around allopathic ignorance.

  127. Akey Tenhut says:

    lol…ignorance…proud to be recessive. LMAO

  128. Akey Tenhut says:

    Barj Cor sick lil white boy that knows nothing and in the process says nothing….Im really getting sick of recessive ignorance..i know u people cant help it but damn its getting old.

  129. John Dennis says:

    Ricky Negus Whatever bud…. Using words like crakka and afrakka is just plain stupid.

  130. John Dennis says:

    Ete Eka Isnt that the way it should be?

  131. Louis Heydenrych says:

    Akey Tenhut please do not feel sorry for yourself ! You people do nothing in America and only sits around and smoking dope all day long ! You do not know shit about South Africa ! You do not even know where on the world map it is you idiot ! All you can do is murder and rape white people ! Lift your ass and start doing something meaningful . There is something wrong with your black peoples mind !

  132. Lesley Smith says:

    Ricky Negus – There will b no spave in hell for me Negus- u racist lot will be occupying all the space. Payingyour bill- U LOT GET EVERYTHING FOR FREE- ON THE WHITE TAXPAYER'S GRANT!

  133. Lesley Smith says:

    Noble Yahssa-El Dey – Comes to show you also had to do your G7 TWICE to obtain a matric certificate- your 4 best years in school was in the Gr.2 history class- and still u r delusional. U know f-all about the white SA history idiot!

  134. Lesley Smith says:

    -and that is where it stop- the difference come in the DNA composition.

  135. Lesley Smith says:

    Akey Tenhut -Better than proud to b beggars.

  136. Akey Tenhut says:

    Louis Heydenrych wow..even though most of the rapes and murders ARE CAUSED by euros…recessive misguided idiots like yourself don't even get under my skin. you talking about the world maps VIEW of africa as if its accurate! LMAO..dude u dont even know who the hell u are or where u come from..if you think black people can be racist your an idiot, and its as simple as that..Blacks can be hateful Just like recessive people like u, but since the only RACE is BLACK, and all others are SUB groups of that black race, being black omits u from that equation genius..its funny how educated the majority of europeans i come across believe themselve to be, and they don't know shit about race or culture…you know nothing about your beginning. ANd instead of paying homage to those who laid the foundation for everything you hold valuable, you spit and curse your genetic parents..smh and thats why you people are in the current situation you are in…say what you want about africans and african americans, but we are thriving just find in both places on the most part..almost 2 billion strong world wide and projected to hit close to 4 billion in 20 or 30 yrs…even after 100's of millions of us have been killed in genocidal conditions. Looks like some of us are really suppose to be here….life is a numbers game so how many of your people are actually alive?? how long until you reach endangered? the black man can sit around smoke dope and sing all day if he wants, nature is dealing with your kind just find without our help;)… friend…this is your genetic parent speaking and im gonna need u to respect your superiors. lol

  137. You just called me ignorant for being proud of the color of my skin, you are a racist, when ever some one tells me they are proud of thier skin color, i respect them for empowering it, i expected more from an educated American, where discrimination is taken seriously

  138. Louis Heydenrych says:

    Akey Tenhut you are a sick mother fucker , all that dope is not good for your brain ! get help !

  139. Akey Tenhut says:

    Lesley Smith you are a beggar….you beg for air every five minutes, food and water atleast once a day..the difference between us is the reccessive condition is much stronger in your kind when the orginal blacks genetically created you. Im assuming you two know that Whites are GENETIC RECESSIVE CHILDREN of blacks. smh lol. Its hard to see the full picture when your born naturally sensory blind and disconnected from everything thats real.

  140. Noble Jahlil Amir Bey says:

    Truth be told Europeans are not indigenous to no land mass , African Moors inhabited Europe before you pale Albion people, the closer we move to the sun the closer you vanish from the Hue Man family ………… You know this to be ,listen to what your scientist tell you……….

  141. Akey Tenhut says:

    Louis Heydenrych you are the one who thinks black people are raping and killing white people all the time! you are the one born Physically challenged by default…and you think i need help?lol ..i know its hard to deal with facts…i mean who wants to except the fact they are genetically recessive and unfit…any creator thats ALLERGIC to the damn SUN has bigger problems on their hand then a black man like myself will ever have to deal with. .. i think you need to take a european genetics course. and study up modern and historical crime from the most murderous sub group of people known to ever live called europeans. maybe then you could respond with some level of understanding but i clearly see i'm way over your head! and its ok, everytime i talk to one you i run circles around u…:) know what they say about africans and long distance running lol

  142. John Dennis says:

    Jeremy Schofield If youre saying the video and the contents are a load of kak, I fully agree!!

  143. John Dennis says:

    Akey Tenhut. Whats up with all this recessive condition crap? You yourself are one of those. Surely not of the same calibur as the original human beings. Were all getting more useless. You included dude!!

  144. John Dennis says:

    Tamara Hart for what reason?

  145. John Dennis says:

    Tamara Hart What do you really know of Islam? And I mean REALLY know of Islam?

  146. John Dennis says:

    Tommy Visagie And True!!

  147. Akey Tenhut says:

    Etienne Pretorius i called you ignorant because your freaking ignorant! lol. you're not white, you're pinkish. Africa creates more albinos than any other place on the planet!! MAjority of those children ARE WHITE! so if you wanna see real white all you have to do is look up a albino child. thats white!! i know u mean white as a cultural construct but this thread is about how misguided europeans who lost their sense of direction when it comes to knowing where home is, are taking up arms to kill natives if need be, due to a false sense of ownership they have DEVELOP!! so why would you come on a thread ON BLACKSTAR, talking about you're proud to be something you really not!! your a recessive pink european who has confused a cultural struggle with her suppose race. lol..that sounds ignorant to me. doesn't it to u?? 😉

  148. Louis Heydenrych says:

    Akey Tenhut you can train a black man , but you can not train him to understand the world !There is something wrong with a black mans mind . You got to deal with it and ask God to help you .

  149. Barj Cor black people created way more than whites…y’all steal everything…y’all even trying to claim the only knowledge of cannabis and its uses, when we all know the egyptians and asians were the first known to use it many different ways…but only the words of european descent is acknowledged….look that up, along with all the things you are using right now, that a black man invented

  150. Akey Tenhut says:

    John Dennis recessive condition crap? dude thats FACTS, and ain't nothing crappy about the truth. What do you know of my caliber as a black man john doe? I turn BROWN in TOWN, and BLACK in the OUTBACK! i can go the distance , which from a reality based standpoint says i'm not saying that africans like me don't have recessive potential because that potential to recess is where people like you come from, But there is a big difference between a African who can run naked in the sun the way god made us . …and the african like yourself who has to wear cloths due to Potential allergic reaction to GOD AND HIS SUN!! You people need to humble yourselves, because when the facts are weighed you really fall flat on the physically/mentally challenged side of life..and to be honest that explains your MAJORITY viral nature AND the way someone like you can even come on this thread with anything other than understanding for how the black commentators feel about this post. DID U WATCH THE SAME VIDEO AS THEY? AND IF U DID CAN U REALLY SEE WHAT ACTUALLY BEING SHOWN? DO U HAVE THE CAPACITY TO COMPREHEND WITH MORE THAN JUST YOUR EYES AND BRAIN MATTER? Your natural recessive nature deprives you of certain abilities to see things that should come natural to any child of africa..but u have to first know your humble beginnings to understand how it lead to your current ignorant state.

  151. Akey Tenhut says:

    Louis Heydenrych HHMMMMM??? so in other words you have nothing to say from a factual stand point? typical european louis..smh im disappointed but as always not surprised..your ignorance comes with the recessive territory lol….i can tell you this lil louis…don't start no shit, and there won't be none.. why would u come on black star talking like a drunk idiot unless you wanted some form of schooling from a black man like myself? you just don't know how to deal when someone clearly see's through your uneducated Rhetoric

  152. John Dennis says:

    Ricky Negus Should be "you are dumb as hell" Chopstick!

  153. John Dennis says:

    Akey Tenhut Clearly I'm not as educated as you and I dont use all these big words and terms like "recessive is not progressive" because they are just words anyway to make you feel like the big man. I'm not gonna go down the path of who has a right to be where because its a futile subject that causes unnecessary tension.

    Deal with the present dude!! The past is history. Never forget the past but dont live in it! Free tip right there! 😉

  154. John Dennis says:

    Akey Tenhut
    a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
    "I had a fear of being called a racist"
    synonyms: racial bigot, racialist, xenophobe, chauvinist; More
    (racially) discriminatory, racialist, prejudiced, bigoted, biased, intolerant, illiberal;
    antonyms: multicultural, tolerant
    noun: racist; plural noun: racists; adjective: racist
    having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another.
    "we are investigating complaints about racist abuse at a newsagents"

  155. Akey Tenhut says:

    John Dennis u can call people idiots all day , in fact i have numerous messages with you call A LOT OF PEOPLE a lot of crazy crap on this post… BUT now that someone talks from a completely reality based point of view you can't handle it because like most people who come from your very limited potential perception, you find out quickly you know next to nothing!! Unfortunately , if its not about money or war, what do euro's really understand?? smh…and if recessive and progressive are big words for u…dude u got bigger issues… talking politics and theories of what blacks need to do, but u find those words to be over your head? I'll tell u what, stop messin with my people, acting like u have the slightest degree of understanding of what SOUTH AFRICA IS REALLY ABOUT just because your a resident, and ill get off your case. but until then shut up with all that crying because u wasn't saying that at all when u was making stupid comments about WHAT BLACK AFRICANS need to do!! !the !tension started from your first comment on this post kid,…dont start nothing and it won't be nothing..

  156. Albino is the same color as white u idiot, and your not black, you are brown… You know like shit, you speak of lost your home but you live in america you dumd bastard who is ignorant now, not all white africans want to take up arms, we like our rainbow nation which is being runned down the fucking drain by the anc, i just love how a clueless foreigner talks about issues he has no idea about, and you are the definition of ignorance thinking you cant be racist, look up the definition! Discriminating against ones color of skin. And if you dont think you are please go look up your laws on racsim and see if you are special because you are black stop hating white people because our ancestors were more superior.

  157. Akey Tenhut says:

    Etienne Pretorius lol no one said albinos are not white i SAID THEY ARE THE REAL WHITE PEOPLE U DUMBASS! and IM BLACK DEFINITELY!! Can i move between the colors of black and brown? ABSOLUTELY…that's what COMPLETELY natural people do in the SUN depending on its INTENSITY!!! but what would u know of these things with your recessive lil mind. so u mad now that someone told u the truth and call u PINK!! is that not the TRUTH?? I have no hate toward you, shit, I can easily create a pink or white child so how could i truly hate a aspect of myself, recessive or not….but i would check any of my kids for IGNORANCE and that's simply what you're displaying , and your lil hidden racist comments don't fool anyone on this thread!!. you dont know where im from lil girl, but i can assure u IM A REAL AFRICAN THATS IN AMERICA!! africa is not a silly rainbow nation, its a continent that's under the rule of RECESSIVE OPPRESSIVE IDIOTS!! the only foreigner is YOU!!! you ARE european and since u obviously are far removed from a black mother of origin how can u consider yourself a AFRICAN???What community are you apart of ?? what cause have u championed since you are so concerned AND IN THE KNOW!!!?? you think you're suicidal european ancestors who build bombs that would EVEN KILL THEM IF THEY WERE TO GO OFF, ARE SUPERIOR , shows how really stupid u are…You people are only good for CREATING FAKE MONEY, AND WAR!! but thats to be expected from naturally physically challenged people…I think its cute how the euros get mad when someone makes them look at themselves for what they really are :)..the truth is you would all be ok but you seriously need humility and a reality check!! LOL…we blacks may not be dominant WAR types,but WE ARE EASILY 2 BILLION people strong WORLD WIDE!! how many of you are in the world since you're so SUPERIOR?? shit you may be pink but ill let u include all the REAL white folks and you still don't even com close to BEING SUPERIOR!! superior means "greater in number"….and since the numbers don't lie young one and their are way more africans on the planet then euros, who really FITS THAT CATEGORY! called superior!!! 🙂

  158. Carolyn Broadbelt says:

    Wait now. America is an Indian country.

  159. Ayo D Adesanya says:

    Lesley Smith america? lol

  160. The answer to this paranoia is a no-brainer for black leadership in the wake of the atrocities of apartheid. Crush this growing guerrilla movement. It should be illegal! It is not what Nelson Mandela had in mind when he asked blacks to forgive Afikaners for their past deeds. This resembles the birth of Nazi, Germany. As the African National Congress was outlawed, so should this growing anti-black leadership movement before it catches hold!

  161. Hotep N Fabo says:

    Lesley Smith you are an idiot!

  162. Hotep N Fabo says:

    Lordwick Leutle The south African government should tax whites land owners to a point where they cant profit from that land. The only guy i trust to do that is Julius Malema. He will be president next elections.

  163. Hotep N Fabo says:

    We need to elect Julius Malema in the next i trust him to rid SA from these vampires.

  164. Louis Heydenrych you need to get your white ass out of africa, or tell your kind to shut up telling us to go back to africa, where you more than likely are benefiting from apartheid.

  165. Maxjulian Coleman says:

    no john..only the white people

  166. Hotep N Fabo says:

    A white man would come into your house and tell you that he just discovered your living room and forces you to go live in the bathroom. If you protest against him, he calls you uncivilized or a terrorist. He sees the way you choose to live he labels it as uncivilized or savage. The white race is the last one to evolved from primitive life. But yet, they think that they can guide a planet made up of people who have been in it for thousands of years before them. Just in the last 100 hundred years of domination look what they haven done to nature. A planet that all other race did their best to preserve. But some how they manage to convince themselves that they know what civilization is.

  167. Darryl Owens says:

    Sbusiso Mntambo AMEN

  168. SA should start rounding up and deporting the white extremist groups before Things Fall Apart again.

  169. I wish we were talking about uplifting each other, creating sustainable jobs, good edution, good healthcare system than talking about colour such a lame topic, colour has naver made people who they are its them who corrupt themselves. Golden apple, red apple and green apple are all apples maybe not the same in colour but the fact remains_they are apple. The same applies to human beings they all bleed red blood, sweat, urinate, take a stinking dump eat breathe cry smile, suffer etc. stop being stupid n focus on the positive. So be it.

  170. God created the heavens and the earth, he chose black peoples as His chosen people and the white man feels inferior and threatened by this, that's why things are the way they are. We have been deceived for many years of this and now the truth is revealed.

  171. Brandon Shaw says:

    Wtf??? Why are they in Africa to begin with? Why don't they take their asses back to Europe where they belong…then they won't have to worry about being afraid of blacks. But maybe that makes too much sense!!!

  172. I feel that every black Gang Member should visit Africa for One Year to see what these people go.
    threw every day living Because they really don't know… I mean The Crips, Bloods, I mean the elder gang members wanted unity in the Neighbor Hoods but now its about how much money you can make selling drugs and Meth, I mean I feel that the New Black Panther Party should Help and Teach our Young Black Men and Woman and yes take a trip to our home land and see how well we have it in the United States.

  173. When you make ayour bed have to lie in it.

  174. keep reading your bible, forgiving and you will always be under the gun. Take the country back and deport all whites.

  175. White people have every right to be scared, look at how the black race is treated, and what they were put through, and continually go through every single day! Jews were mistreated also, but Jews are white, and never suffered the racisms, and are doing very well in this country, as well as their own! Some have even been compensated, even though MSN took that story down faster than they removed the post on the FBI's hidden White people actual murder rate! Both those stories were removed within an hour of them being posted!

  176. Wacky fringe nutters. About as representative of the average white South African as the tiny fraction of black South Africans who kill small babies to cut out their sex organs to make "muti". Please do not take what you see here are an indication of the typical South African because you will be seriously mislead.

  177. Wow. Never realized there was so much hatred within even the Black communities, which is understandable as the abolition of apartheid is so recent in SA. Fact is "Rainbow nations" can thrive, all it takes is for a general population to see that we're all human. Whites think blacks are subhuman, now blacks think whites are subhuman, it's all creating unnecessary violence. Wasn't nationalism a reason for WW2? If one side dropped hostility and made a truly civil approach to these conflicts then I'm sure the other side would eventually respond. Keyword being eventually, patience is a virtue guys. God Bless.

  178. Wow, I never knew that this hatred still burned so strongly, especially in the black communities. I understand apartheid's abolition was recent, and definitely is a strong reason for these sentiments, but still. I'm a strong believer that these "rainbow nations" can thrive, but it takes the participants in said nations to at the very least see each other, and themselves, as human-beings, nothing more and nothing less. People need to understand that all of this pride, and division, will end of destroying us all as a collective. They even teach in High Schools that nationalism was a cause of WW2, now we have a form of nationalism on a smaller scale seen today in race. Vengeance is the path to destruction, forgiveness and civility will lead to a brighter tomorrow. God Bless. 😛

  179. Isoa Mambo says:

    One day the sleeping giant of the world will wake up and as Swahili saying goes when a the victim outsmart the master then vice versa

  180. This article should be renamed "You Won't Believe What This Extremely Small Minority of Scared Shitless White South Africans Who Can't Let Go of the Past, Are Doing Because They Are So Seriously Paranoid and Scared of Their Fellow Black South Africans." I'm a South African. I happen to have a white skin. I live in Johannesburg, probably one of the most racially integrated cities in SA and we are all getting along just fine here.

  181. Renee Lewis says:

    The problems in South Africa are not about black and white. We are officially the most unequal country in the world now, having surpassed Brazil. Abject poverty, juxtaposed with obscene wealth, will always cause problems in a society. Our fight is not about racial categorisation – it is about ongoing, relentless socio-economic injustices in an increasingly unequal society. Crime is an equal opportunity occurrence here. Blacks and whites are victims, in the same way rich and poor are victims. But good luck to these dinosaurs and their little "training camps".

  182. Andy Dev Africa is NOT the pink man's country. Neither you nor your pink parasite people belong there. They burn down those schools because they brain wash the Black children who BELONG there. you are a slimy disgusting pink skin bigot. go back to your cave.

  183. Etienne Pretorius we were fine for thousands of years before the "white " man arrived on our shores bringing death and destruction! Please , we are fine without your brand of "civilization"and we will be better off without it!

  184. Mervin Allen says:

    presumably there was no problem with apartheid when Black people were being killed by the state?

  185. Mervin Allen says:

    John Dennis Are you honestly saying that some black people want the racist apartheid regime back? You said they felt safer, but had no rights? Is that correct?

  186. Andy Dev your people did worse to them, remember?

  187. "we belong to a different nation". he summed up the problem exactly. SA is not their nation. they come from europe. that is their nation, the eu.

  188. the whites never came to africa with the lofty ideas outlined in your comments

  189. I do not believe in the idea of a chosen people. all people of truth and goodwill are the chosen of god. they come from all four-five races of man.

  190. MJ Yenealem says:

    To be honest here, I hate white south africans in AFRICA. These white cockroaches don't belong here at all. they come and invade south africa & majority of other African countries and act like its all good and that Black South Africans should just forgive and forget and live happily with them lol. fuck that shit, what about when africans go to Europe? they get treated like dirt, they get discriminated against, and they get treated like its still 1930 slavery time. I think Africans should just quickly unite and destroy these so called white Africans and take our land back. I think if Africans woke up and realized the world is against us and that we can run shit if we come together be smart with all our resources then I swear we can controll this world seeing as most of the worlds resources come from Africa in the first place. I know as humans we supposed to love one another and live in peace but you cant love the enemy and the enemy for us Blacks has always been white people.

  191. Abu Pokawa says:

    We have to stand up and start doing things for the better of Africa, we been use for about 5 hundred years, is time we African should rise up and unite.we was once the mother of all nations we can do it again if we unite.

  192. Jews are not white jewish people are bro…

  193. South Africans are not afraid of black people australians take advantage of the aboriginals because they are a minority australians have always been racists

  194. The undermentioned comment was from me Alain D'argent

  195. Andy Dev Fuck you… its not your country

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