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Disgraced Donald Sterling Attends Black Church Service in LA

Donald Sterling at a Black L.A. church on Sunday.

Donald Sterling at a Black L.A. church on Sunday.

Donald Sterling just will not go away. In fact, he continues to act out, this time on Sunday attending — of all places– a Black church in Los Angeles.

TMZ was all over Sterling’s appearance at Praises of Zion Baptist Church, an obvious (and failed) attempt to repair an image imploded when tapes were released last month of him demeaning Black people. The secretly recorded audio clips, released by a so-called girlfriend, led NBA commissioner Adam Silver to ban Sterling from the league permanently, fine him $2.5 million, and force the sale of the team he owned for 33 years, the Los Angeles Clippers.

Sources told TMZ that Sterling, 80, attended the entire two-hour service. The outlet was not sure if Sterling spoke to the congregation. It did say that the visit to the church had been planned before the sale of his team was discussed. (Former Microsoft executive Steve Ballmer has purchased the team for $2 billion. He’s awaiting approval from NBA owners before it becomes official.)

Sterling was surrounded by bodyguards (just in case) at the church. TMZ reported that about 30 people were in attendance and that at least one regular member left with his children as soon as Sterling walked in.

On his way out of church, TMZ asked Sterling how he felt about Ballmer purchasing the Clippers. There was not a verbal response from the disgraced former owner, but the video  indicates he reacted to the inquiry.

It also shows Sterling receiving a welcome from an an African-American woman.

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3 thoughts on “Disgraced Donald Sterling Attends Black Church Service in LA

  1. Doug Neal says:

    This devil dont want prayers, he wants to repair his damaged image…and thats it! He aint BEEN going to black churches. He is a snake and thimks of black people as subservient. I hope he die slow.

  2. Sundiata Keita says:

    yup, walked around with my head down today. you know, that whole 'im ashamed of being black today' thang.

  3. Mickey MenKauren says:

    It's amazing how much we are willing to forgive our most ardent enemies. To love our enemies is what makes us Black, & forever viewed as inferior. The irony is that we can't, & never will forgive our own. Seeing the enemy in that which resembles ourselves. It's a sickness that I believe even I have been guilty of. Willie Lynch was right all along.

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