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286 thoughts on “If You’ve Ever Heard Someone Unjustly Talk About Reverse Racism You Have To See This South African’s Response

  1. Monise Davis says:

    It almost got real. We need to learn to carry on discussions without becoming physical or invading another's personal space.

  2. Cherri Anne says:

    Applause, applause!
    That whole "Let's move forward" is such a damn cop out & it only serves one side.

  3. Love This Woman And Poet Lebo <3 🙂

  4. Don't agree with the its all of our country comment they were there only to steal the resources. How is it that white lady thinks a vote in 1994 solved all the problems in South Africa only whites think giving something back that never belonged to them makes up for everything.

  5. to be fair a lot of these people grew up in Apartheid, expecting them to be calm about it is really not fair keep in mind these people watched their family members tortured in gruesome fashion and to sit and watch this white woman say she is tired of hearing how bad white people are on the radio or how things was like 20 years ago I mean seriously.

  6. black people are the only race asked "to get over it" or "it happened in the past"

  7. John Smith says:

    This entire clip was a waste of time. Wherever negroes are around whites, whites are the topic never black power.

  8. Don't Western governments say, "We don't negotiate with terrorists?

    So White people expect us to negotiate with them and their presence when they have been a menace to the African race since European contact?

    And we supposed to feel bad for them because nobody likes them and finally can actually say it. Let's be honest, nobody likes White people when it really comes down to it.

    That Afrikaner is lucky Khalid Muhammad wasn't up on there because he would've tapped into that rebelliousness in all Black people that make Black people Black out and say how we really feel.

  9. Smiletone Romain says:

    Push.Them.Out. How many times they gotta show you? They are not there to share, they are there to TAKE TAKE and then TAKE some more! They rather keep their flat screen TVs than save 100 of your starving children.

  10. Monise Davis says:

    I totally understand being passionate or angry but my point still stands. The debate almost got physical. Especially when we are talking about grown men approaching a woman, (no matter how ignorant she sounds) their actions could easily set their cause back.

  11. Monise Davis I understand the no violence especially against women unfortunately the devil appears in many forms…but I can never imagine what it is like to live my life under those types of conditions born a slave die a slave, look around and see your people suffering mining for gold and diamonds while some greedy racist lives less than 10 miles away enjoying the fruit of your peoples labor even in Palestine where the people basically live in the most populated area in the world all because of WW2 and a balfour treaty that had nothing to do with them and a land promised by another country so know they are literally born in a concentration camp your fired upon constantly your always uprooted check points everywhere you have no standing army your weapon is rocks while the overseers have tanks…listen to that white lady she regrets the day apartheid ended and if you like me look up a documentary about it you would give their passion even their violent intentions a pass the devil will never give you that chance and the only reason it changed is because it was hard to explain their wicked ways and what they were doing before 1994 to many questions being asked…

  12. Actually if Dr. Khalid Muhammad R.I.P was there no white person would have showed up the minute they heard he would be there they would have made different plans they might of took a vacation in the hopes of not running into him…never seen that man lose a debate

  13. Gloria Lou says:

    No they're not, Bryon.

  14. Rory Fannon says:

    People stop being racists we are all equal. We bleed the same colour.

  15. this is nonsense that it is all our country when it is the white men who have all the resources and are reluctant to return them to help the black community succeed. in all this is a black man's country.

  16. Yes they are, Gloria. Racism is all about breeding indifference to Black suffering. {{-_-}}

  17. Get off that Disney movie bullshit. Tell the white invaders to stop stealing Black people's land. {{-_-}}

  18. All invaders must leave Africa. {{-_-}}

  19. Mark H. Golding says:

    You can't have a rational conversation with the enemy or with criminals. For the same reason you cant with a rapist or a pedophile or murderer. Blacks are just wasting their breath. Those in power will never share it or concede it , you have to take it or you will keep talking until you are blue in the face. They lack the most basic element and that is the human condition……………….k

  20. BeeOne BeeOne says:

    All your debates are rubbish………bullish, Nonsensical, Idiotic…………….if I may ask? is the land not Able to contend all of you?……….Does any body among you lives till eternity?………………..the Only thing I find important in this world is making live meaningful for every body………even our beloved Animals………….we have been on the struggle for issues that worth nothing and suffering and hunger are beating us up and down………….be it Black or White, Join hand to make this world a living and loving place……………LETS FIGHT FOR LAW that will be that if you say or in your mind you are a racist………………that will be in your pocket…………bringing it out will enable you spend 8yrs in prison

  21. Gloria Lou if you disagree with any comment please have the decency to provide a reason…now let me educate you real quick, I take it your referring to the Indians are they still suffering from what happened to them, do the have to endure racism on a daily basis, did they not receive land where they pay no taxes and allowed to build casinos racking in billions NOOOOOO. They were wronged but they were also compensated but show me proof where their told to get over it…Maybe you mean the jews first off the jews declared an economic war against Germany so hitler rounded them up and put them in work camps the so called holocaust never happened 6 million jews were not gassed even if it were true they receive reparations every year, they got a free country they control our money, media and the politicians and has the most powerful lobby AIPIAC seems to me they should be celebrating hitler. Give my ppl what is rightfully owed to us stop closing our schools stop shipping their tons of drugs in our neighborhood ( I could name dozens more but you get the point) then my ppl will get over it..

  22. Jared Purdy says:

    Wow, she nails it. Would have been interesting to have someone like Tim Wise in the room.

  23. Jared Purdy says:

    Bryon Anderson Not exactly, though it does seem that way. Just about any group of people that is not white is asked that. Native Americans come to mind.

  24. Maxjulian Coleman says:

    i wonder what the white people would've said if the shoe was on the other foot, until we reject all aspects of slavery, including thier religon, we will never regain our position.

  25. Derrick Wright says:

    Monise Davis When did the debate almost get physical? All I saw was a Black man stand up and walk toward the middle of the floor while vehemently and passionately proclaiming to the white people in the audience that it was not their country. Why are Black men always expected to be timid and docile when dealing with Whites? It's that same perceived threat that is used to justify killing our men and boys in the streets here in America. Why are we always asked to suppress our anger? Is it because our presence intimidates others? If that's the reason, then that's their problem, not ours. While I concede that no one else stood up or walked onto the floor, him doing so did not mean that he was about to be violent. We have to change that perception.

  26. Teri Graham says:

    EXCELLENT. She hit the nail on the head. To try & blow off the damage of 400 years of oppressing one group while the other has opportunities, is allowed to flourish at the expense of the other group and then say well that was then this is now is insulting and blind to the lasting damage that was done for centuries. They can't even acknowledge it but prefer to complain that some black kid was accepted to an ivy league school while some white kid was not. How superficial and misses the entire point.

  27. Jake Stevens go read the transcripts from the nuremburg trial…look at the blueprints of places claimed to have gas chambers…do some basic math on the number of jews that supposedly were burned be amazed when the number comes out to needing to fully burn them in 12 minutes unless the bodies were thrown in a volcano its impossible…you do know if you go visit the so called gas chambers you will be told many of them were built after the war hell they had a chimney that was not even connected to the building…do you also know in Germany it is against the law to question the holocaust Ernest Zundel a german living in canada questioned the official story he was prosecuted for hate speech at his trial a expert in gasses went to all gas chambers and found no proof whatsoever even stating it would be impossible to gas 25 percent of jews that were reportedly killed the gas chambers used were for delousing the jews because of typhus before your respond do some research and ask yourself why when britian was about to surrender the zionist jews told churchill to continue fighting and promised they would get america involved in return britian had to promise Palestine to the jews we later got pearl harbor

  28. Alan Hurd says:

    Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke I'll pretend the comment regarding casinos wasn't entirely ignorant and insulting, and be sure to share that pearl of wisdom with the hundreds of friends I have on reservations across the midwest. I'm sure they will be ecstatic to hear that they don't actually live in extreme poverty, every day, with little to no access to health care. You're spot on: blacks are the only culture who have been wronged and are suffering. Thanks for the intelligent response.

  29. Tired of hearing move forward and forget the past..

  30. Mahjeed Marrow says:

    Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke How are you going to sit at your computer telling a man how he should identify? Shame on you.

  31. Jessica Lucinda Williams says:

    One of the biggest problems in this country is we have no compassion for another person's suffering. We only want to keep the focus on our own, or pretend that another's suffering never existed. Every culture has suffered at the hands of another at one point or another. Let the experience make you a better person, not a bitter one.

  32. JessicaLucinda Cindy Williams says:

    Brahp MeAhh anyone who apologizes for something they had nothing to do with is questionable to me. my husband and i work hard to provide for our children, and we do not raise them to play the blame game when life seems hard or unfair. i am not so stupid as to believe that everyone likes me, and i am not so bitter as to hate those who hate me. i have people in my own race who hate me because i am not one of those "hate whitey" types. they can all go and hate on each other as far as i care. but karma comes for all who owe a debt, and it won't feel pity because of your skin color or your culture, or what happened to your ancestors. if you bring harm to someone based on something that happened before your grandparents were even born, that is your evil and it is not justice. treat people the way you want to be treated, and when you meet with personal injustice, deal with it accordingly.

  33. JessicaLucinda Cindy Williams says:

    hate is hate, and it doesn't have a color. it stems from evil which is in the hearts of all men.

  34. JessicaLucinda Cindy Williams says:

    Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke here's some more "Disney Movie" bullshit….how about all the haters, white, black or other, be shipped off to Pluto and fight it out, while those of us who want to live without all the hate, get on with our lives. and whoever wins on Pluto….that is your land to claim; stay there and have fun enjoying your spoils of war!! hmmm….i like it!

  35. JessicaLucinda Cindy Williams says:

    very well said.

  36. Jessica Lucinda Williams
    "Three hundred and ten years we worked in this country without a dime in return—I mean without a dime in return. You let the white man walk around here talking about how rich this country is, but you never stop to think how it got rich so quick. It got rich because you made it rich. […] Not only did we give of our free labor, we gave of our blood. Every time he had a call to arms, we were the first ones in uniform. We died on every battlefield the white man had. We have made a greater sacrifice than anybody who’s standing up in America today. We have made a greater contribution and have collected less. Civil rights, for those of us whose philosophy is black nationalism, means: “Give it to us now. Don’t wait for next year. Give it to us yesterday, and that’s not fast enough.”"
    –Malcolm X.

    Hate is hate and evil is in the hearts of all men. But it wasn't Black hate and Black evil that caused all this suffering today. Let's just be true to facts here. {{-_-}}

  37. Jessica Lucinda Williams
    So how is it that white people can steal Black people's land and resources, and yet somehow Black people are wrong for speaking out against it? {{-_-}}

  38. If someone is choking you and stopping you from breathing, you don't have time to worry about someone else not breathing. {{-_-}}

  39. Michael Vriesde says:

    I can't believe she had the nerve to say "white people GAVE the vote"as if black people should be fucking thankfull

  40. Chloe Heavily Medicated Sagal says:

    There are plenty of groups that are told to "let it go" and told they are no longer being oppressed, but in terms of race, it's largely the black population.

    Brahp MeAhh seems to not understand that white privilege is largely based on the color of your skin. My family are Roma people, I was born very light skinned, and I'm extremely pale due to constantly hiding indoors (as a trans person, I run the risk of being raped and assaulted constantly when in public, I have been assaulted many times, and raped 4 times. It's not fun). In terms of racial discrimination, I don't face much. Occasionally I get hassled on government documents, especially when said documents would rather I identify myself as 'Caucasian' rather than Indian, and proceeds to bully me out of my culture and identity, erasing an entire group of people with a long history of oppression. I also get to see my culture and people depicted as monsters often in the media, though there are some positive depictions, they're largely stereotypical. So essentially, when one of us does something wrong, they're labeled as Roma (or gypsies), when one of us does something right, we're 'white' or no mention. I would argue that the media (especially in Europe) actively targets Roma people, but, I would never claim to have the same media attacks on my people as the black community does. I can't go two minutes without seeing news stories about black violence against everyone, and that is simply a skewed view of the community, let alone ignoring the structures of privilege that causes the black community to have such low social mobility and forces the majority of the community into perpetual poverty. I would argue that the Native American population gets the same treatment here in the states as Roma people get in Europe, but it's not my place to speak for any groups that I'm not a part of.

    As long as I'm not identified as trans, I get a pass in public. I don't get hassled, people are polite. When I do, however, (which I do often) it's a completely different story. The majority of my trans friends that don't make it are people of color. I've buried a lot of my friends. Given my volatile nature as of late, I'm most likely soon to follow.

  41. her name is Lebo Mashile. Im sure you can find her on twitter. She's accessible.

  42. It just irritates me when I hear some "closet racist" people use this term. Its like a company being offered a tax break to hire someone who previously wouldn't be hired because of their colour is equal to crap that has gone on historically.

  43. I just say to them, "Imagine belonging to a people where the tax breaks are necessary to obtain a job where you would be treated as inferior and paid less than the man next to you."

  44. Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke

    The point of my statement being that 99% of survivng American Indians are entirely unaffected by this pittance, and the double standard evident here is that the European colonists' arrogance to presume to give South African land "back" to South Africans is no more insulting than giving American lamd back to Native Americans, one could easily point out the similarities inherent in these situations. Someone wiser than myself once proclaimed that injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere, and I'm just not sensing this philosophy anywhere in your responses. I'm certainly not taking the position that blacks have not been oppressed, and I am in full agreement that they should never simply accept that and "move on". Quite the opposite, actually. What I do reject, however, is your insistence that similarly horrible treatment has been paid to other races or cultures outside your own. In your attempt to enlighten your people and inspire them to action, you also give insult to many other cultures, including those who could identify and find common cause with you. My prevailing question is whether that is your intent, or that your vitriol, justified or not, bonds you to this fact?

  45. Laurie A Rogers says:

    Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke – no they're not at all, native people are told to get over it as well. You're not the only culture that has endured racism, slavery, sent to boarding schools and having their culture taken from them. Please educate yourself.

  46. Laurie A Rogers says:

    Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke lol no not all native people get access to land and casinos, that's laughable at best. You seem to be under the guise of media endorsed BS but hey at least you get to speak your own language, most of us native people do not.

  47. Laurie A Rogers says:

    Bryon Anderson So all natives got free land and casino's? Really? And they were all compensated? Really? Wow as a native woman, I have yet to get my free land, my compensation and my casino. The land wasn't free, it was shifted to smaller sections that natives were forced to live on. Do you have to carry around an ID card stating you are black and what percentage of black you are? Do you even qualify to get that card, because if you aren't black enough or if your mother left her reserve or was kicked off of it, you don't get the card .

    I pay taxes, those who don't pay taxes live on reserves or work on reserves, if you don't you pay taxes, just like everyone else does. And living on a reserve is such an awesome life, your house in most cases is filled with mould and doesn't have clean running water. Have you ever been to a reserve Byron? My guess is probably not. Do you have children Byron? Are your children capable of being removed from your care just because you are black? Can you speak your traditional language?

    By no means am I dismissing that slavery was an inhumane and disgusting act and no I may not understand the pain that goes with it, but I certainly do understand the pain my mother endured being ripped away from her home and her parents to residential school where she was beaten and raped just because she was native. I do understand that I will probably never learn my traditional language or be able to pass that culture on to my children.

    I don't know where it is that you all got your education about native people but let me assure you it is quite false and inaccurate. Let me guess it's probably the same place I got my education about black slavery in some history books in school where the education system was tainted and told lies about both of our cultures. However, unlike yourself I choose to educate myself on what really happened where black history and slavery is concerned, because I knew if they lied about my history, they lied about yours, the jews, the chinese and every other culture that has been enslaved in one shape or form at the cost of an almighty buck.

    Oh yeah and I was taught you were all savages too, you smelled bad, were dirty, but in the end it was my choice to educate myself further. When I was 16 I was adopted by a black family and my adopted mother never once injected a mere token of the hate that you all are injecting here. At the end of the day, we are all puppets in the servitude of a bunch of greedy corporations that will stop at nothing to get what they want. Maybe someday you will come to realize that.

  48. Laurie A Rogers says:

    PS Byron if you want what was taken from you, your heritage, your culture, then start organizing something to get it back. NO AMOUNT of money can compensate pain and suffering, which is too bad most people fail to see that.

  49. They need another TShaka Zulu

  50. Cherri Anne says:

    Laurie A Rogers Trying to understand where exactly you get off telling other people how to process their cultural pain and what you think they deserve. Who asked you? No one. Boundaries. Maintain them. Thanks.

  51. Laurie A Rogers says:

    Cherri Anne Too bad you don't get to dictate what I state or how I state it, YOU and others are spreading MISINFORMATION about MY people and my culture, so suck it up and deal with it Cherri Anne, you don't like it done to you, don't do it to MY people either.

  52. Cherri Anne says:

    Laurie A Rogers da hell are you even talking about??

  53. Laurie A Rogers says:

    Cherri Anne Learn to read! Did you even bother to read all my commentary? My guess is NO, so READ it before you shoot off your mouth.

  54. Cherri Anne says:

    Laurie A Rogers Ha! hell no! Who is sitting here reading 69 comments?? Your last comment was enough context.

  55. Laurie A Rogers says:

    Cherri Anne umm then don't make assumptions about what I said if you're going to be ignorant and not read and I am a brown person thanks .. NATIVE brown!

  56. Jessica Lucinda Williams: Thank you

  57. Donna Hamilton says:

    From the look of that photo it don't look like they are buying what she saying ,

  58. Skip Ad-Nuergga says:

    maybe they need bloodshed to understand pain

  59. Art Bright says:

    Part of the problem with this argument is denial! How it affected generations of africans (american and african).The people that owned slaves built corporations and while they were building they were killing off whole heritages of people with no compensation do those they left behind. This has been the curse of America and Africa. But are you surprised? It was never taught to their heritage (whites) to repent and repay the families of those they destroyed. So, the cycle continued into the civil rights and apartheid era. Until there is a declaration like with the jews and the holocaust on behalf of this issue in an open forum where psychologist and our leaders of today can chime in on the affects or aftermath our society will continue to struggle with this nightmare. God Help…

  60. Don't forget the first slave owner in america was African american

  61. Laurie A Rogers
    "Morgan Freeman once said that if you want to end racism then stop referring to people by the colour of their skin or is that a bad quote? Is he too white for you Johnny?"
    ^^^No, he's just a clown who has a job working for white supremacy.

    Trayvon Martin didn't refer to George Zimmerman by the color of his skin. How did that work out for him?

    Furthermore, why do you assume that entertainers are the spokespeople for the Black community? Didn't your Black foster family teach you better? {{-_-}}

  62. Kevin Dodt says:

    If you as a black person cannot speak for the entire culture, how am I, a white male, supposed to speak for the white culture? I will not generalize the black race, so please do not generalize the white race. I was born at the same time as my black friends, and while I appreciate their struggle to make sense
    of their ancestral pain, I feel no responsibility for their oppression. I want them to succeed as much as the man walking by me on the street, and for the betterment of my city and my country. And I don't feel those that are angry at "the white power" remember that there are many people like me living in all white neighborhoods for no other reason than that they were born there. And yet I have no problem with either side. So why do we come back to "black people," "white people," "your country," "my country?" This still divides the sides! I heard far more "you" and "me" than "us" from either party in this video.

  63. Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke – Native Americans have not been paid already Johnny and I don't know where it is that you're getting your misinformation, but they have not all been paid. You seriously think that all casino's give us all a bunch of money just because they have them? It doesn't work that way at all. If there's a casino on their reserve that money goes to the people that run it, not everyone gets a chunk of it, heck most of them don't even share it with the people on the reserve that it's on and it's VERY rare if they do.

    My biological mother JUST had her hearing this past Friday regarding her "compensation" Which only took over 50 years, she has not been compensated and that's for her being raped and beaten in residential school. So please get your facts in order.

    I've never in any of my statements claimed that blacks should not be compensated for the debt they owe Africa. Sure they should and equally so, so should the asians who brought over and put in pipeline and railroad prison camps and so should the Jews for enduring genocide.

    I've got ZERO issue with any of that at all.

  64. Does anyone know where I can find the video?

  65. Laurie A Rogers
    Are you slow or something? For the 100th time, I DID NOT SAY ALL. {{-_-}}

  66. Laurie A Rogers
    "I've never in any of my statements claimed that blacks should not be compensated for the debt they owe Africa. Sure they should and equally so, so should the asians who brought over and put in pipeline and railroad prison camps and so should the Jews for enduring genocide. "

    ^^^And THAT'S how I know you didn't read that link I posted up. Because if you had, you'd know that Asians and Jews ALREADY GOT THEIR REPARATIONS. As did Native Americans. But not Blacks.
    White supremacy LOVES IT when people like you make these confusions and conflations like you're doing now. It's all about causing a state of confusion, like Neely Fuller Jr. said. {{-_-}}

  67. Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke then don't generalize and use the term natives .. say some natives .. uh gee that's kinda how it works.

  68. Laurie A Rogers
    No, I'm not gonna say "some". I can say whatever I like. You being too stupid to recognize the difference is YOUR problem. {{-_-}}

  69. Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke lmao see you can't say anything without being angry, negative, stereotyping etc. and that's why you will continue to have the problems you do. So I was right the first time around with my commentary about your anger and hate.

  70. Laurie A Rogers
    Just because you're too stupid to comprehend the difference between "Native Americans" and "ALL Native Americans" doesn't make me angry and hateful. {{-_-}}

  71. Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke and there you go again with the insults, does that make you feel better about yourself? ahaha trust me people like you filled with anger and hate don't deter me in the least and my self esteem won't suffer because of it, yours probably would.

  72. Laurie A Rogers
    You trying to tell me what I can/can't say is the REAL insult. I thought Black people were free. {{-_-}}

  73. Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke Nah Johnny not at all, you can be angry and vile all you want, it has no bearing on my life, but when you spread misinformation about my people, I'll say what the truth is and I know when someone is trying to backpeddle to save their own ass about what they've said.

    Have a good night, I'm off to get some work done.

  74. Marcus Lewis says:

    Well said. When faced with the unadulterated TRUTH that will get to the BOTTOM of this EVIL that has been protected by whites is utterly sickening.


    But when there is an utter disrespect towards black people & unwillingness on the part of whites to shield their history toward black people in the stealing of the land, resources and culture of black people and THEN pretend to speak of moving forward without repairing the damage intentionally done to black people and then expect black people to forget what happened to them, then they are the most mentally retarded people on the face of the planet.

  75. Marcus Lewis says:

    I would like to see this conversation in its entirety.

  76. Lupe King says:

    Brahp MeAhh & Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke….both are making some valid points. However, telling one another to "get over it and move on" is showing discontent for the atrocities done to the others ancestors. When in reality, Native Americans & AA have very parallel histories. Native Americans were enslaved first when Columbus 'discovered' a land that was already inhabited. The difference between the two cultures is: Native Americans, although forced to stop practicing their culture until 1978, they are aware of their true culture and history, whereas AA were forced beaten and stripped of their native language, culture and history. Both ethnic groups were forced to assimilate in European culture that dominates the US…children were taken from Native Americans placed into boarding schools; children were taken from slaves and sold: both, men, women and children of both ethnic groups were raped & dehumanized. AA were experimented on: J Marion Sims, experimented on female slaves, disregarding the Hippocratic Oath & caused pain to every female slave he operated on w/o any regard to their life. However, both ethnicities have made accomplishments, but none compared to how many are still 'damaged'. With all the health disparities that effect minorities in this country: Native Americans are at the TOP of that list, then AA. It is only now that the US has 'decided' to incorporate "diversity" into medicine & it certainly isn't because of a sudden affinity for NA or AA. Both ethnic groups have suffered great atrocities and have lost much. America is also now working with Native Americans (Dr Yellow Horse Braveheart… & acknowledging the atrocities done to them; called historical trauma or generational trauma. However, the exact same characteristics associated with historical trauma are the exact same characteristics prevalent in the AA community. Reconciliation needs to be done, not just with NA or AA…but these are the two major ethnic groups and no one can outside the ethic group nor those within the ethnic group that has assimilated, can speak for the group on how to heal. Just as the lady in the video corrected the other lady, saying, 'it wasn't yours to give.' Unfortunately, America has dehumanized both ethnic groups and gives themselves credit by saying such things as, 'we allowed you to vote or we gave you equal rights.' How can they bold state they "gave" something that wasn't theirs to give in the first place. One book that's an excellent read is: Liberating Jonah by Miguel DeLaTorre.

  77. Lupe King where do you get the impression that natives can speak their language? Most can not, I know maybe 5 words of my language. Natives were not allowed to speak their language in residential schools, that was one of the reasons why they went to residential schools, to forcibly learn how to speak English. If they spoke their language they were beaten. My mom barely remembers any of her language.

  78. i love reading all my peops comments. keep up the good words. "Black is where it's at." Black Power

  79. David Banner says:

    Nyoka Pedist-Tibideaux See you are still living in your fucking cave with that mentality.

  80. David Banner says:

    Didn't happen to "White people", yeah fucking right you moron, it happened, it happened for centuries. It's just that the European race was moving at a much faster pace than the Black race. Now you are still 300 years behind in your thinking, but enjoying the fruits of the modern world.

  81. David Banner says:

    I've seen a couple of Black People driving Porches and Ferrari's, that don't give a toss about that poor bloke standing at the robot begging. So don't come here with your 300 year old fucking backward mentality. If anything, the white race has been doing nothing but trying their damnest to help Africa and it's slow people, the very fact that you are able to dribble your opinion here attests to that.

  82. Lupe King says:

    Laurie A Rogers , I thought you were adopted by a "black family". At any rate, now you're tired of arguing with Johnny, & attempting to start another hate debate…you aren't the only NA on the planet…and there are some that indeed DO speak their Native tongue. Where do I get my information from you ask, my brother in law, whose chief of his tribe. As I said, you may not speak the language, but there are some tribes that still do. My grandmother's tribe, in Canada, (Walpole Indian) they still speak the language as well, did my grandmother, no. And just as NA were assimilated on reservations and beaten; AA were also beaten; that's how things got communicated during that time for BOTH ethnicities. Visit the reservations either in Wisconsin, Oklahoma, or the Dakotas……most people claim to be NA but once the DNA is in, it shows it isn't true. If you want to 'learn' the language of your mother's people, contact Dr Yellow Horse Braveheart; and embrace the work she's doing to further improve the lives of NA regarding the Disparities with the Lakota's and other NA. I think their just asking to submit to a DNA to prove NA heritage if one is claiming to be NA. Good luck with that; if you're serious about your true heritage, Ms Rogers.

  83. Shawn Williams De Beers is a diamond mining company. Get your facts straight before you start shooting off your mouth!

  84. Lupe King I don't need condescending remarks from you about it and I happen to know thousands of Natives, because I am one and most of which can NOT speak their language. So because I was adopted by a black family, that means I don't know my biological mother and know nothing of my true heritage? I said I was adopted when I was 16 sheesh. And my heritage is ojibwe/chippewa not lakota, completely different language thanks.

  85. And we have cards that prove who we are and our percentage of DNA, perhaps your brother in law missed teaching you about that.

  86. Simpleton Romain, you are so right. Why don't you move back to Africa and fix the problems so that I can go home and watch my flat screen. Btw, I teach sound engineering to ten youngsters.

  87. Lupe King says:

    Laurie A Rogers you're just as 'hateful' as you accuse @Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke….your perception of "condescending remarks" are b/c you think you're above being taught by anyone else. You may know 'thousands' of Natives, & you obviously missed the point, that just b/c you and YOUR friends don't know the language, there are THOUSANDS that do; BECAUSE THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF NATIVES that take pride in their heritage….maybe you should take some in yours. What you do in Canada is different than what's going on in America….I'm sure you'll have something else to say since you lost your hate debate with Johnny! SMH

  88. Lupe King lost my hate debate? Wow look who is so full of themselves? Please educate me even more about my culture thanks! You don't get it, our language was stolen from us, it has nothing to do with taking pride in it! Yeah I'm sure my mom was thinking about her pride as she was being beaten and raped every damn time she tried to speak her language and I'm pretty sure the few other million kids were thinking about that too while they were being beaten and raped too, not to mention killed, but please oh saviour Lupe tell me more about MY people.

  89. Lupe King says:

    Laurie A Rogers You don't get it! And Native don't have a "card" their registered on the Native registry…..maybe your mother should have told you that. Again, you aren't the ONLY Native, IF indeed you are one. Your full of crap, unless your mother is 80 years old, Natives have been able to practice and speak their native tongue IF they wish to. So pull your sanctimonious BS, 'oh my mother was beaten and raped' on someone else. NOT ALL Natives are YOUR People….if that's the case, learn Lakota, learn Walpole. I know my history too little girl!

  90. Lupe King says:

    Laurie A Rogers you can't argue with a sick person; which clearly you are…who in their right mind would come to you for nutritional counseling?

  91. Lupe King says:

    Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke you can't argue with a sick person & Laura A Rogers shows all the signs of having a mental issue…every Native person is 'her people', she has no idea what's going on here in America.

  92. Lupe King says:

    Laurie A Rogers actually, the holocaust happened in Germany; so let the Germans deal with what they owe the Jews; we're focusing on the atrocities of America's history.

  93. Ryan Vogel says:

    Shawn Williams hahahahahahaha

  94. Laurie A Rogers Sigh another white person claiming a different ethnicity…since your so educated how come you did not see the irony in your comment you clearly stated the natives got something and if my uneducated brain is right something is more than nothing…not going to dwell to much in that having to carry a card bullsh*t don't know where you came up with that but nobody is stopping native americans and asking to see their card lol…Now about those reparations the reason we ask for this is because we have tried to do it our self just look up the black wall street or the cointell project where when the black panther party opened the free lunch program an prompted J. Edgar Hoover to claim it was the biggest threat to America at the time how many activist native americans were killed trying to uplift their people…racism still affects my people to this day and we are not stopped and asked to show some I.D our skin color is more than enough to get us harassed…and lastly I noticed you always refer to to what your mother went thru I guess that pale skin keeps you out of a lot of problematic situations I have never as well as the majority of A.A had to bring up my mom or dad to explain my mistreatment I have my own experiences I can share and will for the rest of my life…If your ppl got so much as a nickel its more than my ppl will ever receive P.S you were adopted at the age of 16 so that makes you knowledgeable of A.A that one line proves your full of sh*t only white ppl uses that type of rational thinking

  95. Bryon Anderson lmao so because my skin looks pale that means I'm white? (it's called photoshop effects dude!) haha that's some of the most ignorant crap I've ever heard … let me educate your ass, your skin colour is based on the amount of melanin that your body produces, nothing more and nothing less, it's not based on ethnicity. Uh yeah they do stop us to see our status cards, all the time thanks.

    Nobody said anything about black people NOT getting reparations in fact I said I was in support of it, you want it then bloody well demand it.

    Racist much? yeah you are. poor me oh poor me!

  96. David Ostrin Yes they were kicked out for practicing usury the same thing their doing here in America with regards to the federal reserve hell in some places they are not allowed to open a bank and rightfully so…they have crashed our economy five times, threatened war if their bank charter was not renewed, attacked us multiple times controls our media, money and politicians for a race that claims to be victims they sure hit the jackpot…but like I said the jews declared war on Germany they issued a world wide boycott which devastated the germans not to mention starting WW1 and blaming the germans for it

  97. Bryon Anderson wow that's some funny ass shit about Jewish people too, man I know your education system sucks and all in the US, but didn't think it was this damn bad!

  98. David Banner your right lets open our hearts to them their is no reason we should not trust them if I ever visit S.A I will tell the white ppl great job keep up the good work

  99. Your federal reserve is courtesy of one of your fellow Americans, his name would be JP Morgan, you know the white dude who bailed the US out of debt several times, he was born in Connecticut btw, not in Jewland.

  100. David Banner It happened to whites I would love to read about that can you provide a link showing whites being oppressed…I like how you ppl pretend as if you created this rich utopia must be easy sitting on your ass collecting what we refer to as welfare for 400 years…makes sense they did have a 400 year head start and its been 50 years since the signing of the civil rights acts that's more than enough time to make up for the 400 years

  101. David Banner tried their hardest to help Africa provide some proof of this please

  102. Leon SonicTerrorist Erasmus We cannot go back to Africa the whites there control the majority of the resources how about you tell the whites to leave first…I see your from South Africa I take it just like your pathetic white ancestors you can not imagine like the white lady giving up your life of living off of others hard work.

  103. Bryon Anderson You know nothing about me. Don't make assumptions you cannot substantiate. I don't anything about you, so before I comment on your post, please explain why the whites should leave before you'll come here?

  104. Fidel Kowa says:

    what no one will admit is that a great part of enslavement was mental and despite freedom we are in our minds (accept it or not) still we wearing those same chains that the master put on us lmfao e.g. after many years of fighting inequality and oppression when the war was won folks woke up and went back to work, to work for the same foolgeniusmaster that had oppressed them for so many years… economist sitting there reading smart enough to know why we had to go back to work same time dumb enough to go back and work for them… the system of apartheid never died it was built in our minds and the fact that we still use the same tools as a means to an end is proof that the war is not over… lol nothing changed the bank manager stayed the same, the parking attend stayed the same, the police man stayed the same, the teachers stayed the same, the judge stayed the same, the farmer stayed the same, only thing that changed is that the freedom fighters got a paper stating that they where free and they changed lol some became bankers, some became police, some became teachers, many got lost in the system

  105. Laurie A Rogers O thank god for a second I thought you was a transgender guy putting on women's cloths and makeup…history can teach you a lot I"m curious who do you think financed J.P Morgan remember he was thought to be the richest man until his death when it was shown not only was he not that rich but all that money ppl thought was his turned out not be…of course he was not born in jewland which I am guessing you mean Israel the country stolen from the Palestinians crash happened way before (jewland) ..J.P Morgan was a puppet if you did not know that by now kinda pointless responding to you…enough with the bullsh*t stopping you to see your card Arizona tried that crap on mexicans and it was struck down by the supreme court nobody is stopping you but then again maybe your referring to your ancestors but I doubt that but just to be sure I looked up your card theory and like I said its bullsh*t oh the horror having to stop and and prove your Indian try being black and not needing a card my skin color is all that's needed .

  106. Leon SonicTerrorist Erasmus Whites do not belong there its not like they went there bearing gifts, they are there only to steal the resources Apartheid ended two decades ago and during that before and still today the chaos your filth forces upon them is more than enough reason your ppl should not be there…we know what their doing there and its not to help the real South Africans

  107. Bryon Anderson – lmao you are completely and utterly ignorant not only about MY people but about your own damn country! EVERY single Native that lives in Canada HAS to carry a status card to prove that they are native and the amount of native they are you uneducated fool! don't tell me what MY culture endures.

    You have ZERO clue about anything and love the cheap shots about my appearance, typical of an ignorant moron who has unfounded arguments and fills peoples heads with misinformation. Did you get your education from a cracker jack box? Because it sure as hell looks like it. I know all about JP Morgan and his companies are worth billions and still in existence.

  108. Jessica Lucinda Williams says:

    Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke i didn't realize you were a landowner. my mistake.

  109. Laurie A Rogers lol The Certificate of Indian Status, more commonly referred to as the Status Card, is an identity document issued by AANDC to confirm that the cardholder is registered as a Status Indian under the Indian Act. The Status Card is provided to assist registered Indians in accessing a wide range of entitlements, programs and services administered by federal agencies, provincial governments and other private sector program and service providers. So your card gets you things other races cannot get sweet deal if you ask me…Was not taking cheap shots I thought you was transgender whenever a guy wears makeup or dresses in women's clothing it usually means they want to be female I have no problem with that if you want to live that kind of a lifestyle so be it but I don't see why your upset about it I"m not bashing you because you wear females clothes I dont like your reasoning but to be honest your only examples of injustice are things that happened to your mom here in America you would not be harassed white men never have to worry about anything racist but I would stay away from the south

  110. Shawn Williams gold thats not theirs, so its theft, and a crime..

  111. AJ Chestnut says:

    Bryon Anderson David is right, there was a time when white people enslaved other white people. This was also around the same time sanitation practices, transportation systems, and structured governments had not reached the white tribes…though these practices were well established in black nations. So, dear David, you are still ignorant as all hell for your posts. Please don't call others morons when you too are lacking in a full history. Note that the first of the modern conveniences of which you speak showed up in Greece- after trade routes between Greece and North Africa had been established. Smh…the more you know.

  112. Nyoka Pedist-Tibideaux says:

    David Banner (LOL) I believe it is your kind that dwelled in them caves David Banner. It'd be best for YOU to avoid breeding, sir.

  113. Bryon Anderson, yes it happened to whites in their dark ages from not having, or knowing a damn thing until they learned of our Afrikan resources and trade along the Nile and Mediterranean; and then they fought, and challenged Afrikan Hannibal the Great who later after many years was betrayed into defeat..

  114. AJ Chestnut says:

    Lorraine Voss yaaaaaas! You better be an ebw (educated black woman). Girl, we need to start a team! Lol!

  115. Leon SonicTerrorist Erasmus yeah and who do you work for? so dont gloat..modern day chattler, smdh.

  116. yeah that guy screaming that none belongs to either woman, humm, wonder what he meant by that? who does he thinks it belongs to? wow.

  117. yes your right, the nerve of euorpeans trying to erase the crimes and atrocities and erase the theft! until this day they are robbing Afrikans globally..its all a crime that needs to be reimbursed immediately! and a damn shame..restitution is in order. hotep.


  119. thank you queen, Ase'

  120. Hernando Cadet says:

    White people will never understand bro, I mean some of them will but not white people as a whole, maybe three or four generations in the future, but not the white people that are alive today, I mean I don't see it happening.

  121. Marcia Jennings says:

    Does anyone know the original title of this convo? Can I find the entire vid anywhere?

  122. Anonymous says:

    same logic many of them have in the U.S. w.r.t. the election of the first black president- they're like, "okay, you have a black president now- there's no more racism, so let's forget about the past!"

  123. forgive me, I typed gold instead of diamonds. innocent mistake.

  124. Nyoka Pedist-Tibideaux says:

    Africans were building pyramids and obelisks, writing history in stone while them caucasian neanderthals were crawling out of their caves, going on journeys in search of…wood. Where the Indigenous folks faulted was not knowing just how deceitful and vile them portly colorless demons were. Damn near EVERYTHING the european troglodytes possess was stolen. The only thing they can take pride in is lying, torturing and killing. History has bared witness to anywhere the europeans have been they have left nothing more than death and destruction. Yes David Banner your are right "the European race was moving at a much faster pace", just like swarming locusts. Oh yeah, be proud.

  125. I was watching this… hope you also saw the comments made by the white Afrikaans guy.

  126. AJ Chestnut true but slavery was different when we did it for instance the Egyptians had slaves but they also had a doctor 1 for every 20 slaves they were taking good care of…when whites pull that BS about blacks owning slaves in Africa their not being completely honest back then you were a prisoner of war you worked off your debt and when completed you were paid some were even allowed to marry the owners daughter nothing like the cruelty of what whites did

  127. Shawn Williams no mistake their stealing gold and the oil they act as if they did us a favor by bringing us here claiming look at Africa and how they live as if we do not know the country is that way due to the theft and Apartheid they still commit to this day.

  128. You're right Johnny, but Gloria is correct also..America was not was taken, the natives of the land were murdered..No different then Hitler. It is a known fact that all other races in the world are brainwashed to hate anyone of African decent..Why? Why is it so important that caucasians dominate every aspect of everything and we're the "badguys" some research on that

  129. Jay Nelmani Will says:

    Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke one argument that really irritates me is that blacks are the ONLY minority to struggle. And by denying that latinos, asians, native americans, arabs, etc don't get mistreated is oppressing them in its own right.

  130. Jay Nelmani Will says:

    Bryon Anderson one argument that really irritates me is that blacks are the ONLY minority to struggle. And by denying that latinos, asians, native americans, arabs, etc don't get mistreated is oppressing them in its own right. There are some issues that blacks face way more than others, many extremely overt. However, other races suffer too.

  131. Bryon Anderson lmao please tell me what that card gets me? Because the majority of the services it supposedly gets us, got cut a long time ago.

  132. Bryon Anderson – I assure you I'm a 100% female and have 3 kids, and yeah it is a cheap shot at my appearance, love how you keep trying to change the subject .. and I'm giving you one example of what happened to MY people, feel free to google residential schools .. over a few million kids went to those schools without their parents consent, they were forcibly taken from their homes and 500,000 of them never came back. The same happened in Australia and in the US, that's genocide any way you slice it. Our land was taken from us, that's a FACT and it was done under the surmise in written contracts by our govt and your govt that land would either be given back or we would get paid for it, which is why we have treaties.

    I've been to the south with my adopted mom and her family .. so yes I do know the racism endured by black people there. And again I'm NOT white.

  133. Here is the treaty info link and they've gussied it all up to make it appear they were all nicey nicey about it… yeah natives that could not speak English knew what they were signing .. NOT. They were forced into signing them so they could build the railroads, just before everyone got shipped over to be enslaved into that crap.

  134. Here is the treaty info link and they've gussied it all up to make it appear they were all nicey nicey about it… yeah natives that could not speak English knew what they were signing .. NOT. They were forced into signing them so they could build the railroads, just before everyone got shipped over to be enslaved into that crap.

  135. Sean Muhammed , im telling you shit they still celebrate elvis presley..even if it aint his b-day they run commercials on him constantly…will they let it go? hellno. i think they tried to even make it an elvis hell-a-day once…and aint none of the Afrikans celebrate Malcom X one of our true sacrifices that was the christ fighting for Afikan rights and got killed as all of them do..we need to petition for them all, and donate funds towards students education, and deprived, struggling hard working families for 3 months to help them to get on their feet…the european stole enough diamonds silver and gold for us to do so..restitution immediately! RBG! Aten Ra~ hotep.

  136. Angelo Taylor the same can be said here in Canada about Native people, all you ever hear in the news is native people this, native people that .. but do any of the police ever get in trouble for dumping natives off in freezing cold weather, left out to die? (Yeah it's happened many times) … we're all the bad guys/gals. It's all about conquer and divide so a bunch of greedy old bastards can keep getting rich off our asses.

  137. uh, Rory, and thats the prob., Afrikans nlood too muxh was, and is spilled. if we Afrikans stopped being racists, for which we've only begun doing since recently sun, it will be even more racism anyway from the europeans..and idk what equality you are referring to it hasnt happened since 1492.. you ok? wake up hun…smh.

  138. Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke Stop arguing with these white devils. we as Africans need to ALL agree, hold our nose, and get these MFKRS away from our planet. These people will encourage psychopathy due to us feeling the intense vengeance and rage, and acting upon it. They deserve to be wiped out should they feel no remorse for what they have done and are doing. These whites better continue to keep the oppressed down because boy are they gonna get it when we all get together!!!

  139. To the white world: It only hurts when it's white, It's only love when it's white, There's only a tear when it's for a white, The truth is all white. All right, we get it, you want darker humans back in chains and serving white folks. And while not all white folks are racists, without question, they all benefit, in one way or the other, by this SKIN-COLOR CASTE system we call a democracy, freedom, and other misnomers used for the real system: WHITE SUPREMACY RELIGIOUS RICH BOYS WORLD>

  140. Take a page from Morgan Freeman. The only way to get over racism is to stop talking about! Black people get over it already! your ANC is destroying the country. White people stop trying to defend yourself. Apartheid is over and reverse apart is in effect. People who blindly vote ANC open your eyes you helping destroy the democracy that Nelson Mandela fought for. as Zuma says we have a good story to tell depends who is listening… SOUTH AFRICA WAKE UP other country all have racism and still do but they are way head of us because they moved on and got along. Its funny that the new tourism add shows a blind guy enjoying SA… You have to be blind to enjoy it as you won't see all the horrible things going on

  141. Get a education!

  142. King Simba says:

    With all due respect to all the comments made. I find it really weird that people are still trying to find a reason to blame race as a problem to this countries problems. The truth is we don't want to move on. Yes we were oppressed but eventually we got our so-called freedom but what has freedom become now? It's an African desease that once a black man comes into power everything changes (look at all the African presidents accept for Kwame Nkrumah, most of them are useless). The fact is it's no onger about the people but the fat pigs which starved before and are now reaping the rewards. We are so caught in what happened in the past we forget to concerntrate on the present so that we can move forward. What's even funny is that we see things happening in front of us (admistration telling us that the swimming pool in Nkandla was a fire hydrant) and yet we still so proud we forget the bigger picture. "I say fuck the past, we are a new generation that has to take this country forward. This country belongs to everyone who was born here and whoever can try to make something out of themselves". Yes we were oppresed get over it! Get rid of the fat pigs and illiterate assholes in power and lets build this nation to what it is suppose to be. Whether white people come to power its not a problem as long as they have the best interests of the people of this country thats all that matters. It pisses me off that as much as we were oppressed nobody slepst hungry but now that we have this so-called democracy people are starving and the rate of homeless people increases everyday. Mzantsi, lets get our heads out of our asses and move on!!

  143. Jay Nelmani Will Can you name one line in which me and johnny comments we we claimed blacks are were the only race oppressed…technically I could say racism against mexicans are new as well as asians I would not be wrong in claiming the majority of it started in the early 1900s

  144. First off, white people weren't the only slave owners. In fact, many black people owned black slaves. African Black People sold their own people into slavery. Second, it wasn't even a majority of the population that owned slaves, only some did. Third, we can't even begin to heal as a nation when black people scream racism everywhere and promote it. Reserved racism is real. I went to a mostly black school and I was almost immediately singled out because of my skin color. I was hated by just about everyone and I only tried to make friends. I didn't judge anyone by their color, yet they judged me. If I ever made a comment to defend myself, I was a racist. Even the black teachers and mostly black secretary staff looked at me funny and handled me last and didn't look very happy when they did. I was called 'cracker' throughout my school years. Yet, I was taught all about black racism and condemned if I ever spoke the truth. I was offered a scholarship in Middle School, it was the only scholarship available to Middle School because despite all of this I kept up my good grades. They said I was guaranteed the scholarship until they found out I was Caucasian and then denied with them saying it was because of my race. I felt like there was something wrong with me in school, that I was some sort of disease because of my skin color. Sounds to me like black people are very racist to. Oh, and please feel free to look at this detailing white slavery, because yes, at one point white people were slaves and black people selling black people: , , , I am not saying slavery was wrong and that oppressing black people was wrong, because it was. However, we did not enslave your ancestors. And watch, you'll all probably attack me to, because it can't possibly be wrong to treat white people horribly because black people deserve that right. 😛 Which, so you no, they don't. No one does. And we do deserve to talk about racism when it happens to us.

  145. Laurie A Rogers

    1. YOU WROTE ((((Bryon Anderson lmao please tell me what that card gets me? Because the majority of the services it supposedly gets us, got cut a long time ago)))) So what is the card for then you are making it seem like their is racism with that card as if its bad thing…if you buy liquor you have to show your I.D if you want whatever entitlements the govt. gives you have to show proof your Indian so what if you have to carry a card. I don't understand why carrying a card is something you endure or that its wrong to be forced to always carry it you keep saying the card barely gets you anything or that some of the services got cut that's like saying my parents got me a Honda instead of a Mercedes…maybe they have to carry the card because if not anybody could walk in and claim their Indian

    2. To be real the moors were here before native americans The First Americans were the Washutaw Muurs– who were Black Africans akin to the Moors. They were in America before anyone arrived…including the "Asian Indians" who migrated to the Americas before Columbus the Asians and Africans had met and inter-married producing what we have grown accustomed to seeing what an Indian looks like.

    3. The indoctrination of Indian children started in 1931 all accounts show 150k – 250k that were forced to attend these schools and were away 10 months out of the year some stayed all year wrong but the majority of them returned after about 10 years (blacks were separated from their family the minute they arrived never to see their parents or children ever again) also Canada set aside 1.9 billion to be put aside to compensate for what they did once again the Indians got something were as blacks received nothing

  146. King Simba lol "move on" bro go read your history before commenting blacks have tried this over and over again case in point BLACK WALL STREET we did our own thing) whites got jealous torched their community even having a gunner atop of a hill gunning down those trying to escape…CIVIL RIGHTS marched non violently staged peaceful sit ins again trying to put the past behind them and be treated equal and left alone…BLACK PANTHERS wanting the violence and police brutality stopped worked together within the community and patrolling the streets armed again trying to put the past behind us but was later targeted because they started a lunch program for the kids the F.B.I went after them hard because of this

    seems to me its not us blacks who cannot let it go its them

  147. Danny Van Santen says:

    Bryon Anderson world war 2 we where oppressed uhm another one is or dear friend stalin who killed more people and send them to work camps in siberia. so white people know how it is to be oppressed.

  148. -'Tladi 'Matlanza' Morake says:

    Watch the full video here:

  149. Alyssa Noel Generes

    "blacks owned slaves" let me educate you real quick slavery dates way back the Egyptians did it and yes African people had slaves but the difference is the Egyptians took good care of their slaves assigning 1 doctor for every 20 slaves as for Africa only some slaves were sold by blacks the majority of them were captured but again there was a difference during war if you were captured you had to work for your captor for a period of time and when released you were paid and some were even allowed to marry the captors daughter their is no comparing the two

    Black people can't be racist because they don't have the means/power to actually carry out what it truly means to be racist. The definition of “racism” must include the ability of one group to subjugate another, and since black people have never had the social, economic or political power to subjugate white people, they cannot be racist, by definition. “Racism” is a concept that is historically rooted in the oppression of blacks by whites (slavery, colonialism, apartheid, imperialism etc.).

    As bad as you had it you will never be pulled over because your white you will receive less time if you commit the same exact crime as a black person how many racist black organizations go around the country and spew hate the klan does it all the time even getting police protection to do it where are the black kkk since were so racist never seen a black guy waving the confederate flag hell they still fly it in most southern states every week were reminded about how racist you bastards are…ever see a black cop shoot a white person where the evidence clearly showed it was uncalled for maybe just maybe our hatred for whites has nothing to do with their skin maybe its because we grow up being introduced to white racism at an early age

  150. if africa belongs to black people,that means south africa belongs to black people #period.thank you sis lebo. #bye #IZWELETHU

  151. Danny Van Santen go look at how long WW2 lasted GTFOH with that bullshit I would trade your suffering and so called oppression in a heartbeat my people were born a slave and died a slave does your people still suffer to this day because of those couple of years…your people died during wartime no war was needed for our suffering and by definition alone you cannot have been oppressed

  152. Danny Van Santen says:

    Bryon Anderson opressed is opressed even when it is 1 day or 400 years opressed is opressed. you know the only way to live together in peace we have to build the futher, and stop looking back to the past. you have to do it together if you dont do it then you will not have peace. i am sorry for my bad english

  153. Danny Van Santen Your people died during war time mainly due to famine were they oppressed before and after you say 1 day or 400 years does not matter ask any prisoner would they like to serve 1 day or 400 years

  154. Chiedza Ruthie Pwiti says:

    Danny Van Santen were they enslaved tho? torn from their families? beaten to death? treated like dogs? are they still being called derogatory terms and do they get bananas thrown at them? are they unfairly treated because of their skin colour? were they lynched? How many were stolen from their homelands and forced to work under inhumane conditions? May I remind you that racism against black people is still ongoing.

  155. That was racist how the video stopped just as the white lady was about to say something.

  156. does anyone have the link to the full program ?

  157. Sundiata Keita says:

    whenever black people talk about what white people did its called rhetoric, hate or racism. Khalid Muhammad had it right about South Africa.

  158. Sundiata Keita says:

    two comments below

  159. We are not black the last legal status we had was moor. MORRISH I DEVIOUS BEINGS have rights not privileges given to us by a defacto government

  160. Stephaniepreacherkid Pitt says:

    Where is the rest of the debate

  161. Mark Hayes says:

    South African for South Africans.
    Africa for Africans.
    Give back the land, take back the land.

  162. Bryon Anderson the only reason why people are upset with your comment is because you are being ignorant to say that black people are the only people to hear "get over it" and "its in the past" is incorrect i have heard it numerous times i get it black people had it bad i mean really bad but natives had it bad also i heard those lines a lot growing up especially since i went to a private school as a kid and why are you guys fighting over something stupid like "oh we had it worst than you" why don't you guys come together the common enemy for your guys argument is that white people treated everyone wrong so stop fighting over petty things and come together because this stupid fighting is getting you guys no where

  163. Anonymous says:

    David Banner Man fuck u bitch ass motherfucka a cracka is gonna be a cracka no matter what

  164. Linda Sigwela says:

    Its the reaction from the coloured/kullid community that scared me.

  165. For this woman to say that white people got together in 1992 to decide whether we should vote or not in our own country, our land, the land they shouldn't even have set foot in, a land they should've got permission from us to set foot in infuriates me.

  166. Lebo is right, it was not their country to take.

  167. It's crazy! and they want us to just erase the damage done to us for their sake. What about us and the pain we still go through today because of what happened then. It makes me so mad that they still have this mentality. Let them walk a mile in our shoes and see how quick they will forget and move on with their lives.

  168. Elezar Alley says:

    Some of the comments below are flippen ridiculous honestly. We need to embrace the mistakes of the past in order to grow into the future. I am coloured (of khoi decent), the only native people to South Africa and due to our undocumented history, we don't get the same sort of "Native American-esque" empathy for being almost wiped out by black tribes. I completely understand the poets perspective, appreciate your past and understand the other sides perspective in order to grow as humanity. Don't tell me about facades and propaganda campaigns, I am talking about what makes flippen sense. I am not going to disallow a person from operating on my dying child because of the colour of their skin. Neither am I going to forcefully marry into my religion cause that is what is expected. You see it all over the world and in different scenarios, working towards a common aim usually results in the outcomes you are after. Get over your fucken egos and grow a pair. I have had many opportunities that I was not considered for because I was not black enough but I am not shouting racism, I am shouting, fuck you then I'll find another way to get the results I am after. Don't be naïve and fall into the same group of people that are stupid enough to still act that way, grow up remember where you and those around you came from and use it to better humanity as a race.

  169. Swain Jarrett the white man showed up in Africa with criminal intentions did you even listen to the debate do you know what Apartheid is this is the problem with some black folks you make comment without even noticing your own irony they have been robbing S. A. for centuries anywhere the white man goes is done so with criminal intentions he is not there to make friends …where did you get your proof from the same white man who gave you that white Jesus…don't ever compare African slavery to white slavery in Africa if you were a slave you pretty much was a prisoner of war you worked of your debt an upon completion given money and sometimes the daughters hand in marriage you was not beaten tortured raped etc. even further back in Egypt you had 1 doctor for every slave ever notice how we have never been shown African cruelty to other Africans how is it Africa sold its people yet every picture depicted shows us captured and not bought

  170. Sherifah Rafiq- Lobo says:

    Help Falcor find his way home deflection. one tribal issue at a time please. The video is about the systematic slavery and then caste system inflicted on the Native South Africans for hundreds of years. We should be talking about the effects, and how to change social dynamics so that those decedents finally get to financially benefit.

    That's it and that's all.

  171. Ezra Taylor says:

    Where can I get this episode?

  172. Gina Kelly says:

    watch the entire show, its soooo much better than just this clip…there are many more voices in this conversation besides just white and black

  173. All anyone cares about is groups. Too many people only see the world in terms of black and white and male and female and worse yet the PAST. Look forward forget about coexist….unity is the key.

  174. Durst Broseph You and Laurie A. Rogers don't get it Laurie even thought it was a bad thing to have to carry a card that provided services not given to others, were your people hanged after the fact we had a hanging just last year…I never said our suffering only mattered, but you heard about it while attending private school. Show me where your people are still oppressed free services and private schooling not to shabby

  175. ((khoi the only native people to South Africa…))

    your tribe dates back to the 5th century A.D. you see the error in that claim right

  176. Jarmo Sits says:

    The entire American continent don't belong neither of you? … fuckin retards… maybe start by american holocaust,ever heard of it? Oh shit.. ofcourse.. no education in america..

  177. Jarmo Sits says:

    Nyoka Pedist-Tibideaux disgusting breed? africans and chinese are the ones who are literally Breeders…

  178. Gloria Lou Yes we are

  179. Luther Augustus Taken Alive
    No, I'm not interested in seeing out of my race. And you are not my friend. {{-_-}}

  180. this is just a tease, i wanna hear the rest of the interview. she was just gearing up

  181. Luther Augustus Taken Alive So your mad about a mascot…I WILL SAY THIS ONE MORE TIME THE DIFFERENCE IS BLACKS ARE STILL OPPRESSED…so far I have heard some guy dressed as a lady complain about carrying a card that lets her purchase things nobody else can and now you complain about a fucking mascot…Also I don't know if you proof read your comments before hitting reply but Johnny was mocking your wording lol AINT SEEN INDIANS STILL BEING HANGED OR PULLED OVER JUST FOR BEING INDIAN

  182. Charli Bedet do not compare our slavery to African slavery its not even close

  183. Hagi Bilal Bayo says:

    Jared Purdy blacks are still mentally dead bt u caucausoids knew well that when we wake up from this deep sleep u low frequency beings gona walk on your feet back to the land of your ancestors, with all the ignorance, cowardice and pretending u doing is cos we are sleepin and u all knew ur fathers did nt come to africa in peace neither to do good to the people of africa so the day is just near

  184. Rhonda Anderson says:

    Bryon Anderson – Native Americans are constantly told to "get over it"… all the time. I have been told more times than I can even remember… Oh and I'm "angry" too…

  185. Phumeza, u are free to ur opion abt the guy but how well informed are u about the Codesa negotiations? And they not ignorant to our pain or suffering the years of oppression caused, they know yet that does not mean they are welling to give away their economic upper hand.

  186. Hebe Bailey says:

    What program is this from??

  187. Wesley McKay says:

    I'm Native Canadian (Anishinabe) and the term 'get over it' is something the we hear all the time. We here it out in public, on tv, online news stories, in every comments section of every news story pertaining to First Nations, it is everywhere. It is in our schools, workplaces, places of government etc etc… We hear it all the time.
    We suffer racial profiling, acts of violence/hate crimes from people and those in authority, our women and youth are missing/murdered by the thousands. Tens of thousands of our children are dead and missing from residential schools and those who survived (and their children and children's children…) are still suffering from the horrible mental, emotional, spiritual, physical/sexual abuse that the prevalent in all these schools. and Yes we are constantly being told to 'GET OVER IT'.

  188. Debra Bearskin Hawthorne says:

    Bryon Anderson native Americans are told to get over it and what they suffered hasn't even been admitted.

  189. Britt Gordon
    Thanks to centuries of assimilation from whites (and judging from all the comments from offended NAs on this thread – some of whom are NOT really NA), many Native Americans are no better than the white supremacist system itself. {{-_-}}

  190. Mez Kitsu
    Your ancestors were tortured and executed.
    Mine were enslaved AND tortured and executed.
    So how about you stop now? {{-_-}}

  191. Mez Kitsu says:

    Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke Firstly, yours were not tortured and executed as ours were. Some estimates put the number of dead at over one hundred million, far more than any other ethnicity in history. Further, the torture my people underwent included savage, sick, and disgusting acts; far beyond that of the treatment of slaves in the USA. Your people were not strung up over a fire and then cut open. I am an Inca (from South America), my people have received no reparations from anyone. In fact, we are still technically at war with Spain as they never surrendered to us and we never surrendered to them. We don't want reparations, we do not need to bow to our enemy and ask them for tribute. We will fight for our own independence. Lastly, your people still have countries that your own people run. You have Swaziland, a traditional African government that still utilizes a traditional monarchy. They are listed on maps, they are accepted as sovereign. I would willingly undergo slavery if it meant that my people's empire could be recognized and placed onto a map.

  192. Sherry Dion says:

    Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke So you wanna trade info. Here is a recent illustration of how it still goes on which is the point of this whole thread. Someone posted how only the Black race is ever told to get over it and it happened a century ago. Well, I give you proof that the Blacks are not the ONLY race that still gets the shoddy treatment. There are just as many Indigenous Peoples in the prison system as Blacks. Modern form of slavery.

  193. Jack Plant says:

    They have a choice: move forward, or don't.

  194. i want to see the wohle debate =( is there any one who knows where i can find it? i want to watch the whole debate

  195. i want to see the wohle debate =( is there any one who knows where i can find it? i want to watch the whole debate

  196. Mez Kitsu my people were not tortured are you insane…torture was mandatory women who were pregnant were ripped open by two horses running in opposite directions the unborn baby was then smashed against rocks in front of other pregnant slaves this instilled fear in other slaves and that was just the women

  197. Britt Gordon American Indians have received three types of reparations: (1) cash payments, through the operation of the Indian Claims Commission and the U.S. Court of Claims; (2) land, through an occasional action of Congress to return control over land to particular tribes; and (3) tribal recognition, by either Congress or the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The first of these has been the least satisfactory, measured by long-term impact on Indian communities. The second was more satisfactory, but has been experienced by very few tribes. The third, which is in process now, has had the best results.

  198. Sherry Dion You guys need to stop with the first people line. Native American Indians were not here first, the African moors were when the asians came they mated with the moors and produced what you call Native Indians

  199. Joshua Scott Klarr Your wiki link says fascist is used as a insult to denigrate people. The Fascist party that developed in Italy in the 1920s rigidly enforced conservative values and behavior norms during the Mussolini regime.

    In this sense, the word fascist is intended to mean "oppressive", "intolerant", "chauvinist", "genocidal", "dictatorial", "racist", or "aggressive"—all concepts that are allegedly inspired by the ideology of actual FASCISM.

    The south has risen and still takes more than they contribute to our economy and also still does the poorest when it comes to education

  200. Sherry Dion says:

    Bryon Anderson Please cite your sources for this theory. Lots of theories out there, including the one about the Bering Straight passage during the last ice age, that has recently and finally been debunked, which our people have known all along was complete nonsense. Either way, we are the original inhabitants of this land, whatever you choose to label us.
    I use the colonial term "First Nation" for the benefit of others, but I much prefer "Anishinaabe" 🙂
    And sorry, but no, I will not stop just because you say so. Quit being a bully, eh?!
    In any event Byron, I hope you realize that you and many others are playing right into their calculated game. Race war is all about divide and conquer. The only way to break the chains of bondage is to not play the game. We are a race of HUMAN BEINGS. Get that straight and we can actually make some real progress based on mutual respect.
    If you don't believe me, do your research on who benefits from race wars and how it works.

  201. Sherry Dion their is not one race that cannot trace its origins to the black race

  202. Sherry Dion says:

    Bryon Anderson So they say…the theory " the cradle of life."
    Theories are not facts. Unsupported by evidence. Hence its only a theory.
    Unfortunately, we have our own Creation Story and trace back our lineage from time immemorial. We did not cross over. We began life here.

    You can keep baiting me, but honestly, where does that get you? I am not your enemy. My people are not your enemy. Know your enemy and be smart about how to get out from underneath their jackboot. Knowledge is power, my friend.
    Helping 'them' by attacking the legitimacy of another downtrodden race only gets you one rung higher from the bottom, playing into their hands. You've heard the expression "Crabs in the bucket"? Same deal.

  203. You think causing more suffering will be a solution? You're a monster.

  204. Sherry Dion You mean scientist are we even debating the cradle of life…I know im not your enemy nor has there ever or will be a divide and conquer with blacks and natives. Science has already proven life started in Africa its not a theory


  206. Camerron Morris says:

    Y'all are funny. Obviously you didn't bother to read what I said. Honestly I could care less. Have your ignorant opinions, that's your choice. Bryon Anderson, you have talked trash on white people with every post, I never pointed my finger at black people as a whole, I pointed my finger especially at you. I'm not going to play this back and forth arguing that your trying to instigate. You are promoting hate and racism every time you refer to color, there should be no color is my point. I don't for one second minimize the injustice that has happened to black people, but racism happens to everyone. Black people are not the only people to experience racism. Hispanic people experience it, middle eastern people experience it, native Americans experience it, Asian people experience it and regardless of what you may think white people experience it. Anyone who puts down another race is GUILTY of racism, this includes every person on here that puts down another race by pointing out generalized ideas of another race. Not one person on this page could ever possibly know what it feels like to be another race, nor will they ever. I do not claim to know what anyone has been through, but I know what I've been through and that is all. I know that I am tired of ANYONE who judges someone based on their race. Spread hate if you want bahaha, it's absolutely ridiculous and hypocritical. Like I said, I get what your saying, I've seen it with my own two eyes, and to answer your assumption as to what I did whoever you are after my sit in, no I didn't go back to being "white" lol (racist comment by the way) I have always continued to stand up for what's right and will for the rest of my life, I have stood up to racism several times including two years back when I was a correctional officer in a prison and had to witness a girl be kept in prison and have her rights completely taken away unjustly because a white lieutenant was being racist, I went against the policies in that place to make sure certain things were done including contacting the NAACP on her behalf you don't know anything about me so YOU stop talking, I DO NOT judge based on race and I will never stop standing up for what's right. Your hateful words won't even change my views, which is the reason I even bothered to comment on this in the first place. I commented simply because I would like to think that someday everyone will accept each other even with our differences and just come together. If you want to hate on me for that, so be it, it just shows your ignorance, not mine.

  207. Camerron Morris
    "You are promoting hate and racism every time you refer to color, there should be no color is my point."


  208. Camerron Morris
    "I don't for one second minimize the injustice that has happened to black people, but racism happens to everyone. Black people are not the only people to experience racism. Hispanic people experience it, middle eastern people experience it, native Americans experience it, Asian people experience it and regardless of what you may think white people experience it."

    We did not SAY Black people are the only ones who experience racism.
    We're just the only ones who experience racism going unpunished. {{-_-}}

  209. Camerron Morris
    "Anyone who puts down another race is GUILTY of racism, this includes every person on here that puts down another race by pointing out generalized ideas of another race."

    That is NOT racism and YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. {{-_-}}

  210. Camerron Morris
    "I have always continued to stand up for what's right and will for the rest of my life, I have stood up to racism several times including two years back when I was a correctional officer in a prison and had to witness a girl be kept in prison and have her rights completely taken away unjustly because a white lieutenant was being racist, I went against the policies in that place to make sure certain things were done including contacting the NAACP on her behalf you don't know anything about me so YOU stop talking, I DO NOT judge based on race and I will never stop standing up for what's right."

    Just the simple fact that you actually think the NAACP speaks for us means you should be quiet now because YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. The NAACP was created by and for WHITES. {{-_-}}

  211. Camerron Morris
    You still can't tell me HOW ignoring racism will end it. Make whatever assumptions you like about me. {{-_-}}

  212. Camerron Morris says:

    Never said I was ignoring racism, only that I was ignoring ignorance plain and simple. You are the only one that can change your mind and I'm not going to continue to waste my breathe to anyone that chooses to argue rather than open their mind to the possibility that every single person is a representation of their entire race. I know that your views do not accurately depict what your race feels and that there are plenty of people that are working towards a common ground. As for myself, I will continue to show love and understanding to everyone including you. Like I said, I hope you will find peace and healing in your heart and realize not everyone is working against you. Good luck

  213. Mez Kitsu
    Again, you're assuming that African slaves were not killed or tortured. Black slaves were killed for learning how to read and write.

    What were you expecting? A link from the white media which is complicit in covering up the truth about us? If you can't accept the truth no matter where it comes from, then you're interested in keeping the lie alive. Trust me: Our people are MUCH more credible than any news source in America. If you doubt me, ask them what they think about Marcus Garvey. Hell, you probably believe that Jesus is white and so are the Egyptians. There's no way I can convince you.

    The fact is that we have nations with corrupt leaders. And the fact is that Native Americans have received reparations and land while Blacks in America have not. I posted verifiable evidence on that.

    So yeah, you're still wrong. {{-_-}}

  214. Camerron Morris
    That's basically what you're doing: Blaming Black people for racism against them. Trying to equate our struggle to everybody else's despite the fact that Black people are the poorest race in America and literally own nothing. Textbook white supremacy right there.

    But you're right about one thing: My views do not accurately depict what my race feels. Because most of them are foolish enough to listen to people like YOU against their own best interests. {{-_-}}

  215. Mez Kitsu says:

    Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke And my ancestors were killed for no reason at all, often for fun. Yours had a reason, a justification. Thus the two acts are not comparable. Your people were not subjected to blanket torture and execution as mine were. Look up what the Spanish did and you will see exactly what I am talking about.

    No, I am expecting a link to a peer reviewed source of no ethnicity. The website you listed is a blog, it is something anyone can write and it is not verifiable. The truth is the truth only so long as it is backed by the facts. What you have posted is an opinion, not a fact. I do not care about news, or media. They are unreliable and biased. All I care about is scientific process, in this case data from historians and archaeologists. My culture rejects the very foundation of "Jesus" (who, if he existed, would have likely been an Arab). Why would the Egyptions have been white? They were from North Africa.

    You have nations, and though they may have corrupt leaders they are still nations. We have no recognized nations. North American Natives have had land granted based upon treaty, that's not a reparation that's an agreement. Even if it were a reparation, the land is not theirs. The USA still claims ownership of it. Black people have actual, recognized countries. They may be corrupt, they may be dependent, but at the end of it all they are still actual countries. Where are ours?

    Lastly, as I have said before, I am an Inca. South American Native. We are a very different people to those in the North.

  216. Camerron Morris says:

    I'm not blaming anyone for anything. I've never for one moment pointed my finger at any race. I love haters, it's so true they keep me motivated. What's your excuse? Seems like your the one doing the blaming here. Seems like everyone has the right to feel the way they do. Stop trying to instigate an argument with me lol, you don't have to prove anything to me. I'm not judging you or telling you that your wrong, I simply commented out of sadness for future generations. Exactly what is it your doing to change things? What mark are you leaving on the world to change racism? You're not doing anything positive to help it, you are only adding to it and creating negativity along the way. You ask me what I've done I've given some examples, so sorry that what I've done isn't good enough. So sorry I've never met you or had the opportunity to make a positive effect on your life. It's terrible no matter the small efforts that people try to make only incite criticism and ridicule. Perhaps you should consider that your being hypocritical and expecting things from people while refusing to live by your own opinions. Please don't continue to act like your without blame. You choose what you get in life, I've chosen what I've got out of life. Life isn't easy for anyone, everyone has struggles. You are suffering from a uniqueness complex, which means you feel that nobody else could possibly ever know what you've been through and that their problems are ridiculous in comparison to your own. That's where you and I differ, I acknowledge that everyone struggles whether they are similar struggles or different struggles, they are struggles… Period. I've known people in my life I can guarantee who have struggled with things you could never begin to imagine like physical, emotional and sexual abuse, girls that have been prostituted by their parents for drugs, or been so sexually abused they will never have children or shot up with drugs at very young ages, girls that have witnessed their families be murdered or women that have been so badly abused by their husbands they ended up having to defend their own lives by killing their husbands. I have listened to their stories and realized that everyone has something that has damaged their lives, besides those people how about the ones that struggle with addiction, have watched their loved ones sick with cancer dying in great amounts of pain, or the ones that actually have the cancer and suffer trying to beat it so they can live, or perhaps walking in on a loved one that has committed suicide, or what about the ones who have lost one of their children or even children who have lost their parents at a young age. Please don't continue to preach to me that your problems are greater than everyone else's. These examples are all real some are mine and some are those of people I have been close to. No these aren't examples of racism, but are you really going to sit back and say that racism is worse than these? I'm sure in your eyes that the racism you feel truly hurts and makes you angry, but come on you can't tell me that these things aren't life altering and that me and those close to me don't know what it's like to feel pain. We all feel pain, it's what we do with the pain that matters. Two wrongs don't make a right, I will never say that my problems are greater than everyone else's because I know everyone has situations in their life that are different however they create the same kinds of feelings. The sooner people start to feel empathy for one another the better the world will be. I respect your feelings but you need to stop trying to be disrespectful about mine, if you don't agree, that's okay, let's agree to disagree and move on.

  217. Camerron Morris
    I'm doing a lot more than you. {{-_-}}

  218. Mez Kitsu
    "No, I am expecting a link to a peer reviewed source of no ethnicity."

    "peer reviewed"
    What does that even mean? I just showed you evidence. What else matters? Now we know you're just ignoring facts.

    "And my ancestors were killed for no reason at all, often for fun. Yours had a reason, a justification."
    ^^^What the hell does it matter what the reason is?

    "Your people were not subjected to blanket torture and execution as mine were."
    ^^^They actually endured WORSE.

    I don't care what tribe you are. Natives got reparations in AMERICA. Blacks didn't. PERIOD. {{-_-}}

  219. Sherry Dion says:

    Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke I don't understand your first comment to me, no idea what you are referencing with regard to casinos. I never touched on that particular subject.
    FYI, I have been busy working, not playing on fb. Sorry to have kept you waiting.
    As for your claim that "The First Americans were Africans" based on the book by
    Dr. David Imhotep….I will keep an open mind and read the book.

    In return for this, I ask that you to read the following link, particularly this paragraph I have copied/pasted for you:

    "The missing link
    It is almost like finding the 'missing link' to the common ancestor of the Native Americans. The Clovis boy's family is the direct ancestor to roughly estimated 80 % of all present day Native Americans. Although the Clovis culture disappeared its people are living today. Put simply it is a sensation that we succeeded in finding an approximately 12,600 year old boy whose closest relatives can be regarded as the direct ancestor to so many people, Eske Willerslev says and adds: This also means that Clovis did not descend from Europeans, Asians or Melanesians, a theory that a number of scientists have advocated. They were Native Americans — and the Native American ancestors were the first people in America. This is now a fact."

    Here is the link

  220. Camerron Morris says:

    Ok, let's hear it than. What is it that you are doing? That response was extremely vague and superficial and so far I haven't heard a single POSITIVE example. Tell me all the good you've done in the world to change racism. Like I've said over and over, all I have seen out of your posts are negative comments, let's hear something positive.

  221. Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke Marcus Garvey. the most inspirational black leader we will ever read about. He is so important they will never mention him in schools worried blacks would start learning Pan-Africanism. There is no Malcolm X, there is no MLK jr. there is no medgar Evers, there is no Elijah Muhammad without MARCUS MOSIAH GARVEY!

  222. Jared Purdy says:

    Being that I posted tis comment that has generated such "passionate" discussion, it seems only fair that I add my editorial two bits to it. Shannon, it may be the case of Byron not stating things clearly. I didn't read that he was saying that Tim Wise was equal to anyone, I read that he was saying that Wise has done quite a bit – from a different place – to challenge systemic discrimination. I have no idea what level of "education" anyone has who comments on these forums. But to say something without having all of the back ground information does not mean that they are necessarily taking a "position". Byron said something about only black people (in the US I presume) being the target of racism. I'm sure he's aware that other ethno-racial groups are targets too. Also, did he ever say that a black woman is not allowed to have currency in this debate? Maybe he's never heard of Angela Davis, or bell hooks, or Audre Lorde, or who ever. At no time did he ever say that a black woman's perspective was not important in this discussion.

    Also, I beg to differ on a number of your points about Wise. He acknowledges, right up front, that nothing he says is original, or his. He goes on to say that black people have been saying what he says for generations, and are not taken seriously, and only when they are taken seriously will progress be evident. I'm not sure how more up front he needs to be about his position or ownership of ideas and transgressions. Yes he went on a rant on his FB page. I read a lot of it, and made a comment or two. Most of the slanderous (yes, that's what I'd call them) comments that I read from people who follow him are white. If they want to do what he is doing, then go out there and do it. I mentioned Wise because he is a very polarising figure in white politics in the USA, specifically because of his position on race – and I happen to like a ot of what he says, and I show his doc on the pathology of privilege to my classes, and the only students who EVER complain about it are white. I am yet to see any student, of any ethno racial origin other than white critique him for what he says.

    The good fight needs to involve all people. The broader the constituency, the greater the success. A straight, white, able bodied, heterosexual, middle class male speaking about this and other issues of marginalisation and systemic discrimination, and as a prof at a community college in Canada, I can attest to this, is powerful, and very threatening to systems of domination. What axe does Tim Wise, or I for that matter have to grind? What do I have to gain by exposing and working to bring down systems of domination, disenfranchisement and discrimination against minoritized communities? From a financial standpoint, and that is your argument, nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing. What do we have to gain from a white audience? Largely ostracization, condemnation and ridicule. From a black audience? Thankfully, most of the time, a fist pump, a thanks, or "whow, I didn't expect that", or simply nothing at all, which I take as acceptance. That's how I see, though what do I know, I've only been doing this for twenty years.

  223. Mez Kitsu You must not have done research on the difference of slavery Africans endured compared to slavery in ancient times I have explained the differences multiple times …Their are plenty of documentaries that showcase the cruelty of slaves you claim torturing then death I am claiming torturing your entire life no death

    The treatment of slaves in the United States varied by time and place, but was generally brutal and degrading. Whipping, execution and sexual abuse including rape were common.

    Slaves were usually prevented from becoming literate to hinder aspirations for escape or rebellion. In response to slave rebellions such as that led by Nat Turner in 1831, some states prohibited slaves from holding religious gatherings for fear that such meetings could facilitate communication and lead to rebellion.

    Medical care to slaves was usually provided by other slaves or by slaveholders' family members. Some slaves possessed medical skills, such as knowledge of African folk remedies and midwifery.

    Slaves were punished by whipping, shackling, hanging, beating, burning, mutilation, branding and/or imprisonment. Punishment was most often meted out in response to disobedience or perceived infractions, but slaves were also sometimes abused to assert the dominance of their master or overseer. Pregnant women received the most horrendous lashings; slave masters came up with unique ways to lash them so that they could beat the mother without harming the baby. Slave masters would dig a hole big enough for the woman's stomach to lay in and proceed with the lashings.

    The mistreatment of slaves frequently included rape and the sexual abuse of women. Many slaves were killed as a result of resisting sexual attacks. Others sustained psychological and physical trauma. The sexual abuse of slaves was partially rooted in the patriarchal nature of contemporary Southern culture and its view of women of any race as property.[3] After 1662, when Virginia adopted the legal doctrine partus sequitur ventrem, sexual relations between white men and black women were regulated by classifying children of slave mothers as slaves regardless of their father's race or status. After a few generations, numerous slaves were mixed-race (mulatto) offspring of such unions, although white Southern society abhorred sexual relations between white women and black men as damaging to racial purity.

    Frederick Law Olmsted visited Mississippi in 1853 and wrote:

    A cast mass of the slaves pass their lives, from the moment they are able to go afield in the picking season till they drop worn out in the grave, in incessant labor, in all sorts of weather, at all seasons of the year, without any other change or relaxation than is furnished by sickness, without the smallest hope of any improvement either in their condition, in their food, or in their clothing, which are of the plainest and coarsest kind, and indebted solely to the forbearance or good temper of the overseer for exception from terrible physical suffering.


    the real decimation of Indian populations had nothing to do with massacres or military actions, but rather stemmed from infectious diseases that white settlers brought with them at the time they first arrived in the New World.

    UCLA professor Jared Diamond, author of the universally acclaimed bestseller "Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies," writes:

    "Throughout the Americas, diseases introduced with Europeans spread from tribe to tribe far in advance of the Europeans themselves, killing an estimated 95 percent of the pre-Columbian Native American population. The most populous and highly organized native societies of North America, the Mississippian chiefdoms, disappeared in that way between 1492 and the late 1600's, even before Europeans themselves made their first settlement on the Mississippi River.

    "The main killers were Old World germs to which Indians had never been exposed, and against which they therefore had neither immune nor genetic resistance. Smallpox, measles, influenza, and typhus rank top among the killers.

    "As for the most advanced native societies of North America, those of the U.S. Southeast and the Mississippi River system, their destruction was accomplished largely by germs alone, introduced by early European explorers and advancing ahead of them.

    Obviously, the decimation of native population by European germs represents an enormous tragedy, but in no sense does it represent a crime. Stories of deliberate infection by passing along "small-pox blankets" are based exclusively on two letters from British soldiers in 1763, at the end of the bitter and bloody French and Indian War. By that time, Indian populations (including those in the area) had already been terribly impacted by smallpox, and there's no evidence of a particularly devastating outbreak as a result of British policy.

    For the most part, Indians were infected by devastating diseases even before they made direct contact with Europeans: other Indians who had already been exposed to the germs, carried them with them to virtually every corner of North America and many British explorers and settlers found empty, abandoned villages (as did the Pilgrims) and greatly reduced populations when they first arrived.

    Sympathy for Native Americans and admiration for their cultures in no way requires a belief in European or American genocide. As Jared Diamond's book (and countless others) makes clear, the mass migration of Europeans to the New World and the rapid displacement and replacement of Native populations is hardly a unique interchange in human history. On six continents, such shifting populations – with countless cruel invasions and occupations and social destructions and replacements – have been the rule rather than the exception.

    The notion that unique viciousness to Native Americans represents our "original sin" fails to put European contact with these struggling Stone Age societies in any context whatever, and only serves the purposes of those who want to foster inappropriate guilt, uncertainty and shame in young Americans.

    A nation ashamed of its past will fear its future.

    One of the most urgent needs in culture and education for the United States of America is discarding the stupid, groundless and anti-American lies that characterize contemporary political correctness.

    The right place to begin is to confront, resist and reject the all-too-common line that our rightly admired forebears involved themselves in genocide.

    The early colonists and settlers can hardly qualify as perfect but describing them in Hitlerian, mass-murdering terms represents an act of brain-dead defamation.

  224. Hey! Giving people money doesn't do anything. Look at Native Americans. And to brand white people as "the enemy" is just stupid. We are all in the soup. We gotta do the best we can with what we have, for ourselves. And in case you aren't aware, the western "free" world is still dominated by slavery. Albeit a different form. It is called the State. Human farms.

  225. Nicholas Wittman We already went over this keep up or be quiet…blacks built this country and after the civil war we took care of ourselves and was even gaining political power

    by 1921 we controlled the most prosperous community in America whites got jealous and killed them you had jim crow problems with civil rights and later when the black panthers created the kids lunch program they were taken out by the F.B.I J. Hoover said this was the greatest threat to the country.

    Not once have I used an absolute when speaking on white racism and no we are not all in the same soup but your point about money changes nothing like I said we tried to do this but it has not worked our demands for reparations is of no concern to you and I care not what the Indians did with theirs if the Jews, Japs, and Indians were compensated then so should we

  226. Albert Smit says:

    AJ Chestnut "This was also around the same time sanitation practices, transportation systems, and structured governments had not reached the white tribes…though these practices were well established in black nations" What on earth are you talking about???Sanitation practices were invented in the middle east, 1000's of km away from any black nation. Transportations ??? Seriously??? When the whites arrived in Africa, blacks had not even invented a wheel yet. Structured government?? Where? Who? King Shaka? Pygmies? What planet do you live on? And this coming from an American? Do you realise how ignorant you make Americans look?

  227. Albert Smit says:

    Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke . And we suppose a racist like Malcolm X knew what he was talking about?

  228. Albert Smit says:

    Bryon Anderson You stupid jackass!! Africa is what it is because of white people. If it had not been for white people, black people would still be living in villages in huts.

  229. Albert Smit says:

    I cannot beieve what I have been reading in the comments. Most American have never been out of their own States but they want to comment on the happenings in Africa? You know absolutely NOTHING about Africa. If you live in Maryland or Madrid or Georgia or you go to Grant High School, please do not comment about things you know nothing about. You prove to the world that the average American is an ignorant idiot.

  230. well they the whites started it; because researching Afrikan history i learned that they were very welcomed along the NILE to trade or what have you..and in Spain 712AD the Muurs the North Afrikans even educated the white euros when they were 99% illiterate in europe; then the Muurs taught them hygiene to wash their butts!! and look at the thanks we got for both this ones, lynching, cheated, starved, beat, raped damn so much white hatred…smdh. as tu tu said they better be glad we dont all come together from still trying to 'get along' while whites are in deep denial of their wrongs. hopeless…

  231. Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke yes they AFRIKANS are told to forget it.. and the Native Americans, hell they are almost extinct from white hatred and racism…but lets just forget it, ha! yeah right.

  232. Si Ghettochild , you didnt have to fight the hospitality of the AFRIKAN, which he graciously gave. No you just wanted to be greedy selfish, so blind and steal it ALL, which destroyed the serenity of the world thats all. thats good go on be ego proud.

  233. Crystal Blue Adams they still are all along the equator. and slaving, starving the natives there; the whites,jews still are being Greedy selfish while right on here in denial…its a sad shame.

  234. thats why its called AFRIKAN HISTORY ancient history, AND ITS STILL ONGOING, maybe not in your tulip world but in most well all imposed poverty, mass profit $$$ on incarcerations, police brutality, race profiling.. in the Afrikan communities in americoon, and the genocide is worldwide, instigated by americoon, stealing resources, land, and dignity as we speak..where have you been?

  235. Afrika is our continent we are too whitewashed to know it; and so are they the colonialism , and oppression is like poison it spreads fast..but, many Afrikans are awakening and is why we are having this thread..

  236. Albert Smit says:

    Lorraine Voss What is "americoon"? MY tulip world? My tulip world is right here in the middle of South Africa. What exactly do you think AFRICAN HISTORY is? History according to the poor blacks who had their land stolen by the evil whites? When King Shaka made war and stole land from other black tribes in the 1800's, it was seen as legitimate Rule by Conquest. Just as long as the winner of the war is not white, hey? There are poor communities everywhere in the world not just Africa. South America, USA, Europe, Asia. Is that also the whites' fault? Too many people are thinking in black-and-white. For black people it's easier to blame whites than to actually get off their asses and to stop expecting everything for free.

  237. Albert Smit Another southern illiterate non reading white guy who once he finds out the truth will be disappointed to find out about his race and will cry because the truth hurts…I want you to goggle each and everyone of AJ Chestnut claims and if that is not enough find your nearest city or state college ( COLLEGE IS AFTER HIGH SCHOOL ) and talk to the history professor ( professor is another word for teacher ) or better yet just look up the MOORS their the ones who found your ancestors living in caves.

  238. BeeOne BeeOne says:

    i do not border myself on what is on ground……………….i have look up and down, trying to fight………..but the more, i try, the more the days are darker……… thing i finally sugest to my self is to alwys act right………..through this, many will learn, and in more centuries, there will be a change……………..i believe, we all know all about china?

  239. Brahp MeAhh, and to add at least the Native American have been given casinos to support their communities, but what i hear is that your own chiefs are stiffing his own people siding again with the enemy. i also hear that obama has opened up a program for the Native farmers if its gotten off the ground idk, but at least the Natives were heard; oh the black farmers hummm its still any rate it would appear that the hard working and poor AFRIKAN, and NATIVES..once again, all need to begin to unite on this whole situation of white/jew racism, and crimes like yesterday.

  240. Mez Kitsu says:

    Lorraine Voss I am not a North American native. I am a South American native. We have nothing to do with the indigenous people in North America. We don't have nor want "programs" for our people. We are not slaves, only slaves get programs and reparations and things like that.

  241. khoi of SA, but the same ones that are causing your woes are the same enemy of Afrikans, and Native Americans, and the Colored if you prefer; therefore since these control heinous creeps, whites/jews are the reason and the cause of racial demise of the ones of hue, why not the hue'mane all come to a medium of agreement, and put your menial differences aside, and unite with one another because these demon liars going by their pitiful evil history, will not ever be civil as a fact they will only become much worst to those who do not identify with them..Wake Up.

  242. Albert Smit get lost agent, ha! ha!!! whos wasting their time on this pion stooge? dont. lmao…

  243. Albert Smit , I dislike Jacob Zuma as well, and he is not "black people"

  244. Albert Smit says:

    Lorraine Voss Please shut up. You are as illiterate as some of your fellow countrymen on this thread.

  245. Albert Smit says:

    Bryon Anderson You really think that all white South Africans are evil? What crap have you been fed? By whom? And you are in Grant High School? And you can't spell or construct a sentence properly. But you want to advise people of another country about how they should manage their lives. Sort out the race problem in your own country first. Apartheid is alive and living inside your borders. At least we are trying to move forward. You are too blind to see past your own stupidity. Grow a pair of balls and honour the heroes you black Americans like to speak so highly of.

  246. Albert Smit says:

    Johnny Ace AfricaFirst Okeke Really? No-one can prove Marcus correct because he isn't. He's just another American black man mouthing off about something he does not know about or is unable to do anything about. And that from an educated person?

  247. Mez Kitsu Yet you claim the conquistadors are still oppressing you. Since people always say Africans also enslaved their own people the conquistadors killing your ancestors was not that big of a deal since the Inca tribe constantly practiced human sacrifice

  248. Albert Smit It is not your country and it never was one day justice will be served and your filth will be removed

  249. Mez Kitsu says:

    Bryon Anderson That is really ignorant of you to say. You clearly do not understand my culture nor what our history is. Perhaps if you would study our history you would understand better.

  250. Mez Kitsu Like you researched our history remember you said our people did not suffer and if we did it was nothing like what your people suffered…am I wrong when I say your culture was heavy into human sacrifice technically what the conquistadors were doing was the same thing your people was doing to themselves

  251. Mez Kitsu says:

    Bryon Anderson You are completely wrong on many counts and levels.

  252. Mez Kitsu prove it

  253. Mez Kitsu says:

    Bryon Anderson The conquistadors used torture against unwilling civilians. My people did not practice human sacrifice, you are thinking of the Maya. Now it is true that some Inca cultures (though not mine) practiced human sacrifice. It was, however, considered an honor and done to the willing.

  254. Sonny McGee says:

    @ Albert Smit

    I've been partially following this thread, I understand your position and others as well. I'm not going to condemn or condone anyone else opinion including yours in this particular post, but I will support the historical facts as known and proven.

    From what I understand about the consensus of the Blacks here and all around the world is that, Africa is the Black man's land (which includes Northern, Southern and All of Africa) regardless of whose authority it has been entrusted to in the later generation. While it is a known fact that all Blacks are genetically linked whether they are from North Africa, West Indies or Eastern Europe, including the Black San People… the family ties are overwhelmingly endured by the groups consensus and by the genetic ties all around the world. In most of the authoritative historical data I've read it is evidence that Blacks (including the Black San people) are the original people of the land in question.

    Blacks were the ruling party of their own land prior to the overtaking by the White Race who you say did not indulge in slaughter. But you are wrong in your assessment, history shows that the White man came into the motherland and TOOK BY FORCE, IN WAR, the land, the material wealth and the resources of the land. Below is a segment of the facts regarding how Whites took over our land:

    Dutch settles came to southern Africa in 1652 and established the port of Cape Town. For the next 150 years, the Afrikaners, as these settlers came to be called, conquered the lands around the port. The lands they eventually acquired became Cape Colony.

    Before construction of the Suez Canal, the quickest sea route to Asia from Europe was around the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa. Sensing the strategic value of Cape Colony, the British seized it during the Napoleonic Wars in the early 1800's . The Afrikaners resented British rule, particularly laws that forbade the owning of Black Slaves. The White Afrikaners believed that they were superior ot Black Africans and that God had ordained Slavery.

    In the 1830's about 10,000 Afrikaners, whom the British called Boers (the Dutch word for farmers), decided to leave Cape Colony rather than live under British rule. In a move known as the Great Trek, the Afrikaners migrated northwest into the interior. Here they established two independent republics, the Transvaal and the Orange Free State. The constitution of the Transvaal stated, "There shall be no equality in State or Church between white and black."

    The Afrikaners fought constantly with their neighbors. First they battled the powerful Zulu nation for control of the land. Then they fought British settlers who came to the Transvaal in search of gold and diamonds. These conflicts erupted in 1899 into the Boer War, which the British finally won three years later.

    In 1910 Great Britain united the Transvaal, the Orange Free State, the Cape Colony, and Natal into the Union of South Africa. The constitution of this British dominion made it all but impossible for nonwhites to win the right to vote. As one black African writer of the time said, "The Union is to be a Union of two races, namely the British and the Afrikaners- the African is to be excluded."

    Here is my question:
    Just how in the hell can the White man come from some other land, make war with Black Africans, Killing them, destroying everything in sight in order to conquer and rule and not consider Black African as part of the process in their made-up constitution?

    Blacks should have their own constitution for their land, not the white's constitution.


  255. Black people are the most racist contemporary group in the present world.Yeah do get over yourselves. I am so happy I am in Thailand now and away from you racist inferior complex attitudes and yes the world does owe you nothing since you invented nothing!

  256. The sad thing is that we (Black people) didn't even write most of our own history, so the history that we know and are taught is the history written by the very people that invaded our land. For instance, history says that David Lingstone discovered the Falls in Zimbabwe and named them after queen Victoria. Does history tells us though that black people were already living there and these falls were called "Mosi-oa-Tunya"("The Smoke Which Thunders") by them. Those who had the opportunity to record our history are fortunate as the world now knows our history according to the information they provided. But what about those who were not in the position to records their facts, mainly because they were not literate? In the past, most written sources were produced from a White male perspective; Black people had less/no access to recording their data on paper. To me this makes me question the reliability of most of the history that was written and provides serious discrepancies on how it all began. This is the same thing that this white woman is doing, tell us history in her eyes not the actual facts of what transpired. It's so easy for her to twist the facts and tell us that they decided to let us vote, when this land was not theirs to begin with. Thieves will document history according to their selective memory, deliberate embellishments, self flattery/promotion and a reluctance to associate themselves/others with specific events.

  257. They are evil in every country I only see one common problem among people of color.

  258. Mike McGowan says:

    For the record, I'm white. I'm using a device th as that can't access the video but I'm getting the meaning of it by reading your replies. I don't see it as racism, what I see is plain and simple: racial pride. And that's not racism. It's not even close even by the wildest stretch of the imagination. What's suddenly wrong with being proud of who you are? The people starting up a new business are taking a big risk and likely doing so where the deck is probably stacked against them to begin with. If they succeed then others will take a risk. It creates jobs. Jobs create independence from a government that does more harm than good to blacks. The politicians come in all colors but they only give a damn about themselves and their own families, certainly not yours. The problem with the politicians is greed. It's not really racism. The racism by politicians against blacks is their assumptions about black voters. They only vote for Democrats. That includes black politicians as well. They only reach out to people in the black community during the primaries. After that they don't waste their time campaigning in the black neighborhoods because they already know the Democrats got their votes. Republicans don't bother either for the same reason. I read something about the blackvoting bloc and the Democrats that summed it up well. It went something this: the Democrats can screw the blacks six different ways to Sunday and at least 90% will vote Democrat in the next election and the one after that and the one after that etc…. You know what? It's sad but true. From someone who is on the outside looking in I often wonder why blacks are the only ethnic group that's required to vote Democrat. I could see it if they done a lot of good, but they've done so much harm to black communities all across this country. And they target their audience from the earliest years by keeping them in fsiled schools that have betrayed one generation after another going back many years allthe while sending their own kids to the best schools. Look what Obama did. He opposed school voucher, the only hope most of the kids have, and then he sent his own kids to elite private schools. (Sorry for the typos, I'm using a tiny portable device)

  259. To the Previously Disadvantaged'.
    We are sorry that our ancestors were intelligent, advanced and daring enough to explore the wild oceans to discover new countries and develop them.
    We are sorry that those who came before us took you out of the bush and taught you that there was more to life than beating drums, killing each other and chasing animals with sticks and stones.
    We are sorry that they planned, funded and developed roads, towns, mines, factories, airports and harbours, all of which you now claim to be your long deprived inheritance giving you every right to change and rename these at your discretion.
    We are sorry that our parents taught us the value of small but strong families, to not breed like rabbits and end up as underfed, diseased, illiterate shack dwellers living in poverty.
    We are sorry that when the evil apartheid government provided you with schools, you decided they'd look better without windows or in piles of ashes.
    We happily gave up those bad days of getting spanked in our all white Schools for doing something wrong, and much prefer these days of freedom where problems can be resolved with knives and guns.
    We are sorry that it is hard to shake off the bitterness of the past when you keep on raping, torturing and killing our friends and family members, and then hide behind the fence of 'human rights' with smiles on your faces.
    We are sorry that we do not trust the government… We have no reason to be so suspicious because none of these poor "hard working intellectuals" have ever been involved in any form of "corruption or irregularities".
    We are sorry that we do not trust the police force and, even though they have openly admitted that they have lost the war against crime and criminals, we should not be negative and just ignore their corruption and carry on hoping for the best.
    We are sorry that it is more important to you to have players of colour in our national teams than winning games and promoting patriotism. We know that sponsorship doesn't depend on a team's success.
    We are sorry that our border posts have been flung open and now left you competing for jobs against illegal immigrants from our beautiful neighbouring countries. All of them countries that have grown into economic powerhouses after kicking out the 'settlers'.
    We are sorry that we don't believe in witchcraft, beet root and garlic cures, urinating on street corners, virginity testing, slaughtering of bulls in our back yards, trading women for cattle and other barbaric practices. Maybe we just grew up differently.
    We are sorry that your medical care, water supplies, roads, railways and electricity supplies are going down the toilet because skilled people who could have planned for and resolved these issues had to be thrown away because they were of the wrong ethnic background and now have to work in foreign countries where their skills are highly appreciated.
    We are so sorry that we'd like this country to fulfil its potential so we can once again be proud South Africans.
    The Previously Advantaged.

  260. A bit late for all that. If black South Africans are waiting for whites to be introspective, they loss that opportunity in those silly "Truth and Reconciliation" processes that yielded the illusion of resolution, while whites maintained control of the nation's wealth. Those who pushed that process should be ashamed of themselves.

  261. Juda Brown says:

    wow… power to the sister of all sades…

  262. Pak Posse says:

    hearing a white South AFrikan speak just makes we want to call up ISIS.

  263. These caucasian came from the caucus monthains, this pale caveman swear he has modernize Africa why is this pale devil alive still. I don't know Africa had many empires before these melanin recessive demon arrive we built the pyramids in Africa which they called Egypt. It's a waste of time to try to convince the pale serpent seed of his ignorance and wrong doing you can't reform the devil ..they wiped out the native American indians how van Afro people trust this demon.

  264. Lisa Mann says:

    Black people in SA (and my country, the USA) are PISSED OFF, and rightly so. I think the white lady in this video, as well as all of us whites in former colonial and slave countries should STFU about black anti-colonial rhetoric and stop being defensive about "the Brits stole the mines" or "I never owned a slave" etc. She and ALL of us white folks just need to suck it up and TAKE OUR LUMPS.

  265. Any links for the full video

  266. Teri Graham Good for you. yes you told that douch bag off you are so right on they don't wan't the truth to be known.

  267. Terry Lee says:

    Why can't we have more of these type of opened conversations televised or livestream on the Internet, it needs to happen more frequently for all cultures to hear……just my opinion

  268. Not really the truth being told it is what it is and you should own it monise.

  269. Bryon Anderson Actually, white people enslaved white people in Europe for thousands of years. The Romans enslaved the people they conquered. The Greeks did the same thing. Brits enslaved the Irish. Finland just *recently* in the grand scope of history became a nation after being considered a vassal slave state by either Russia or Sweden for the longest time. Not negating what happened to the Africans, I'm answering your question.

  270. If white people were right they would have never even had to decide to vote. The Vote wasn't yours to give or country to take! White society is so hell bent on keeping the past going in a manner they think the black man is not to ever notice or attempt to change. The youths of white people today refuse to even accept what their family history has taken the blood, and lives of black, Hispanic. They will lie to the End and Die telling it! Truth is just to much for them to ever admit;JMO.

  271. Danny White says:

    Julia Abadi today's time should be more about having a mind set that people are people regardless of race, I don't even like the term "race" when describing people its arbitrary and instills the idea of segregation. Just as you said we are of the same race the human race. I think any culture can understand the pain of slavery because almost every culture when through it, whites, blacks, asians, brown people, pretty much everyone. we are a primitive race that is developing technology a little fast for our people to use properly because of the bigot mindset of skin color I think people should stop and really think, learn and reflect on our people (us humans) as a whole and think about the future, about our survival, at this rate we may end ourselves. just be 2 cents I'm just rambling on lol.

  272. "Reverse racism" … no such thing… racism is racism……

  273. I agree with you on this. People of African descent need to get rid of the idea that because our ancestors were slaves and were subjected to segregation we cannot be racist. There are people of African descent who are racist towards so-called white people (European). In fact, there are black who are racist towards black people.

  274. Tens of thousands of white farmers have been slaughtered in South Africa in just the past decade alone. South Africa may have lived under segregation and institutionalised racism for many years, but look at the state of the country now? White families are being butchered to death in numbers that would warrant an Oprah special and an Obama speech if their skin colour were different. South Africa is now the rape, aids and murder capital of the entire world. In South Africa they have replaced one negative style of governance with another. The type of Governance where their heads of state have been filmed singing the anti-white song "Kill the Boer" (The Boer being the white south african). I wouldn't even justify this poet lady with much of a response. We have seen one brand of racism – institutionalised racism – replaced with another – bloody and killing of innocents racism. People can carol on about the transgressions of white people until he cows come home, but the immediate reality of genocidal murder must be dealt with.

  275. what the hell is reverse racism anyway? come on now.

  276. Black people have already gotten over slavery but white folks never forget the confederacy and their traitorous contributions. As such, now they are playing victim? That would be like Jack the ripper playing the shrinking violet amongst a bed of roses. It doesn't look good.

  277. Bryon Anderson brotha that stuart williamson guy thinks like a colonizer no big suprise there white supremacy has that effect on him , when I think of the word ghetto the word redlining comes to mind which his people still practice to this day taking our resources outta the black communities but all the whlie we can't sart a business in white community or even live there.thy give us a fucked up deck of cards to deal with and they wonder why we can't so called make it.

  278. Mike Jackson says:

    Bravo! They want you to forget pain and suffering and get over it, says the people who gained from the pain and suffering. “Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it." – Edmond Burke.

  279. Gary Cooper says:

    get off your asses.

  280. "The whites".

    As if every white person on the face of the planet is guilty of a crime committed by another white person. Your pain is not something to be negated, but also should not be placed on the shoulders of an entire race of people.

  281. Wow, I am ashamed at what I am reading. I can support many arguments that are made by the black community in this thread. But what I will not tolerate is racism of any kind. Even worse, I am seeing it from many sides and colors in this thread. You cannot say the Whites activities were injust and acknowledge that it was fueled by intolerance and racism and then proceed to justify racisim back towards "whites" by saying thinks that equate to "you did it first". People who account for themselves as Whites, you cannot assume that you have any idea of what they went through, what oppression is truly like. You cannot say that you understand because we never will. However, We (the collective population, wither be white, Black Hispanic, Jew, Muslim, etc.) can never move forward and end oppression by pigeonholing others. Stop dividing people. On a further note, this is a local issue, one that doesn't even effect me as I live in the USA not South Africa, but I see it here too. My son's parents wrote him off as dead before he was born because I am white. That is repeating history. We need to bridge the divide not further it on any side. That includes said "whites" but again, I feel it is racist, using a term in a manner like that. You are including me, someone who has nothing to do with this issue other than my skin color in with a group of intolerant ignorant people who feel self entitled. You cannot assume you know me, just by my skin color. If my entire life could sum up to anything, I wish the world would take that message from me and spread it. We all are equal.

  282. Rico Dameron says:

    South Africa does not belong to no whites, the hell with understanding anything about them because we already know all we need to know about their murdering, rapist, filthy, perverted, sense of entitlement. In south Africa there should be no peaceful cohabitation between white and blacks not after what whites have done with apartheid and the murder of thousands of innocent black people it is too late to come to the table of peace

  283. Rico Dameron says:

    Well Taylor if you feel that what's going on in south Africa has nothing to do with you then why comment about it, don't use what I said as an excuse to voice your opinion or we don't need to hear about ur personal affairs concerning your son. The sons and daughters of Africa as a whole have been slaughter relentlessly by white racist aggression for centuries, how dare you say that this has nothing to do with you when white privilege that has come from white racism and oppression is afforded to all European whites including you!! To say that it has nothing to do with you just means you don't want to admit the fact that it does has something to do with you. The dutch along with other europeans have invaded south Africa and has turned it from a beautiful and spectacular creation of nature with a thriving beautiful culture rich land and people into what we see now, and u can thank European invasion for it. Lastly the system of racism and white supremacy was created by Whites and you need to check the definition of it again before you call a Blackman a racist you devil!!

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