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Tina Turner Shuts Down Stroke Rumors, Says She’s in ‘Great Health’

Tina Turner Memorial Day Weekend stroke Tina Turner fans are sighing in relief as the iconic songstress shut down rumors that she suffered from a stroke over the holiday weekend.

Express, a German news source, sent the singer’s fans into a frenzy by reporting she had canceled her plans for the Memorial Day weekend due to a stroke.

The news source claimed that Turner’s driver had confirmed the rumors saying that she “had a mild stroke, but is well on the road to recovery.”

According to Express, her driver went on to say “Tina had to cancel her holiday to recover, she has already managed a smile for her partner Erwin Bach.”

But according to Turner, the entire story is false.

A spokesperson for the “What’s Love Got To Do With It” songstress confirmed that the rumors are “not true” and that “Tina is in great health.”

Several German and Dutch publications picked up the story before the spokesperson shot down the rumors.

Online publications have since removed the story.

Tina Turner stroke rumors The spokesperson went on to say that not only were the allegations of a stroke false, but the claims that Turner canceled her holiday were also false.

Another rep stated that the 74-year-old icon never planned a holiday to trip to Carinthia as the German publications suggested, nor has she ever had a driver by the name of Albert B., which was the name the publications gave to the driver who supposedly confirmed the stroke rumors.

This isn’t the first time that concerns grew over Turner’s health after rumors caught wind.

Back in February,  Turner caught the flu, but it was reported that she had suffered from a stroke.

It wasn’t until Oprah Winfrey sent out a tweet to shut down those rumors that people realized the story was false.

“Tina had a bad flu weeks ago,” Oprah tweeted at the time. “She’s recovered. And LIVING life!”

Turner currently lives in Switzerland with her husband Erwin Bach, a German music executive.

Turner was spotted out on Thursday in Zurich for the launch of her new album. She looked healthy and happy in a stunning red and white ensemble as she greeted guests with hugs and kisses.

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