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Kanye West Drops New Song ‘God Level’


Kanye West may be getting married this weekend, but that hasn’t stopped him from sharing new music. Today, a new track entitled “God Level” surfaced in an Adidas World Cup commercial. Produced by Hudson Mohwake, the track features a similar aesthetic to last year’s Yeezus, with jarring production and aggressive lyrics.

He raps: “You see sharks in the water / Then they try to do nothin’ but put c*** in your daughter / Don’t say nothin’ ’bout what Ye said / Don’t move m*****r play dead / Yea we cool m******r yea yea / God level”.

Listen to a standalone stream of the song at SoundCloud and watch the accompanying advertisement.

It’s unclear if “God Level” will appear on Kanye’s forthcoming eighth studio album, which he hopes to release sometime this year.



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