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Maybe She’s Born With It: Four Essential Natural Hair Techniques

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

Caring for natural hair is simple, but not easy. It takes time, patience and, for those of us who haven’t seen our true textures since we were rocking Huggies Pull-Ups, research. Once you’ve mastered a basic healthy hair regimen, including the kinds of products and tools that curly and kinky hair needs to thrive, it’s time to tackle the techniques that form the foundation of natural hair styling. Some people seem to pick these up instinctively. Don’t you know someone who looks like she was just born to be natural? (pun intended) Her transition was a breeze, and now her curls look like she just stepped off a runway whenever you run into her. Yeah, that’s not us either.

The rest of us need to get our Inspector Gadget on (shout-out to the ’80s babies) and investigate the styling techniques that curly- and coily-haired people have been using since antiquity. Before our ancestors were taught to be ashamed of their hair, they used it as a means of adornment. Fabulous hair is in our DNA, and in order to help you learn how to style yours like a pro, or at least a YouTube vlogger, we’ve compiled this list of essential techniques. If you’re tired of being about that natural hair struggle life and hiding your hair under beanies, scarves and headbands, or if you just want to take your look to the next level, peep this list. Watching the steps is the easy part. You’ll actually have to practice, practice, practice some of these to get them down cold. So, get your fingers and your scalp ready for action.

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

1. Flat Twisting

When it comes to natural hair styling, twisting is the gold standard. It’s easier on the scalp than braiding and oh so versatile. Two-strand twisting is de rigueur for naturals, especially those of us on the kinky. Regular twists are basic, but for truly amazing tresses, master flat twisting. Flat twists can be worn by themselves or as part of a sleek faux hawk, and they produce the best curly ‘fros, twist outs and texture-on-texture looks. Master flat-twisting, and you’re halfway to being a natural hair goddess.

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